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What you are about to read is an entirely novel approach to discrediting the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) orthodoxy of scientists, activists and media tools using radical extremist. climate change nihilist Guy (de-industrialize or die) McPherson. Who is this Guy? A former professor emeritus (now banished from academia) of conservation biology from the University of Arizona who published the "Extinction Dialogues" and "Going Dark"-controversial books of leftist, nihilistic, doomsday despair over CAGW that are nevertheless right on one very important point: that the apocalyptic, CAGW movement (to save mankind from climate collapse and extinction) has lost the "climate wars," and that we pro-industrial-capitalist "denialists" have triumphantly won. 
Now just a short time ago Prof. McPherson was a relatively unknown, unremarkable mainstream climate change scientist battling (like his heroes Al Gore and ex-NASA scientist turned activist Jim Hanson) "catastrophic" man-made global warming chiefly caused (so they believe) by mankind's massive use of fossil fuels. But in the course of his researches McPherson had a revelation from hell that caused him to suffer a mental breakdown: he realized that industrial (fossil fuel burning) civilization was unstoppable; that the "unprecedented 40%" man-caused increase in heat trapping, atmospheric CO2 since the start of the "deadly Industrial Age" was the "tipping point of no return" to Armageddon; that man had crossed the terrible threshold of climate chaos and collapse and was absolutely, irreversibly headed toward extinction. Indeed, McPherson likens industrial society to a red-hot huffing puffing steam engine consuming greater and greater amounts of fossil fuel (giving off more steam, energy, heat) until it gets so explosively hot  KA-BOOM! it shatters into smithereens. 
CO2 increase over 280 ppm
Consequently, according to McPherson, the warmunist crusade of saving the world by transitioning to a green-clean energy future was pointless and lost. That the gains made in using renewables (solar, wind, hydro power, etc) were too little too late. To his horror McPherson realized with painful clarity that after 250 years the Industrial-Capitalist Revolution (the greatest wealth creating engine in history that's lifted billions out of poverty) was roaring relentlessly ahead stronger than ever-with millions of poor people in developing nations greedily, stupidly and recklessly craving its benefits and blessings without realizing the devastating consequences. And, adds McPherson, warmunists are powerless to stop it because they have nothing more productive to replace it, i.e. the Industrial-Capitalist ("killing") Machine.
Moreover, McPherson claimed that Al Gore, Jim Hanson and the heads of IPCC, NASA and NOAA secretly agreed with his depressing analysis; that all of them know the terrible truth that humanity is irrevocably doomed (with only 15-30 years left of existence) but lack the guts to say it. Needless to say, in the climate wars between "warmunists" and "deniers" McPherson became a defeatist. Realizing the superiority and invincibility of the enemy, "INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM," and its astounding but "ruinous" achievements McPherson became a radical pessimist engulfed in nihilistic gloom with the message that all was virtually lost; that humanity's hope for survival was the immediate shutdown of industrial society and ending the use of fossil fuels. "De-industrialize or Die" was McPherson's fearlessly insane message. 
Warmunists were appalled. Instead of heeding McPherson's insight that the enemy was invincibly strong his peers and students branded him a dangerous crackpot kook who completely got the science wrong. As word got out on the internet about this "kook" professor and his message of imminent doom he was roundly denounced and demonized as the enemy within-worse than the worse denialists-depressing and demoralizing the troops (undermining the cause) while they bravely battle for human survival and saving the world. But instead of shutting him up the attacks emboldened McPherson to speak out with greater force; he was a man with a mission hell-bent on spreading the truth; like Nietzsche he became an "active nihilist" making himself even more feared and hated than before. Banished from academia McPherson writes books and articles, travels abroad giving lectures and posts blogs on his website "Nature Bats Last."  Needless to say McPherson is a deranged lunatic-a bat sh*t crazy Al Gore. But his lunacy is useful  for demoralizing warmunists and discrediting their cause. This is what I mean.
  Moderate warmunists and nihilists like McPherson agree that             coal burning, gas guzzling, CO2 polluting humanity is destroying itself; but where they disagree with him on is the 40% rise in CO2 (or 400 ppms) that it's the "tipping point of no return" making our demise inevitable. But if not 40% or 400 ppms then what? How much CO2 will raise global temperatures to mass extinction levels wiping out all life on earth?  50%? 80%? 100%? More?

 I relentlessly questioned warmunist bloggers on this tipping point  issue and couldn't get an answer. I asked them to tell me what the great, all-knowing "consensus" of climate scientists had to say on the subject; but they didn't know. I pressed on and on hammering away telling them that "If CAGW is "settled science," as Obama, Kerry, Al Gore, Hansen and others claim, then surely there must be a settled consensus on the "tipping point." Surely the experts must know how much heat trapping CO2 the atmosphere can sustain before triggering world ending, runaway climate change" But they had nothing to say. Apparently there is no consensus on this vitally important issue. As I was to learn the "tipping point" to climate Armageddon is unknown to climatologists.  No one, it seems, has figured it out. It's a mystery to be solved. 
What this means is this: from the warmunist perspective Guy McPherson may be 1000% correct. That it's way too late to save the Earth and there's no scientific basis for hope. That the planet is unfixably broken and all is lost. That we've passed the midnight hour and crossed the climate threshold into certain inevitable doom. And those warmunists who are battling on trying to keep hope alive that all isn't lost and man can be saved and survive are struggling against the grim reality fearlessly faced by the nihilist and his followers: that right-wing denialists, big oil, Fox News and Anthony Watts have won. Industrial Man is irredeemable; he's the "Destroyer of Nature and Worlds" hardened in his evil ways and can't be reformed and changed.
The CAGW orthodoxy can  characterize and ridicule Guy McPherson as a pessimistic extremist nut all they want. Truth is they are closer to him in heart and mind than they are willing to admit. McPherson's hopeless, defeatist "doom is upon us" nihilism, and the little more hopeful "doom has not yet come" angst of the "consensus" is a distinction without any real difference. 
As the "tipping point" is unknown and McPherson may be right the only honest and logical position for warmunists to take is to suspend their judgment and say: "We hope and pray that McPherson's has it wrong, and that the war on AGW isn't lost. More research needs to be done to determine just how much anthropogenic CO2 would cause the dreaded "tipping point" and confirm or refute his depressing view."
Nevertheless, McPherson's basic insight that reduced him to total despair is absolutely correct:  the progressive "dirty" industrialization of the planet and third world peoples unstoppably roars on-ignoring warmunists' END TIME fears and imaginary schemes to save mankind who isn't in peril and doing  fine, and absolutely doesn't need them.
Chris1955 writes:

Apollo says, ” industrial civilization roars on” ignoring all the bull about climate change. And indeed it is.

Fossil fuels dominate China’s energy landscape as it plans to build one new coal power plant every 10 days for the next 10 years.

China’s Growing Coal Use Is World’s Growing Problem | Climate Central

India is poised to contend with China as the globe’s top consumer of coal, with 455 power plants preparing to come online



If you don't know the name Anthony Watts (as I didn't until a few months ago when a Warmunist on Media Matters ignorantly accused me of taking talking points from his website) he is perhaps the most revered and feared voice on the blogosphere fighting the big lie of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW): the left-wing political doomsday ideology masquerading as "settled" empirical, near infallible climate science that has insanely turned Carbon Dioxide (essential for life on this planet) into a hideous, poisonous, polluting life destroying gas whose emissions by industrialized (and industrializing) mankind (chiefly from fossil fuels) is dangerously raising global temperatures, throwing the climate and weather systems into chaos and dooming us to certain, horrible extinction. Indeed, according to CAGW theory unless humanity drastically reduces and finally eliminates the use of beneficial fossil fuels (that empowered wealth creating industrialization lifting billions of human beings out of poverty since the 17th century) the earth will become one massive greenhouse graveyard for mankind and millions of non-human species.  
Now by 2006, as polls showed, Warmunists (headed by Al Gore and backed by a scientific, all-knowing, infallible consensus and the media) seemed to be winning over the US public to their "world saving" cause. According to Pew Research a whopping 77% of Americans thought that Global Warming was a very serious to somewhat serious issue-and that as a national security issue it ranked behind Global Terror in second place.  And just when it looked like the Warmunists were triumphing in steps Anthony Watts to change things around.
Indeed, on November 17, 2006 Watts (a college drop out and TV meteorologist) launched his now world-famous blog Watts Up With That (WUWT) dedicated to fighting Warmunist climate change theory,  propaganda and save the Earth hysteria. Though Watts doesn't deny that Earth's climate is warming he disputes that it's catastrophically and menacingly doing so; and that this is being caused by reckless and irresponsible human activity that needs to be reined in and radically changed by replacing fossil fuels (the cheapest and most efficient form of energy) with clean green solar cells, windmills and other costlier and less efficient renewables.
And WUWT took off like a fossil fuel powered rocket. Within a year it had attracted thousands of climate change doubters (scientists and laymen) world-wide; and in four years it was receiving over 500,000 views per month establishing it as the leading anti-CAGW site in the world. And now nine years from its inception WUWT's monthly average is 1,000,000 views as the number of skeptics has exponentially grown.
Indeed, just look at the stats. Since 2006 when Watt's began his blog concern about Global Warming as a serious national issue has been more than cut in half from 77% to 38%. And what ranked second behind global terrror in importance is now in 22nd place just ahead of Global Trade (see). Indeed, nine years later and after 200,000,000 views WUWT, and many bad alarmist predictions of snowless northern winters, iceless arctic summers, Florida decimated by hurricanes and flooded coastal cities world-wide, dealt a serious blow to the CAGW  movement and its agenda to radically transform America into a model fossil fuel free nation powered by electric cars and windmills.
Now for those who are unacquainted with Anthony Watts and WUWT an excellent place to start would be with this outstanding blog: 
A Simple Truth; Computer Climate Models Cannot Work . It gets to the heart of the problem explaining why CAGW scientists with their super computers crunching millions of data points have failed so badly to accurately predict global temperature increases despite rising levels of man-caused CO2 ; and why they missed the so-called  "pause"-the relative lack of global warming for 20 years. But demonize him as Leftist doomsayers may (as the arch-climate science denier leading millions astray) there is no pause for Anthony Watts the indefatigable anti-Warmunist warrior and climate myth buster.



"Under Republicans, recessions happen four times as frequently as under Democrats."

 Hillary Clinton on Saturday, September 19th, 2015 in remarks at the 2015 New Hampshire Democratic Party State Convention

Clinton, Oct. 13: I have a five-point economic plan, because this inequality challenge we face, we have faced it at other points. It’s absolutely right. It hasn’t been this bad since the 1920s. But if you look at the Republicans versus the Democrats when it comes to economic policy, there is no comparison. The economy does better when you have a Democrat in the White House and that’s why we need to have a Democrat in the White House in January 2017 - First Democrat Debate


In this crazy election year you will hear Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the liberal news media advancing the familiar narrative that the US economy does better under Democrat and Progressive presidents than under Republicans. But this is a provable lie as you will see from the following short history of the economy under Democrats and Progressives (of either party) going back to the 19th century. 



When Democrats say the US economy does better under Democrat and Progressive presidents than under Republicans they conveniently forget about the two recessions under President Andrew Jackson-the racist founder of the Democrat Party. They forget about the recession under Jackson's Democrat successor Martin Van Buren, the recession under Democrat James Polk and the two recessions under Democrat James Buchanan-the worst president in U.S history.



Hillary and the Democrats also forget about the recession under Andrew Johnson, the recession and two depressions under Democrat Grover Cleveland's two separate terms*, and the recession and depression under the Republican's first LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE  president Teddy Roosevelt. They also forget about the two recessions and depression under the Democrat's first LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE president Woodrow Wilson-what a disaster he was. It would seem that PROGRESSIVISM  in the White House for either party got off to a terrible start for America.


*Cleveland was both the 22nd and 24th POTUS.



But Teddy Roosevelt and Wilson were prelude to much, much worse. Indeed, and ironically, the Great Depression, the worst, longest, severest, deepest economic crisis in US history, started under Herbert Hoover-who came from the PROGRESSIVE (Teddy Roosevelt) WING of the Republican Party*-and was needlessly prolonged by Teddy Roosevelt's fifth cousin Franklin. Incredibly in the 1932 election tax and spend (government is the answer) Progressive Hoover* was branded a "socialist" by the Democrats-with FDR running to his Right as a fiscal conservative vowing to shrink the size of the federal government, stop and slash Hoover's runaway "bankrupting" spending and balance the budget.


*It was Hoover who once famously said "The trouble with Capitalism is Capitalists"



But once in office FDR pulled a bait and switch on the American people; governing to the Left of his predecessor the mendacious New Dealer doubled down on Hoover's interventionist, deficit spending, soak the rich tax policies; and our struggling nation paid a terrible price: in 1937 the stock market and economy crashed again and 2 million American workers lost their jobs in what came to be known as FDR's "recession within the depression." The Democrats still swear by the New Deal this crisis discredited and virtually killed it; in fact, in 1939, after years of experimentation in high taxes, deficit spending and government activism, Henry Moganthau (FDR's trusted Treasury Secretary and personal friend) speaking on behalf of his disillusioned boss admitted before Congress that the New Deal was a failure (see).



But there's more. Under LIBERAL Democrat Harry Truman there were two post-war recessions. And under LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE LBJ the economy toward the end of his presidency weakened and went into recession under Nixon.



 Then under LIBERAL Democrat Jimmy "malaise" Carter-the man with the high "misery index"-economic history was made with the unprecedented, never-before-seen phenomenon "stagflation": stagnant economic activity with double-digit inflation and interest rates and rising unemployment. Carter's economic mess (and disastrous foreign policy) cost him the presidency in 1980.



But I'm not done. In March 2000 under LIBERAL Democrat Bill Clinton an overheated stock market crashed, and 12 months later the economy went into recession. Though George Bush was president at the time it was Clinton's recession because it was still his economy untouched by Bush's policies.



But that was tiddlywinks compared to the economic catastrophe ahead set in motion by Bill Clinton's affordable, sub prime loan driven housing policies which put millions of low-income families into homes most of them couldn't afford. For along with a weakening recession-bound economy George Bush inherited a huge and growing housing bubble from Clinton that underlie the Great Recession and housing/credit crash of 2008 (that we still haven't recovered from). Indeed, if Clinton like FDR had four terms in office the economic collapse of 2008 would have happened all the same with Clinton properly getting the blame. 



And now under two terms of a RADICAL PROGRESSIVE Democrat president (whose policies and demoralizing leadership are a lead blanket around the economy inhibiting robust growth) we are suffering through the worst recovery since the end of World War II verging on a double dip recession. And mind-boggling as it is front running Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (the wife of housing bubble Bill) praises Obama's failed policies (including $10 trillion in added unsustainable debt) and vows to continue them for the good of the country. It doesn't get any crazier than this.













It happened just as I suspected. On CNN's "State of the Nation" with Jake Tapper yesterday Hillary Clinton looking old, tired and weak, as if she hadn't slept for days, gave one of her more painfully miserable low energy interviews; it was as bad as the interview on December 22nd with the Des Moines Register which had CNN's Chris Cuomo echoing Donald Trump about her "low energy" and "disappearances from the campaign trail (see)." Indeed, the interview yesterday was so embarrassingly bad that Tapper, a Hillary supporter, only posted the last 23 seconds of it on his site. But even in that short clip, as you can see here, it is impossible not to see how depressingly listless Hillary was-and how she didn't seem to want to be there.
And that got me thinking what Hillary would be like at the debate that night. If she'd be anything like the Hillary in the interview she'd lose the contest finishing third behind the more energetic Bernie Sanders and spirited, upbeat Governor O'Malley. Given how badly low energy she was the only way she could rise to the occasion taking on moderators Andrea Mitchell and Lester Holt and her two opponents is if she was given a drug to treat her condition and prop her up. And sure enough as our friend Von Plotts commented today (see) that the Hillary of the interview and the debate were like "night and day"-two different people; and so they were. Where she was rather slow, ineffectual and weak at the interview she turned things around and was way more alive and focused at the debate and came out the winner once again-having quickly (too quickly) renewed her vitality and pizzazz. But how? Between the interview with Tapper and the debate gave her about eight and a half hours to rest and recuperate-not a great deal of time considering how terribly down she was. But she did it. She came back as from the dead. How? Most likely, as I surmised, low-energy Hill took a drug of some kind (perhaps a powerful prescription stimulant) to give her the boost she needed to see her through the evening.
What difference does it make that I'm a tired old woman?




Last night I was one of millions of riveted movie goers who went to see Michael Bay's thrilling war film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Needless to say It outraged me all over again about Bengahzi (the worst 9/11 disaster for this country since 9/11) and its subsequent cover-up and lies by a president and secretary of state fearing for their political lives. It's one thing to know what happened that terrible, preventable, deadly night when al Qaida linked terrorists celebrated 9/11 and bin Laden's memory with the killing of Americans, but quite another to experience such a visceral, agonizing, brutally honest reenactment of it. No one who sees this vividly, macho, hard-edged magnificent high-octane film can walk away with the impression that what Ambassador Stevens, his men and the personnel and soldiers at the "secret" CIA annex endured for 13 hours was an unplanned, impromptu, spontaneous attack inspired by a video mocking the violent, mass murdering, terrorist prophet Mohammed-who had he been alive would have praised the al-Qaida attackers on both 9/11s and blessed them for their deeds.

Yet in another way last night was very special to me as it was the anniversary of my dear mother's birthday. Had she been alive she would be 90 years old, and would have been with me and my 92-year-old dad at the film. My mother, by the way, hated hateful Hillary who in one breath accepted responsibility for Benghazi then in another cynically and irresponsibly lied to the parents of the victims and the public that an utterly stupid video was its underlying cause (when no one in Libya seemed to know of its existence). Ironically, with all ill-will that my mother felt for Hillary (and her husband) she had certain things in common with her: 1. Hillary and my mother were born in Chicago; 2. like Hillary my mother came to live in New York State; and 3. very strangely when my mother died of heart failure at age 79 it fell squarely on October 26, 2005-Hillary Clinton's 58th birthday*.
*Hillary was born October 26, 1947.
Now is it possible that my Hillary hating mom dying when she did and "13 Days" opening on her 90th birthday are ominous signs (two of many I've written about) of Hillary's fate in November? (Or before then due to an expanded FBI investigation into her emails that could end her White House run?) Of course I have no way of knowing. But I have discovered several fascinating coincidences which perhaps in some strange way indicate that Hillary will not be the next US president. This is what I've found.
As I said above on October 26, 2005 when my mother died Hillary turned 58 years old. Now 58 is a factor of the number 1972 (34x). Now you may recall that 1972 was the election year where Democrat George McGovern lost to incumbent Richard Nixon in a crushing 49 state landslide defeat. You may also recall that Bill and Hillary were active in that campaign working as volunteers for the McGovern organization in Texas. Now here is where it gets profound: when McGovern died on October 21, 2012 (between Benghazi and Election Day) he was laid to rest five days later on Hillary's 65th birthday. Now could it be that my Clinton hating mom dying on Hillary's 58th birthday (a number which is a factor of 1972 giving us the year when McGovern lost his presidential race), and loser McGovern being put to rest on Hillary's 65th birthday (see), are signs foreshadowing a McGovern like outcome for Hillary should she become the Democrat nominee? 
Moreover, George McGovern (born July 19, 1922) was 90 years old when he died. 90 seems significant in that it's a multiple of 45 (2x) the number of the next president. Indeed, McGovern dying when he did during a presidential campaign five weeks after Benghazi at age 90, and put to rest on the meaningful day of Hillary's 65th birthday doesn't at all seem very auspicious for Hillary's 2016 fortunes. But we shall see.
BTW, when 13 Hours ended and the credits were rolling an audience member with his fist raised high shouted out the following:
Many in the audience (I included) applauded in appreciation of this man's patriotic indignation with some shouting "RIGHT ON!" and "GIVE EM' HELL!" It was a great way to end the evening.



Obama struggling to keep up his faith against the reality of a disastrous presidency.

How many of us who endured last night's crazy, hypocritical, infuriating State of the Union speech felt like the practical, sensible, down to earth Sancho Panza watching the idealistic and delusional Don Quixote making an utter fool and spectacle of himself which he's done countless times. That's how I felt as Obama's impassioned overlong speech boringly unfolded. Indeed,  the speech, as Rush Limbaugh said, "wasn't so much the State of the Union as it was the State of Obama." It's main purpose wasn't so much to boost the morale of an increasing depressed, demoralized, divided and frightened nation with good news for us; the purpose it seems was entirely self-serving: to boost Obama's own morale and spirits for his time remaining in office-which could prove to be the worst and most disastrous of his blundering, ill-fated presidency. It's as though he were telling the nation and world (his political foes, foreign enemies and US allies, all of whom have no respect for him) that no matter how bad things may get in the coming year (due to his policies or not) it's not going to dim, diminish or defeat his blind adolescent Quixotic optimism-his happy unrealistic vision of the world as it should be and will be sometime in the future (provided we're not destroyed by climate change). 
My bubble is unburstable. This can never happen to me. 
It's as though he were saying that he's psychologically ready for any and all eventualities. That he has a secret power to elevate his soul above it all (a psychic trick he learned from Rev. Wright, see). That come what may, if the market crashes thousands of points with trillions lost, if there's a double dip recession undoing his stimulus and millions lose work, or if ISIS succeeds with a daring homeland plot killing hundreds or thousands, Obama's faith will remain unshaken and he'll continue to stay the course.
Indeed, if Russia were to go to war with Turkey (a Nato ally), or China invades Taiwan (a Far East friend), or Iran explodes a nuclear bomb (with help from North Korea) or goes to war with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni States, Obama will be as upbeat, positive and full of faith as he was last night believing everything that's happening is for the best and will work out in the end even if it takes centuries. No matter how bad the tragic events or market downturns that may occur between now and the end of his term Obama will leave office with his utopian faith and leftist mindset perfectly in tact because he never learns. And Sancho Panzas like me (so he believes) will in time come to see that he was right.
Last night our weak-on-terror president (whose policies midwifed ISIS) with the massive 9-10 mentality ("we exaggerate the terrorist threat") ominously started his speech at 9:10 pm and finished 59 minutes later at 10:09 pm (encoded with the number 910). And yesterday was a day of terror in Istanbul where an ISIS suicide bomber struck at the famous Blue Mosque killing 10 German tourists and wounding 15 (more problems for Angela Merkel). And hours before Obama's speech terrorist Iran's Revolutionary Guard commandeered two Navy boats in the Persian Gulf and detained its 10 crew members not setting them free until after Obama completed his speech-just to embarrass him.
But Obama starting his speech at 9:10 waited 42 minutes to bring up the subjects of ISIS and terrorism as if signalling to us that it doesn't have the highest priority with him. But he should take the attack in Istanbul very seriously as a warning of what's likley to come to this country if he lets in Syrian refugees and doesn't tighten security at our borders. For the suicide bomber was from Syria and stole his way into the country through Turkey's porous borders.  


Obama "Regrets" Not Uniting Americans, But Things Are Not As Bad As During Civil War | Video | RealClearPolitics

obama the divider


But unlike FDR at the start of the Great War Obama didn't have a compelling vision or cause to unite us; nor did have any ideas on how to make our union more perfect, productive and strong. He was completely clueless about these things an ignoramus governing and groveling in the dark; and after seven years of "Hope and Change" and blaming everyone and everything for his failures and unrealized dreams America is a more perfect dis-union: a nation in economic, military and geopolitical decline more divided along political, ideological, class, race and gender lines than seven years ago. In fact, things are so bad, and Obama's leadership both here and abroad so feckless, confused and poor, that as Clinton, Sanders and O'Malley said in their last debate the crisis of the "disappearing middle class" has accelerated under him-while the disparity in income between the rich and everyone else has hugely grown.

The Wall Street economy is booming like never before due to a rigged stock market of low-interest rates, massive money printing and record buybacks; while the Main Street economy sputters along at a weak, pathetic less than 2% growth-with consumers under-spending, banks under-lending and businesses under-investing to hire, expand and grow. As this country is now the greatest debtor nation on Earth, with an unsustainable bankrupting debt  equal to GDP, having confidence in the economy and faith in the future isn't easy.

Moreover, on foreign affairs Obama's painfully low rating of 36 percent  reflects what a catastrophe he's been on the world stage-undoing the Pax Americana as it's being replaced by strife, terrorism, chaos, refugees, mass murder and war, with our enemies advancing on all sides to fill the void. So with good reason 65% of us are negative about the country's direction believing we are on the wrong course (see). And with good reason a recent, embarrassing NBC poll had a whopping 73 percent so fed up with Obama that they don't want his successor to be his third term (see)-which is bad news for the Democrat nominee whoever it is. Tonight Obama faces a nation that feels he has failed them, which no amount of happy talk, lies and comparisons to worse times will change. 


The sad face of the sorry state of our weakening union.


 Could it be that El Chapo was Penn's inspiration for Mickey Cohen the ruthless sadistic Jewish gangster in "Gangster Squad"? When  Cohen says ''You heard of Manifest Destiny? That's when you take what you can, when you can...And I'm gonna take it all......" was Penn  thinking of hero drug lord  El Chapo? 
as crazy, crackpot Sean Penn's latest criminal, murdering, drug trafficking Latino folk hero. When Chavez died of a heart attack three years ago a piece of Penn's heart died with him; and since then he's been searching south of the border for another idol to worship. Penn must be devastated over El Chapo's ("Robin Hood's") capture given all the social good that he's done for poverty-stricken Mexicans, and all the bad guys he's killed defending his "business interests." Besides, when you buy meth from El Chapo's cartel you can be sure it's up there with Heisenberg's stuff. 
"Today the people of the United States lost a friend it never knew it had. And poor people around the world lost a champion." - Sean Penn at  Chavez's funneral
The question now is who will Penn replace El Chapo with? Another question is does El Chapo suspect that Penn colluded with Mexican and US authorities in his capture? If so will the drug lord put a $100 million bounty on Penn's head like he did Donald Trump's for his "racist" remarks about illegal criminal Mexican aliens (see)? Has Penn's anti-American leftist stupidity finally caught up with him? How many bullets can he put in his head before he see's the light? Or is he hoplessly brain dead.
Meanwhile, on a happier note, Penn assured Obama that he doesn't miss his gun collection; and Madonna says she loves her ex hubby more than ever. Maybe she can get him to study Kabbalah to kick his bad cigarette habit (see)? 
 Penn smoking it up at the Clinton Crime Foundation. Was he on a mission for the Clintons when he met with El Chapo seeking donations for Hillary's presidential campaign?



US President Barack Obama toasts with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon during a luncheon on the sideline of the 68th United Nations General Assembly at the UN in New York. (AFP/Jewel Samad)The 44th president of the US wants to replace the 1944 born Ban Ki-Moon as UN's Sec. Gen.

Our long time friend Nanna posted a comment yesterday informing me about a report she read substantiating rumors that Barack Obama is dead serious about wanting to succeed Ban Ki-Moon as Secretary General of the United Nations. And the report is real. Obama wanting to stay in the limelight is going for the job big time. And the timing couldn't be more perfect. On December 31st of this year, just 22 days before Obama ends his two term reign of error, stupidity, divisiveness  and weakness as one of America's worst presidents, Moon, considered the UN's worst, weakest and most ineffectual leader yet, is stepping down after two terms of accomplishing nothing for peace: after watching impotently as the Middle East gave birth to ISIS, exploded into sectarian and terrorist violence, and as Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea, wars against Ukraine and intervened militarily in Syria where Bashar Assad and US backed rebels have butchered 250,000 people. In fact, Moon's greatest achievement was in working his butt off getting 195 member nations to sign a climate change agreement considered worthless by unhappy warmunists for cutting carbon emissions in any significant, world saving way.
Nanna also mentioned, and she was right, that Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu is opposing Obama's bid to head the UN and is attempting to muster support among Arab Sunni states to stop him.  And who can blame him? For Obama has been a disaster for Israel and the region failing to stop genocidal, Jew hating Islamonazi Iran from building a nuclear bomb, and emboldening Palestinians to kill Jews in Israel with missiles, jihad car attacks and brutal knifings. Just think about the harm he could do to Israel's security as UN Chief.
But perhaps Obama heading the UN is not such a bad idea. Perhaps in the long run more good than evil could come from it.  As the UN is an abyssmal failure like its predecessor the League of Nations perhaps a blundering, incompetent, feckless fool is what is needed to satisfy anti-UNers like me to finally put that worthless institution out of its lingering misery. So I say help the "world citizen" realize his dream of becoming the make-believe leader of an imaginary world community. I say undo the UN by giving it what this country suffered for eight long terrible years. I say:
 And when someone asks you why remind them that he won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Why shouldn't America's worst nightmare be the UN's? 


If I were an extremely narcissistic radical left-wing nut like Obama with mediocre approval ratings in the last year of my presidency heading a country I've poorly led-where 65% of voters want a different kind of leadership and change of direction (see), who are more focused on the candidates that are vying to replace me because too many of them are sick to death of me, then the biggest challenge of my last year would be competing with them for the national spotlight-the headlines, the excitement, the jeers and cheers. And the most effective way to feed my vanity and pathological craving for continued media and mass attention is by being iconoclastic-doing revolutionary and controversial things. And what could be more attention grabbing than violating the Constitution and lawlessly making laws again causing my opponents to howl and curse and fret with the media rushing to my defense?

Hence, an unlawful executive order redefining what constitutes a "gun seller" and restricting gun sales done with phony tears at White House rallies and televised town hall meetings in the name of public safety, security and saving innocent lives; in the name of protecting women and children from bloodthirsty jihadists and fame hungry psychos by stopping them from getting guns.
 Never mind if my lawless act had been properly legislated years ago, it wouldn't have prevented San Bernardino (where the ISIS inspired killers had pipe bombs) or Sandy Hook, (where the killer used his mother's legally owned guns), or Ft. Hood (where the killer was a Moslem army major). Never mind that my illegal act couldn't have saved a single one of the 53 lives that perished in those crimes. Never mind the Supreme Court will likely strike down my new law as they've done before with my recess appointments. Never mind that most Americans (with their 300 million guns) feel safe on their streets and in their homes and have little interest in gun control.
No, making America safer and saving lives isn't what's important to me now. What's "fiercely urgent" is saving myself from despondancy-from the depressing pain of indifference before I leave office, making sure I'm not forgotten, making sure I'm politically alive and still in the public eye with people thinking of me, talking about me, debating what I've said and done. As long as I'm stealing attention from Hillary, Bernie, Cruz and Trump and staying relevant with the folks that's what truly counts right now. And if at anytime in the coming year there'll be another mass shooting murder (beyond our mostly black inner cities) I'll be there sounding the alarm tearfully issuing another illegal edict to stir up a storm that I'll ride out until the end when I'm a citizen again.
In 2009 Barack Obama entered office an empty suit unfit for command with a winning, charming, infectious, glowing "million dollar" smile. Now with 12 months left to his cataclysmic presidency he's just a sad empty suit with a sunless smile that's lost its shine and isn't worth a dime. Quite frankly I wish this un-American, Constitution shredding POS would die.





Cry baby Obama | Politics | Pinterest

WAAAAAAHH!! Failure of Obamanomics to trigger a rip-roaring, robust, kick-ass recovery and stop the middle class from disappearing.

WAAAAAAHH!! Failure of Obamacare to cover all uninsured Americans and substantially cut insurance premiums and deductibles which are rising and accelerating the decline of the middle class.

WAAAAAHH!! Failure of Dodd-Frank Financial Reform to end too big to fail as big banks grow bigger and small community banks disappear along with the middle class.

WAAAAAHH!! Failure of Quantitative Easing (low-interest rates and massive Fed money printing) to boost the economy of Main Street while Wall Street's economy booms from a rigged historic bull market enriching the top 10%.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to comprehensively reform immigration laws and enforce border security-flood of illegals continues.

WAAAAAHH!! Failure to reform gun control laws and enforce existing laws. Gun industry thrives during Obama years.

obama the great divider


WAAAHH!! Failure to unite America and heal racial divisions-they've gotten worse since Obama took office with race riots, destruction of property, looting of stores and cop killings.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to win the respect of the military-only 15% of active service men and women approve Obama as Commander-in Chief (a historic low).

WAAAAHH!! Failure to keep Democrat control of Congress as GOP makes record gains at state level.

WAAAAAHH!! Failure of climate change hysteria. Since Obama took office humanity has been burning more fossil fuels and emitting more "deadly." heat trapping CO2 than ever before-as the dirty industrialization of the developing third world unstoppably and beneficially roars on lifting millions out of poverty.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to shut down Gitmo-work in progress.

WAAAAHH!! Failure of foreign policy and to live up to Nobel Peace Prize. Regarded as a feckless, blundering, incompetent fool world leaders neither respect, fear, nor trust Obama as the world has become more unstable, dangerous and war-torn since taking office.

WAAAAHH!! Failure of Russian Reset Appeasement: Putin's invasion and annexation of Crimea; his military intervention in Syria killing US backed anti-Assad rebels; his granting Eric Snowdon asylum; his declaring America a threat to Russia's national security-first time since the end of Cold War.

WAAAAHH!! Failure of Appeasement Nuke Deal with Iran. Iran refuses to sign deal as it test fires long-range missiles designed for nuclear warheads, expands its subversive activities across the Middle East and torches Saudi embassy in Tehran resulting in collapse of diplomatic relations with several Gulf Sunni states worsening regional tensions.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to significantly improve America's image in the world. America still loathed as the most hated nation on earth-says ABC News.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to decimate al Qaida as claimed and win the War on Terror.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to contain "JV" ISIS.

WAAAAHH!! Failure of troop surge in Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to ensure a stable, peaceful post-occupation Iraq.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to ensure a stable, peaceful, democratic post-Kaddafy Lybia.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to beef up security of Benghazi consulate after hundreds of requests from its ambassador resulting in his death and that of three other Americans.

WAAAAHH!! Failure to take action against Assad after he crosses red line and uses chemical weapons on civilians.

WAAAAHH!! Failure of Michelle Obama to stir conscience of Boko Harrem to release dozens of kidnapped school girls.

WAAAAHH!! Like Jimmy Carter Obama faces a legacy of ashes, dust and tear in domestic and foreign affairs, and the condemnation of history as one of the worst US presidents ever.  And that is why 73% of the public want the next president to take a different approach to governing, leading and policy making. WAAAAHH!!




Media Jihad: News orgs report SOLELY on Trump mention in terror recruitment video, but CENSORS that Hillary and Black Lives Matter are in it TOO | Atlas Shrugs

: Majority of Americans Think Race Relations Worse Under Obama ...


is being used by Islamic terrorists as a recruitment tool. That is why "Black Lives Matter" is featured in the Al-Shabaab video along with Trump. Al-Shabaab was using Trump to wrongly show that America is anti-Moslem, and Black Lives Matter to wrongly show that we're a racist/white supremacist society-with an out of control police force that's murderously anti-Black. If Trump is a danger to our national security for wanting to temporarily halt the flow of Moslem immigrants into this country then how much more is Obama (and Hillary) a danger for worsening race relations and siding with Black Lives Matter and its deranged victim mentality?



Obama’s “favorite” ally, Turkey’s President Erdogan, cites “Hitler’s Germany” as effective form of government | Atlas Shrugs   

Allah's Willing Executioners: Hitler's Mein Kampf tops bestselling ... 


And by "effective" he means what? The 1000 year Reich that lasted a mere 12 years-with the "effective" fuhrer committing suicide with cyanide? Only a deranged IslamoNazi nut would regard a catastrophically failed totalitarian predatory state that plunged the world into a devastating war killing millions as a model worthy of emulation.

Could a Republican President Come Along and "Re-Write" ObamaCare Ou...\

And that's Obama's "good friend" for you, miserable that he lacks the supreme power of a Hitler, or Iran's IslamoNazi leader Ali Khamenei, to shape Turkey according to his Islamist will. Truth is Obama who wants to transform America into an egalitarian, cradle to grave social justice state hates the checks and balances of the pesky Constitution and feels no differently than Erdogan about his lack of absolute, autocratic power.


showed their anger and frustration after the attacks, Muslims ...


According to ABC News the U.S. under Barack Obama heads the list of the ten most hated countries on earth.



Chris Matthews: Obama Wants To Be A "World Leader" While Trump Just Wants To Focus On America | Video | RealClearPolitics


Barack Hussein Obama, King of the World |



thinks that he's a great world citizen advancing the interests of all mankind as if there were a single united human race collectively living under a world democratic government where all citizens would then be "world citizens." In short, with the world divided into 200 sovereign states with each pursuing its own national interests (unless you hold 200 passports) the idea of "world citizenship" is a complete fiction and fantasy. Obama, like Trump, is the citizen of no other country but the United States whatever be his love for humanity and misguided global intentions like saving the world from putting harmless, plant growing, CO2 into the air. 


When spoken by a believer he is telling Jews, Christians and others who believe in a Supreme Creator God that his understanding of this most exalted Being which comes from the Koran (the highest and most perfect self-revelation of God to man) is the greatest and most perfect that is humanely possible.
Moreover, when shouting "Allahu akbar" the believer is telling infidels that his higher understanding of God makes him greater than them in God's eyes, and wins him the victory of salvation in the after life-of spiritual union or intimacy with God elevating his soul to the highest degree of perfection that is humanely possible. While the spiritually inferior Christian, Jew and others pay the bitter price of eternal damnation for rejecting Islam and settling for an inferior, obsolete, divine revelation.
In sum, the believer says: "Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! My knowledge of Allah makes me greater than any and all unbelievers in this life and the next." I say "Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!  What theological BS."


(not even the esteemed Robert Spencer) is just how historic this event is. For this is the first time since Mohammed's Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem that sharia has been given a pair of wings-unless, of course, the four hijacked planes on 9/11 can be counted as sharia flights.

Some hadiths depict Muhammad touting the medicinal benefits of drinking camel urine. This one also shows him in his full compassionate, merciful glory: “The climate of Medina did not suit some people, so the Prophet ordered them to follow his shepherd, i.e. his camels, and drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they followed the shepherd that is the camels and drank their milk and urine till their bodies became healthy. Then they killed the shepherd and drove away the camels. When the news reached the Prophet he sent some people in their pursuit. When they were brought, he cut their hands and feet and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron.” (Bukhari 9.76.5686 \ 

Robert Spencer writes:
"And so drinking camel urine is just as much a matter of obeying Muhammad (as the Qur’an repeatedly exhorts Muslims to do; see 3:32; 3:132; 4:13; 4:59; 4:69; 4:80; 5:92; 8:1; 8:20; 8:46; 9:71; 24:47; 24:51; 24:52; 24:54; 24:56; 33:33; 47:33; 49:14; 58:13; 64:12) as is waging jihad and subjugating Infidels (see Qur’an 9:29). But this wily shop owner tried cutting costs by using his own product instead, and is now getting his comeuppance."
why then should Moslems be offended when the Koran is placed in urinals by bigots and haters? We have it on the good authority of the Prophet himself (piss be upon him) that "piss" is the Holy Water of Islam. /sarc. 

Puggo wrote in the comment section:


"Islam is a “religion of piss”? You like it when Farrakhan calls Judaism a “gutter religion”?"




I said specifically that the Islam of the warlord-prophet Mohammed (not anyone else’s Islam)-his rapacious, murderous, predatory political faith
(that he used to justify his atrocities and crimes) is a “religion of piss”-
piss poor on ethics and morality. 


As for Judaism being a “gutter religion”? Well, if there were no Judaism they’d be no Islam.




attributed the pause [in on shore major hurricane activity] to Global Warming." And he is right. The uncanny lack of major land hurricanes hitting the US over the years is itself a kind of EXTREME CLIMATE CHANGE EVENT and could therefore by attributable to catastrophic, man-made Global Warming-like everything that's freaky in weather patterns and deviates from what's normal. In other words, if a lack of rainfall causing droughts is attributable to Global Warming then why not a drought in major hurricanes?

< p style="text-align: center;"> 




whatever happened to those snowless northern winters you warned about? And those warm iceless Arctic summers and universal droughts? What became of the deadly rise in extreme weather events that were to devastate Florida and the East Coast with killer hurricanes? And why hasn't Miami joined the fishes with the lost continent of Atlantis? And New York become the Venice of the great Northeast with gondolas replacing taxis ferrying people from street to street? It's no wonder the public is so bored with you guys, you've cried "wolf! wolf! wolf!" way too many times. And after years of doomsday hysteria and billions spent what do you have to show for it? An unenforceable, voluntary, feel good pact of 195 nations to cut carbon emissions-that your godfather James Hansen says can't save us from extinction. But it gets worse. For gleefully at the pump we're living it up buying cheap gas due to a glut-that's foiling your wealth destroying green-the-earth dreams with more expensive solar energy and ugly, bird killing wind machines. So have a merry gas guzzling Christmas, and a warm El Niño New Year-that is useless for spreading your end time fears. We deniers are winning.  Alarming, isn't it? The end of your movement is near.

scared Office for Science & Society 



... Quote Perfectly Describes Libertarians' Skeptical of Climate Change

The following is absolutely certain to happen:

A) Global temperatures will remain flat, or

B) Global temperatures will rise, or

C) Global temperatures will fall.

D) Whatever happens (either A, B or C) is beyond man's powers to control

as the climate is a puzzle with 10,000 moving parts at

which man either plays an infinitesimal 

part, or none at all.





Predictably, quite a few libs commenting on Media Matters found my predictions on climate change ridiculous and engaged me in debate. What follows are two of those debates:

Anti-science cult member "ApolloSpeaks", hilariously thinks 97% of the world's climate scientists, are part of a worldwide conspiracy.



There hasn't been climate change for 20 years; and not one single scientist or human being on this planet knows how long the "pause" will last or which way the climate will go when it ends. 



Ah yes, the widely debunked 'pause' theory commonly cited by climate denier cultists, originating from clowns like Tim Ball and Bob Carter. This false conclusion comes from cherry picking peaks and valleys. Legitimate climate scientists know that trends can only be discerned by looking at ALL the climate data, including events like El Nino. And this data of course shows the earth has been warming both before and since 1998, with no sign of slowing.


The UK Met Office and UN's IPCC say there's been zero increase in global temps for 20 years. The NOAA after agreeing there was a pause have suddenly reversed themselves (most likely under pressure from Obama) and now say the opposite: there's been none. How do you explain the discrepancy between Met Office/IPCC data and NOAA data? In reading global temps what is NOAA doing that Met Office and IPCC aren't doing and (to their credit) refusing to do and go along with? It's NOAA's unorthodox, smoke and mirrors approach to gathering sea temperature data then using it to inflate global temps going back 20 years and more-applying it retroactively to show that there's been no pause and that temperatures have been rising. NOAA's (Obama driven?) dataset trickery is exposed and soundly debunked here


FDRliberal  ApolloSpeaks   

The UK Met Office? So you agree with UK Met Director Stephen Belcher who readily acknowledges the reality of global warming? Congratulations on leaving the anti-science cult.


    The Guardian (Nov. 2015):

    World's climate about to enter 'uncharted territory' as it passes 1C of warming

    Global warming milestone is one of three climate records set to be broken in 2015, says UK Met Office

    Climate change is set to pass the milestone of 1C of warming since pre-industrial times by the end of 2015, representing “uncharted territory” according to scientists at the UK’s Met Office.

    2015 is also set to be the hottest on record, as the temperatures are so far beating past records “by a country mile”, they said. The World Meteorological Organization further announced on Monday that 2016 would be the first year in which the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is over 400ppm on average, due to the continued burning of fossil fuels.

    ...“This is the first time we’re set to reach the 1C marker and it’s clear that it is human influence driving our modern climate into uncharted territory,” said Stephen Belcher, director of the Met Office’s Hadley Centre, said. “We have passed the halfway mark to the 2C target.”
    ApolloSpeaks     FDRliberal

Thanks for the quote. It's another arrow for my anti-AGW doomsday quiver. "Uncharted territory" meaning venturing into the unknown. Meaning there is no certainty what will happen or where things will go. Meaning those making predictions of a man-made global (we are all doomed) catastrophe are pseudo-scientific charlatans playing at being Gaia-inspired prophets.

Welcome to the 20 year "pause" club.




Lol. Sorry cultist, but the UK Met Office specifically states that temperatures are going up and the quote and link are there for all to see.

I have just shown that even guys you quote, agree global warming is real. It's been fun besting you, but I expected a little more competition.



Any way you cut it "uncharted" can't mean "specific." What can't be mapped can't be known. When Columbus sailed the ocean blue it was in uncharted waters, and he couldn't predict what would happen. And what did happen was entirely unexpected. Same with human carbon emissions. Predictions are useless as we've learned from 20 years of zero global warming despite increasing emissions.

Empirical science deals with empirical fact-what can be observed in the here and now before our eyes. Predictions aren't science. The future isn't fact until we get there-until it's the observable here and now. Try again.





Please explain why NASA and NOAH stated that the ten hottest global years on record all occurred after 1998.



The record shows we have a long ways to go to match the global warming of the Medieval Warm period, no?