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and will share the same fate of OWS and quickly fizzle out. Why? Simply put the vast majority of Americans love their cops, love their courts, love their law enforcement, criminal justice and correctional systems-which do a world class job keeping them safe and secure in their homes, schools, neighborhoods and malls, and locking up the bad guys. Indeed, the divide between mainstream, law-abiding, authority respecting America and out of control BLM activists and anarchists is so great that you can drive the deficit through it, and then some.
 BLM (like OWS) is a hate driven, race obsessed. authority defying,  anti-capitalist, collectivist fringe group of anti-American leftists sprung from the morally corrupt and collapsed welfare culture of our sickening, lawless, third world-like, drug drenched inner cities where black on black killing and crime are pandemic and worsening by the day dragging down the image of Black America with it.
Just as OWS crashed and burned while trashing our city parks and blaming poverty, income inequality and the eroding middle class on rich and successful Wall Street execs and corporate bankers so will BLM blaming the war zones, killing fields and squalor of our inner cities on cops, courts and racism dismally fail. In short, if "Eat the Rich" didn't resonate with Americans how can the even more insane and repellent "Kill the Cops"?
 Putting it another way: how can a so-called civil rights movement based on the radical notion that one race matters more than all other races combined because of real and imagined past and
present wrongs win the hearts and minds and backing of other races and ethnic groups? It's not possible, isn't happening and can't be done. As happened with OWS before it withered and died, BLM is doomed to grow more isolated and powerless and seen by most Americans as a curse on blacks worsening their image as the most lawless and racist community in the country (see). 
Black Lives Matter 01
Black Lives Don't Matter
When Blacks are killing Blacks 
Indeed, BLMers are part of the problem plaguing Black America; they're symptomatic of the disease of black racism and making it worse. Defending the liberal welfare state they call for its expansion though it traps millions of blacks in degradation and poverty. And just as bad these pimping, race hustling white hating bigots mentally trap Blacks in crippling victimhood with the lie that the evils of slavery, oppression, injustice and Jim Crow are very much alive having morphed into a race war of cops and courts against them. And with help from the media they spread these lies in spite of the fact that America made Barack Obama the most powerful Black Man in human history-with perhaps tens and thousands of cops, judges and correctional officers across the land voting him into power. Go figure.
Obama Values Terrorists
The question now is will BLM when its dying out go into oblivion peacefully like OWS? Or will they go underground and turning terrorist join forces with al Qaida or the Islamic State as some ominously warn (see)




 The Benghazi Hearing Heroine
Never mind that Hillary was a failed, incompetent Secretary of State (of a weak, feckless, blundering President) who, as Maureen Dowd says: "midwifed the chaos in Libya" turning the Benghazi consulate into a death trap for four Americans, then lied to us about a video tape for weeks on end.
And never mind her other stunning setbacks and defeats: Russian Reset and the invasion of Ukraine; Moslem Outreach and the rise of Moslem radicalism across Africa and the Middle East; Egypt's Moslem Brotherhood replacing Mubarak inspiring the revolt against Assad in Syria midwifing 200,000 deaths and a tsunami of refugees overwhelming Europe; the collapse of post-occupation Iraq midwifing ISIS surpassing al Qaida as the  most menacing terrorist group ever; enabling Iranian power like never before, and not stopping them from getting the bomb (they can outsource their nuke program to the Norks); and above all, the failure of failures overshadowing the rest: the steep, rapid, world destabilizing decline of the once great U.S.(as even Jimmy Carter says, an expert on these things).
Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, right,
No! Never mind Hillary's record of historic failures in her 1472 days at State. For what are all these days totaling 35,000 hours of trotting around the globe wearing herself thin (accomplishing nothing for America and peace) compared to  Hillary's memorable performance at the Benghazi hearing last week-when for 11 grueling but shinning hours this poor victimized grandma (treated unfairly as a hunted witch) calmly and bravely endured the worst: a right-wing  death squad of seven vicious GOP killers trying to gun her down. Who will forget Jim (machine gun) Jordan's rapid fire bullets bouncing harmlessly off Hillary's chest as she smirked making him mad. What the nation and world saw that day was the stuff of legend for the ages: the remarkable feat of an aging woman eminently fit to command, qualified to reset America and lead the free world into a glorious future of prosperity and peace-free from climate change disaster.
In sum,  those 11 hours redeemed Hillary of the 35,000 that ruined the U.S.. She won the day and won the war, her coronation as president's all but assured. This is why ApolloSpeaks endorses for President the incomparable, IndIspensable Benghazi Hearing Heroine: Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Contemplating Clinton II.





HILLARY CLINTON, THE CURSE OF IRAQ AND HER COMING DEFEAT IN 2016? PART 1 - Hillary Clinton: No regret on Iraq vote - Apr 21, 2004

Clinton learns about Iraq 

No one but God knows who will succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States. Hillary Clinton-who the political left (exhilarated by the first Democrat debate and Benghazi hearing) believes is supremely favored by gender, fortune and history to be the 45th
 president-was defeated by Obama in 2008 largely because his consistent opposition the Iraq War (which she supported until it turned bad)  made him look wiser and more competent in foreign affairs
The question now however is this: with Iraq in disarray, dominated by Iran and still very much a political issue, will Hillary's support of George Bush and the war come back to haunt her again in 2016 and ruin her last chance at the presidency-especially after she backed the disastrous withdrawal from Iraq when secretary of state? Provided she survives the FBI investigation into her email server will she be defeated by the Iraq War a second time, and by the worsening chaos and bloodletting there? In other words,  will Hillary's fate of 2008  be repeated in 2016? It could very well be. Especially if she runs against Donald Trump who opposed the war. But before I get into that (an article for another day) it is fascinating to point out that Hillary it seems was born with a kind of Iraq War jinx or curse which her mea culpas over backing Bush haven't lifted as the curse has worsened over time. I say this for the following reasons:
1 posted on Mon May 19 2014
The presidential candidate who was destined for defeat because of the Iraq War in 2008, and was secretary of state when we recklessly and needlessly pulled out of that country, precipitating the invasion of ISIS and the third Iraq war in 25 years, was born it seems on an ill-starred day for becoming President of the United States: October 26, 1947 (see).    
 Churchill and Attlee
What precisely was inauspicious about this day for Hillary? Ironically, it was the very day that Clement Attlee (the liberal prime minister of Great Britain and successor of Winston Churchill) ordered the withdrawal of British military forces from Iraq ending a six-year occupation (see). Even more ironic is that when Winston Churchill staged a political comeback in 1951 (defeating Labor for the prime ministership) Attlee's last day in office was October 26th, the day little Hillary celebrated her 4th birthday-which also was the 4th anniversary of Britain quitting Iraq. Could it be that these striking coincidences providentially foreshadow Hillary's fate in 2016 as it seems to have done in 2008? She was born on the day the weak liberal Atlee government pulled its troops out of Iraq just like would happen 64 years later when she was the secretary of state in a liberal administration; and then on the day of her 4th birthday a strong conservative leader, Winston Churchill,  took over that government. 
Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler was
Moreover, inauspiciously on October 22nd, the day of the Benghazi hearing where Hillary "heroically" endured 11 grueling hours of criticism, questioning and praise, Iraq was in the news again but not in any good way. For sadly and tragically the first American soldier died in combat against the Islamic State while on a rescue mission to free hostages in Iraq. The soldier, Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler (above), was the first death of a U.S. soldier in Iraq since November 2011. And now reports say that Obama is considering moving more troops into the area to fight on the front lines.
if Saddam, Gaddafi still
Now though last Thursday's Congressional hearing was about Benghazi and not Iraq, the misguided Libyan War 
for Obama and Clinton (which made Benghazi possible) nevertheless is their Iraq, and Kaddafy their Saddam Hussein. In fact, ominously and astonishingly the French led multistate intervention in Libya (where Obama led from behind) began on March 19, 2011: the eighth anniversary (stateside) of the eight year Iraq War (see).  


$1000 REWARD
Anyone who can provide me with evidence showing that between the Benghazi attack on 9-11-2012 and Election Day November 6th Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Leon Panetta, Jay Carney, or any high-ranking member of the administration, was perfectly transparent with the American people, and parents of the four Benghazi victims, and told the truth about the attack. That it was (as Hillary Clinton privately indicated to the prime minister of Egypt in her September 12th letter cited above) a pre-planned, coördinated, methodically executed two stage military operation (first on the compound then on the not so "secret" annex) carried out by professionally trained Islamic terrorists using mortars and sophisticated weapons. And that the attack did not originate (as Clinton stated in the same letter) from a spontaneous protest inspired by an "anti-Moslem" video leading to mob violence. Provide evidence that the administration-putting truth above reelection politics-leveled with the American people about this 9/11 anniversary attack before Election Day 2012 and you'll be
When asked about the amount of





"Al-Qaeda is on the path to defeat and Osama Bin Laden is dead,” said Barack Obama repeatedly on the 2012 campaign trail. Meanwhile, the great bin Laden killer and war on terror president is hugely despised by the U.S. military because he's unfit to command, and leading America into weakness and defeat across the world (see).

Osama bin Laden dead
On May 2, 2011 one of the worst, weakest and most incompetent  presidents in U.S. history (now finishing up Jimmy Carter's third term) got lucky and made history: after seven months of dithering and indecisiveness (where he could have blown the mission) he found the courage to do what he should have done months before (and that Bill Clinton missed multiple times to do, see)he ordered Navy Seals to raid a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan and kill Osama bin Laden if he was there. And he was. 
Then making one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency Obama let bin Laden's death get to his head spent the next 16 months lying about its meaning  and turning it into a great global victory over terrorism which, as you will see, set the stage for the  9/11 day of anti-Obama rage in Egypt and across the Middle East, and the deadly attack in Benghazi. Here are the facts.
Because of a weak economic recovery, the unpopularity of Obamacare and numerous foreign policy blunders Obama spun into a big campaign lie that bin Laden's death spelled the beginning of the end for al Qaida; that he Barack Hussein Obama had al Qaida on the run; that bin Laden's death was a terrible blow to its spirit and morale; and that he was defeating them around the globe to the point of obliteration. In other words, America now was safer from a mass terror attack than at any time during the post-9/11 Bush years; and he Barack Obama was up there with Lincoln and FDR as one of the greatest U.S. wartime presidents; and for that he deserved a second term.
Joe Biden Photobombs Obama At
 In July 2009 Joe Biden predicted that Barack Obama (the man with the "steel spine") would bend an economically weak Russia to his will. 
Indeed, the big lie of Obama's greatness as a world historical figure and war-time leader would become the butt of jokes as gaffe-a-million Joe Biden weighed in saying on March 20, 2012 (the 9th anniversary of the Iraq War) that the raid on bin Laden's compound was "the most audacious military plan in 500 years (see)." And then the White House backed him up.
We Told You: The Goal of al
 Al Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri.
But al-Qaida wasn't laughing. While the feckless Obama was campaigning on his faux greatness as a holy terror of terrorists and anti-al Qaida warrior he was pissing off al Qaida's metastasizing global network and bin Laden's successor, the Egyptian born Ayman al-Zawahiri. 
Ayman al-Zawahiri portrait.JPG
 Mohammed al-Zawahiri
It would seem that Zawarhiri was hell-bent on showing America and the world that Obama was a liar; that instead of al-Qaida being on the run and in retreat headed for total defeat it was on the march throughout the Middle East and evolving as a global force using bin Laden's death and Obama's braggadocio as recruiting tools. Indeed, Zawahiri would call on his younger brother Mohammad who was in Egypt to deliver his message and show the world that al Qaida was very much alive kicking butt and stronger than ever (see).
Obama backed India
In March 2012 Mohammad Zawahiri after being acquitted in a military court  on terrorism charges was released from prison by Obama's good friend Islamist president Mohammed Morsi (he was rearrested in the wake Morsi's overthrow in 2013). And sometime between then and the 11th anniversary of 9/11  Zawahiri planned with his fellow jihadis in Egypt (and possibly elsewhere) a violent pro-al Qaida rally at the US embassy in Cairo using the stupid anti-Mohammed video (which came later) as a pretext to incite a mob  (see and see). In fact, as reported by FOX News, at that rally  Zawahiri's pro-al Qaida group waving the black al-Qaida flag of death  was angrily chanting "Obama, Obama, we are all Osamas (see)" as they burnt American flags and Obama in effigy. In other words, though Osama bin Laden was dead (killed by Obama) his soul and spirit were living in the hearts and minds of all true Moslems, and inspiring them to endless war against the U.S.
APTOPIX Mideast Libya Militia
Ansa al Sharia at the 9/11 rally in Tunis.
Indeed, on the eve of the 9/11 target date, as reported by CNN (see), Ayman Zawahiri released a video tape where he called on jihadis in Libya to kill Americans (there was no mention of the Mohammed video). And of course, and unfortunately, it happened. On the following day as the al-Qaida organized Cairo protests were in progress Ansa al Sharia (an al-Qaida affiliate) struck the U.S. consulate in Benghazi (as they initially claimed) killing four Americans in a deadly pre-planned attack to celebrate 9/11 and to show Obama, America and the world that Osama bin Laden (the mastermind of 9/11) still lives (see).
Joe Biden Photobombs Obama At
In July 2009 Joe Biden predicted that Barack Obama (the man with a "steel spine") would bend an economically weak Russia to his will (see)
 What is not well-known however is that anticipating by four months the  9/11 rally in Egypt  and Benghazi killings Ansa al Sharia's Tunisia branch* organized a massive pro-bin Laden/al-Qaida rally in Tunis with thousands angrily chanting "Obama, Obama, we are all Osamas" as seen  here and here in these two videos.
*On September 11, 2012 Ansa al Sharia also stormed the US embassy in Tunisia,  four people (non-Americans) were killed in the melee (see).
There you have it. After ordering the death of bin Laden Obama (ignoring his own good advice to be humble and "not to spike the football after the touchdown, see") went on a 16 month victory lap exalting himself triumphantly over bin Laden and al Qaida, and stoking the flames of a jihadist backlash; this first reared its head  in May 2012 in Tunisia, then in Cairo and Benghazi four months later on 9/11 resulting in the tragic but preventable deaths of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.
It is by no means a coincidence that al Qaida's pro-bin Laden rallies erupted in 2012 instead of 2011 and culminated on September 11th of that year. For 2012 was an election year with al Qaida hoping to influence US voters against reelecting the man who had "killed bin Laden" and then lied about the scope of his victory. There can be little doubt about it: Barack Obama's prolonged, politically driven victory lap and lies (Osama's dead, al Qaida's decimated) underlie the deadly 9/11 attack at Benghazi-after he made the mistake of taking down Kaddafy.
about Benghazi in November

 If there was no Mohammed video the Benghazi attack would have happened all the same (as well as the Cairo rally). The al Zawahiri video on 9/10 summoning jihadis to kill Americans in Libya proves it. It was no coincidence that Zawahiri targeted Libya and no other country (his brother Mohammad organized the pre-planned Cairo rally).


Everyone knew that the Benghazi consulate (thanks to Hillary's neglectful State Dept) was highly vulnerable to a successful murderous terror attack-as did Stevens which is why he requested on 600 separate occasions to beef up security as he feared for his safety and life. As I said above, the overriding purpose of the attack was to show Obama that al-Qaida wasn't "on the run and being decimated."  

But what about Abu Khatallah the only Benghazi terrorist who's in custody? He said  he attacked the compound because of the Mohammed video. But according to the DIA  the attack was pre-planned by Ansar al Sharia (Khatallah's group) ten days in advance, or on September 1st. The Mohammed video aired on Egyptian TV on September 9th.  Khatallah, in other words, is probably lying.  He's most likely using the cover of the video to hide the 9/11 plot so as to avoid ratting out his friends.








The Palestinian flag was

 On September 30th (the 77th anniversary of the Hitler-Chamberlain Munich Agreement  that set the stage for World War II ) implacable, Jew-hating Arab Nazi leader Mahmoud Abbas celebrated the raising of the Palestinian flag at the United Nations after 138 nations voted for Palestinian statehood. Just as World War II caused the demise of the League of Nations so are events in the Middle East and across the globe destroying the mission, purpose and relevance of the UN.

On Friday over at Atlas Shrugs I linked my blog on Mahmoud Abbas's underlying reason for inciting anti-Semitic violence in Israel and got the following triumphalist response from a delusional pro-Palestinian blogger named Ram extolling the raising of the Palestinian flag at the UN and the 138 nation vote for Palestinian statehood as some great historical event that advances the implacable Palestinian cause to destroy and replace Israel. As you will see from my reply it does no such thing.

"Hi Apollo,
Flag hoisted in New York in a historic step, despite prior condemnation from Israel and the US.
138 Nations Supported Palestinian Statehood include Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, France, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland..........
European Union Slams Israel with Boycotts
The European Union has decided to bar grants, prizes, financial assistance and collaborative agreements with Israeli entities and individuals located over the green line."

The Palestinian flag of statehood was raised at the UN? Really? You mean the weak, impotent, corrupt, irrelevant UN? That glass and steel babel of hypocrisy and confusion on the East River that's going the way of the failed, epically ineffective League of Nations as the world plunges into chaos, war and economic turmoil? Just what did this “historic” ceremony do for the Palis? How did it advance their cause? What's this "step" you're referring to? Judging from the sudden surge of anti-semitic violence it looks like it did nothing, and that the Palis are throwing an Islamopsychotic temper tantrum in response. It looks like raising the flag was an exercise in UN futility that no more gave the Palis (or moved them closer to) the evil, intolerant, racist state they want (meaning Israel's destruction) than the raising of the UN flag 70 years ago united the nations of the world in peace; both events were symbolic and achieved nothing remotely approximating their ultimate goals.

The only way for the Palis to achieve the triumphant Islamic/Arab National state of their sick, twisted, genocidal dreams is to take up arms and fight for it (mano mano with the IDF) on the battlefield. There is no other way for them. Apart from very limited pin pricking boycotts against Israel most if not all of the 138 nations that support Pali statehood (at the do nothing UN) will go no further than their misguided votes. Collective military action against Israel is too dangerous and out of the question. No way will these nations go to war with nuclear armed Israel and risk lives and treasure or nuclear devastation for so unnecessary and worthless a cause as a Palestinian state-which would contribute nothing of value to the world but more violence, terror, oppression and hate. Most of these countries aren't insane like the Psychostineans. They’re better off sitting on their butts at the UN passing useless resolutions condemning Israel and raise flags than help the murderous Palis in any meaningful or military way attain their regressive idea of another dysfunctional, despotic Mideast Arab state.

Until the Palestinians follow the examples of Egypt and Jordan and recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state (the national homeland of the Jewish people) there will never be peace, and they'll never have a state.  Israeli Jews are unbreakable and equal to any and all challenges as 67 years of trials and tribulations have proved. A thousand intifadas will not make a difference. Until the Palestinian leadership and people overcome their rejectionism of Israel's Jewish character it means conflict and war without end to their overwhelming disadvantage and suffering.  It's that simple.


Hi Apollo,

BUSINESSBoycott Movement Claims Victory as Veolia Ends All Investment in Israel

Rogue State: Israeli Violations of U.N. Security Council Resolutions


List of the UN resolutions concerning Israel and Palestine

Israel struggling against growing boycott campaign


Norway: The Government Pension Fund of Norway has sold its shares in Africa Israel Investments, Danya Cebus and Sesa Sterlite.

Germany: The German Railway Company did not bid to build or operate the train service which runs through the occupied Palestinian territories.

Belgium: The Belgian government has cancelled a "Tel Aviv - the White City" exhibition which was scheduled in the capital, Brussels.

Scotland: The Edinburgh International Film Festival returned an award granted by the Israeli Embassy in line with its decision to boycott the state.

Australia: The Maryville municipality in Sydney province imposed a boycott on Israel and all companies engaged in trade with it. Several pro-Palestinian organisations have called for a boycott of oranges produced in Jaffa and Max Brenner chocolate.

Netherlands: The Netherlands' largest water company, Vitens, has severed ties with Israel's Mekorot water company. The Dutch Pension Fund has withdrawn all investments from Israeli banks.

South Africa: The South African Foreign Minister announced that the cabinet will boycott Israel and will not visit it. The South African Trade and Commerce Union stopped importing an Israeli-made circumcision device.

UK major retail chain, the Co-operative, has boycotted all products produced in the settlements in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.
Marks & Spencer fashion house has been boycotting settlement products since 2007

The Irish workers' trade Union has announced its decision to boycott all Israeli products and services.
The Irish teachers' Union supports imposing an academic boycott on Israel.

The Canadian postal workers Union boycotts Israel.
The Protestant Church in Vancouver launched a campaign to boycott settlement products.

United States:
The American Studies Association has recently joined the academic boycott imposed against Israel by many universities and unions.
The American Pension Fund has withdrawn its investments from a company that sell agricultural tractors to settlements.



Is that the best you can do? Where is your list of Islamic victories over Israel on the battlefield? Why is there nothing in the win column for your faith (assuming you're Moslem)? 67 years and 15 armed conflicts with  Islam and its all-powerful, Jew-hating God (Jews and Christians are under Allah's "curse") and every savage Moslem army hell-bent on annihilating Israel has disgraced and humiliated your faith unable to achieve its aim. 67 years of the "Zionist entity" defying all odds and predictions of its demise and all you can show me are feckless UN resolutions and ineffective boycotts (Israel's exports are booming especially to its new markets in Asia see*)? Have you so lost your faith in Allah and Islam crushing Israel into nothingness that you now put it in the feeble actions of "filthy infidels" hoping that they'll succeed where Islam has repeatedly and miserably failed? Pathetic.

*1000 Israeli start up companies have set up operations in China alone.


This Ram fellow must be a masochist as he keeps on coming back for more and more punishment.

Hi Apollo,
Jews against Zionism
They’re numerous, outspoken, and range from secular to orthodox to one group calling itself “True Torah Jews Against Zionism.”
They believe that “traditional” Jews don’t support Zionism, an ideology they call “contrary to Jewish law and beliefs and the teachings of the Holy Torah.” They say Zionism:
— advocates “a political and military end to the Jewish exile;”
— fosters “pseudo-Judaism” based on secular nationalism;
— coercively seeks “armed materialism” in place of “a Divine and Torah centered understanding;”
— endangers all Jews worldwide;
— wants to disassociate Jews and traditional Judaism from ideological Zionism; and
— calls Israel a “Zionist State,” not a Jewish one.
— cite their concern for “peace and safety of all people throughout the world including those living in the Zionist state” and in Occupied Palestine;
— say from ancient times until 100 years ago, Jews and Arabs lived in peace and friendship until Zionism changed the relationship;
— believe Zionists abandoned the Torah and traditional Judaism, demanded political sovereignty over the Holy Land, and aroused anger in the Arab world; and
— Torah Jewry doesn’t recognize or support a Zionist state; nor do they represent world Jews; even the name “Israel” is a “forgery,” they believe, because the Torah forbids violence in the words of the prophet Isaiah who said:
Jews against Zionism
A list of websites opposed to Israel's policies
Contrary to the propaganda put out by Israel's supporters, Israel is NOT supported by the majority of the world's Jewish people. Ariel Sharon does not speak for all Jewish people. And being anti-Israel is not "anti-Semitic"
The Jewish bible rejects the state of Israel
New York City: 10,000+ Jews Against Israel (U.S. Media ...
I don't recognize as authentically Jewish or mentally sound that tiny, microscopic uninfluential minority within the Jewish community that doesn't recognize Jewish Israel's right to exist. As far as I'm concerned they've crossed over to the dark side of Israel's evil, hate driven, racist enemies and I despise all of them. Moreover, for every mentally ill, nominally Jewish anti-Zionist there are tens and thousands of pro-Israel Christian Zionists, or non-Jewish American conservative Zionists. Furthermore, for every phony Jewish anti-Zionist there are probably way more pro-Zionist Moslems. These include such notables as Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Khaleel Mohammed. Irshad Manji, Salim Mansur, Abdurrahman Wahid, Mithal al-Alusi, Kasim Hafeez, Abdullah Saad Al-Hadlaq,and my all time favorite King Faisal the First of Syria and Iraq-friends of Lawrence of Arabia (another Christian Zionist) and Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann.
Really Ram, if you want to drive me to despair about Israel and persuade me that she has a very limited future you're going to have to try harder. So far your efforts have been laughably feeble. BTW, as for the Jewish bible rejecting modern Israel's existence (because it's not a Torah State) there happen to be two little known extra biblical prophecies from the 16th century about the Jews of Europe returning to their ancestral homeland and founding a new state under a "new law" which I'll be writing about.








Abbas gives a speech in
On September 16th Mahmoud Abbas gave a speech inciting Palestinians to defend with extreme violence the al Aska Mosque in Jerusalem against a non-existent Israeli plan to destroy it. "The al Aska Mosque is ours," cried Abbas." we bless every drop of blood spilled for it......It is Allah's will that every martyr will go to heaven and the wounded will recieve God's reward."
You are 80 year old Mahmoud Abbas one of the founders of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and head of the Palestinian Authority leader of 2.6 million Palestinians on the West Bank. For decades you've been fighting the "good fight"  against the vile, filthy, Zionist, racist, evil apartheid state of Israel. Believing it has no moral or legal right to exist, that it's a historical mistake, that all Israeli lands belong to Arab Moslems by divine decree you have been waging a relentless war to destroy the Jewish state using violence, murder, politics and lies for 50 years now.
Moreover, you, Mahmoud Abbas, the skilled propagandist that you are, have the US, UN, EU, Vatican and much of the world deceived that you are a true Arab moderate and man of peace; that you are a real peace partner for Israel; that you earnestly want to resolve the conflict diplomatically with a two state solution. Indeed, your public relations and propaganda efforts have been so successful that much of the world sees you as the good guy fighting for the rights of an oppressed people victimized by a nation headed by a bad guy:  Israel's stiff-necked, intransigent, uncompromising right-wing prime minister Bibi Netanyahu. 
Yet despite all these hard won gains and victories over Israel you are unhappy, miserable and very much alarmed over the events exploding all around you in the region-events that are undermining and diminishing the importance of your cause. For not too long ago the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was universally recognized as the lynchpin of the sick, unstable, dysfunctional, despotic Middle East. It was believed that by ending this conflict the civilizing, modernizing and democratizing of the region would follow; and its days as the "incubator of Islamic terrorism" threatening the US, Europe and the rest of the infidel world would end. But those days are gone. 
Indeed, overshadowing Israel's "racist oppression" of Palestinians are a mess of other crises destabilizing the region like never before and grabbing international headlines: the Syrian Civil War and 200,000 dead, the military intervention of Russia, Iran and Cuba to save Assad, the chaotic flood of Syrian and North African refugees pouring into Europe, the controversy raging over the Iran nuclear deal, ISIS' war with Shiite dominated Iraq and the spreading of its caliphate across the region, civil wars in Libya, Somalia and especially in Yemen between Iran backed Houthis and Saudi backed Sunnis, Turkey bombing Kurdish rebels, terrorist bombings in Turkey killing dozens, the persecution of Christians, and much, much more. 
 Though by no means ignored the Palestinian cause is being sidelined as a minor issue losing its topmost place of importance held for decades. So what do you an aging, desperate Mahmoud Abbas do to put the Israeli-Palestinian conflict back in the spotlight and keep it there? Meeting with the Pope or Obama or raising a Palestinian flag at the UN won't help you. You need to do something more dramatic, shocking and consequential. You need to invent a murderous lie that Israel wants to destroy Islam's third holiest site: the al-Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem; and you want to incite acts of Palestinian terror against Jews hoping it will explode into a third violent Intifada and last as long as the second intifada which went on for five years with thousands dead. That's what you do if you're the sick, twisted. bloodthirsty, Jew hating Mahmoud Abbas. And that's what this POS is doing, and for what? The third intifada will end no differently with more Palestinians dying than Jews; and like Arafat Abbas will go to his death without seeing the demise of Israel in his lifetime.






Bernie Sanders is “


 "Socialism" for Bernie Sanders is a failed and discredited leftist theory of government that should have died with the collapse of the Soviet Union or the failures of socialist Sweden and Greece; but which persists with men like Sanders because it offers an escape from reality into an exhilarating revolutionary dream of heaven on earth where all is brotherhood, sharing, justice and peace.
Rise and Fall of Socialism
Indeed, the socialist absurdly believes that the overarching purpose of imperfect human government (run by flawed politicians and bureaucrats prone to evil, corruption and greed) is the perfection of perennially imperfect human society populated by flawed citizens born with unequal gifts and talents and the drive to succeed. Socialists absurdly believe that through the redistribution of wealth from haves to have nots, and the limiting of freedom through intervention, taxation and regulation, it can close the gap between rich and poor (despite the natural inequality of people), equalize everything (income, outcome and condition) and create a classless society of government dependent slaves receiving cradle to grave economic security from the all caring, compassionate,  godlike state. 
What a beautiful beguiling dream. But what a nightmare in reality. Wonderful until the money runs out as it did for totalitarian Russia (spent into bankruptcy by Ronald Reagan), or for democratic Sweden following Russia's quiet fall, and today's socialist Greece (where takers exceed tax paying makers as it crashed and burned*); and as it's doing here in our unsustainable, going broke, once great US of A with its soaring $18 trillion debt and unfunded liabilities.
*Takers in government benefits out number productive, tax paying, self-reliant citizens. It is estimated that this has already happened in the US where takers dangerously exceed makers on a nearly 2:1 basis (see).
a609a045f1f34a75c0d39b04c5e56f ...
Bernie Sanders, the fossilized socialist senator from Vermont, wants to continue Obama's good progressive work and take healthcare "reform" (really revolution) to the next level: replace Obamacare-with its soaring, middle class crushing, jobs killing  premium costs and deductibles-with single payer universal healthcare which would cover more uninsured Americans than Obamacare. In other words, the government control of the health insurance industry where insurers are forced to sell the insured what is mandated by the government isn't enough for Sanders. He wants to eliminate all "greedy" for profit private insurers and put the compassionate non-profit federal government in their place. This he calls "Medicare for all" though "Medicare for some" is going broke (see).
However, what is so embarrassing for Bernie, and what he (and the socialist left) doesn't want you to know, is that single payer healthcare crashed and burned in his own state of Vermont. Or better still, it never got off the ground because the costs were so staggering. Indeed, what started out as a program that would save Vermonters (a small state of 500,000 people) a whopping $500 million per year ended up costing $2 billion in new taxes. Vermont voters (paying $2.7 billion in taxes already) said "NO!" and the program was killed dead.
But the old socialist warrior is undeterred. He's been a believer too long in  "Medicare for all" to give up now.  Sanders' hatred of the free market system is such that cost to Vermonters and nation  be damned; he wants to kill the private insurance industry and socialize it replacing it with a  federal government single payer monopoly or monstrosity. No. The cost of Obamacare to taxpayers of $2 trillion over a decade (pledged by Obama to be $900 billion) isn't enough punishment to the working middle class that  Bernie wants to save (see). He wants to add to their hardship because like Obama with Obamacare its the poor he wants to help at everyone else's expense.
 For the cost of insuring  every American means the nationalizing of Vermont's $2 billion annual single payer tax, i.e. its multiplication by 300 million people. Indeed, if the cost of single payer to 500,000 Vermonters is $2 billion in taxes per year then it would cost 1 million Americans $4 billion per year. Multiply $4 billion by 300 million and the cost in taxes to all of us collectively is a stupifying $1.2 trillion per year, or  $12.2 trillion over a decade. But in addition to socialist Bernie's Medicare for all he wants tuition free college for all and the expansion of Social Security benefits for all.  STOP! I can't take it anymore. I fear if I continue writing
my poor head
Exploding Head Syndrome



The man, the revolutionary and his vision.


During the debate socialist, free stuff, eat the rich Bernie Sanders mentioned democratic socialist Sweden (and other Scandinavian countries) as an economic and financial model for the United States. Does he know that in the early 1990s Sweden saved itself from socialist  collapse and depression by massively cutting taxes, spending, regulations, pension funds and privatizing government monopolies-as well as bailing out the distressed banking/financial sector (Sanders opposed the TARP bank bailouts in 2008)? It's called Austerity (Tea Party) Economics, and it worked wonders. Five years later Sweden's economy was booming (the wonder of Europe) just as it had in its post-war, pre-socialist, free market years.
Moreover, in the early 1990s Sweden's top marginal tax rate was 90% just as it was during the Truman/Eisenhower years (it was an FDR war tax) when there were five recessions.  Do we really want to go back there? Are you listening Bernie?
John F. Reagan and Ronald W. Kennedy.  
Supply Side  Presidents
 BTW, John Kennedy avoided a sixth post war recession and unleashed an economic boom by cutting the top marginal rates from 90% to 70%. It's called Supply-Side ("trickle down") Economics. And just as it worked for JFK in the 1960s so did it work for Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.
For the Swedish Austerity Miracle click (see).
In the book Casino Capitalism
Casino Capitalism
"During the debate, Senator Bernie Sanders defended democratic socialism and declared he was not a capitalist. "Do I consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little, by which Wall Street’s greed and recklessness wrecked this economy?” Sanders said. "No, I don’t." Hillary Clinton responded by saying the country needs to "save capitalism from itself."
dropping money over the


Not one word last night was uttered about Obama's failed Quantitative Easing (QE) Fed policies that lend Wall Street and Corporate America billions in dirt cheap loans to speculate with in the stock market and do buy backs (public companies buying their own stocks to boost market price). It is QE (invented by the economically stagnant Japanese) that has artificially boomed the market to record highs greatly enriching the top 10% (who own 80% of the market) and aggravating the problem of inequality. It's Obama's form of "trickle down economics" and unlike Reaganomics it doesn't work. Unless Sanders and Clinton denounce Obama's QE policy and admit that he was dead wrong to renominate Ben Bernanke as Fed Chief and replace him with Yellen (a Bernanke QE clone) then their compassionate concern about income inequality (and renewing the middle class) is pure, meaningless, laughable bull.






$18 trillion in federal debt, tens and trillions in unfunded SS, Medicare and pension fund liabilities, 93 million Americans who can't find work and an over burdened welfare state that's trapping millions in poverty and Sanders and Hillary want to reward millions of illegal aliens for breaking our laws with free healthcare, college tuition, food stamps and much, much more-the American Dream effortlessly achieved? If I were a poor, deprived American and either Sanders or Clinton were elected next year I'd steal my way into Mexico and return as an illegal so I too could achieve the goal without running the course and live the American Dream.









F*ck Ben Carson | GQ



Ben Carson: I Will Announce
We are the United States of America, not the divided states. And those who want to destroy us are trying to divide [by race, gender, religion, skin color, class and ethnicity] and we mustn't let them do it." - Ben Carson

Raid Bug Killer (1960)

Raid commercial - The Attack


The radical, intolerant.  hate driven, race obsessed left have two black nightmares on their evil, blood stained, baby killing hands: the incompetent, feckless, failing (half black) Barack Obama whose divisive, ill-starred, unfit to command, anti-U.S. presidency is predictably crashing and burning into confusion, paralysis and lead from behind impotency-as America and the world plunges into frightening turmoil. And the other nightmare or holy terror, Obama's ideological foe,  is the wise, good, virtuous, pure black man and descendent of slaves; the ghetto born world-famous neurosurgeon patriot (who rose to greatness from nothing) Dr. Ben Carson.
Ben Carson's Diagnosis of
 It's sin enough that this nightmare  is a top down, through and through, limited government, cultural, pro-gun rights, conservative and foe of the welfare state (that's destroyed black communities and countless families); but he relentlessly bashes Barack Obama (our first black president) as a weak, pathetic irresponsible, lying, dangerous leftwing loon and national disgrace;  as a blind, moronic devotee of the poverty perpetuating welfare state spreading the  poison of permanent generational government dependency which Carson saw all around him growing up in now bankrupt Detroit. For Ben Carson the counterculture, pot's okay, anything goes, weak on crime and terror Obama is a poor role model for black kids and why (due to leftist leaders like him) so many are turning into lawless, violent, drug addicted thugs (like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown) shot to death in droves by other blacks, or by cops in lawful self-defense. And because Ben Carson is very, very black (more so than Obama) he can't be credibly accused by leftist hacks of anti-black racism and white supremacist hate.  So he's attacked in a campaign of personal destruction as mentally defective, a deranged Uncle Tom, a crackpot fundamentalist extremist who should be sedated and locked away never to be seen or heard from again. And with Carson's rise in popularity and polls showing him beating Hillary in a  head to head race you can understand how potentially menacing he seems to the paranoid left. This man could be President, and leftists are at their wits end.
Posted by Mike Miles at
And Carson's response to the rising tide of media invective and expletives against him is to liken himself to a can of RAID spraying  bugs and insects with the truth and  driving them insane. Carson is in the race to stay; and if he should pull ahead of Trump and become his party's nominee he has a year ahead  to spray out his Raid on the cockroaches, ants and leftist fleas killing their stereotypes and racist ideas of what a black man in America should be.






FDR broke the Germans and Japanese and won WWII. Reagan broke the USSR and won the Cold War. But Obama is breaking America, enabling our enemies and leading the world into turmoil.

Is it Barack Obama’s destiny to be a transformational president and a great world historical figure (a salvational "messiah" in domestic and international affairs) like he promised during the campaign, and as many on the Left desperately are hoping and want to believe to save their failing utopian political creed? Will Obama in his four or eight years as president radically turn America into a “more perfect [socialist] Union” of social justice and economic equality and change the course of human history for the better leaving behind a safer, freer more peaceful world? The answer is an absolute emphatic “NO!” Such is not his destiny (as I predicted HERE). Why? Because Obama is a man of great deficiencies unfit to command and fated to fail. “Character is destiny" said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. And Obama's weak and badly flawed character: his poor intellectual and moral qualities, his ignorance, arrogance and cowardice, his truth and reality problems, his lack of governing, leadership and communication skills (he's lost without a teleprompter and is not an effective speaker) make it virtually impossible for him to live up to the exalted expectations that he's raised that he's fated to be one of the immortals.

In the 20th century America was blessed with two real transformational presidents, two richly gifted larger than life leaders: Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, whose great imprint on world history is undeniable; and whose missions and destinies were prefigured by auspicious signs and wonders. But as you will see below there are no such signs for Barack Obama; nothing to herald a destiny that would make him one of the greats of American and world history.


The death of Calvin Coolidge. An unmistakable sign of FDR's destiny

Take for example FDR: On January 5, 1933-exactly 59 days after defeating Herbert Hoover on November 8th, and 59 days before his inauguration on March 4th, Calvin Coolidge the 30th President of the United States died (see note 1). You will notice that Coolidge's death occurred in January a month named in honor of the mythic Roman deity Janus: the two-faced god of gates, doorways and new beginnings. Indeed, January (the month FDR was born) is the month that begins the year anew. And in 1933, the year FDR became president, a new  and exceptional America was about to be born that would astonish the world. And the event that would determine that was  Pearl Harbor which occurred when FDR was 59 years old (see note 1a). 

Another fascinating peculiarity is that FDR who was elected 32nd US President in the 32nd year of the 20th century  3200 days in office when Pearl harbor was attacked by Japan (see note 1b).

Janus is the ancient Roman god

The two-faced  Roman god Janus

Indeed, for just as Coolidge died equidistant from FDR's election and inauguration cutting the transition period right in half (an extraordinary occurrence given that he was President) the head of the god Janus is depicted in Roman art as having one head divided equally into two faces: one face in front and the other in back looking forwards and backwards simultaneously. As Janus is the god of doorways and doors and these are the transition points between the outside and inside of buildings and homes Janus is the god of transitions indicating passage from the old to the new, from the past to the future as January is the month of transition to the new year from the old. But as the god looks ahead to the future and back to the past he is a symbol of progress and historical continuity where tried, proven and enduring values are carried over into the new age (see note 2). In short, Janus, as bizarre as his image seems, is an ancient symbol of conservatism:

“We praise the past but experience our own times, yet both are ways worthy of being cultivated,” sang Janus in Ovid’s Fasti.

In a word, Coolidge’s death marked the end of an era in US history: the era of isolationism and non-intervention when America would begin its "rendezvous with destiny" as a global interventionist power on the great world stage bringing our ideals and values to mankind and liberating millions. This transformation was forged in the crucible of a terrible war and by FDR’s wartime leadership which ended in absolute victory and the American eagle taking flight over the world.

Oil Painting On Stretched

It seems significant that Roosevelt who picked up where Woodrow Wilson left off in turning America irreversibly into a military interventionist power was the first President to be inaugurated in the month of January (when he celebrated his birthday). As this occurred on January 20, 1937 at the start of FDR’s second of his unprecedented four terms it was toward the end of this term that World War II began in Europe marking the start of America’s transformation into the Superpower of Liberty (see note 3a).

Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney was born on the 59th birthday of FDR and was 59 years old when sworn in as the 46th Vice President in 2001, the year of 9/11 (SEE).

Coolidge was the first and only President to be born on July 4th. Born in 1872 July 4th fell on the 96th anniversary of our nation’s founding-a number that's a multiple of 32 three times, the number of FDR’s presidency (FDR served three full terms as president). Coolidge’s well timed death was a super-auspicious sign that the great transformation America was to undergo during FDR’s presidency was rooted in our founding moment (July 4, 1776) and was our divinely appointed destiny. Moreover, after twenty  years of isolationism from 1921 to 1941 FDR revived Wilson's interventionism of World War I and this was in accord with our destiny which started at our Founding in 1776. For if I take the number 1776 and divide it by 6 it yields 296, the exact number of months separating the start of World War I on April 6, 1917 from the start of World War II on December 7, 1941 (see note 3b).

Let those who apologize for America’s global actions and think her hegemony (the Pax Americana) a historical mistake that's done the world  more harm than good ponder these signs.

 There is more that I can say on the connection between Coolidge’s death, our founding moment, FDR’s presidency and America’s global destiny but this will do for now. 


While the great sign of FDR’s presidential destiny was given by Coolidge’s death midway through the Hoover/FDR transition period, the sign indicating Reagan’s historic destiny as victor in the Cold War came at the extremes: at the beginning and end of the transition from the Carter presidency to Reagan’s. I say this because the date of Reagan’s victory over Carter, November 4, 1980, and his inauguration 77 days later on January 20th, marked the first anniversary of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, when 52 US diplomats were seized in Tehran, and its end 444 agonizing days latter (see note 4). Never had a new administration gotten off to such a promising and propitious start. For the peaceful release of the 52 hostages converging with Reagan’s inauguration was emblematic of his destiny as the Great Liberator (one of three in US history); emblematic of the man who would peacefully bring down the tyrannical Soviet Empire and free millions of captives held hostage in Eastern Europe to totalitarian rule (see note 5). Indeed, as the hostages were set free on the 444th day of their captivity this number was symbolic of Reagan’s great destiny as liberator and torch-bearer of freedom; his destiny of smashing the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain and bringing American values and ideals to the millions trapped behind them. For the number 444-which mysteriously reappears at Reagan’s death*-is a factor of the number 1776 (4x) the momentous year when the Founders declared independence from Great Britain, the day America’s epic historic journey of liberty began.

*When Reagan died of Alzheimer's on June 5, 2004 it was the 444th day of the Iraq War (which began March 20, 2003 Baghdad time see); it was also the 37th anniversary of the Six Days (1967) War (see). 37 years is a total of 444 months (37x12=444).

No less oracular of things to come was Reagan’s close encounter with death. For 69 days into his presidency (he became president at age 69) Reagan became the first US President in history to survive the bullet of a would be assassin. Similarly on February 15, 1933 FDR became the first president-elect to be the target of an assassin-a one man plot that killed the mayor of Chicago sitting beside him in a moving car. As both FDR and Reagan were destined for presidential greatness and transformational change the bullets of evil men could not stop them.

In sum, the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt marked the transition of America from a militarily isolated hemispheric power into a world superpower (with a global military presence) in conflict with the world powerful Soviet Union. And the presidency of Ronald Reagan marked a further transition of America from a superpower into a hyperpower with no superpower rival in the world.


But when we turn to Barack Obama and look at the period just prior to his election up to the inaugural and slightly beyond we cannot find a single promising sign of presidential greatness or hints of a world changing transformational destiny for the better. What we do find instead  are the following ominous signs of tragedy, misfortune and failure:

>The tragic death of Obama’s grandmother Madelyn Dunham from cancer one day prior to his  election (see). She didn't live long enough to see her grandson make history as America's first Black president.

>The embarrassing arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (one month after Obama's election) for the crime of putting his Senate seat up for sale (see).

>Obama at the inaugural botching his oath of office portentously followed by his kingmaker Ted Kennedy collapsing from a recurring LEFT-sided brain seizure (see).

>The tragic crash of Flight 3407 in upstate New York killing 9/11 widow and activist Beverely Eckert who met with Obama at the White House six days before (see).

>The lower Manhattan 747 flyover that buzzed ground zero and caused a 9/11 scare authorized by a Mexican American in the US city hardest hit by the Mexican Swine Flu (see and  see). A warning of biological terrorism coming across our southern border?

>Joe Biden delivering the new administration’s first foreign policy speech at a security conference in Munich (symbol of war causing appeasement) just days before the catastrophic collision of a Russian and US satellite over Siberia (see).

>Obama’s fawning, apologetic speech to Islam at Ankara, Turkey followed within hours by a Turkish Canadian stealing an airplane from a flight training school and landing it across the US border at Carter (as in Jimmy) County, Missouri-ominous of the reCarterization of US foreign policy (see).

>The mind-boggling airplane disaster in a Catholic cemetery killing the children and grandchildren of an abortion clinic owner-a cemetery with a shrine to the victims of Roe v. Wade (see).

>Obama’s bungled speech at Strasbourg, France where he stumbled on the all important word “equality” the principle driving his ill-fated presidency (see).

I can add to these examples but the point is amply made Barack Hussein Obama has tragedy, misfortune and failure written all over him and is on the sorry path to presidential calamity, not greatness and  beneficial transformational change.

Last Summer the New York Times ran an article comparing Obama to Shakespeare’s tragic anti-hero Hamlet because of his vacillating and indecisiveness and melancholy disposition (see note 6). While Obama is weak on making quick decisions due to poor instincts and an overly cerebral non-intuitive ideologically fixed brain he does resemble Hamlet and something just as tragic: the hapless young Romeo in the tragic love tale who cries out to heaven after Juliette’s death: “I AM FORTUNE’S FOOL!” For this weak, hapless, ignorant man is FORTUNE’S TRAGIC (LEFTIST) FOOL. 


The number of days separating Coolidge’s death from the start of World War II for the U.S. are 3259. This gives us the numbers 32 and 59 the presidency number of FDR (the year he was elected president) and the number of days separating Coolidge’s death from FDR's election and inauguration, hence:

January 5, 1933 (Coolidge’s death) to December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor attack)= 8 years, 11 months and 2 days or 3259 days (see).

In my view this new discovery denotes that July 4th-born Coolidge's death was indeed a prophetic sign anticipating the coming of World War II; a sign indicating that FDR, the 32nd President, would be Commander-in-Chief when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and that the conflict was a war of necessity for turning the US into a great world power-the greatest good coming out of that greatest of all evils to befall mankind.


1. November 8, 1932 (FDR’s election victory) to January 5, 1933 (Coolidge’s death)=59 days (see)January 5, 1933 to March 4, 1933 (FDR’s inaugural)=59 days (see).

1a. January 30, 1882 (FDR's birth) to December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor attack)=59 years, 10 months and 8 days (see).

1b. March 4, 1933 (FDR's inaugural) to December 7, 1941=3200 (see).

2. According to Jonah Goldberg in his excellent book “Liberal Fascism” in the period just prior to FDR’s presidency Benito Mussolini was the most respected and revered political figure on earth and his Italian fascism was regarded as the ideal form of government by many in the American intelligensia and media. FDR earnestly believed that his New Deal, though an admitted failure economically (it failed to end the Great Depression), saved the American free enterprise system from the hard radical left: the socialists and communists who wanted to abolish private property and individual freedom; or from the Mussolini type fascists who wanted a one party centralized state directing the world of business and commerce. While many of FDR’s measures: the Wagner Act, price fixing, Social Security, etc., stole the thunder from the hard Left we will never really know if they saved American capitalism and liberty from an existential domestic threat. Regardless, in my view, FDR’s heroic wartime leadership and vision of America’s world destiny redeemed him from the sins and follies of the New Deal. Who among us on the Right wouldn’t trade a pro-American FDR, New Deal and all, for the deluded, feckless, weak FDR wannabe in the White House?

3a. World War II began when Hitler invaded Poland on September 1, 1939.

It is interesting to note that just as Julius Caesar when dictator of Rome changed the beginning of the Roman calendar year from March to January so did Congress change the start of the presidency from March to January with FDR ushering in what historians call the Imperial Presidency. America’s destiny as the greatest world power since the Roman Empire started with FDR.

3b. April 6, 1917 to December 7, 1941=24 years and 8 months, or 296 months (see).

 4. The US embassy in Teheran was stormed by Islamic students on November 4, 1979 and the hostages seized were released just minutes after Reagan was sworn into office 444 days later.

5. The three Great Liberator Presidents were Lincoln, FDR and Reagan.

6. Admirers of Obama say that he has a warm, sunny nature and a lovely winning ("million dollar") smile. But in reality his sunniness is not like that of the sun which overwhelms you with warmth and light; it's that of a distant star surrounded by darkness and gloom. It’s a cold, impassive melancholy light emitting little or no real warmth or radiance. Obama is the Great Depressor and Demoralizer. 

Googled Dark Stain:





Neutering Newt Gingrich

"Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has indicated that he would be open to running for the position again after Kevin McCarthy removed his name from consideration.

Sean Hannity floated the idea on his radio program Thursday. "

 Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight 'Extremism' in U.S.- Atlas Shrugs

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 6.52.19 PM


" the UN and the Obama administration are going to decide who the “extremists” are, and they could well determine — they could just decide — randomly to call people who complain about Muslim extremism, “extremists.” Somebody like Pamela Geller could be labeled a “domestic extremist,” and could end up being — I don’t know about targeted but — identified by this UN-US coalition.” Rush Limbaugh on today’s show."



I extremely hate Obama to death,

And extremely hate the radical, egalitarian, government supremacist left.

I extremely hate their socialism, relativism, libertinism and idiotic heaven on earth utopian idealism.

I extremely hate radical Islam, Abbas, Hamas, Palis and Iran.

And extremely hate every page of the unholy, hate filled, warmongering Koran.

I extremely hate warmunists, carbon cutting and extreme bad weather events (used by them to advance their apocalyptic nonsense).

I extremely hate court judges who legislate from the bench, and lawmakers who turn the Constitution into social justice dreck .

I extremely hate anti-gun nuts who lie about gun deaths, and despite the Second Amendment would leave us all defenseless.

I extremely hate God hating atheists at war with every faith; I hate militant gays at war with nature and radical fems at war with men.

I extremely hate self-hating Americans who think they're great world citizens when they only have one passport to their names.

I also hate self-hating Christians and self-hating Jews who think the Bible's a pact of lies, the foe of justice and truth.

 And lastly I  hate the worthless, sick, morally corrupt, feckless UN-and will hate it more extremely if Obama's made its Secretary Gen.


Come arrest me Global Police and put me in the pen.

Convicted B.C. rapist loses


Liberalism Still the Left


Really? The country that elected and reelected a black man to the presidency, making him the most powerful black person in all of human history, is a white supremacist nation plagued by white supremacist violence ? How supremely stupid.



Speaking Monday in Valparaiso, Chile, Secretary of State John Kerry was asked why the term "climate refugees" does not exist in international law.

Kerry said the question was "right on point," and although the term is a new one, he expects it's "just a matter of time" before it is incorporated into international policy.

"We have climate refugees today," Kerry told a town hall meeting on the sidelines of an Oceans conference.

"Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid."
-- Heinrich Heine
When the climate of nations catastrophically heats up in anger and conflict and changes from peace to war refugees by the multitudes are always created.






He just opened a mega-mosque in Moscow over the objections of its mayor and most Moscowvites and Russians who hate the faith above all other religions. At the ceremony were Turkey’s Islamist President Erdogan and Jew hating, pan-Arab racist,  Hamas partner Mahmoud Abbas. Obviously this move is part of Putin’s geopolitical strategy to replace the US with Russia as the dominant foreign power in the Middle East.

 It is ironic that Putin is beating out Obama for influence in the region without giving a speech from a Moslem country praising and flattering Islam and bowing to its kings. As Islam is a religion  based on power and strength Moslems have more respect for strong men like Putin over sniveling, ass kissing weaklings like Obama who, like much of our military, they utterly loath.



Do you mean that Republicans are threatening their fourth shutdown vs. the Democrats 15? Why were Democrat shutdowns a good thing but Republican shutdowns a bad thing? 

Mr. President, please, click see what Democrat shutdowns cost the US economy vs. Republican shutdowns using Democrat metrics. You'll be amazed.


PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas
Can't they see (as Obama says) that they have a real, true, committed peace partner in Abbas? That unlike Yasser Arafat he's really, truly 150% committed to destroying Israel peacefully (piece by piece), not violently (all at once)? What's wrong with them?/sarc.
Israeli palestinian conflict
has the Pali leadership in a panic. They desperately need to get the conflict back in the headlines. Hence, the need for a third intifada to kill more Jews and Palestinians.


Gun-free Zones really work!


The internet is conclusive proof and the perfect model for the gun free zoning of all America. If it weren't a gun free zone I would have been shot dead by a radical Moslem, Warmunist, or Black Lives Matter nut by now./sarc.



If Biden follows Obama into the White House we'd have a fourth term of  Jimmy Carter at a time when Carter says America is a collapsing superpower losing influence on the world stage (see).

During the 2008 presidential campaign team Obama said about their candidate that his opposition to the Iraq War (the "dumb war" as he called it) was all the proof the  American people needed that they could trust his judgement on international affairs, and that he'd make a better, smarter, more effective foreign policy president than George W. Bush-undoing eight years of disaster and restoring Americans prestige and image in the world.


Hillary Rodham Clinton,


 During an April 2008 campaign rally in San Francisco Obama when asked by a reporter about John McCain and Hillary Clinton criticizing his lack of experience in international affairs  boasted that “Foreign policy is the area where I am probably most confident that I know more and understand the world better than Senator Clinton and Senator McCain (see)."


 Vice President Joe Biden is


In October 2008 at a Seattle fundraiser Joe Biden glowingly said of Obama that he was a man with an unbreakable "spine of steel;" and predicted that as president he'd prove equal to and triumph over any overseas test and  challenge to US power coming from "Russia, the Middle East or wherever (see)."


Merkel and Biden at the Munich 


In February 2009 at a security conference in Munich (the city of war causing appeasement) Biden announced that resetting relations with Russia would have a high priority with the Obama administration. Three days later, as an ominous sign of things to come, a US and Russian satellite collided catastrophically over Siberia. This never happened before (see).


Putin shakes hands with 


In July 2009 Biden in an interview confidently predicted that an " economically and politically weakened Russia would have no choice but to coöperate with America and bend to our [Obama's] will (see)."


Obama cancels European missile


On September 17, 2009 (70th anniversary of Stalin's invasion of Poland), in a major appeasement-reset move toward Russia, Obama canceled  the deployment of a missile defense shield to Poland and Eastern Europe (see).


Confident 'Assad's Days


In 2011 with the Arab Spring revolt spreading to Syria Obama said that Bashar Assad "had to go." But he did little or nothing to make that happen.


In 2012 Obama confidently predicted that "Assad's days were numbered" as if to say that he'd share the fate of Muammar Kaddafy in Libya and eventually succumb to rebel forces.




In August 2012 Obama confident that Assad wouldn't use chemical weapons drew a red line in the sand warning him of dire consequences if he crossed it and used these terrible weapons. Defiantly Assad crossed it, used them and killed people. Obama did nothing except (with Putin's help) negotiate a worthless treaty with Assad where he agreed to destroy  his entire stockpile of WMDs and the infrastructure to make them. Since then Assad has defiantly launched new chemical attacks on his people using chlorine gas, and has destroyed only a fraction of his WMD stockpile (see). 


Assad, Putin, and the Smart


The vital role Russia played in negotiating Syria's (worthless) Chemical Weapons Treaty (prelude to the worthless Iran nuke deal) led Obama to believe that it foreshadowed a partnership between him and Putin in peacefully removing Assad from power. 


of last night's debate.


In his October 2012 debate with Mitt Romney Obama said that his rival was wrong about Russia being America's "number one geopolitical foe" and that he was stuck in a "cold war mentality." The one who was "stuck" was our delusional president on stupid oblivious to reality and thinking he was winning over Putin's heart and mind (see and see).




In 2014 Obama predicted that Russia would be isolated politically, diplomatically and economically if it continued its aggression against Ukraine and annexed Crimea (see).


‘Surprise’: Russia orders U.S. airplanes out of Syrian airspace as it begins airstrikes on anti-Assad rebels, not ISIS · Twitch



Now Obama is predicting that a geopolitically supercharged and surging Russia is stepping into a military "quagmire" in Syria. After so many failed predictions and bad calls on Russia and Syria (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, al Qaida, ISIS etc.) what are the chances that the man who boasted seven years ago that foreign policy was his strong suit  is right about a coming disastrous "quagmire" for Russia in that war-torn country?




We surrender!
Putin's bombing campaign is too much for us. 
the Muslim self-rule law.
 Yeah, it's 1979 Afghanistan all over again for the heedless Russian strongman. If only he had listened to the brilliant, farsighted, Nobel Prize winning mastermind in the White House he wouldn't be in this pickle./sarc.











Just two days from the 77th anniversary of the disastrous Munich Agreement (that rewarded an evil, aggressive, genocidal regime with territory and prestige, and set the stage for World War II and millions dead) Benjamin Netanyahju addressed the UN  prophetically warning about the advance of radical Islam in the Middle East, and the worthless Munich-like nuclear deal with Islamonazi terrorist Iran and its continued evil behavior. Midway into the speech Netanyahu stunned the world and stopped speaking for 44 seconds-wherein he stared coldly and hauntingly at the UN Assemby protesting with his silence their silence over Iran's recent pledges to destroy the Jewish state (for the crime of being infidel) and liquidate or expel every last one of its Jewish citizens.

Full UN Speech

The following day Netanyahu sat down to talk with Fox’s Greta Van Susteren about Iran, the nuclear weapons deal and the worsening turmoil in the Middle East. Toward the end of the interview when Greta turned to her guest’s UN speech she said: "In terms of your UN speech on Iran you had a 45 seconds silence....."  Netanyahu interrupting corrected her and said "44 [seconds] ."

 This correction was extraordinary, and was a window (as you'll see below) into Netanyahu's unspoken reason for the silence . But as for Greta’s slight mistake it was caused by Fox and MSM first reporting that Bibi’s silent stare (the signature moment of his speech) lasted a total of 45 seconds. Then the BBC followed by other news outlets made the correction to 44 seconds with the BBC clocking it at precisely 44:14 (see).

But why did Netanyahu bother to correct his host over something so seemingly insignificant, petty and trifling as one mere fleeting second? What difference would it have made to him or to anyone if he'd kept silent about it and didn't interrupt his host? In other words, why should one second of time be of such importance to Netanyahu that he wanted Greta and her great audience to have no doubts about the exact duration of his stare?

The most likely and logical explanation, the one that makes the most sense, is that the speech and 44 seconds of silence were primarily aimed at the weak, incompetent, blundering fool in the White House whose presidency number is 44. But the question is this: was it by design that the stare lasted 44 seconds and not 43 or 45? Was Netanyahu silently counting the seconds as he disdainfully looked over the assembly hoping the media would pick up on it? Or was it by accident or providence that it happened with Netanyahu being surprised by the coincidence and believing (being a man of faith) that it had prophetic significance for America’s 44th president?  

Suggesting to me that the 44 seconds were possibly providential and an ominous sign for Obama warning about the terrible consequences of his policies is that October 1st, the day of Bibi’s speech,  was the 44th president’s 2446th day in office : a four digit number with 44 at its center (see). And that Bibi on that same day was in the 3441th week of his time on this earth: another four digit number with 44 at its center (see)

As the 44 silent seconds was midway in Netanyahu’s UN speech, and the number 44 appears twice at the center (middle) of two numbers related to both men on the day of the speech, this coincidence could very well be a signature effect of a Higher Power warning Obama to heed Netanyahu as he would a Hebrew Prophet, or pay a terrible price to his legacy and leave office in disgrace as one of the worst and most destructive American presidents ever. 

The finalizing of Obama's Munich-like appeasement nuke deal with Iran on July 14, 2015 fell on the 77th month of his ill-starred presidency (see). 77 days later (September 29th) was the 77th anniversary of the disastrous Chamberlain-Hitler Munich Agreement (see). On that very ominous day Bibi Netanyahu was in the 77th month of his prime-ministership (see); and Vladimir Putin in 177th week of the third term of his presidency (see). And lastly if we count all the days of Obama's life up until the 77th Munich anniversary it totals 19,779 days (see). I believe this uncanny numerical pattern is a sign that providence is working in these events. And that no matter how terrible and trying the time ahead, good will come out of it in the end. Good for America, Israel, freedom and the world.







And once again this weakest and worst president ever, and worse shot in the world (who misses Putin, Assad and ISIS each time he takes aim), is misfiring his anti-gun assault weapon hitting everything but the target. Why does he keep missing again and again and again? Is it due to poor vision? Or to a very shaky hand? No. Far from it. He fails and fails and fails because like catastrophic climate change too few people are listening .
Though roughly 40 percent of 320 million Americans legally own an astounding 300 million guns (which is why Japan was scared to invade our country) the vast, vast majority of the public have not known or ever will know gun violence in their lives. Indeed, there are just not enough deranged, gun packing mass murderers in society breaking into schools, churches and work places killing innocent Americans in droves. And because the vast, overwhelming majority of our citizens are safe from gun crimes "gun control," as poll after poll show, is a minor issue of very little concern to them. Call them stupid, apathetic, inane and every name in the book. They're just not scared that there are millions upon millions of guns out there, and zillions of rounds of ammo, because most of that is owned by law-abiding citizens like themselves who wouldn't harm a fly.
Indeed, anti-gun nuts who insanely demonize guns as the most evil of human inventions, and gun owners as mentally ill (see), and use such emotionally charged terms as "epidemic" to describe what  rarely occurs in much of the country, are simply ignored by most Americans. Because most have only been targets of water guns as kids and other toy weapons they don't feel the phony, fanatical urgency of anti-gun alarmists (from the president on down) that a bullet is coming their way if we don't clamp down on guns.
  Would Be No Anti-Gun-Nuts
Where gun violence is epidemic and occurs day to day with people crapping in their pants scared for the lives of their families and friends is in our liberal welfare devastated inner cities where violent criminals, gangs and drug abuse abound and too few Americans live (see). As with climate change crazies, anti-gun nuts lack a message that resonates with most Americans: those living in suburbia or good urban areas or in the country. They are uselessly trying to alarm ordinary decent citizens who with good reason wake up each morning without fear that someone is going to randomly kill them or a loved one  with a gun. Nuts like Obama blame their failure to frighten Americans into gun control hysteria on a vast right-wing pro-gun conspiracy: the NRA, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox, Levin, or other pro-second amendment patriots. The relative rarity of criminal gun violence and death is ignored by the left. It's an inconvenient truth they can't politicize and use; so they need scapegoats to blame for the failure and ineffectiveness of their cause.
Take someone like me for example who's been around a good many years. Apart from a father who was a New York transit cop for 25 years and was once shot at by a thug (who missed him thank God) none of my sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts or friends have ever been victims of gun violence. NOT ONE! And my experience isn't unique as it's shared by most Americans.  Way too few of us and those we love and know are being shot to death or injured on our safe city streets, or in our schools, work places, shopping malls and homes. That America is like the Old Wild West is an ideological myth of the left. And that's why Obama and the anti-gun nuts keep firing at guns and missing the mark wasting their time and  instead hitting themselves in the
Below you will notice that in Pew's 23 top public policy priorities Gun Control isn't even listed. In other words, Gun Control is pretty much a non issue with the American people for the reasons stated above.

Public’s Policy Priorities for 2015

Public’s Policy Priorities for 2015


It was on June 4, 1961 (two months before Obama was born in the year that saw the start of our military involvement in Vietnam) that John Kennedy, just four months in office, met with Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna. It was a disaster for the US and the inexperienced Kennedy ("Khrushchev savaged me," he said); just like the UN Summit (hours shy of the 77th anniversary of Munich) was a disaster for the US and Obama
(aka "the new JFK"). 
ground for Obama and Putin
In the aftermath of the Vienna Summit (and 9 days from Obama's birth) the emboldened Soviets built the Berlin Wall which worsened East-West tensions. Then (70 days from Obama's birth on December 11th) Kennedy sent 32 copter gunships and 400 soldiers to South Vietnam to "draw a line in the sand" against communist aggression, and show Khrushchev he had balls. Then the following year Cold War tensions reached their height with the harrowing Cuban Missile Crisis, the closest we've come to full scale nuclear war.
What will the punked, deceived and mortified Obama do in the next 14 months to regain his credibility and esteem and cut Putin down to size (who obviously deceived him on Syria)? Kennedy blockaded Cuba and chanced a nuclear war and won forcing Khrushev to back down and remove his missiles from Cuba. Is there a John Kennedy in Obama willing to challenge Putin in a nuclear showdown if neccessary?
 Or is he too weak and cowardly to act? And caring nothing about his loss of stature and ours will he do nothing to stop our geostrategic bleeding and decline, and the dangerous, destabilizing advance of our enemies across the world?
 It is fascinating to note that Obama has John F. Kerry for his  Secretary of State at a time when Putin is treating Obama with the same contempt that Khrushchev treated John F. Kennedy. For Kerry resembles JFK (his teenage idol) in many respects: both men share the same initials "JFK," both had mother’s with the first name Rose and were raised in the Roman Catholic faith,  both won U.S. Senate seats in Massachusetts and  the Democrat nomination for the presidency, and both were decorated lieutenants in the U.S. Navy commanding PT Boats during a war with an Asian enemy. Moreover, in the 1960s Kerry dated Jackie Kennedy's half sister ; and in the 1970s Ted Kennedy took Kerry under his wing and mentored him (see).  
Is Kerry a sign that Putin like Khrushchev is going to test our country to the dangerous limits of a nuclear confrontation? And was such a conflict foreshadowed HERE?
Vice President Joe Biden was born on the 17th birthday of Robert F. Kennedy* who guided his brother through the Cuban Missile Crisis. But Biden (who plagarized RFK, see) is no RFK. For in October, 2008 it was Biden who warned America's enemies that Obama had "steel in his spine" and would prove equal to any test, threat or challenge they poised. And in July. 2009 this same Joe Biden also predicted that "a weakened Russia will bend to America's [Obama's] will....(see)."  However,  as an economically weakened Russia is defying the US everywhere, and belittling Obama at every turn, it has shown both Obama and Biden to be unfit for the powerful offices they hold; and that their reelection to a second term was a huge mistake.
*RFK was born 11-20-25, Biden 11-20-42.
 Putin: "Okay Mr. President, you got yourself a deal. Give Iran this nuclear deal and $150 billion and we will remove Bashar Assad from power. You have my word on it."
 When Obama's prediction that Bashar al -Assad would share Moammer Kaddafy's fate and fall from power didn't materialize why, nevertheless, was he so optimistic that eventually he would partner with Putin and Iran in removing him? The likely  answer is that Putin and Khamenei made Assad's removal contingent on a nuke deal beneficial to Iran. Once that was finalized Putin and Khamenei did a bait and switch as they had no intention of removing Assad-a trusted and loyal ally. After yesterday's bombing of US allies is there anyone  who still doubts that the Iran nuke deal is worthless, like Putin's and Khamenei's promises to oust Assad?