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After momentous week, Obama's presidency is reborn - Edward-Isaac Dovere - POLITICO

"He sang. He wept. He cheered. And many say they finally saw the man who inspired them in '08."


worsening leftist-caused racial tensions, a weak trickle growth economy verging on recession with soaring trillions in debt and unfunded liabilities, a collapsing incoherent rudderless foreign policy that failed at Russian Reset, Moslem Outreach, Israeli-Palestinian peace, and is emboldening terrorist Iran and ISIS to expand their influence across the radicalized unstable Middle East Obama's presidency, despite so much wreckage and ruin says Dovere, has been reborn this week? Why? Because he sang at a church? Wept over a racist killing? Saw a Confederate flag taken down? And cheered two bad illegal Supreme Court decisions-one which gave unconstitutional marriage rights to unhappy, miserable sexual deviants as if they were heterosexuals? 


As the most unfit to command president in US history (and the left's worse nightmare) leads America into economic, military and geopolitical decline what we saw this week was perhaps the last hurrah of the old "Hope and Change" Obama with an unsustainable bump. In other words, good week or not  the trajectory of Obama's failing presidency will continue its downward slide of  incompetence, blunders, bad decisions and lies toward a  legacy of ashes, disaster and dust . Obama's terrible presidency is an unmistakable sign the radical, spendthrift, anything goes left is in its end time.




rightwingersRmorons listing Obama's supposed "achievements" writes:

Killed OBL

Took out Gaddafi

Lowered unemployment 30.76% (down 46.53% since 2009 peak caused by the Bush

Has a record 63 straight months of added jobs (broke all time record 11 times)

2014 was America's best year of job growth since 1999

Lowered the deficit 71%

Ended the Iraq war

Ended the Afghanistan war

Veteran Unemployment Falls To 7-Year Low

Black unemployment falls to 7-year low

Obama on pace to have the most private sector jobs created
in any single Presidential term ever

DOW rose 127%

S&P rose 157%

Corporate profits up 174%

Auto industry saved

12 million new people got health insurance

5.0 % GDP (Bush left at -8.9%)

Highest consumer confidence in 9 years

Job openings up 81%

Most job openings since 2000

12.6 million jobs created

NET 7.46 million jobs (Bush was NET 1 million in 8 years)

Uninsured Rate Drops to Lowest Level since The '90s. Down
28% since ACA kicked in.

Unemployment Benefits Applications Fall To 15-Year Low

Strongest dollar in 10 years

Had no major terrorist attacks

Got Assad to turn over all his chemical weapons without a shot fired

Got Iran to talk peace about nukes

Has the lowest middle class taxes in 50 years

Was the lowest govt spender in 60 years

Broke a record for the reduction of govt workers.

Record deportation of illegal aliens.




Obama dithered for seven months before taking out OBL thus endangering the mission; and is indebted to Bush's counter terrorism program for finding OBL's courier in 2007. If Bush had a third term (or McCain were president) OBL would have been dead before Christmas 2010 (see).

Obama regrets toppling Kaddafy as it caused the collapse of Libya into chaos,  the surge of radicalism across the country, and the pre-planned 9/11 attack on the Bengahzi consulate which killed four Americans (see).

When using honest metrics Obama's real unemployment rate is at "11%," as Bernie Sanders says (see). Indeed, when millions of discouraged workers are added to Obama's fraudulent low jobless rate-as Sanders rightly does-he has the poorest jobs creation record for any recovery in the last 70 years (see). Obama's government is the answer, spend baby spend, anti-growth policies, and success punishing class warfare agenda, have been a lead blanket around the economy inhibiting innovation and growth; and created the most part-time and low paying jobs of any recovery since the end of WWII (see).

Obama cut his own record-breaking $trillion deficits which is no accomplishment; and has failed to cut Bush's $480 billion deficit in half as promised in 2008. We're still accumulating huge amounts of bankrupting debt and entitlement liabilities in the unsustainable trillions, with Obama assuring us that there's no looming debt crisis (see).


With a frightening $18 trillion in fiscal debt and an even more frightening $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities what kind of budget did the most reckless spending head of state in history propose for 2015? According to the CBO a budget that would add a staggering $6 trillion in deficits over the next ten years (see).The proposal was so bizarre and deranged that the Senate quashed it in a 99-1 vote. When it comes to deficit spending and accumulating debt Barack Obama is George Bush gone completely insane.

Driven by domestic reelection politics Obama ignored the warnings of his generals of Iraq returning  to pre-surge chaos if we withdrew our forces prematurely. In fact, he failed to  use the immense leverage he had of $60 billion in Iraq Reconstruction Funds to keep a contingency force in Iraq, as Leon Panetta sadly says in his autobiography (see).

We are still fighting in Afghanistan as Iran supplies arms to the Taliban while Obama negotiates a dangerous, unserious, ridiculous nuke deal with them that makes us the laughing-stock of the world (see).

Obama has a phony, Fed-manipulated, overpriced, record DOW deceptively achieved in part by lending cheap money to public firms to buy their own stocks (record-breaking buybacks, see) which is artificially inflating prices. This is a huge devastating market bubble in the making (see).

Corporate profits are up under Obama. But this is due mostly to cost cutting measures not sales. Retail sales are a pathetic 29% of GDP under Obama. When Reagan left office ii was 68% Was 68% (see).

Obama saved GM and Chrysler at a loss of billions to the taxpayer (see). The US auto industry (Ford, Toyota USA, Honda USA, Mercedes USA, etc,) would have survived the crash of both companies as consumer  demand for cars would have been unchanged.

Meanwhile auto makers are  boosting sales with with  SUB PRIME loan programs. These are the same risky loans that tanked the housing market in 08 (see).

Obama is trying to boost sagging home sales with billions in SUB PRIME mortgages given to credit poor borrowers through the FHA. After 08 sub prime housing crash this is completely irresponsible, reckless and insane. (see).

Obamacare is hugely unpopular due to surging premiums and deductibles when steep savings were promised. Chuck Schumer and other Dems now admit that Obamacare was "a huge political mistake."

Assad cheated on chemical weapons. He failed to dismantle his WMD production infrastructure, and keeps WMD scientists and techs on the gov't payroll; he most likely has hidden, undeclared stockpiles of WMD (see).

Obama has phony, laughable deportation numbers that fraudulantly counts people turned away at the borders (see).

Only 15% of active military personnel give Obama a favorable rating on leadership-the lowest of any president in memory (see).

62% of Americans say Obama's America is on the wrong track; meaning that Obama is

Clearly, Barack Hussein Obama is the worst president since Jimmy Carter. Or is it Herbert Hoover or James Buchanan? Take your pick. 














"A huge mistake."

Responding to his constituents profound dissatisfaction with Obama's failing health care law (the most unpopular legislation in a generation and a Pyrrhic victory that wasn't worth it) Senator Schumer anticipating worse to come caved to political and economic reality and said after the devastating 2014 election:

"Democrats acted wrongly in using their new mandate after the 2008 election to focus on the issue [of healthcare reform] rather than the economy at the height of a terrible recession..(see)"

Indeed, it seems that Schumer devotes much of his time these days apologizing to New Yorkers for backing the expensive growth and jobs killing law instead of focusing on fixing the worse economy since the Great Depression to reverse the decline the eroding middle class-which Obamacare is hurting most.

"After passing the stimulus," said Schumer," Democrats should have continued to propose middle-class-oriented programs and built on the partial success of the stimulus, but unfortunately Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them, We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong 
problem—health care reform."

Schumer underscoring the utter political folly of Democrats turning the health insurance industry inside out and on its head, and causing so much chaos and economic pain, said: "Just about 5 percent of registered voters in the United States lacked health insurance before the implementation of the law. To have focused on a problem affecting such a small percentage of the electorate made no political sense."

No sense, indeed. But what did he expect from a deaf, dumb and blind radical left community organizer who was recklessly hell-bent for the sake of "fairness" on getting that 5 percent insured regardless of the consequences to the recovery and the rest of America-who were mostly satisfied with their insurance and opposed reform. But being a socialist warrior for the underclass at war with success and everyone else Obama simply did what he had done for decades: he lied and lied and lied to the 95 percent that his law would keep the popular healthcare status quo while lowering costs and insuring every uninsured American-all 30 million of them. It was to be an unprecedented, historic win-win for everyone: healthcare heaven for all with everyone (rich, poor and in between) finally insured. What a legacy for posterity Obama envisioned for himself: up there with LBJ and Medicare. But Obama's promised heaven is now a political nightmare and hell for Democrats, and a worsening disaster for the middle class who have seen their work hours shrink and wages stagnate or drop as more of them turn to government assistance adding to the debt, and making our coming national bankruptcy increasingly more painful. 

 In short, like Obamanomics (another failed New Deal/Keynesian stimulus) and Dodd Frank (punishing banks for a corrupt government housing program started by Clinton which doesn't protect consumers) Obamacare (class warfare by health insurance means) was another thoughtless hoax and change, Obama-Democrat social justice lie that Schumer and other Dems are fleeing from in droves.

But for 2016 the question now is this : will Hillary, like Schumer, Tom Harkin and other Dems, runaway too? So far she's been an enthusiastic supporter of the unpopular law attacking Republicans for wanting to repeal it and leave millions uninsured (see). But as things go from bad to worse for the working middle class with skyrocketing premiums and deductibles to pay for millions of uninsured Americans (most of whom don't have coverage yet) Hillary will have to turn on Obamacare and moving farther to the left join with Bernie Sanders and call for single payer, socialized, Medicare For All-a big government solution to Obama's big government debacle. But the problem there is that Medicare For Some will be bankrupt by 2026; single payer Medicare For all would speed that up to 2020 if we're lucky. As the public is wary of federal solutions Obamacare with sluggish economic growth, the debt explosion, a collapsing foreign policy and middle class , and the trust issue could be Hillary's political undoing.




But for how long? As the Klu Klux Kueers are now super emboldened to punish and persecute any American opposed to homosexuality as unnatural, immoral and sick, as polygamists, polyandrists, adult-child and every other nontraditional form of marriage will be wanting legalization, how long will it take before normal, natural, healthy straight Americans put a stop to this madness and demand a constitutional amendment defining marriage in the traditional sense? It can't happen too soon.
Fear not! When this era of anything goes dehumanizing hedonism and sexual depravity runs its destructive course (as has often happened in history) and the American people coming to their senses (as they're slowly doing on abortion) support in Congress a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman, you gays who are married will be allowed to stay married until the day that you die.



Though Obama threw Reverend Wright overboard in 2008 he kept aspects of his black supremacist ideology.

Barack Obama sat in the pews of a radical racist church for 20 years listening to the rantings of a black supremacist preacher (steeped in the hateful teachings of Black Liberation Theology) who saw 9/11 and 3000 dead as divine punishment for slavery, Jim Crow and white America's nonexistent ongoing institutional oppression of blacks-millions of whom are trapped in poverty and degradation by the failed liberal welfare state. So I wasn't surprised to hear Obama this week libelling and stereotyping (less offensively than Wright) all white Americans as hopelessly, unredeemably, immutably racist.

 But before I get into that perhaps you'll recall that candidate Obama in March 2008-foreshadowing the racially divisive president he'd make, as I predicted then (see)-in his speech on Reverend Wright and race (to save his election campaign) threw his old, sick white grandmother under the bus comparing her to Wright because of her racist sins: "She feared black men," said Obama...."and occasionally uttered racial and ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe." (Did she God damn black America I wonder?)

Now after this despicable speech (which the liberal media laughably compared to Lincoln's historic "Cooper Union Speech") Obama elaborating on his grandmother's racism said that it was "TYPICAL OF WHITE PEOPLE."  He said that racism was "bred into our experiences and doesn't go away..... and that's just the nature of race in our society."  In other words, while candidate Obama was smiling and lying and pledging to be a post-racial uniter and healer as president (another Mandela or Dr. King) he seems to have believed that trying to unite black and white in a harmoniously racial society wasn't possible. Why? Because like his racist grandmother all white people by nature (no matter how liberal they seem), are hopelessly and helplessly racist to some degree, and could never accept blacks as equal human beings. In fact, Obama's Wright speech was an ominous sign that as president he'd wage war against white America on behalf of blacks just like he did for decades on the streets of Chicago as a race hustling community agitator-like pressuring banks to make risky subprime loans to blacks (see). And indeed, no sooner did Obama take office than he fired the first shoot in this war by having Eric Holder condemn white Americans as "cowards when it comes to race" despite all the progress and financial sacrifices that were made to help blacks over the decades.

In other words, as you will see below, it doesn't matter to extremists like Obama whether you're left or right, Republican or Democrat-or if you descended from immigrants who came to our shores from Ireland, Italy, Germany or France when the Civil War was decades past-if you're a white American of any ethnicity living anywhere in this land  you're blood is poisoned (like Obama's grandmother) with anti-black racism.

 Indeed, Obama's radicalism was even more pronounced in his pod cast interview with Marc Maron this week where after shocking many by using the "N" word he demonized white America-going beyond what he said in 2008-as hopelessly, helplessly and ineradicably racist. Just listen to this crap and cringe: 

“The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination" said Obama to Maron, "in almost every institution of our lives, you know, that casts a long shadow, and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on. We’re not cured of it..” 
Racism is in our what? DNA. And passed on from whom to whom? Parents to children generation to generation. Whose DNA? Not that of black people, red people, yellow people, Hispanics or Arabs. It's only white people who are genetically racist, Obama seems to believe. Indeed, the belief that only whites are racist (that alone of all races they have a racist gene) is pure, hateful Reverend Wright black supremacism which, as I said above, Obama was exposed to for twenty years.
Now as no one's DNA can be altered or changed, and anti-black racism is innate in every white American's genes they, according to Obama, are unalterably, incurably, inescapably racist. Though, in spite of this, there's been great progress since the Civil War in civil rights for blacks, as Obama admits, it has reached its limit going as far as it can in righting past injustices and wrongs. Ultimately, according to Obama, there is no cure for white racism;  no hope of us building a truly just society of racial equality. Though we've had a Civil War with 500,000 dead, civil rights legislation protecting blacks from bigotry in the public and private sectors, a War on Poverty costing  US tax payers $19 trillion since the mid 1960s, and reverse discrimination programs aimed at "white privlege" to even the score  it's still not enough for Obama and the unappeasable radicals on the left. The lot of them are sore winners never happy with any gains and always wanting more.  America's got to pay and keep on paying for past and ongoing sins until the greatest debtor nation on Earth goes broke and there's nothing left to give.




Since the terrible Charleston church shooting last week we've learned a great deal about sick, delusional gunman Dylann Storm Roof from his website and friends. We've learned that his radicalization into an evil racist mass murderer began with the demonization of George Zimmerman as a bloodthirsty racist killer of an unarmed black teen by the insane, race obsessed, lynch mob left who to this day cry out for his hide though he committed no crime. It was in the super-charged atmosphere of racist hate created by the left where the innocent Mr. Zimmerman was judged guilty of murder deserving prison or death that Roof  took his first step in the jouney that would end in a masscare. For Root began to research "Black on White crime" and found tons of material on violent anti-white racism and murder that poisoned his soul drove him insane making a white supremacist of him. As he read through this stuff and obsessed over it and saw the media and racist left vilifying Zimmerman for defending himself against a violent, black, gangbanging thug he apparently began to fantasize in his sick, twisted   increasingly racist head the killing of blacks for revenge.
  But why did Roof wait so long to act? When he gunned down those nine sweet innocent church going blacks in that historic Charleston church it was 39 months after Trayvon Martin's self-defense death. Why didn't he act sooner to realize his warped fantasies and satisfy his lust for black blood?  Was it for lack of a weapon that he waited so long? In other words, if Root was armed back in 2012 would he have gone out and massacred blacks to avenge all the undeserved hate and violent rhetoric directed at Zimmerman? And all the black hate crimes against whites that go unreported by the press? Probably not. Roof was angry as hell with blacks for vilifying Zimmerman; but that wasn't enough to push him over the edge into murderous extremist rage; it wasn't enough to form in his growing racist neo-nazi brain the paranoid delusion that blacks were taking over America and dooming whites to subservience and bondage that needed a race war to prevent. No.That required something bigger and more frightful than anti- Zimmerman hate; that required the riots in Ferguson that were triggered by the racist lie that Michael Brown surrendered to Darren Wilson before he was shot; that required the protests in New York that were set off when Officer Pantaleo wasn't indicted for Eric Garner's self-caused death-and then two cops were killed by a Moslem black man in revenge; that required the mayhem and riots in Baltimore over worthless drug dealer Freddie Grey's death which most likely was unintentional when he was riding in a police van under arrest.
Indeed, Dylann Roof's buddy Joseph Meek said while drinking with him one night that "Roof began ranting about Freddie Gray and Baltimore."  Baltimore it seems was the last straw for Roof; after Zimmerman, Ferguson and New York the anti-white, anti-cop Freddie Grey riots there completely unhinged him and decided his terrible fate. And now nine innocent blacks are dead in no small measure due to the deranged radical racist left and their hatred of America as an unjust and racist place.
On Friday June 19th, two days after the Charlston church massacre which, as we have seen, is rooted in Trayvon Martin's death,  Matthew Apperson, the Florida man  who took a shot at George Zimmerman in a road rage incident in May nearly killing him, was charged by prosecutors with attempted second degree murder. Apparently Apperson was trying to finish the job started by Trayvon Martin who failed to kill Zimmerman as he was grounding and pounding his head on a concrete sidewalk. The timing is very strange (see).


Does the 'Catholic vote' even exist? - Ben Schreckinger - POLITICO

Put Al Gore's face on Pope Francis and it would hardly make a bit of difference.



With the great scientific climate change "consensus" confounded by 18 unbroken years of stagnant global temperatures and failed predictions of catastrophe (from a misunderstanding of carbon dioxide), with a 30 year cooling trend re-icing Antarctica, with Greenland covered with snow again, and temperatures in North America dropping, the Pope-trying to make the Church relevant by moving to the insane, carbon obsessed, humanity is doomed left, is dealing with yesterday's made up climate change crisis. And what is particularly pathetic is the Pope's utopian solution of a world political authority controlling the earth's resources and redistributing wealth from rich to poor nations. Like the man in the White House Pope Francis has chronic truth and reality problems that are making him one of history's worst popes.

As a Catholic, I wonder where the Pope gets his information. It's possible that the Vatican's science "experts" who advise him are typical pawns for the climate-cult.

ApolloSpeaks  L_Dave 


It's likely that the Pope's science experts are divided on the issue; and that he went with the alarmists because it's the trend and good PR for the Church.



There isn't a single Science Organization on Earth that shares your views. Why is that


Practically every climate scientist is theorizing and debating 
about the cause of the unexpected phenomenon called "THE GREAT PAUSE" in LOWER ATMOSPHEREIC global temperatures-not surface temperatures. You're confusing the two.

Fact is, what we are putting into the atmosphere, according to 
the RSS satellite record, isn't catastrophically heating it. Higher surface 
temperatures (if they are happening) are not due to a rise in atmospheric 
temperatures which haven't happened for 18 years.


Nope...Read the article again.

"Combine that with data from NASA's CERES sensor, which shows the rate of heat uptake by the whole planet is nearly constant, and it becomes 
clear that the planet is still warming, even as the increase in surface 
air temperatures lull temporarily."



Which NASA are we to believe? The NASA that said before 2000 that US 
temperatures were cooling since the 1930s, and that 1934 was much warmer than 1998? Or the NASA that completely reversed the data after 2000? That said US temperatures were warming since the 30s and that 1934 was much cooler than 1998?

NASA GISS: Science Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate?

NASA’s top climatologist said that the US had been cooling

Whither U.S. Climate? By James Hansen, Reto Ruedy, Jay Glascoe and Makiko Sato — August 1999

Empirical evidence does not lend much support to the notion that climate is headed precipitately toward more extreme heat and drought. in the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time 
of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there 
was a slight cooling throughout much of the country NASA GISS: Science 
Briefs: Whither U.S. Climate? NOAA and CRU also reported no warming in the US during the century prior to 1989.

February 04, 1989

Last week, scientists from the United States Commerce Department’s National  Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that a study of temperature readings for the contiguous 48 states over the last century showed there had been no significant change in average temperature over that period. Dr. (Phil) Jones said in a telephone interview today that his own results for the 48 states agreed with those findings.

New York Times

Right after the year 2000, NASA and NOAA dramatically altered US climate history, making the past much colder and the present much warmer. The animation below shows how NASA cooled 1934 and warmed 1998, to make 1998 the hottest year in US history instead of 1934. This alteration turned a long term cooling trend since 
1930 into a warming trend.

Source: NOAA/NASA Dramatically Altered US Temperatures After The Year 2000 | Real Science


There you go again, posting political right wing websites. I got a novel idea if you want to gain support...Try posting links to websites by actual scientific organizations. I know that would be impossible for you because worldwide there isn't on single scientific organization that supports denialism :(


Let me understand this. Before 2000 NASA wasn't a credible scientific organization on the subject of US global warming because it supported denialism? And since 2000 it became a credible entity for doing the politically correct thing and altering the data to agree with the useless, politically failing alarmism of climate change extremists who insanely turn a slight natural warming of the planet into a coming world ending, humanity killing apocalypse? What does such a far-fetched doomsday prophesy of future man-caused catastrophe (for which there is no 
practical solution if it were true) have to do with rational, hard-headed, fact based science? NOTHING!


 Bill Brasky  ApolloSpeaks 


Listen, if NASA has your panties in a jam, than ignore them. There are 200 other scientific organizations that say the exact same thing.


ApolloSpeaks  Bill Brasky 


You mean the 200 crackpot warmunist groups like NASA that got the science of carbon dioxide wrong? That based on an exaggerated, politically driven notion of its heat trapping nature have made all sorts of laughably bad embarrassing climate predictions about the catastrophic heating of the atmosphere (by two or three degrees or more) causing extreme weather events, like, for example: snowless winters in Great Britain, Canada and the Northern US by 2006. Or the 50 million people that were to be displaced by melting glaciers and rising sea levels by 2008. Or the malaria that would ravage the coastal areas of Spain, Italy and France by 2010. Or the worldwide droughts and crop failures causing global famine with millions starving to death before eating their kids by 2012. Or New York becoming the Venice of North America by 2015 with gondolas floating down 5th Avenue to the music of Vivaldi. Or Miami joining the lost continent of Atlantis at the bottom of the sea. Before my life is through do you think I could enjoy a summer vacation in Antarctica or the North Pole? Will man made global warming make Antarctica green again like it was 50 million years ago when Nature turned it into a tropical paradise with palm trees, turtles and honey bees?

Now what all your 200 groups need do to save planet Earth from CO2 caused Waterworld is come up with $44 trillion (IPCC estimate) for redistribution to the developing third world to reverse its rip-roaring dirty industrialization-where coal-fired plants are springing up like weeds; and the use of polluting, gas guzzling cars is growing exponentially. Where are you warmunists going to get that kind of dough? From America, Europe, Japan which are drowning in entitlement debt? Or from a massive carbon tax to impoverish more of the middle class? Maybe you can get it from the Vatican Bank? Or the Pope can auction off some art for you: Michelangelos, Raphaels, Giottos, the Cistine Chapel ceiling. If not then a miracle you'll need to avert Climate Armageddon. Maybe the Pope can help you here and intercede with God to keep global temperatures down; or make coal, oil and fracking disappear along with carbon from the atmosphere. Good thing this holy man is your friend. When all else fails God is there to continue life on Earth despite man's climate sins until the dying Sun becomes a red giant expanding its radius 200 times turning Earth's surface into a burning sea of molten lava like Dante's seventh hell. It's what I call GLOBAL SCORCHING. Unlike your Waterworld bull Global Scorching is a real, catastrophic, science based, doomsday, climate change event. Pray for climate peace my friend, and that man conquers space across the stars before the dying Sun destroys him.

Space is destiny

It must be conquered

On it depends our survival

The Sun is a mortal star

The Earth a perishable sphere

And man a temporary earthling

That is the truth!







Why does this radical leftist, race obsessed, self-hating white woman prefer the fantasy of being black over the reality of her pure white biological heritage? Answer: she has an extreme pathological hatred of white people who she perceives and stereotypes as evil, unjust, unredeemable racist oppressors of blacks; and believes (in her deranged leftist mind) that identifying with blacks and their victimhood saves her from the sin and crime of being white....transforming her into a morally whole and just human being on the side of the angels and saints.  
Dolezal's rage against whites  includes her good, decent white Christian parents (they adopted four black kids) who she accuses of racism because they're white wouldn't go along with her immoral charade .
In other words, as absurd and crazy as it is, what Jesus is to Christians blackness is to Rachel Dolezal. Falsely claiming that she first discovered her inner blacknesss at age five she obviously believes that she's a black soul trapped in a white woman's body needing racial liberation. And being a social justice activist working for black causes trying to right racial wrongs isn't enough to free her. Freedom for Dolezal meant convincing the world of her blackness by lying about her parents and past and looking and acting the part of a black woman as much as was possible. In short, she needed others to believe she was black to believe it more strongly and bury herself deeper and deeper in the lie.
Equating whiteness with evil and blackness with good (because victims are holier than oppressors) Rachel Dolezal has been trying to remake herself into a black woman in an absurd act of spiritual redemption.


But reality finally caught up to Rachel Dolezal. After years of self-deception and profitably fooling the world of her blackness (advancing to an executive position in the NAACP and winning awards) Dolezal's white parents (who she racially hates) struck back and shattered her false persona which she now tragically clings to and  refuses to let go lest the intolerable reality of being white drags her back down to the netherworld of racial damnation and hell.
I rejoice in this women's downfall as I do in all evil people. And evil Dolezal is as her hatred of whites (shared by too many blacks) is unjustified and poisons and divides our culture turning blacks against whites for past racial wrongs considered unforgivable because of the stupid belief it created  lasting damage and harm.  If anyone needs a psychiatrist it's the Rachel Dolezals of this world.





of FDR's first One Hundred Days (6-13-1933), a weak, uninspiring, ineffectual Hillary Clinton (sounding like the Walking Dead) tacitly vowed on Welfare Island (renamed Roosevelt Island) to rescue the worst economy since the Great Depression (with a real jobless rate of 11%*) with another "new New Deal." Never mind that the old New Deal was a failure that prolonged the Great Depression for years; and that Obama's costly $825 billion version (the biggest fiscal stimulus in history) has caused the weakest economic recovery since the end of World War II (now verging on a double dip recession). But with Hillary at the helm it will be different. She has a "rendezvous with destiny" to RESET the New Deal and make New Deal Liberalism work at last.

*As stated by Bernie Sanders in his Burlington kick off speech.

How? What's Hillary's secret? Will she be guided by the spirits of FDR and Eleanor from the great beyond? Nah. There's actually nothing supernatural about it. Hillary's the wife of a president who presided over a roaring economic recovery that lifted millions out of poverty and created millions of good paying jobs. Never mind that that recovery was sparked by a technological revolution that started before her husband took office; never mind that it was amplified by a phony, artificial housing boom that he caused by recklessly putting millions of low-income families into homes they couldn't afford. Indeed, never mind the housing boom was a devastating bubble that crashed the economy in 2008 costing America trillions, and the election of Barack Obama leading this country of staggering debt into progressive decline.

Fear not people, it's Hillary to the rescue promising that government which is going broke and can't fix itself will fix everything that's broken: from unequal pay for women (which is a lie), to the GOP suppression of minority votes (another lie), to the catastrophic man-caused heating of the atmosphere (that's not happening); fear not, indispensable Hillary promises a third New Deal for a new America of shared prosperity with a 21st century green economy ("with a billion solar panels installed") that will work for everyone leaving no one behind-not even the filthiest down and out bum.


And for those Hillary hating right-wingers who deny that she had any significant foreign policy achievements as secretary of state she reminded us on Saturday of being present in the Situation Room when Barack Obama (after seven months of dithering) ordered the death of Bin Laden. That amazing feat by Hillary more than made up for Benghazl when bin Laden virtually returned from the dead killing four Americans on 9/11-foreshadowing the deadly resurgence of Islamic jihad across the Middle East. 






She'll do for you, me and this once great country

what she did for US/Russian relations

and the peace and security

of the Middle






One of the big, ugly easily disprovable lies of the anti-semitic BDS movement to destroy Israel, and promoted by our pro-Palestinian imbecile president ("the most Jewish who ever lived"), is that Israeli settlements on the West Bank and Jews living in East Jerusalem constitute an unjust, immoral, illegal occupation of Palestinian Arab lands, and violation of Palestinian human rights; and that all the Jews living there (because they are Jews) must collectively pack up and deport themselves (or be forcibly removed) because they have no legal or moral right to be there.
And backing this lie are a slew of UN Resolutions. One such resolution (446) goes so far as to falsely accuse Israel of violating the Forth Geneva Convention by illegally transferring whole populations of Jews to Palestinian Arab lands (that Palis have never owned)-which in reality has never happened. As I argue below based on the reality and history of East Jerusalem and the West Bank before the Arab-Isreali War of 1948 Jews have an absolute moral and legal right to live there-as do the bigoted, intolerant, hate driven Palestinian Arabs who lack the moral maturity and humanity to live with them in peace and want them gone.
I'll get straight to the point: 67 years ago Jordanian troops-while waging a Nazi-like war of annihilation with six other Jew hating Arab states to crush the new-born state of Israel-illegally invaded and seized control of the West Bank and East Jerusalem which had been-but were no longer- under the mandatory control of Great Britain. Then Jordan's anti-semitic Arab king, Abdullah I, wanting an exclusively Arab West Bank and East Jerusalem issued an illegal, human rights violating decree making it unlawful for Jews to live there-while Arabs were granted full Jordanian citizenship. The decree was followed by the forced illegal expulsion (ethnic cleansing) of thousands of Jews whose homes, lands and businesses were confiscated by Abdullah and his regime. And what did the UN do? Did they pass resolutions condemning this ethnic cleansing of Jews, or demanding compensation for the theft of their property and lands? NO! They acquiesced in the purge and did nothing.
Then 19 years later justice came: after enduring the killing of thousands of Jews inside Israel from terrorist attacks launched in part from East Jerusalem and the West Bank Israel in a legal, justified defensive war against Jordan (and several other Arab states) invaded and conquered East Jerusalem and the West Bank ending Jordan's illegal occupation and racist regime. Then reversing Abdullah's ethnic cleansing decree Israel-to the outrage of Jew hating Jordanian Arabs (later called Palestinians)- RESTORED THE STATUS QUO ANTE and repopulated the West Bank and East Jerusalem with thousands of Jews who (contrary to what UN Resolution 442 says) VOLUNTARILY came to live there as they once had for centuries.  
Now as Jordan's illegal, immoral and unjustified ethnic cleansing of Jews from the West Bank and East Jerusalem was completely ignored by the UN, and the subsequent Israeli conquest of those areas righted a great moral, legal and historic wrong against the Jewish people, resolutions such as 446 are BAD LAWS based on falsehoods and lies and are therefore invalid-as are all accusations of "land theft" "illegal occupation" "oppression" "apartheid" "colonization" etc. by Israel's Arab enemies and their deranged leftist allies.
Indeed, as Israel necessarily seized the West Bank and East Jerusalem from an aggressive racist Arab regime for security reasons, and as the aggressor (Jordan) in violation of international law illegally conquered those lands (they belonged to no nation at the time and to this day are "disputed"), where then are the injustices and crimes attributed to Israel from seizing those lands? How do the Jewish victims of racism, cultural imperialism and religious intolerance returning to lands which they previously lived on for centuries and were unjustly expelled constitute "theft" "illegal occupation" and "colonization" of those lands?  
Of course these charges are preposterous and false and should be dismissed as the racist ravings of bigoted Arab lunatics poisoned by centuries of theologically inspired hatred-and stupidly believed by useful leftist idiots who love to bleed for victims of injustice real or imagined. 
The truth is this: in 1948 Jordan ethnically cleansed the West Bank and East Jerusalem of its Jewish inhabitants because they were Jews; and today the Palestinians (quoting the Koran) who claim to rightfully own  every inch of East Jerusalem and the West Bank want to return to the Jordanian policy of ethnic cleansing and purge both areas of Jews all over again.
And if anyone reading this doubts that the Jewish character, for example, of the West Bank settlements is the fundamental reason for Palestinian hostility and rage then let him ask himself this simple question: would this hostility persist if the Israeli government replaced Jewish settlers with Arab-Moslem citizens from Israel in a mass population exchange? Of course not. As Palestinians (because of faith and race) regard Israeli Arabs as Palestinians the bogus issue of "illegal, occupying, colonialist Israelis" would suddenly disappear. In fact, if Jewish Israel were to surrender to Allah and convert en masse to Islam the decade's old Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict would be resolved once and for all. For Israel would no longer be an infidel state of filthy non-Moslem sinners desecrating the Arabian Peninsula (the birthplace of Islam), and making Moslems (with their medieval sensibilities) murderously mad.



On July 9, 2005, just one month into the 57th year of Israel's against-all-odds, miraculous existence as the Middle East's only functioning liberal democracy and modern state, 171 racist Palestinian organizations evilly banded together and launched the ill-fated "Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement" to undermine, delegitimize and destroy the Jewish state (because it's Jewish) by nonviolent economic and political means. Under the guise of international law the Palestinians (a people created to destroy Israel) are scheming to replace the world's only Jewish state with the world's 57th Moslem state (Palestine) because the one Jewish state is a terrible offense to medieval Moslem sensibilities and makes the Islamic world (one vast insane asylum) crazy with hatred and murderous rage.
In other words, BDS is a thinly veiled attempt at a ONE STATE SOLUTION for resolving the decades' old  Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict where Democratic Israel with its Jewish majority and Arab Moslem minority (having the same  political, economic and social rights as Jews) would be reversed with a Jewish minority living in political, religious and economic oppression (if they're allowed to live al all) just like the shrinking Christian minority in freedom hating, human rights crushing Palestinian lands. 
Now this Palestinian and leftist scheme for a new 57th Moslem state (dominating the once Jewish land of Israel) would be achieved by forcing Israel through international economic and political pressures (boycotts, divestments and sanctions) to recognize the so-called "right of return" of five million mostly poor, illiterate, unskilled, Jew hating Palestinian refugees (holed up in squalid refugee camps)  who were created by the Arab states when they invaded Israel in 1948 to crush the new born Jewish state.
 BDS is now in its tenth year of unjustified economic warfare against the Jewish state; and thought  it has done some damage to Israel's highly productive and innovative free market economy  it's not any closer to achieving its impossible goal of destroying and Islamizing Israel than it was in 2004 when it began. What makes BDS so foolish and futile is the common sense understanding among Israelis that suffering some economic pain is overwhelmingly preferable to a flood of savage Pali refugees plunging  the country into a devastating  civil war. In short, the Zionist state is here to stay. And  nothing short of nuking her into oblivion is going to change that.
Netanyahu and Hollande


to the democratic Jewish State of Israel that 15 wars great and small, and hundreds of public relations disasters couldn't do in 67 years? Israeli Jews are virtually unbreakable morally stronger than all their Moslem and leftist enemies combined. And they will outlast BDS like every other attempt to bring them down. You want BDS? Bring it on and watch it fail!


That's not the point, it's having someone on the board of directors that has supported BDS, which is also spreading like wildfire on our own college campuses, who's supporters openly call for ending the Jewish state of Israel and discriminate against Jewish college students. BDS supporters rallied openly at UC Davis, shouting Allah Akbar at Jewish students. It is an anti-Semitic movement and should have no ties in any Jewish foundation!



Nevertheless, do you really believe that these morally deranged lunatics have the remotest chance of realizing their wicked, hate driven dream of BDSing nuclear armed "Never Again" Jewish Israel into oblivion?




Yeah, I do. They are part of a worldwide rising anti-Semitic movement who want to destroy Israel. Obama is leading the charge with his talks with Iran who want to blow Israel off the map. It's a scary time to be a Jew and the most dangerous time since WWII.



Nuclear armed Israel is in a much stronger position to survive than nuclear North Korea that no one dares to attack. Israel's on shore/off shore arsenal of nuclear weapons (and ICBM capability) in the middle of the economically vital Middle East ensures its existence. Within minutes Israel could turn the region into a radioactive wasteland with millions dead, and plunge the world economy into a devastating depression. Jews did not have that kind of power during WWII. Check out the Samson Option.



Unfortunately.....yes. They are well supported by the Left, the shameful UN and the European Union.Obama is onboard as well and has yet to do his greatest damage to Israel. Hang on, it's going to be a wild ride.

Hopefully, Netanyahu will wake up and once BHO does his "non defense" of Israel and abandons them at the UN Security council, "for their own good". Maybe Israel will finally take the offensive, annex Judea and Samaria and tell the UN to piss off (which they should have done years ago).

Time will tell....and it will be a matter of months. BHO will have his wrath delivered before his term expires. Most likely after he does his "newspeak" on his Iran deal - doing high 5's with his European BDS friends.......

Today's Supreme Court decision just emboldens BHO even more.




Good news out of France yesterday (I didn't see this one coming): Hollande opposes BDS.

Like I said earlier: the Israeli people that I know are virtually unbreakable, and prepared for any kind of challenge.

BTW, an emboldened Obama is a more reckless Obama prone to make devastating mistakes out of desperation to escape a terrible legacy.


About Hollande....wouldn't hold your breath. 
I know what he said, but he has a believability quotient just above BHO.

As to a more emboldened are absolutely right!



Within the context of a weak French economy Hollande's opposition to BDS looks very credible. France seems all prepared to step into the vacuum created by others-to reinvest where other's disinvest, etc. Vive La France! For now.`




We can only both hope you're right....
Hollander however is a far left ideologue, so again.....don't hold your breath.



It's economic opportunism trumping ideology.



 Remember Apollo, this is the same French President that is trying to help Obama force a Palestinian State down the Israeli's throat. If anything, I take his move as a surreptitious way in preparation for the cous de gras they intend to deliver in the UN Security Council Chambers.The fur has not yet begun to fly. See my post above


Both Hollande and Netanyahu are for a two state solution for resolving the Pali-Israeli conflict. Both oppose the radical pro-Palestinian BDS movement with its ONE STATE SOLUTION: gradual destruction of Israel through the so-called "right of return" of Palestinian refugees. Any genuine two state solution coming out of the UN that respects and recognizes Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state will be rejected by the Palestinians as not going far enough. They will run away from it just as they have every other two state solution whether coming from the UN or Israel. In the meantime, Israel and France will strengthen their economic ties as Hollande desperately tries to revive the French economy grabbing every opportunity that's available before the 2017 elections.


Apollo, Apollo, Apollo.....
I doubt that Netanyahu in his heart of hearts is for a "two state solution". It's more a "two state delusion".The Palestinians are no more interested in a "State" than the Arabs are interested in absorbing their Arab brethren into their societies. Palestinians are officially and heavily discriminated against by all Arab Governments.

What the Palestinians want is, "a base of operations" to continue the original Jihad of the 20th Century to it's natural conclusion. If they wanted a "State", they've had three very good offers in the last 15 years. Not only were they rejected, but NOT ONCE even countered.

I'm sure you know all of the above and believe what I'm saying about the Palestinians.If there is ever to truly be a "settlement" of this issue, it will have to be along the lines of what Caroline Glick or Martin Sherman have proposed.

Israel will eventually be forced to annex Judea and Samaria (whether the world or even they! like it or not).It will be the only move they can make to defend themselves and when BHO is out of office, I expect it to happen.

Hollande will scream as all of Europe will, but it must be done.

The EU has prepared sanctions against Israel and are just waiting for the UN Sec. Council to adopt the Palestinian State (with the US abstaining) to impose them. BHO will tell the world, "it's for their own good".

Keep your eye on this, I almost can guarantee it will happen. It may force Israel's hand sooner than would be advised, but they'll have to go on the offensive to defeat the fraud and show the UN up for the totally corrupt organization it has devolved into.

Hollande will be right on the front lines of this. You give him FAR, FAR too much credit. Ultimately, he is a leftist, not a Capitalist and he'll be very willing to throw Israel under the bus.




With Hollande being the most unpopular French President in modern history (his job approval rating is at 30%) and wanting reelection in 2017 he needs all the votes he can muster and that includes the Jewish vote-France has the third largest population of Jews in the world. Hence, Netanyahu's popularity with French Jews has made him into a power broker and valuable political asset to Hollande-or to any potential candidate for the French presidency. In fact, Nicolas Sarkozy, who seems to despise Netanyahu, paid him a visit this week in Jerusalem. Why? Sarkozy is thinking of challenging Hollande for the presidency and needs the Jewish vote. No way Hollande (at least for the next 23 months) is going to do anything to piss Bibi off at the UN or anywhere else. Vive La France! At least for the meantime.




It's all for political expediancy.

You seem to be in touch with your inner "Francophile".....:-)

I hope yet again you are right. However, I wouldn't bet a farthing on it.

In any event, if it even takes as long as when the "domestique politic" is sorted, the French will be all over the Israeli's.

They can't help themselves. They seem to have an historic aversion to doing the right thing on a consistent basis.




Yes, it's all expediency. Between now and May 2017 the name of the game in French politcs is appeasing Bibi and Israel. Ironic isn't it after Bibi defied Hollande and came to the Hebro rally, then walked out on him at the Paris synagogue? In retrospect that was a political mistake that Hollande now regrets and is trying to rectify.


Fromafar ApolloSpeaks 


The best news is that the French Presidential elections are NOT scheduled till a few months after BHO is in full retirement when we will hopefully have an Ameriphile in the White House.

Before the end of this year, (EVEN IF it's BHO's LAST ACTION as POTUS), he will abandon Israel to the French Proposal at the UN Sec. Council. It's baked in the cake. BHO has telegraphed it repeatedly. I suppose there is some chance he'll do it between our Presidential election and the end of his term as to not jeopardize HRC's chances.



Why are you so concerned about the French proposal when it requires that Palestinians  recognize Israel as a Jewish state? How many times has Abbas said "I will never recognize the Jewishness of Israel or a Jewish state"? Even if it clears the Security Council Arab intransigence will ensure it goes the way of its predecessors. It's not to be taken seriously.




And this means?


ks  Fromafar


The desperate Mr. Hollande is playing politics to look like a statesman.  







    "I think Prime Minister Netanyahu is somebody who’s predisposed to security, to think perhaps that peace is naive, to see the worst possibilities as opposed to the best possibilities in Arab partners or Palestinian partners. And so I do think right now those politics and those fears are driving the government’s response. And I understand it. But what may seem wise and prudent on the short term can actually end up being unwise over the long term."- - Barack Obama 2015  Interveiw

    “Palestine can never recognize Israel as a Jewish state......I have never and will never give up the right of return for Palestinian refugees”- Mahmoud Abbas


      "The Israeli demand for Palestinian recognition of a Jewish state as a condition in negotiations is a mistake and should be dropped." - Secretary of State John Kerry



     ever to sit in the White House want it known that he thinks he's the closest thing we've ever had to a Jewish president? Is it one last-ditch effort at public relations to repair his justified image with Israelis of being the most anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian US president in history? Is this Obama’s last desperate adolescent move at winning back the hearts and minds of Israelis and turning them against Bibi Netanyahu who he believes is depriving him and them of a peace deal with an implacably Jew-hating Arab people headed by Mahmoud Abbas: the anti-Zionist co-founder of the PLO who refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish State and wants a return of millions of Palestinian refugees to Israel as the central condition for peace? Is that what Obama is trying to do?

    Truth is Netanyahu and Israelis want peace-the same just peace Israel achieved with Egypt's Anwar Sadat and Jordan's King Hussein when both courageously "betrayed" the evil Arab cause and recognized the legitimacy of Zionism and Israel as the national homeland for the Jewish people. But Abbas and the Palestinians are hell-bent on victory and believe it can be their's. Hating Sadat and King Hussein for their “traitorous” peace  with Israel "peace" for Abbas means Jewish Israel's incremental political destruction. It means Israelis forgoing Zionism and allowing the return of every last Palestinian refugee and their descendents which would gradually undermine the Jewish character of Israel and turn it into an Arab-Moslem-Sharia run hell state with its Jewish minority living in oppression-just as the shrinking number of Christians now live in the Palestinian territories.

    Indeed, when John Kerry said last year that for the sake of peace it would be best if Netanyahu "drop the Jewish state demand" it signaled that he and Obama (though not daring to say it publicly) were on board with Abbas's evil scheme for a one state solution by flooding Israel with millions of Arab refugees that was caused by a pan-Arab war of annihilation against Israel. Indeed, if this weren’t so then why didn’t Kerry, to be fair, also tell Abbas that for peace it would be best to “drop the right of refugee return?” But about this so-called right there wasn’t a peep. Instead, Obama and Kerry have taken leave of their senses claiming  that Abbas (with his refugee scheme for destroying Israel) is a genuine and trustworthy “peace partner " as if he was another Sadat or King Hussein. But Netanyahu and Israel aren't deceived: Abbas is  a "peace partner" from hell with a plan of peace for peacefully taking down the Jewish state piece by piece. 

    But Obama and Kerry’s actions and inactions should surprise no one familiar with the anti-Israel Zionist-hating left. For like many on the left Obama and Kerry believe that  Jewish Israel's existence has been a disaster for US foreign policy, the peace and stability of the Middle East and the world; and that if Netanyahu and the Jews peacefully sacrificed their Zionism (and trying to maintain the Jewish character of Israel by controlled immigration) it would be for the greater good of the region and world and everyone would prosper. Indeed, if only Netanyahu (and the Jews), like Obama says, could overcome his security fears [of Jews living in a Palestinian state] and see the "best possibilities" of the Palestinians-meaning that they’re a good, noble, just and generous people; in other words, if only he and the Jews could learn to trust the Palestinians and agree to the return of millions of refugees as Abbas demands (and Arafat before him) as an absolute condition for peace (which Obama and Kerry tacitly endorse), then they'd see that their fears were unfounded; they'd see that living as a minority in a larger Arab-Palestinian-Moslem state would not be the nightmare of oppression and injustice they imagine. In a word,  Israeli Jews would see that the good, just, noble Palestinians would treat them with kindness, respect and equality, and protect their ethnic, religious and human rights. And everyone would live happily evermore.

    That Barack Obama from the start of his presidency has been anything but a honest broker in trying to negotiate a settlement between Israelis and Palestinians should be clear to the reader-as it is to the vast majority of Israelis who rightly despise him. Not once from his first day in office has Obama so much as criticized Mahmoud Abbas for making the massive return of refugees to Israel the main condition for peace. On the other hand, Bibi Netanyahu-Obama's scapegoat for failure-has relentlessly been criticized over border issues, expanding settlements, new home construction in East Jerusalem, Jewish state demand, and now for being blind to the "better possibilities" of Palestinians. In short, Obama like Abbas and the Palestinians, most Moslems worldwide, and the anti-Israel left won't be happy with Israel until it is willing to commit national suicide and agree to its own demise. And this deceptive anti-Zionist enemy of Israel has the audacity to say he's the closest thing this country ever had to a Jewish president? It's mind-boggling!


    Where did Obama learn to be a pro-Palestinian anti-Zionist? From his pro-Hamas mentor Reverend Wright, where else?

    Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto




    On May 26TH junior socialist senator from Vermont Bernie "single payer, tax the rich to death" Sanders launched his radical 2016 presidential campaign challenging hypocritical,  corrupt, scandal plagued frontrunner Hillary Rodham  Clinton. Since Sander's launch enthusiasm has been growing for his candidacy among hard left Democat voters (such as Elizabeth Warren supporters) who loath the super wealthy elitist Clintons and  see them as too centrist to continue Barack Obama's unfinished agenda of political, social, economic and environmental transformation (see). Could the unthinkable happen again with Hillary losing in a close primary race to a candidate running to her left, or perceived as a more genuine and trustworthy progressive who will  soak the rich, grow the welfare state, redistribute more wealth to the poor, grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, keep us out of war and save the planet from climate change disaster? Instead of the Democrat Party having its first woman nominee for president will it get instead its first Jewish nominee-a son of Holocaust survivors? Nobody but God knows.

    Bernie Sanders kicking off his 2016 presidential campaign promising supporters (among other things) that he will expand Medicare for some (which is going bankrupt) into "single payer Medicare for all."

    But is providence dropping clues that Hillary is predestined for defeat, and is using  Sanders' candidacy to wreck her electoral hopes? In other words, is Sanders a sign foretelling  that end? If Sanders is too radical to become the nominee will the growing popularity of his candidacy with progressives nevertheless pull Hillary so far to the left (assuming she's the nominee)  that she'll end up irreversibly alienating the moderates and independents she'd need for victory? For the signs (if signs they be) are looking rather grim for Hillary. Consider the following and judge for yourself. 

    Hillary announced her candidacy for the Democrat nomination to run for the 45th presidency on April 12th in an insipid two minute YouTube video (see). As I wrote here April 12th was the 70th anniversary of Franklin Roosevelt's death-that year being the 45th of the 20th century, the most significant number in this presidential race. Now Roosevelt who was born and raised and achieved political success in New York State, where Hillary lives, was the last president to come from that state. Does Hillary therefore announcing her bid  for the 45th presidency on the death date of America's last president from New York in some mysterious way signal that this race will kill for good her presidential aspirations? That the next president from New York (if there is one in our future) will  be someone else? And that a strong Bernie Sanders' campaign is the stake that will be driven through Hillary's political heart?

    Interestingly enough Sanders like FDR (and unlike Hillary) was born and raised in New York. In fact, Sanders  was born in Brooklyn where Hillary, oddly, has her campaign headquarters (see).  Moreover,  unlike Hillary (born 1947) Sanders was born during FDR's presidency just 90 days short of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. And amazingly, as Hillary announced her candidacy on the 70th anniversary of FDR's death in 1945 Sanders (a man in his early 70s) officially launched his campaign not 44 days later or 46 days later but exactly, precisely 45 days later (see). Could this too be an  ominius sign for Hillary that though she were to win her party's nomination that radical left fired up Bernie will so  damage her with moderates and independents as to ruin her chances of becoming 45th president?  Or will some new criminal corruption scandal finally destroy her campaign?

    Whatever,  both candidates will be claiming to truly represent the New Deal liberalism of Franklin Roosevelt when in reality they'll both be running to FDR's far left. Sanders  has been warning (and Hillary would agree)  that "our nation [Barack Obama's America] is facing more serious crises than we've faced since the Great Depression." But will Sanders convince a majority in his party that he not Hillary is the more credible New Dealer and true heir to FDR's (failed) economic  legacy? And that he can and will do more than Hillary to punish corporate  greed, Wall Street banksters and the super rich to benefit  their helpless "victims"- the poor and struggling middle class families?      

    Roosevelt Island

    But not to be outdone by Sanders or any challenger Hillary will officially launch her campaign on June 13th in Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island (named after FDR, see) to signify her committment to FDR's misguided belief that bold government action and experimentation  is the answer to economic distress, income inequality, unfairness and most every other crisis real or imagined; and that she more than Sanders (or any other candidate) is the true 21st century FDR (or Eleanor Roosevelt) running in this race; and that she knows better than her less  capable rivals how to expand and use the power of the federal government to fix everything that's unfair, wrong and broken in our country. In fact, to signal to the nation that she intends to be, or is destined to be (what Barack Obama failed to be) the second FDR with a new New Deal for saving America Hillary by design  it seems picked the highly significant date of June 13th to hold her first major campaign rally. For June 13th is the 82nd anniversary of the very last momentous day of FDR's First 100 Days of Action* where he signed into law a dozen bills to end the Great Depression-which dismally failed causing instead  a prolonging of the crisis until the militarization of the US economy put America back to work during  World War II.

    * From FDR's March 6th Presidential proclamation closing the nations banks to his June 13th "Home Owners Loan Act" is exactly 100 days (see).

     The race for FDR's obsolete New Deal legacy is on among regressive, reactionary, government supremacist Democrats. A legacy that in reality has no answers for America's current crises under the most reckless spending (New Dealer on steroids) president in history. With $18 trillion in debt and growing, and $100 trillion in unfunded Social Security, Medicare and pension liabilities, America is on an unsustainable course that can't continue without devastating domestic and global consequences.  Government spending, intervention and regulation are out of control and killing this nation driving it toward bankruptcy and ruin; and the Democrat solution is a "new New Deal II" after Obama's has failed. Now more than ever what Bill Clinton said in his 1996 State of the Union is true: "The era of big government is over."