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Russian no-fly zone over Syria
Since September when Russian forces intervened in Syria to defend the faltering regime of mass murderer Bashar Assad Turkey, to no avail, repeatedly warned Moscow to stop violating its airspace in its bombing runs against its anti-Assad Islamist allies. In early October Erdogen flew to Brussels to complain directly to NATO about the incursions and presented evidence confuting Russian claims that they were accidental. After reviewing the evidence NATO's secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg agreed that the incursions weren't accidental, but wouldn't speculate on the motive. Afterwards at a press conference  Erdogen speaking as a NATO member said , "NATO has issued a stern ultimatum: What was done to Turkey was done to NATO. WE CANNOT ENDURE IT! It is not suitable for Turkey to accept this. Some steps that we do not desire are being taken [against Russia] (see)."
Erdogan in Brussels,
Responding to this "ultimatum" the Russian defense ministry admitted that an "Su-24 bomber accidentally entered Turkish airspace as a result of weather conditions;" and assured Turkey and NATO  that its "Syria Command had taken the necessary measures to prevent such an accident from recurring." But recur it did again and again and again with NATO doing squat; and a frustrated and fuming Erdogan warning Moscow that (NATO or not) he would take military action if the incursions continued.
Erdogan slaps the bear
But Putin ignored the warnings. Did he miscalculate thinking that Erdogan was bluffing and would do nothing? My guess is that Putin was hoping that Erdogan meant what he said and would act on his threats as this would provide him with the excuse he needed to do what he's done since: deploy the S-400 air defense system-the most advanced of its kind in the world.
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This has achieved what Turkey and others urged Obama to do but stubbornly refused: establish a no-fly zone over most of Syria. However, with the S-400's range of 400 km the Russian no-fly zone covers all of Lebanon, half of Israel and parts of Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and, of course, Turkey. It is becoming increasingly clear that this was Putin's plan from the start; that he set a trap for Erdogan who blew his top (from recurring Russian violations and NATO inaction) and fell right into it ordering the strike (to Putin's delight) on the Russian plane. For no sooner did this happen than within 24 hours the Russians deployed their S-400 system-as if it were prepared in advance and ready to go.
Putin's message to Erdogan (the US, NATO and everyone in the Middle East) is clear: Assad is here to stay and your warplanes are doomed if they venture into Syrian airspace. Erdogan's dream of a pro-Turkey Islamist regime in Damascus is practically in ruins; also in ruins is keeping the Kurds of Northern Syria in check as Turkey can no longer bomb them with impunity. Indeed, under the defensive umbrella of the Russian no-fly zone the Kurds can expand their territory to the Turkish border, and aid Kurdish insurgents inside Turkey who are fighting for independence.
With NATO unwilling to help him no wonder Erdogan has softened up first publicly expressing sadness at the loss of Russian life, then returning to Russia the body of one of the killed pilots. Indeed, in trying to appease Putin Erdogan is doing everything short of apologizing for the strike. But Putin will settle for nothing less and is going forward with economic sanctions.
Cartoon on American
Be that as it may Russia no longer has to warn the US to stay out of Syrian airspace. Shortly after the air defense system was deployed the US (and Turkey) suspended its air strikes in the area. The last thing Obama wants to do before he leaves office is confront the man he fears the most: Vladimir Putin. Chances are he'd lose.
 #Cartoon via Morten Morland



Russia's President Vladimir

Underlying the conflict between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Erdogan over the downing of the Russian SU-24 warplane is the neo-imperialist ambitions of both men.  Overarching every other consideration political,  economic and military Putin and Erdogan are two dangerous reactionaries looking to restore the glory days of the past when Russia and Turkey were feared and respected world powers. And crucial to their plans is the fate of Syria. Putin, defying the US and international community, is committed to crushing Syrian rebels and keeping mass murdering pro-Russian dictator Bashir Assad in power; and Erdogan with US and international backing, is supporting anti-Assad rebels now under brutal attack by Russian forces. 
Downed Russian bomber
The downing of the Russian plane was Erdogan's message to Putin that continued military support for Assad will have serious consequences; hence his warning that Moscow is "playing with fire" to attack the Syrian opposition which "has international legitimacy." But hell-bent on keeping Assad in power Putin is digging in and won't back down. Truth is, if Obama had supported Egypt's Hosni Mubarak with just half the will and resolve the Arab Spring revolt wouldn't have spread to Syria causing 250,000 dead, millions of fleeing refugees to the West and the rise of ISIS spreading terror, mayhem and death globally.
President Vladimir Putin
ISIS is a killing machine for Allah, Islam and the Koran no different from the Prophet Mohammed's army of 14 centuries ago when the faith began its endless war against unbelieving infidels. Though ISIS has killed and injured hundreds of Russians and Turks swearing to do more and worse neither Putin nor Erdogan are urgently pursuing its defeat. While both leaders make a show of being committed to  ISIS' destruction and hit its targets now and then it isn't a priority with them; the issue that obsesses and consumes them (as I said above) is the fate of Syria and Assad. Not until Assad is either securely in power or deposed will either Putin or Erdogan give ISIS' eradication their undivided attention. And so ISIS metastasizes and grows with Putin and Erdogan shoving it off on the US, UN, NATO, the Arab League and Kurds to deal with (Obama's "65 nation coalition") while they pursue their conflicting imperialist goals.  In other words, Obama, NATO and the UN are impotent to prevent a further escalation of this conflict possibly leading to the 14th Russo-Turkish War.
Erdogan asking help to join EU
Erdogan, to his credit, has shown some flexibility. Wanting to meet with Putin at the climate summit this week to discuss a possible diplomatic solution he's expressed sadness over the deaths of the two Russian pilots saying he didn't know the downed plane was Russian. But Putin isn't buying it. Adamantly he will accept nothing less from Erdogan than a public apology as a precondition for talks, and is refusing to even take his phone calls. Unless that happens Putin will move ahead with threats to retaliate economically against Turkey its second largest trading partner and major supplier of energy.
This puts Erdogan in a tough spot. His anti-Assad allies (and Moslem Brotherhood backers) were thrilled at the downing of the Russian jet; shouting "Allahu Akbar" they shot at and killed one of the two parachuting bomber pilots,  and obliterated a rescue helicopter killing its pilot as well. Indeed, the rebels took Turkey's action as a propitious sign that Erdogen was intervening militarily to help them now that Russian forces were in Syria trying to decimate them.
But if Erdogan bows to Putin and apologizes it will have a demoralizing effect on the rebels that further action against the Russian forces attacking them is not forthcoming and that Erdogan is deserting them. Putin will not bend or budge on his ultimate aim of imperial restoration. He will lift punishing sanctions if Erdogan apologizes, but that's it. Apology or not Putin's staying the course against Turkey's rebel allies and keeping Assad in power; and if an apology doesn't materialize Putin just might go farther: he might strike Erdogan militarily if and when his planes violate Syrian airspace as they've done numerous times in bombing the Syrian Kurds (who are fighting ISIS, see).
It's now up to Erdogan to come to his senses and abandon the anti-Assad revolt as a lost cause not worth saving as the economic costs of a conflict with Russia already too high will only get worse. Will the Islamic supremacist Erdogan rise above ideology and see reason? Or blinded by a belief that God is on his side against the Russian infidel (and Shiite heretics) will he double down attack more Russian planes and send Turkish troops into Syria to confront Putin?  We shall see.


Erdogan (emboldened by Turkey's membership in NATO) ordered (without warning I believe) the destruction of the Russian warplane Tuesday not because it entered Turkish airspace (non-threateningly for 17 brief seconds), but because Putin is using his bombers to decimate Syria's pro-Turkey rebels who are fighting to replace Assad's secular government with an Islamic Sunni regime.
Russo-Turkish War - Maps
The question now is will Erdogan militarily intervene in Syria (like Russia and Iran have done) and come to the aid of Turkey's Turkmen and other Sunni allies? Was Tuesday the start of the next Russo-Turkish War (there have been 12 of them since the 16th century)? Or will it ignite over the Russians shooting down a Turkish jet violating Syrian airspace like happened in June 2012 when Syria downed a Turkish reconnaissance plane (see)? Since the 16th century Russia and Turkey have fought 12 wars (see). Are we about to see the 13th?
According to John Kerry over the next two years the Obama administration has set a goal of resettling 185,000 refugees in this country, not exclusively from Syria. But if Obama so wishes all 185,000 can come from Syria. What idiot would trust our compulsive liar-in-chief to limit Syrian refugees to just 10,000 when his big, stupid bleeding heart can admit 185,000? Trump's lies about the 200,000 are most likely true lies-an exaggeration of the truth off by 15,000.
nose at President Obama,


Come January 20, 2017 after Obama completes Jimmy Carter's third term he will then begin a new chapter in his life: vying with Carter for being the worst and most worthless ex-president in US history.







Brutal murder: The regime
 Violent, racist, gay hating Trayvon Martin grounded and pounded George Zimmerman's  head into the pavement trying to kill him. Above is a bloodthirsty ISIS kid on top of his victim about to behead him while on the ground.


who tried to ground and pound George Zimmerman into unconsciousness and death, imagining in his twisted mind that he was a white homosexual predator out to rape him, was Obama's idea of the black teenage son he never had. So why should an ISIS child executioner like the murderer above not be Obama's idea of the Moslem son he never had?


 injuries to his knuckles:


turn around bend over and shake your ass. Let him know that you know where he's coming from.


Obama Reminds Us That Pilgrims Were Refugees Once, Too-Huffington Post

"The world is still full of pilgrims."


the Pilgrims left exile in

"Nearly four centuries after the Mayflower set sail, the world is still full of pilgrims – men and women who want nothing more than the chance for a safer, better future for themselves and their families," Obama said in his address.
Pilgrims in America
The Pilgrims who came to this land of hope and promise on the good ship Mayflower (risking their lives crossing the Atlantic) were persecuted Christians searching for the freedom to peacefully practice their Christian faith. Among the Syrian refugees only Syrian Christians (not Moslems) suffer from horrific religious persecution. So in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, and in honor of our brave Pilgrim forebears, only Syrian Christians who are being brutally persecuted and face genocidal extinction for the "sin" of not being Moslem should exclusively be given humanitarian asylum.
Turkey at your house?


“We have got to build a coalition of Middle Eastern states and we need to reach out. They’re Muslims and we have got to use the words carefully to show them that we care about them. ISIS is no more Islamic than the Nazi senior staff was Christian.”- Mayor Rawlings


We’re in the seventh year of a President with Moslem family roots who seems to care more for the Moslem world community than his own countrymen-and made healing US/Islamic relations a top foreign policy priority-and where has it got us? The theory that we can squeeze the hatred and bigotry out of jihadists if we hug them hard enough and be more loving and understanding doesn’t work. 

Obama hugs bin laden
'real' Fascists & Nazis by


Bush: U.S. at war with 'Islamic fascists'

Islamic Fascism

Thursday, August 10, 2006; Posted: 4:43 p.m. EDT (20:43 GMT)

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (CNN) -- President Bush said Thursday that an uncovered British terror plot to blow up planes flying to the United States was further proof "that this nation is at war with Islamic fascists."


Islam and Nazism – Fascist


Terror: Were gunmen, left,


earlier this year and now say they deserve the massive Paris ISIS massacres? Because at the time France was showing reservations about the nuclear deal and wasn't fully on board. Now that Iran got the deal it wanted France can go to hell.

Click and see what I mean,


Obama zero dollars


The predictable disaster of Obama's first term has turned into the predictable catastrophe of his second term. From President Zero he has become President Sub-Zero sinking into the political abyss and a legacy of ashes and dust below God awful James Buchanan as the worst president ever.









Turkey to retrieve them.
Russian president calls Turkey ‘accomplices of terrorists’ says Russia was "stabbed in the back" and claims the plane ‘posed no threat.'


in Russia's restoration as a great world power is the destruction of the NATO alliance. Has Erdogen just handed him a gift for testing Obama and the alliance and bringing it down? If Putin retaliates militarily will Obama rally NATO to Erdogan's defense (Obama's "best friend" in the Islamic world)? Place your bets: I’m giving 1000:1 odds that he won’t.


erdogan obama




Members of NATO are shown in


President Barack Obama pardons

Will Obama be eating turkey this Thanksgiving? Or Turkey eating Obama?

What Obama won't be eating

Obama Eating a Vladimir


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Russian President Vladimir Putin said the plane had been attacked when it was 1 km (0.62 mile) inside Syria and warned of "serious consequences" for what he termed a stab in the back administered by "the accomplices of terrorists".

"We will never tolerate such crimes like the one committed today," Putin said, as Russian and Turkish shares fell on fears of an escalation between the former Cold War enemies.

Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger — RT News 

Three steps as announced by top Russian brass:

  1. Each and every strike groups’ operation is to be carried out under the guise of fighter jets
  2. Air defense to be boosted with the deployment of Moskva guided missile cruiser off Latakia coast with an aim to destroy any target that may pose danger
  3. Military contacts with Turkey to be suspended



Russian foreign minister: downing of jet was 'planned provocation'

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, is giving a televised briefing on Russia's response to the shoot down, writes Roland Oliphant.

He has described Turkey's shoot down of a Russian jet as "planned provocation" and says Russia will "seriously reassess" relations with Ankara. But he seems to have ruled out military retaliation, saying Russia is not going to war with Turkey.

Interestingly, he's also hinted at American culpability in the incident, saying the missile used was American made and pointing out Turkey is meant to be a member of the US-led coalition against Isil - and thus nominally subject to the "deconfliction" agreement the Pentagon and Russian military chiefs negotiated to avoid clashes in the air over Syria.




'n warplanes bombed the 'n - border crossing at -trucks burning


At least seven people died, 10 got injured after an apparent airstrike, reportedly by Russian jets, targeted an aid convoy in northwestern Syrian town of Azaz near a border crossing with Turkey on Wednesday.

Footage filmed at a crossing on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey's southern province of Kilis showed lorries burning. The head of the rebel-run border crossing in the same area said separately that air strikes hit a garage for commercial trailers, killing seven lorry drivers.

Placing of sophisticated system in Latakia would grant Russia aerial control over Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus, and stretch as far as Israel’s international airport


An error occurred.

If Turkish jets fly into airspace they're cooked.

The Russian military has deployed its sophisticated S-400 missile battery and radar array in Syria, a Russian state-run media outlet claimed Thursday.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had announced Wednesday that the system would be deployed in Latakia, in northwest Syria, in response to Turkey shooting down a Russian warplane the day before.........

MOSCOW — The downing of a Russian warplane by Turkey threatened to lead to a wholesale breach in the countries’ relations on Thursday, with the Kremlin preparing to sever economic ties and Turkish officials saying they had no reason to apologize.........

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has warned after the incident that food products, Turkish interests in Russia and a number of joint investment projects could be affected.

Turkey and Russia have important economic links. Russia is Turkey's second-largest trading partner, while Turkey is one of the biggest foreign destinations for Russian tourists.

Russia is tightening controls over food imports from Turkey, saying that 15% of the produce does not meet its standards. This is not the first time Russia has used food safety as a means of expressing its anger at a foreign state:

  • Georgia wine - Banned in 2006 citing health risks at the same time as Georgia was revealing a more pro-Western stance and ambitions to join Nato
  • Ukraine chocolate - Confectionery banned in 2013, again citing health standards, as Ukraine sought closer Western ties
  • Western produce - In 2014, destroyed mountains of cheese, bacon, fruit and other produce imported from Western nations in anger at EU-US sanctions over the Ukraine crisis




Putin’s Gamble: An End to NATO and Restoration of Russian Might-Newsweek




the Iraq War Was a Mistake 

"When I voted to give President Bush the authority to invade Iraq I never imagined that he would actually use it."

We all know Hillary Clinton's history on the Iraq War. We know that she and her president husband considered Saddam Hussein one of the most dangerous men in the world; and we know that her husband in 1998 signed into law the Iraq Liberation Act making the removal of Saddam from power the official policy of the US government. We also know that Hillary in 2002 voted to forcibly remove Saddam from power giving George Bush the authority to do so; and we also know that by 2004 when the war was going badly and political support for it was waning that Hillary halfheartedly turned against it saying:

"I don't regret having voted for the war.  But Bush was wrong in its planning and execution and shouldn't have gone to war."

1 posted on Mon May 19 2014

We also know that by 2007 when conditions in Iraq were critically bad and disillusionment with the war widespread that presidential candidate Clinton unequivocally disavowed her 2002 vote and fully turned against the war apologetically saying:

"When I voted to give Bush the authority to go to war I never imagined that he'd actually use it."

think about the Iraq war,

And to prove her sincerity she called on Bush to end the war and bring our troops home; and then (with Obama) she voted against the surge predicting it wouldn't work, that the war was hopelessly lost and we would needlessly be sending more of our soldiers to the grave.

Under Fire For Flip Flops

But as you will see from the following this was all political bull. In reality, Hillary's opposition to the Iraq War was completely disingenuous and hypocritical.

 Indeed, at the Council of Foreign Relations last week during a Q&A  with CNN's Fareed Zakaria it appears that Hillary Clinton in an unguarded moment inadvertently let something slip from her lying lips that can only be construed as a complete flip-flop on her opposition to the Iraq War. As you will see below it is certain that Hillary now believes (or has never ceased believing) that the Iraq War was justified; that it was a good and necessary war; that along with George Bush and Dick Cheney she thinks that the Iraq War from start to finish was the right war in the right place at the right time and will ultimately be vindicated by history.

Fareed Zakaria interviewed

 The Q&A is as follows:

Fareed Zakaria:

"… Donald Trump says that every time we deposed or encouraged the removal of a dictator in the Middle East, what has followed has been political chaos and a worse humanitarian situation than existed before. And if you look at IRAQ, if you look at LIBYA, if you look Yemen, you look at the fragility of the Assad regime and what it has produced, isn’t he right?"


Well, he [Trump] has a very short-term view of history, because it is not at all clear what the final outcome will be in the places [Iraq and Libya] that you named."

Pentagon: Hillary's Push For

 As you can see Hillary lumps together or conflates Libya and Iraq and justifies her policy to remove Kaddafy (which shattered the country throwing it into utter turmoil similar to the strife torn chaos of post-Saddam Iraq) on the optimistic view that "it's not yet clear what the final outcome will be," meaning that  good could eventually come out of all the suffering and evil we see there. She believes that removing Kaddafy and turning Libya into a failed state with warring militias and terrorist groups killing each other and innocents by the thousands is perhaps just a passing phase. That there's a light at the tunnel's end. That over time historical forces could evolve and Libya could emerge a free, stable, democratic state a benefit to its people and the region.

if Saddam, Gaddafi still 

Now what this means is that negative critics like Donald Trump and other GOP candidates cannot sit in judgment over Queen Hillary. Unlike her they can't rise above the fleeting troubles and crises of the moment. Unlike her they are shortsighted and historically myopic. In short, they lack Hillary's more enlightened, superior, farseeing mind and are ignoramuses in comparison.

Bush: Hillary is like my

But what's good for the goose is good for the ganda. What's good for Hillary Clinton and her former boss Obama in their decision to take down Kaddafy despite the immediate terrible consequences was good for George Bush and Dick Cheney and their decision to invade Iraq and remove Saddam. That happened twelve short years ago, a blip on the timeline of history. And any one who judges Iraq as a mistake is a dunce like Donald Trump suffering from myopia, not taking the long view of history and looking at the big picture. But together with Trump that would include Hillary, Obama and anyone who sits in judgment over Bush and Cheney saying that "they lied and people died," and that the Iraq War was a mistake and a waste because of the horrific chaos there.

But it gets worse for Hillary as she goes on to say:

"And with the developments in Libya, for example, the Libyan people have voted twice in free and fair elections for the kind of leadership they want. They have not been able to figure out how to prevent the disruptions that they are confronted with because of internal divides and because of some of the external pressures that are coming from terrorist groups and others. So it’s — I think it’s too soon to tell and I think it’s something that we have to be, you know, looking at very closely."

Hillary Clinton, the

Just replace Libya with Iraq which had four elections since 2003  and it's as though Hillary is describing post-Saddam Iraq: disruptions (instability) from internal divisions (between Sunnis and Shiites) and external pressures from terrorist groups (al Qaida and various Shia forces).

 For Hillary Iraq and Libya stand or fall together. Either both were right wars or wrong wars. Either she was right or wrong in supporting them. Hillary can't approve of one without the other. If the Libyan War was justified because "it's outcome is not yet clear" and that with a happy turn of events Libya could become a liberal democracy as a long-term consequence of toppling Kaddafy then the same goes for Iraq in driving Saddam from power.

Indeed, it can't be overstated but after last Thursday's Q&A Hillary can't have it both ways. She can no longer justify her opposition to the Iraq War as the wrong war if Libya was the right war. If Libya was the right war in light of that country's inevitable future democratization imperfectly begun and short-lived in 2012 then the Iraq War was the right war at the right time and in the right place in history for similar reasons. And despite all the posturing, political gyrations and lies of being half against the war before she was fully against it, it appears that Hillary in her heart has always believed in the rightness of the Iraq War; and that all will be well for that broken country in the end.

In sum. if Hillary, before last Thursday, had credibility problems on handling US foreign policy when secretary of state it could now get intensely worse for her as her justification of the Libyan War can now be used by her opponents Left and Right to show her hypocrisy in opposing the Iraq War; and that could cause her problems with anti-war Dems who are uneasy with her as it is and cost her the Democrat nomination in 2008 giving the prize to consistent, steadfast anti-war Obama.  









Go to the bottom of the Pew poll and what do you see? 62% of 191 million Pakistanis are unsure about ISIS; knowing what they know about these brutal, bloodthirsty, medieval savages-their horrific atrocities and crimes in bombing jetliners in mid-flight killing hundreds, gunning down innocent civilians by the dozens, beheading people left and right and burning them alive-115,000,000 Pakis can't make up their minds whether ISIS is good or evil; whether their glorification of violence and extreme inhumanity in God's name is morally right or wrong; whether this collectivist caliphate of crushing oppression, injustice, hatred and death reflects the true Islam of Mohammed, the Hadiths and the Koran-or is a perversion of the faith. In other words, nearly two-thirds of this Moslem nation are sitting on the fence watching the turn of events, waiting to see how things pan out and progress uncertain just yet which way to go. Should they join the 9% (19 million twisted souls) who love evil ISIS and see in its deadly deeds God's will doing the work of Islamic justice? Or should they join the 28% (50 million peaceful souls) who oppose ISIS and its murderous brand of Islam? 
Pakistan Nuclear Arsenal
It is unbelievable that after all our country has done for Pakistan over the decades-the billions in military and economic aid that went to this loyal ally in the Cold War fighting atheistic communism and Soviet expansionism-that 115 million of them hate us and are potential ISIS supporters open to radicalization. It's unbelievable this great mass of Pakis are vulnerable to believing that ISIS'
 violent, predatory, intolerant version of Islam-seeing all infidels as enemies of God-is the absolute God-given truth; and that Islamic State Caliph and warlord Abu al-Baghdadi is like a modern-day Mohammed resurrected from the grave heading a righteous cause in wanting to establish a universal Islamic state-even if that means hundreds and millions of deaths.
North Korea obtained nuclear
What this means, chilling as it is, is that if ISIS isn't defeated and totally destroyed, if it's perceived as winning and the strong horse in its jihad with America, Europe and its Moslem and infidel foes, that the 19 million pro-ISIS Pakis will grow; and if in time it swells into a majority the unthinkable could happen: Pakistan could unite with ISIS joining its caliphate of terror and death causing the greatest catastrophe of the 21st century as it would plunge the world into absolute mayhem.
Pakistan's Nuclear Facilities
 Pakistan's nuclear facilities.
For that would give ISIS the ultimate weapons of terror and death making it a nuclear armed state controlling over 200 thermonuclear bombs with the means of delivering them 1100 miles with medium range ballistic missiles-and farther by jet. That is a terrifying prospect.
The people of Pakistan are lost to America and the West. All of our attempts to win their hearts and minds have miserably failed. Even with the closest thing we've had to a Moslem president-who made a historic pro-Islamic speech in Cairo giving top priority to healing the US/Islamic rift (repeating ad nauseam that "Islam is a Religion of Peace" and that the US is not at war with it)-it's done little good at best as most Pakistanis hate us to death, and would love to see us annihilated in a nuclear holocaust. The destruction of the Islamic State is a world necessity so that its marriage to Pakistan can never become reality.
Can ISIS get access to nuclear
The unthinkable that must never become reality: a nuclear armed ISIS. 
Apart from that the poll is terribly disturbing in yet another respect: of the 11 countries Pew surveyed it found that 63 million Moslems warmly support ISIS; and that is only 10 of 57 Moslem states. What that means is that a potential 100 million Moslems (conservative estimate) are enamoured with them and agree with their unlimited ambitions and aims. That is very, very troubling and cause for alarm. For should we destroy the Islamic State ISIS, like al Qaida, will continue as a stateless global terror group raising millions in funds from a huge Moslem donor base. The bad news is that state or no state ISIS will be around for some time to come; but the weaker it is the better for us who are its main targets.
 Activists set fire to American flags at a protest rally of a religious party in Lahore (2012).
Anti-American protests in Lahore. 
This on line al Jazeera poll taken in May showed vastly different results from the Pew poll.



Keep this video of a very fatigued Hillary in mind for my next blog on Trump and Hillary and how she lacks the strength and stamina to be president.


Islam is the most violent, imperialistic, oppressive and pitiless religion on the face of God's earth. Indeed, no religion has been more hated, reviled and feared by mankind: Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Confucians, Taoists, Baha'is, Zoroastrians, Liberals, Conservatives, Socialists, Communists and Atheists, all have been victims of Islamic imperialism and its quest for absolute world political power. The consensus of non-Moslems going back ages is that Islam in essence is a RELIGION OF WAR and that its founder was a thieving, mass murdering, raping, torturing, power mad terrorist thug who unleashed the unholy hell of jihad on the world. If all true Moslems are peace-loving souls, as Hillary Clinton says, and none are violent, bloodthirsty and evil, if Islamic terror and extremism is a distortion of true Islam, then the murdering, conquering, colonizing Prophet Mohammed wasn't authentically Moslem. Period!


Ripped off from Bare Naked Islam



Islam is immorality and lawlessness disguised as divine revelation and simple Jewish monotheism in militant pursuit of absolute political power and world domination.

If there's a better definition of Islam out there I want to know it.

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 Mohammed was a successful 7th century Hitler with a Reich that has lasted 1400 years. Hitler was a failed 20th century Mohammed with a 1000 year Reich that lasted only 12 short years. Other than that they are the same incarnation of moral and political evil at war with human progress and freedom.

Salon Blames Paris Terrorist Attacks on Conservatives, Calls for End to Free- Speech-Breitbart

Jimmy Carter criticized

 Jimmy ("we have overcome our inordinate fear of communism") Carter  kissing Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev who walked all over him.


the more they stay the same. Just as the America-hating, anti-Western radical Left blamed the Cold War on the West's "inordinate fear of communism," so now they are blaming Islamophobia (inordinate fear of Islam) for Islamic jihad. Do they ever get anything right?



its Toll against Isis?


For once he was right.



Obama: Limiting Refugee Status to Only Christians "Contrary To American Values," "Potent Recruitment Tool" For ISIS-Real Clear Politics

So the Saudis not taking in these Moslem refugees is a "war on Islam" and recruitment tool for ISIS?

No Obama. Wrong again. The most potent recruitment tool for ISIS is Islam, the Koran, the Hadiths, the existence of infidel states and the big bucks they pay their jihadis. Letting peace-loving Syrian Christians into this country over Syrian Moslems (who are infected by upbringing, education and indoctrination in various degrees with jihad) would be better for our national security and supremely American?
Syrian Orthodox Christians

 Syrian Christians

can walk only backwards.
was electing this regressive leftist idiot twice to the presidency.


France: Only 30 Muslims show up for rally against Paris jihad attacks | Pamela Geller


are jihadists blending in?


space alien obama

Pam says: "This is reason enough not to allow Syrian refugees into this country. It’s not rocket science."


"It's no rocket science." But reason is wasted on an extraterrestrial president whose idealistic leftist mind is light years removed from this earth lost in deep space-or just plain spaced out.

One of the favorite words in


 Ignoring The Facts, Conservative Media Call Bernie Sanders "Crazy" For Linking Climate Change To Terrorism | Research | Media Matters

Embedded image permalink

Bernie says, and Hillary and Obama agree: "Global warming [not global jihad]  is the greatest threat to our national security." And that "global warming is directly linked to the growth of [Islamic] terror."

Long before the "carbon polluting" Industrial Age, and the birth of the mass murdering Islamic "JV" State, the Prophet Mohammad failing to peacefully convert the great city of Mecca to his faith made the dreadful decision to radically turn to violence, war, subversion and hate. It was do or die for Allah and Islam, the last desperate attempt to establish a kingdom. Mohammed's choice was clear: either spread Islam through terror and fear or it would quickly disappear.


Believing God commanded him Mohammed unsheathed his sword and raising it to heaven crying out to Mecca, Arabs and infidels everywhere:
"Believe in me or die! Believe in my or die! And if it pleases me to let you live I'll crush you with oppression!"
And so he swore, and so he did growing rich in power, land, slaves and women with thousands believing in his lies willing to die for him a thousand times to win the prize of paradise. And from his terrible deeds arose a vast brutal empire of injustice, blood and death stretching beyond the desert sands to far off Spain and northwest India: a great tyrannical caliphate that's since decayed, the restoring of which is why infidels are still massively slain-having zero to do with fossil fuels and "world ending" climate change.
Truth is, we're in a war to the death for the fate of the earth and either Freedom or Islam will prevail. But win we won't with dolts like Hillary, Bernie and weak-on-terror Barack Hussein at the helm.
The Three Monkeys of Deceiving 

 Speak no truth, see no truth and hear no truth about Islam.


If Obama believes that Islam was present with (or woven into the fabric of) our nation from its founding in 1776 then when is he going to transcend the old, tired, worn out cliché that "Islam is a Religion of peace" and say instead that it's a religion of "Life, Liberty and Happiness"? When is he going to completely Americanize this church/state collectivist faith that crushes individual rights and compare Mohammed to George Washington? The Meccans surrender to Mohammed with the British at Yorktown? Sharia Law to the Constitution? I'm certain that in his foolish bleeding heart for the faith Obama believes these things and wants to say them. Will he find the guts to do so before liberation day when we're finally rid of him?







“I am far, far from a perfect human being,” said Sanders at Liberty University, “but I am motivated by a vision which exists in all of the great religions–Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and others–and which is so beautifully and clearly stated in Matthew 7:12. ‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them to do to you, for this sums up the Law and the prophets.’ The Golden Rule. Do to others what you would have them do to you. Not very complicated.”
God created the heavens
I like Bernie Sanders. Like me Bernie is a Jew born in Brooklyn with relatives who died in the Holocaust; and on that level I very much relate to him. But what really impresses me about the man is his honesty, integrity and character-qualities that are completely missing in the very lying, corrupt, criminal Hillary Clinton and the mendacious, reality hating, incompetent Barack Obama; for unlike them Sanders (a democratic socialist like them) is a conviction politician: a highly, if not always perfect, transparent presidential candidate who very much is what you see and very much means what he says caring little about the political costs and consequences to his campaign. And because of that, with Reaganite Larry Kudlow (a New Jersey Jew) I embrace Sanders as my "favorite socialist."
Bernie Sanders gestures as he
But that's as far as it goes. "Favorite" doesn't mean I embrace the principles of socialism and radical egalitarianism in any degree. Inequality is the Law of God and Nature. That is the unalterable truth. Just as we're not equally beautiful or physically strong so too we're not equally gifted intellectually, morally and creatively. And in a free market, rule of law, democracy like ours our different God-given talents and gifts translate into inequality of income, outcome and condition (the under, upper and middle classes)-which is unjust, unfair, unnatural and abhorrent to socialists like Sanders who dream of a classless society of equals.
Embedded image permalink
What God in His lack of wisdom and justice hasn't given man innately (equal abilities and brains to succeed) the socialist-wiser, morally better and more just than God-promises he can do and will do using the instrument of government. That is to say, the Bernie Sanders of the world, regardless of man's natural inequality, will create a revolutionary human society where everyone succeeds, everyone is a winner, where no bum is left behind; where the slowest runners and cripples can attain the goal without running the course.
Bernie Sanders On Inequality
 In short, the socialist is at war with God and Nature and promises society the ideal social and economic order that God should have created but didn't in His cruelty and indifference to man. Indeed, democratic socialists like Sanders, Clinton and Obama who believe in a God have to be Deists theologically to be consistent with their political ideology and goal of transforming society into the egalitarian paradise God should have created. For God to the Deist created the heavens, the earth, and mankind but cares nothing for them. Man, the crown of His creation, means nothing to Him. In reality, there's  no place for Providence or Divine Intervention in the socialist's world view*. He see's evidence of God's existence in the order and harmony of our intelligently designed universe but not in the seemingly chaotic events of human history. He sees man shaping history for better or worse by his actions unaided by a Higher Power. Man is alone, with a creator God in heaven unwilling to help or guide him on Earth.
*Theologically socialism is compatible only with Deism, and not with the Judeo-Christian view of a Providential God.
time when the middle class
To put it bluntly, God for the theistic socialist is a cold-hearted, liassez faire bastard disdainful of man and his sufferings and eternally alienated from him. Just as we care nothing about the goings on in the ant kingdom so God is unmindful of us and couldn't care less about the good and evil we do and what we make of this world. There are no divine rewards or punishments in this world, just man rewarding and punishing himself. In short, for socialists like Sanders there is no Divine Plan or purpose for man; socialists like him may find much inspiring wisdom in religious texts, as he does in the Gospels and Prophets; but religions (organized nor not) and places of worship, are a useless, worthless, waste of time to such men (Sanders never attends synagogue). 'Pray and fast all you want, God isn't listening,' believes the socialist. 'But we who feel your pain hear you and have the answer for your collective social redemption.' That is their message.
for the middle class and
 Socialists are the high priests of the God-state doing the work of justice. Indeed, their blind compassion for the poor, disadvantaged and oppressed compensates for God's indifference and inhumanity to them. Human society (as Obama said HERE) is "perfectible."  But it's not self-perfectible; society needs socialist government to save it from the injustice of greed and the hell of imperfection: wealth inequality and poverty (the worst of sins) causing crime, drug abuse, out-of-wedlock births and other social ills. In other words, government potentially is a greater, morally better and more loving God than God the Father who created us. The only God that's love is the state, but only when socialists are in charge. And that is nuts.
Winston Churchill - Socialism
Indeed, it is nuts to believe that imperfect human government run by flawed politicians and bureaucrats can perfect imperfect human society peopled by flawed human beings. And the attempt to do so creates what? The promised cradle to grave social justice utopia where everyone wins? On the contrary, it creates the now extinct bankrupted Soviet Union where millions were losers (and still are); it creates broken, bankrupt socialist Greece where everyone has health insurance but few can get healthcare (see); it creates socialist Sweden who in the early 1990s turned to capitalism and austerity economics to save itself from socialist ruin (see)
Capitalim churchill 650
In sum, the 74-year-old honest, transparent, well-meaning Bernie Sanders is a dinosaur; and he's a sign that big government liberalism, progressivism, democratic socialism-whatever you prefer to call it-is doomed and in its end time.
Ronald Reagan… 



(Ynet) New ISIS Video Shows

For once he was right.
ISIS is JV: 
Photo By ISIS Depicting Their
Obama created killing machine.
First came Obama's irresponsible and reckless desertion of Egypt's pro-US President Hosni Mubarak in favor of the Arab Spring revolt and his beloved "moderate" Moslem Brotherhood-which came to naught with the downfall of Morsi. Then a month later, emboldened by Mubarak's demise, the Syrian people led by Islamist militants (later backed by Obama) violently rose up against Syrian dictator Bashir Assad giving birth to ISIS and the dread, murdering Islamic State. Then ignoring the warnings of Defense Secretary Panetta and Pentagon heads Obama, obsessed with his reelection (and refusing to use the tremendous leverage he had of $60 billion in Iraq reconstruction aid, as Panetta said (see)) unnecessarily and recklessly withdrew US forces from Iraq creating a vacuum filled by ISIS and Islamo-Nazi terrorist Iran.
There can be no doubt about it, and history will judge: the blood of France's 9/11 is on Obama's hands.
Benghazi Blood on Obama's
That “JV Team” that Mr. Obama
The administration has caused or exacerbated most of the current problems in the Mideast.

The Syria policy of the Obama administration is the main reason for the growth of the Islamic State (or ISIS)  – and with it, for the current crisis in Iraq, and for a greatly increased danger of terrorism in Europe and America....... read more

Also see

The two Paris terror attacks and the Madrid 311 bombings.
Madrid; terrorism [Credit:
  Madrid 3/11 attack. 
As noted everywhere yesterday's horrific city-wide Paris terror attack was the worst of its kind in Europe since the al-Qaida Madrid train bombings of 3-11-2004. Known as the "Madrid 3/11 Bombings" incredibly yesterday's atrocities occurred exactly 311 days after al Qaida terrorists in January struck Charlie Hebdo offices killing 11 and injuring 11.

From: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 (the Charlie Hebdo attack)
To: Friday, November 13, 2015

Result: 311 days (see)


Furthermore, and just as fascinating, when we multiply the number 311 by 8 (the number of terrorists in yesterday's attack?) it produces 2488. Amazingly, yesterday's fatal terrorist attack fell on the 2488th day of Obama's ill-fated presidency.  Could this be more than a mere coincidence? Could it be a providential sign morally linking the feckless Obama and his ruinous presidency to yesterday's mayhem and carnage? I believe that it is.



< p style="text-align: center;">"ALL men by nature desire to know. An indication of this is the delight we take in our senses; for even apart from their usefulness they are loved for themselves; and above all others the sense of sight. For not only with a view to action, but even when we are not going to do anything, we prefer seeing (one might say) to everything else. The reason is that this, most of all the senses, makes us know and brings to light many differences between things. 



Over at Media Matters I've been arguing with warmunists about climate change and taunting them about the decline of their messianic (save the world from a non-global warming crisis) movement. Below is part of a debate with a Dar (deader than a door nail) Dedar.
for a nuclear arms freeze
The practical political problem facing the Global Warming Movement is to duplicate the success of the Nuclear Freeze Movement in the 1980s in frightening the living crap out of people with a lie. Whereas the Nuclear Freeze Movement had millions scared sh*tless with the lie that Ronald Reagan was the most dangerous man alive, and that his tough anti-Soviet policies would trigger a devastating nuclear war killing millions and causing "nuclear winter;" now you warmunists want to us frightened to death with the lie that human CO2 emissions (now called "pollution") will cause humanity's extinction sometime in the future. Insanely, CO2 has replaced Ronald Reagan as the biggest villain of all time.
strategic nuclear weapons,
However, in June 1982 when the Freezers held an anti-Reagan rally in New York it drew close to one million people (the largest protest in the city's history); but in late September of last year when Warmers held a rally there a relatively disappointing 300,000 appeared, one-third the size. Worse still just 370 days later in Washington DC on the day climate change Pope Francis addressed Congress Warmunists called for a mass rally to support him. But after one month of planning and much money spent only a few hundred people came to the event where 200,000 were expected. For a liberal city like DC with a population of 600,000 the turnout was pathetic and emblematic of how badly your movement is failing.
Ironically, under Barack Obama, the most radical environmentalist president in our history (who gives top priority to climate change) your movement has been in critical decline. And if Hillary, a poorer speaker than Obama, should succeed him she'll do even worse. To save your movement you'd need a larger than life leader; a man or woman of Napoleonic will, charisma and genius summoning the masses to an all out war against deniers like me, Big Oil, carbon pollution and the SUV.
Obama visits receding glacier
This glacier's been melting for 200 years (see).
While it's true that most people (myself included) believe that the Earth is warming, and while many believe that man is contributing something to it, they are unalarmed about it. Your apocalyptic, world ending vision of climate armageddon means little or nothing to them. It's too far away to be real, or of any immediate, urgent concern. And compounding your problems are failed predictions of snowless winters, nationwide droughts and New York becoming the Venice of North America. Instead of gondolas floating down 5th Avenue we still see taxis, trucks and carbon burning cars. According to Pew of the top 23 most critical national issues global warming is in 22nd place ahead of global trade. That's down from 2nd place in 2007 behind global terrorism. That's awful.
nyc underwater 2
Though New York isn't under water yet according to the Pew poll below global warming in 22nd place is.
Face the facts my friend: the catastrophe you see engulfing the world is overtaking your movement. What you're doing isn't working. Climate change doesn't scare people like nuclear war did in the 1980s. You need to take a different approach and try something new to frighten people. The doomsday clock is ticking, time is running out and you must move fast. And if you're out of ideas and at your wits end in trying to reach the stupid gas guzzling masses then as a last resort I suggest you try this: turn your atheist soul to a Higher Power. Pray to God, Nature, Gaia or the Universe to open humanity's eyes to the cataclysm ahead. Better still pray to my brother the Sun-God Helios. Pray that he intervene to rein in the Sun and reduce solar activity to a safe minimum. A lowering of the Sun's heat and energy output would do the trick in keeping the Earth from overheating. Indeed, it would plunge the this world into a new ice age and save the polar caps from melting and polar bears from dying. Hey, did you ever think of putting the world's disappearing glaciers and icebergs on the endangered species list? Now there's an idea that could raise public awareness.
The Sun God Helios
But in the mean time abstain from sex. strong drink and fast for several days; then use this Orphic hymn to pray to Helios. If he hears you the world will be saved and it will owe you much praise.
Now in the event Helios ignores you then I suggest you pray to Neptune, God of Oceans, to increase his absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere.
And while you're at it ask old Nep to cough up the body of Osama Bin Laden (killed during Operation Neptune's Spear and Islamically buried at sea) so we could mutilate and desecrate it. That wouldn't please Allah but it would father Neptune who must feel sick having that murderer in his kingdom.
"the global warming movement is to">>
Having all of the science against you, never a good place to be.
"Only 1 of 9,136 Recent Peer-Reviewed Authors Rejects Global Warming"
"A review of peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals over the period from Nov. 12, 2012 through December 31, 2013, finds 2,258 articles, written by a total of 9,136 authors... Only one article, by a single author in the 
Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, rejected man-made global warming."
I've been doing this so long I can remember when deniers had a little kick in them. They could actually put up a little bit of a fight. Now it's just clueless wingnuts like you, ignorantly blathering about a cold summer in Britain and flopping around like dying bugs in the heat while doing the scientific equivalent of denying tobacco is associated with cancer.
Burlington Zephyr Logo
You must be pissed that Gaia failed you again with Patricia. That the "strongest hurricane ever recorded" didn't' become "the most dangerous storm in history" killing thousands and causing billions in damage. As Patty was approaching Mexico's West coast I prayed to the Zephyrs to rob you warmunists of another extreme weather event that you could use to advance for your crazy cause. And blow me down, my prayers were answered.
Don't believe me? Here's the prayer:
Fumigation from carbon emitting Frankincense.
Sea-born, aerial, blowing from the east, rob climate change nutballs of this radical weather event. Vernal and grassy, and of gentle found, to ships delightful, thro' the sea profound;
For these, impell'd by you with gentle force, scale down Patricia from her terrible course. With harmless gales regard my suppliant pray'r, Zephyrs unseen, make roaring Patty disappear.
And by Zeus it worked.
Saturn Jupiter conjunction
BTW In May 2012 before the period you quote when there allegedly was only one peer-reviewed article against man-made global warming this astonishing peer-reviewed article appeared


"Testing an astronomically based decadal-scale empirical harmonic climate model versus the IPCC (2007) general circulation climate models"


 in the
 proving just how badly flawed the IPCC climate change model is. As pointed out in the article the IPCC unscientifically views planet Earth as a stand alone entity isolated and insulated from the rest of the planetary system. Our Earth is part of a dynamic system of revolving planets whose motions are proven to effect the Earth's climate and temperature. Planetary influences (and other important factors) are absent from the IPCC model making it obsolete. This fascinating, ground breaking study of astronomical harmonics (the motions of Jupiter and Saturn normally and cyclically causing short periods of warmer than usual temperatures on Earth) can be found here:
435 days to go to the end of Obama's climate derangement presidency. 





EnlargeHerbert Hoover and

For decades now in our high schools, colleges and universities students have been indoctrinated and brainwashed with the unhistorical falsehood that the Great Depression was caused by a failure of free market capitalism; and that 12 years (1921 to 1933) of conservative Republican presidents ending with the "heartless, hands off, laissez faire" Herbert Hoover  "who refused to intervene in the economy to help the great mass of  impoverished, jobless, starving Americans during the crisis" was its underlying cause; and that he turned a recession in 1929 into a devastating depression-the longest and worst economic crisis in our history. But Hoover the "reactionary, limited government,  tooth and claw, do nothing Darwinian capitalist" is a complete myth. Indeed, this gentle, compassionate humanitarian who helped feed and clothe millions of suffering people in war-torn Europe and once famously said "Capitalists are what's wrong with capitalism" came from the progressive, Teddy Roosevelt wing of the Republican Party, and was anything like Harding and Coolidge-the free market, limited government conservative presidents he served under as Secretary of Commerce. In fact, Calvin Coolidge had such low regard for Hoover that he derisively said of him: “That man has given me unsolicited advice for the past five years...all of it bad”-and thought he'd make a terrible president. And was right.

Woodrow Wilson

Indeed,  as a young, brilliant mining engineer and successful business man Hoover joined the Republican Party. But in the political dispute between Teddy Roosevelt and his successor and ex-friend President Taft (who grew too conservative and pro-business for TR) Hoover in 1912 sided with Roosevelt and supported his Bull Moose Progressive Party and third-party run for the presidency. The anti-business Bull Moose platform called for women's suffrage, universal healthcare, social security, a minimum wage, an eight-hour work week, an inheritance tax, and much, much more.


It was during the great war that Hoover was to become world-famous for the "miraculous" job he did in organizing and distributing food and clothing to millions of hungry and destitute Europeans. This made Hoover an international hero. Though disliked by Winston Churchill the British offered Hoover an executive post in their government and a title to boot if he became a British citizen. However, Hoover the patriot declined the offer saying : "I'll do what I can for you with pleasure; but I'll be damned if I give up my American citizenship."


In 1917 progressive President Woodrow Wilson impressed with Hoover's phenomenal relief work in Europe appointed him to head the newly formed US Food Administration to oversee the feeding of our troops and allies overseas. By this time Hoover was a superstar of the progressive left and was seen as a possible future presidential candidate. In fact, Woodrow Wilson unable to run for a third term due to ill-health and believing there was no one worthier and better suited to succeed him than Hoover urged him to switch parties and run for the Democratic nomination with Franklin Roosevelt (another great Hoover admirer) as his running mate (see). But after considering Wilson's and FDR's offer Hoover graciously declined; and in 1920 he unsuccessfully sought the GOP GOP nomination for the presidency instead. 

But what if Wilson and Roosevelt had gotten their way with Hoover?  What if (what seemed at the time) the progressive dream ticket of Hoover and FDR had materialized and they went on to defeat the supply-side, limited government, austerity conservatives Harding and  Calvin Coolidge in the general election? What then? How would these two progressive luminaries have dealt with the post-war depression (called the "Forgotten Depression,
see") caused by the war and Wilson's crushing tax, spend and regulation policies? Indeed, how would they have dealt with a deflated economy with 11.7% unemployment, a market crash, commercial distress, bank failures, an agricultural crisis and rising deficits and debt? Would they have slashed the top marginal tax rate like Harding and Coolidge did from 77% to 25%,  massively cut spending and lifted the Federal regulatory boot from the neck of business? Would they have done what was necessary to unleash America‘s entraprenurial, innovative and productive energies causing the roaring, soaring, prosperous twenties with millions lifted out of poverty into an expanding middle class? Would that too have been their plan for economic recovery? Not on your life! Not even if they had Andrew Mellon at Treasury-the architect of the Harding/Coolidge miracle.
  Wilson (LR) and Hoover (UL)
Truth is, a Hoover-Roosevelt administration would
have ignored Mellon’s sagacious theory that worked so well that less taxation stimulating economic growth and jobs generates more government revenues.  Indeed, Hoover and FDR would have been in progressive agreement that massive government intervention in the economy was needed to end the Wilson Depression  just as Hoover and FDR did for over a decade after the 1929 market crash. Indeed, a Hoover-Roosevelt administration would have doubled down on Wilson's spending and regulations believing it would bring the economy back to prosperity; and while it is unlikely they would have raised the top marginal tax rates on personal income above Wilson's outrageous 77% (up from 15% in 1916) they would have certainly added punishing taxes on corporate profits and excise taxes on consumer goods, and applied wage and price controls like they foolishly did. And the consequences would have been devastating to the economy as it was in the 1930s. Indeed, just as FDR prolonged Hoover's depression turning it into the Great Depression  by amplifying  his big government tax, spend and regulation policies (Hooverism was the New Deal in embryo) so would the Hoover-FDR administration have prolonged and worsened the Wilson Depression. In other words, the Hoover-FDR Great Depression would have happened a decade sooner.
Good thing for FDR and the nation that the very progressive, popular, world-famous  Hoover joined the Republican Party and not the Democratic; and that he resisted Wilson's overtures to change  parties and run for the presidency in 1920 with FDR as his running mate. For FDR would have been the vice president of a failed administration thus ending his presidential aspirations; and this country would have been deprived of a great and gifted war-time leader (the right man at the right time in history despite his economic blunders) who led us to unconditional and absolute victory in the existential struggle with Nazism, Fascism and Japanese militarism. In sum, Hoover remaining in the GOP made possible the transformation of America into the greatest nation in history: the Superpower of Liberty. God moves in strange way.
The Forgotten Depression



n things. 

 "By nature animals are born with the faculty of sensation, and from sensation memory is produced in some of them, though not in others. And therefore the former are more intelligent and apt at learning than those which cannot remember; those which are incapable of hearing sounds are intelligent though they cannot be taught, e.g. the bee, and any other race of animals that may be like it; and those which besides memory have this sense of hearing can be taught.   other than man live by appearances and memories, and have but little of connected experience; but the human race lives also by art and reasonings. Now from memory experience is produced in men; for the several memories of the same thing produce finally the capacity for a single experience. And experience seems pretty much like science and art, but really science and art come to men through experience; for 'experience made art', as Polus says, 'but inexperience luck.' Now art arises when from many notions gained by experience one universal judgement about a class of objects is produced. For to have a judgement that when Callias was ill of this disease this did him good, and similarly in the case of Socrates and in many individual cases, is a matter of experience; but to judge that it has done good to all persons of a certain constitution, marked off in one class, when they were ill of this disease, e.g. to phlegmatic or bilious people when burning with fevers-this is a matter of art.   

seems in no respect inferior to art, and men of experience succeed even better than those who have theory without experience. (The reason is that experience is knowledge of individuals, art of universals, and actions and productions are all concerned with the individual; for the physician does not cure man, except in an incidental way, but Callias or Socrates or some other called by some such individual name, who happens to be a man. If, then, a man has 


jonah_goldberg.jpgMorgan Freeman, Don Lemon, 
 In his October 30 National Review column Jonah Goldberg invoked the two politicians' family backgrounds to justify his observation that Ben Carson may be "more authentically African-American" than Obama, pointing to the fact that "Obama's mother was white and he was raised in part by his white grandparents," while Carson "grew up in Detroit, the son of a very poor, very hard-working single mother"
When I posted this comment on Media Matter I didn't anticipate it would spark  such a lively debate (in its second day) on racism, welfare, inner city life,  Martin Luther King and more.
In an interview with NPR to promote his latest film, The 
Magic of Belle Isle, the popular Oscar-winning actor [Morgan Freedman] said that people “conveniently 
forget that Barack had a mama, and she was white — very white American, Kansas, middle of America There was no argument about who he is or what he is. America's first black president hasn't arisen yet. He’s not America’s first black president — he’s America’s first mixed-race president.”

And if someone with Obama's coloration and features were to walk into a room right now, what percentage of Americans, Black or White, would immediately assume that he was a White man? Racism is situational. Glenn Beck said that Obama had "a deep-seated hatred for white people." In our culture, President Obama is defined as Black by those who would not see him as White. That and the fact that he was born in Kenya, according to morons like Donald Trump.


ApolloSpeaks  blessed56 


Even more idiotic than Trump's harmless birtherism (I believe that BO is a US citizen even if born in Kenya) is 

our utterly ignorant moron of a president telling comedian Marc Maron the dangerous divisive racist lies that racism is genetic in White America; that Whites are innately anti-black, that it's passed on from generation to generation "through their DNA." If that were true then how does this imbecile account for the fact that our predominantly White "genetically racist" society made him the most powerful black man in human history? With good reason Beck said what he did. Only an anti-White racist could make such a hateful, false statement.



classicalmusiclover  ApolloSpeaks 


You do realize that Obama's reference to "in our DNA" was a metaphor, not an assertion that racism is literally genetic, don't you?

It's actually a very common metaphor for "part of our culture and upbringing."

As the old song goes, "you've got to be carefully taught." That's how it is passed on.



So it's only metaphorical that Obama is supporting an overtly black racist movement organized on the leftist lie that America is a white supremacist society with cops across the country leading a murderous race war against poor, suffering, innocent, victimized blacks? In other words, we shouldn't take his support literally?


classicalmusiclover  ApolloSpeaks 


There is a lot of potted right-wing ideology and distortion in your comment. And you turn the "Black Lives Matter" movement into such a caricature that it can only be a strawman.


White supremacism runs deep in American history. It is real. That doesn't mean that America is necessarily a white supremacist society, but it does mean that there are unacknowledged anti-black biases that often go unacknowledged and have had a corrosive structural effect. Nowhere is this clearer than in policing and in the disproportionate incarceration rates.


Your literalism will be your undoing; it certainly is your unmasking as an idiot.


calls Obama a “Halfrican-




And it was only metaphorical that Obama sat in the pews of a racist church for 20 years listening to the ravings of his black supremacist mentor (so hateful Oprah couldn't tolerate him) that God hates the white race? And blacks (God's chosen people) are destined to rule over humanity? Oh, that's right, the compulsive liar wasn't there when Wright gave his hateful incendiary sermons.





And it was only metaphorical that Obama supported a violent homophobic black racist gangsta wannabe [Trayvon Martin] who murderously tried to ground and pound an innocent community watchman into unconsciousness and death thinking (as Rachel Jeantel told Piers Morgan) that he was "a gay predator out to rape him"? How despicable, shameful and hypocritical of Obama to say "If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon." Truth is he wouldn't have let his eldest daughter date such a sick, twisted, dangerous, violent kid (see).


And let's not forget that Eric Holder was metaphorically speaking when he said in 2009 that Americans are a "nation of cowards" on racial issues-despite a devastating Civil War claiming 500,000 lives, nationwide support for the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, and a $19 trillion War On (mostly black) Poverty.


BTW, the moral collapse of our inner city ghettos (largely caused by the corrosive social welfare state as FDR warned) disproportionally into the most violent and lawless places in America is what underlie the "disproportionate black incarceration rate." "White Racism" is a scapegoat to hide the catastrophic failure of liberal social welfare policies (with trillions in transferred funds) to end poverty and improve black lives. Instead of the promised conquest of poverty we have more of it and worse than ever as inner city life (once decent, law-abiding communities with strong families and work values) are now progressive created war zones, hell holes and wastelands. The road to hell (and a third world America) is paved with liberal compassion.


NYC, Brooklyn and Queens





Obama said racism is endemic (that is what is meant by the metaphor "in our DNA") to the US, not specifically white people. That is only "patently false" if we ignore...

- slavery

- the Indian Wars

- Native American reservations

- segregation

- Japanese internment camps

- Jim Crow laws

- socioeconomic inequality

- voter suppression efforts

- unequal mandatory sentencing laws

- disparate treatment from law enforcement

- chronic poverty

- housing discrimination

- declaring blacks to be only a fraction of a human being in our Constitution

- the 1790 Naturalization Act barring non-whites from becoming citizens

- discrimination against darker Southern European immigrants in the first part of the 20th century

- the intense concern of Trump supporters with immigrants from Latin America, but not the many undocumented coming from Eastern Europe

- the proliferation of violent white supremacist groups

- lynching

- the KKK

- poll taxes

- prohibitions against interracial marriage

- disparate loan practices from banks

- the fact that many citizens continue to hold discriminatory views toward other ethnic groups

- "Yellow Peril" racism against Chinese immigrants- the Chinese Exclusion Act

- the Alien Land Law restricting what property Asians buy

- the formation of the Native American Party (aka the Know Nothing party) on purely racist grounds

- the National Origins Formula in immigration law, designed to limit immigration from non-Nordic countries

- the Mexican Repatriation program, which forcefully removed US citizens and sent them to Mexico

- racist Tea Party depictions of Obama

- birtherism


So yeah, except for all of that and numerous other incidents I must leave off for the sake of brevity, it is "patently false." If we reduce all of US history to a single day in November, 2008, there is absolutely no racism in this country





Bull! Obama was literally referring to the contemporary genetic racism of white Americans against blacks, and no other group. But do tell me, why did you exclude from your list of white racism the white man created liberal welfare state that traps millions of blacks in poverty, degradation, oppression and sin? That's destroyed inner city communities, families, schools, churches and work values; that's turned black ghetto's into war zones and morally dehumanizing lawless wastelands of crime, violence, drug abuse, illiteracy, one parent homes, disease and death? How could you treat something so provably destructive to millions of black Americans as not being racist?


And where is black racism on your list?


Where's the violent Black (supremicist) Panthers with their insane call for a suicidal race war? Where's Farrakhan and the white hating, anti-semitic Nation of Islam? Where's the Afro-centric racist churches like the sh*t hole Obama sat in for 20 years? Where's your mention of James Cone and his poisonous Black Liberation Theology with its black Christ and white hating God? Where's Black Lives Matter with its bullsh*t race war of cops against blacks that is worsening the nightmare of inner city life as cops are inhibited from doing their jobs in enforcing the law?


And where are race hustlers and grievance pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on your list? Evil men who thrive on black misery while infecting black minds with the big lie that America is racially rigged against them? Why aren't they on your list?


Consider this post an addition to your one-sided, hate driven, pathetic racist list making it more balanced, rounded, complete and fair.



"Why did you exclude from your list of white racism the white created liberal welfare state that traps millions of blacks in poverty, degradation, oppression and sin?"


Yes...blacks had full equality...full rights...full access...equal opportunity...until the The Great Society created a problem that did not exist...



The remedy for poverty isn't government dependency which FDR warned was "an opiate that corrupts moral character"-creating moral and spiritual poverty and all the social pathologies that spring from it











Learning to distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, what we ought and out not do. In other words, choosing to be good citizens. It's not anymore complicated than that.









It would mean the moral regeneration of inner city community and family life which has disintegrated into anarchy, lawlessness and violence on a horrific scale never before seen in this country.


 RobRBarron  ApolloSpeaks let's cut federal aid to the inner cities even more...including health care and education...

It's worked so well to date...

lawlessness and violence on a horrific scale never before seen in this country.

You weren't alive in the 60's, eh?




The Wire (2002) Poster



I was very much alive then. And as any old-timer living in our inner city ghettos will tell you community spirit, religious values, the tight-knit two parent family structure and respect for authority (parents, schools, churches, gov't, police, courts) has catastrophically eroded. I strongly recommend that you see the HBO crime drama series "The Wire" for an education into the nightmare of contemporary inner city life. This outstanding series about inner city Baltimore is considered so authentic and authoritative that some colleges and universities use it in sociology courses. It will tear your heart out.


Moreover, welfare should be a temporary measure: a trampoline to a self-reliant and productive life, not a trap and a way of generational life.



There it is! Another one so poorly informed that he repeats the lie about "generational welfare" and "lifelong welfare." What's next a story about the people you have seen pulling into Social Services in their brand new BMW and going home to watch The Price is Right on their 72 inch surround sound TV?

There is a LIFETIME limit of 24 months and in some states 20 months on the length of time one can receive welfare.

It is possible to receive SNAP and Medicaid benefits for extended periods but most of those are children, the elderly and people who work full time for such generous and benevolent employers as Walmart but aren't paid enough to live on.

Ignorance can be excused if one makes the effort to educate oneself. If the problem is stupidity, well, that just can't be fixed.





Intergenerational Transmission of Welfare Dependency 



There is no comparison between disability insurance and welfare, they are completely different things. Nowhere in this country is there more than a 24 month LIFETIME cap on welfare benefits and most who avail themselves of it, AS A LAST RESORT, never use that entire 24 months.

That wasn't even worthy of a "nice try," it was just a pathetic attempt to find something that justifies your desire to feel superior to others. I have never encountered anyone with a need to feel superior who was superior to anyone.




LOL!!! This study (one of many many many) proves beyond doubt that if parents become welfare dependents, the likelihood of their children eventually becoming welfare recipients (creating a destructive, degrading, work ethic eroding, welfare-entitlement mentality) also increases. This study uses DI as emblematic of the greater problem caused by the totality of such programs. Fact is (as the study shows) when parents are awarded just DI, the likelihood that one of their adult children will participate in DI rises by "5 percentage points over the next five years, and 11 percentage points over the next decade." DI combined with other anti-poverty welfare programs has a multiplying effect on these percentages.

FYI the reason for Bill Clinton's "Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996" was to the break the cycle of welfare dependency which creates the intergenerational welfare mentality and culture and its attendant social pathologies that have decimated our inner cities and lost the War on Poverty despite $19 trillion in redistributed wealth over the last 50 years. The liberal welfare state is not just a failure it's going broke and going the way of its European counterparts unsustainably supporting a great and growing mass of unemployed/unproductive recipients many of whom are poorly skilled, uneducated immigrants. 

I just love ropeadoping libs. Here's a few more (racist) studies that you can howl about.

Now who's the poorly informed, stuck on stupid ignoramus?



Why do you hate black people so much? Did one cut you off in the parking lot last week?



Along with my black conservative friends I hate radical






Your mother must be so proud her darling son is so full of hatred.

And tell me more about how your best friend is black



My best black friend doesn't consider himself black. He treats his skin color as the lowest, basest, and least important part of his being, as do all rational blacks and human beings.



So he is a self-hating African-American. Interesting.

Are you a self-hating Jew?




Like Martin Luther King he puts his spiritual humanity above his skin color and race. But maybe you're too much of a leftwing materialist to understand this. 



 AronLump  ApolloSpeaks 


You said he considered his skin color the basest part of his person.


You didn't say it was the factor of least concern.


Words have meaning, you know.


(And FYI, had this been 1968, you would have been one of the people cheering at Dr King's assassination.)



Which is more important to your life and well-being, your skin color or your brain, lungs, heart, kidneys and other vital organs?

In the early 60s I was a teenage admirer of JFK living in New York. In the late 60s I was a radical counterculture lefty destroying myself and trashing New York.




Your question is completely irrelevant.

Your statement is very likely false.




And you're the typical left-wing moral coward. I'll answer the question for you. You're vital organs are more important than your skin color. And going further the soul (spirit) that gives your body life is more important than your vital organs. And by "soul (mental and moral faculties)" is what Dr. King meant by the famous words " the content of our characters." "Character" (which transcends race, ethnicity and gender) for King (and every black conservative) is the very essence of our beings-the most important and highest part of our humanity; what distinguishes us from the animals and beasts. When you die you can't take your skin color, body and vital organs with you to heaven; but you do take your soul, mind, spirit, character.


"Character is destiny" it determines your path in life. Those blacks, whites and others who give supreme value to skin color are lost to their spiritual humanity (the essence of their beings) and are among the worst members of their race. In other words, what you consider "irrelevant" was of the utmost importance to Martin Luther King as it is for all black conservatives. There is a crisis today of character in black America. Way too many blacks are making bad moral choices, becoming bad citizens and ending up dead or in jail. Those who think this is "irrelevant" are useless, worthless, ignorant fools, and are part of the problem.


MLK was no conservative.

But nice try.

Beyond that, tl;dr.





Martin Luther King, the God-loving, Christ worshiping, faith over race Baptist minister, was no traditional morality hating, anything goes, secular progressive. If he were alive today, like his daughter Bernice, he'd be against abortion, gay marriage, pornography, legalization of pot, the Black Panthers, Black Liberation Theology, the Nation of Islam, Afro-centric ministers like Rev. ("God damn America") Wright and the violent, sick, "kill the cops" BLM movement. Moreover, he wouldn't be too keen about America's first black (racially divisive demogogic) president

In other words, for the man who said:

“Bound by the chains of his own sin and finiteness, man needs a Savior…. Man cannot save himself, for man is not the measure of all things and humanity is not God.”

they'd be no place in the secularized (God is government) Democrat Party today.



You are the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Remind me, why was MLK in Nashville when he was shot?

And what's the 'Democrat Party?'




In his last

sermon before he died Martin Luther King said

 "I just want to do God's will."

From a theological and moral perspective what did MLK mean by the term "God"? As King's understanding of God

was the directing principle of

his civil rights activities and life the answer

to  this question is key to understanding

his character (who he truly was). Answer

my question and then I'll answer yours.



AronLump  ApolloSpeaks


Here's a hint: he was in Nashville marching with striking union sanitation workers.


Unlike conservatism, progressives are happy to welcome all comers, from anti-theists to evangelicals.


Do you honestly expect me to answer the question 'what is God?'




Progressives are happy to welcome anyone who embraces the progressive agenda, just as conservatives welcome anyone (gays, atheists, Moslems) who embrace conservatism.



I notice you addressed neither of the other points you mentioned.

And the Republican is explicitly opposed to both atheism and Islam.

What's the matter, coward: afraid to admit why Dr King was in Memphis?




As King himself indicated in his last sermon before his death he was in Memphis because he believed he was doing "God's will." And for no other higher reason.


Atheist Free Market Republicans


Conservative Atheist S.E. Cupp


The pro-Republican Islamic Free Market Institute


Conservative Moslem Republican Dr. Zuhdi Jasser


Every properly informed, clear thinking American, and human beings everywhere (Moslem and non-Moslem) oppose Political Islam/Islamic Supremacism with its oppressive, totalitarian union of mosque and state and endless war against all infidels


"Democrat Party" should read Demo-Rat Party.

Sorry for the confusion.




Sultan Knish: The Death of the American Welfare State




For the first time in 67 years, Egypt supports Israeli bid at the UN | BARE NAKED ISLAMNetanyahu-al-sisi

Dear Friends and fellow Counter-Jihadists:

Contact House Speaker Paul Ryan and your Congressman today and urge them to invite the great, good President al-Sisi to address Congress like Bibi Netanyahu did earlier this year. Send a message to Ryan and your Congressman on Facebook or Twitter-do both. But do it, please. The American people need to hear this pro-American friend of Israel and ally in the war on Islamic terror who calls for a reformation of the faith.

Netanyahu said the world must






Yes, it could be a terrorist attack. Or it could be the Obama administration trying to make itself look prescient for a change (after so many bad predictions on foreign policy) when Obama predicted that Russian military intervention in Syria would result in a quagmire like the Soviets in Afghanistan. Could be that Obama wants everyone to believe that he told Putin: 'I told you so.'



Nidal Hasan convicted in Fort Hood shootings -


Nidal Malik Hasan




 a very, very sad sixth anniversary of Ft. Hood WorkPlace Violence  Day. Just 444 days to liberation when see-no-evil-in-Islam Obama ends his weak on jihad presidency; and hopefully with the right leader we can resume the winning war on terror that ended with the loss of Bush and Cheney, and call "Islamic terror" "islamic terror" caring not who it offends.


US military wasted $43 million of taxpayer money on useless Afghanistan gas station-Jihad Watch

Spend $1 billion building an auto manufacturing plant producing cars powered by natural gas. And since few Afghans can afford such cars give them away for free. Then watch Obama's green energy gas station boom with non-carbon polluting business. You never know, it could be the beginning of saving icebergs from extinction, and New York City from becoming the Venice of North America.
Kidding aside. This fiasco is emblematic of a crackpot president who's completely lost his mind over non-existent carbon pollution and man-made catastrophic climate change.


of this new historic Moslem council? Changing the name HAM-tramck to the City of Tramck.

How about Haram-ville? Mohamudburg?

With "Haram-ville" they'd end up in the same place. Why? Because the word "ham" is encoded therein: Ha _ _ m. Then again "ham" is also encoded in Mo ham udberg.


Mahou Shoujo  ApolloSpeaks



ApolloSpeaks  Mahou Shoujo 


This wasn't a useless excercise. We discovered the name Mohammed is haram-it sinfully has ham in it.



President Barack Obama rips into 2016 GOP field -

Obama Mocks Crybaby Republican


A depressed, thin skinned Barack Obama mocks GOP candidates critical of his disastrous foreign policy to a cheering crowd of delusional leftist nuts too give a temporary boost to his flagging morale as the country and world he inherited from Bush gets worse and worse.


(CNN)President Barack Obama tore into Republican presidential candidates Monday night at a Democratic fundraising event in New York, saying their complaints about CNBC's debate moderation aren't an encouraging preview for their governing abilities.

"Have you noticed that everyone of these candidates say, 'Obama's weak. Putin's kicking sand in his face. When I talk to Putin, he's going to straighten out,'" Obama said, impersonating a refrain among Republican candidates that he's allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin too much leeway.

"Then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of CNBC moderators at the debate. Let me tell you, if you can't handle those guys, then I don't think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you," Obama said.



Monday he mocked the GOP debate which put the gotcha CNBC moderators in their place (to the delight of the Republican base) to make himself look better in his sorry,  misguided, wrongheaded dealings with implacable Russian thug Vladimir Putin. The more Obama kissed Putin's a*s the more sh*t was shot into his dumb, clueless face-and he kept coming back for more and more and more so he could secure an absolutely worthless nuke deal with Islamo-nazi terrorist Iran. Truth is Putin cleans Obama's clock like Cruz, Carson and Christe cleaned the CNBC moderators'. Meanwhile, Obama won't dare show his face on FOX. His courage is no bigger than his shoe size which is why he's so despised by the military. Pathetic.

What is your deal with Putin, the little Napoleon who heads up a bankrupt country? Always rooting for the weak guy?

Putin is a pipsqueak compared to Napoleon. And Obama's a pipsqueak compared to Putin. Whatever happened to Biden's prediction in 2009 that "spine of steel" Obama would bend an economically weak Russia to his will? It's Obama who had to bend and bend and bend to Putin to get him on board for the worthless Iran nuke deal which doesn't stop them from going nuclear.


"America’s overall image around the world remains largely positive. Across the nations surveyed (excluding the U.S.), a median of 69% hold a favorable opinion of the U.S., while just 24% express an unfavorable view. "



Under Barack Obama America remains the most hated nation on earth
If there has been an up tick in America's image and global approval rating it's because under Obama we're in a state of precipitous decline, as Jimmy Carter says.




pimp your website over at teh blaze, your candidates are plainly unfit for the job they are applying for, hard questions my ass.



55% of the military say the weak, feckless, failing Obama is unfit to command. Only 15% say otherwise. That makes him the most despised Commander In Chief in the history of our Republic. Just as damning 65% of Afghan and Iraq vets give Bush a 65% approval rating. Only 42% approve of Obama. That's a landslide 23% differential. Pathetic.




Right after the article you cited, which surveyed a whopping 2,200 service members came this one "

"After decades of fierce loyalty to the GOP, today’s warfighters wonder who really represents their interests in Washington."




Yet when Bush was in office they had no doubts. The shocking drop in military morale (and confidence in Obama) parallels the steep decline in national morale with nearly two thirds of the country saying Obama's America is on the wrong course.


Even Jimmy Carter (contradicting Obama's claim that America is stronger than ever) notes the rapid decline of US power, prestige and credibility on the world stage.




The decline in US prestige and credibility can be laid at the feet of your hero George W Bush, who made the worst foreign policy blunder in the history of the USA. From the Atlantic "In every region of the globe except the Middle East (where the United States was wildly unpopular under George W. Bush and remains so), America’s favorability is way up since Obama took office.In Spain, approval of the United States is 29 percentage points higher than when Bush left office. In Italy, it’s up 23 points. In Germany and France, it’s 22. With the exception of China, where the numbers have remained flat, the trend is the same in Asia. The U.S. is 19 points morepopular in Japan, 24 points more popular in Indonesia, and 28 points more popular in Malaysia. Likewise among the biggest powers in Latin America and Africa: Approval of the United States has risen 19 points inArgentina and 12 points in South Africa."



 Why has America's eroding position in the world (our economic, military and geopolitical decline) accelerated under Obama as the international order cauldronizes and destabilizes? Because Obama is George Bush on steroids. Now doesn't it make you feel good all over to know that the most hated country on earth (mostly from envy) is viewed more favorably under Obama in proportion to our decline as a superpower?



"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain - and most fools do."

Benjamin Franklin.



Jimmy Carter is arguably the world's leading expert on American decline. America was crashing during his presidency.



Hahahaha...he's right. Those dopes would only whine Putin into pointing and laughing at them, like the rest of the world does already. Them and their whacky "Letters".

Whaaaaaa, they're mean! The GOP will try to compare the 7 member House Benghazi Committee's over 250 questions to Hillary for 11 hours and 2 hours of CNBC meanies!




And the left went ballistic over the tough interviews O"Reilly and Bret Bair gave our dear little peevish thinned skinned butt kissing leader who the military holds in such high contempt that only 15% approve of his failing presidency. No CIC has been more despised in our history than Obama. None have been less presidential and strong. Warriors loath girlie man cowards who make them feel impotent, feeble and weak.