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2012-11-07 10:09:30.000 -- OBAMA DEFEATS MCBUSH THEN BEATS MITT BUSH  

President Barack Obama speaks

A deceitful Obama used a blameless George Bush to defeat Mitt Romney who did what he could to distinguish himself from Bush on his Obama like economic policies.

 There's nothing mysterious about the outcome of this election. Obama's message "I suck, but the other guy's worse" won out. Obama convinced the electorate, with help from MSM and Bill Clinton (author of the housing crash), that electing Mitt Romney would reverse what pitiful gains (real or imagined) were made in fixing the economy, and bring us back to September 2008. In 2008 Obama defeated McBush. In 2012 he defeated Mitt Bush.
FuninSun writes on Atlas Shrugs

"Soon Obama's own failings will affect those who voted him in and then game on."

Obama's policies and failings are affecting them adversely. But he gets away with it by blaming it on Bush. Blinded by Obama's charisma and charms (his damnable likeability) they want to believe that the miserable state of the economy (this trickle growth recovery) isn't his fault.  But half of America wasn't fooled. Unfortunately it was the smaller half.
Jeb Bush 

SongDog writes on PJ Media

Apollo You have hit upon one of my favorite complaints, that Republicans and conservatives abandoned George W. Bush 43 when the sledding got tough, and allowed the media and the Democrats to set up an unchallengeable myth that the Bush administration was an unqualified disaster and is to blame for the economic woes we now face. It didn’t help any that Bush wouldn’t fight back. The alleged failures of the Bush administration have become the everyday excuse for Obama no matter what the problem and an albatross for Republicans that may take a generation to wear off. But that lie is exposed every day by the similarity of many of Obama’s policies to Bush’s own. But whether he was right or wrong, our failure to stand up for him is now having direst consequences. The Democrats NEVER admit wrongdoing, and never abandon their constituencies or their politicians, at least not until the final appeal and the jail door slams shut. Thus the housing crisis – what housing crisis? – that is mostly traceable to Democrat policies and officials, has glided beneath the radar while the financial collapse it precipitated is – you guessed it! – Bush’s fault.

My reply

Excellent post! Perhaps it’s up to Jeb Bush to set the record straight. If he has presidential aspirations he will have too challenge the myth and shatter it with the truth. He has no other way to the White House.