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Pope Francis says Christians should apologize to gay people -

 Pope Francis silently praying with gay-hating Moslem clerics toward Mecca the anti-gay capital of the world.

So now we have the mentally deranged progressive leftist head of the once high and holy Roman Catholic Church (no longer the bulwark of Judeo-Christian values) apologizing for the Church's past treatment of gays and futily begging them for forgiveness. Why is it futile? Because most homosexuals will treat this as not going far enough, and remain hostile to the Church until ending its prohibition on same-sex marriage the pope himself officiates a gay wedding at the Vatican.  

After Latino Pope Francis sees religion of peace Islam killing dozens of Latino gays in Orlando he begs gays to forgive the Church  for past mistreatment instead of begging Islam to stop killing and persecuting gays. Today the greatest threat to gays comes from Islam, not Christianity. The Orlando gay massacre was emblematic of that.

But the Church's first Latino pope giving this apology 15 days after dozens of gay Latino men were killed by a gay Moslem jihadist can't be a coincidence. The pope was undoubtedly moved to compassion by the event which is why he made his statement. But in light of Orlando perhaps Francis should issue a second apology to gays for saying that "Islam is a religion of peace," and  for what he did two years ago when visiting Islamist Turkey. For while at a mosque in Istanbul Francis closed his eyes and silently prayed to God. That wouldn't have been so bad except that with the Moslem clerics who were present Francis was facing toward Mecca as if he were a Moslem worshipper. Now that's MECCA as in the ANTI-GAY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. For Mecca is the holiest city in Islam (the most anti-gay religion in the world); and it's located in Saudi Arabia perhaps the most anti-gay country in the world where homosexuality is considered a crime against God and nature, and gays are flogged, tortured, castrated and jailed, and legally killed in vigilante violence. In other words, in Mecca and across Saudi Arabia Moslems have the right and license to kill gays: to beat, stone or torture them to death with absolute impunity and the blessings of the faith (see).

Now Francis issuing an apology for the Church's past mistreatment of gays in wake of the Orlando shooting and after praying toward Mecca where they're brutally mistreated (like the Church did in the Middle Ages) is utter extreme hypocrisy. If Francis means what he says then  he must  denounce Islam as a religion of war against gays, and apologize that his prayer toward Mecca was a big moral mistake.

Moslems who denounce Islam's brutal treatment of gays must cease praying toward Mecca where anti-gay violence carried out in Allah's name (since Mohammed's day) is the law of the land.


Right-Wing Media Use The Worst Anti-LGBT Massacre In American History To Lecture The LGBT Community-MediaMatters


to ramp up the immigration of LGBT-hating Moslems from Syria-one of the very worst oppressor nations of homosexuals (see). Worse still Obama has reduced the vetting process of these ISIS infiltrated refugees from 18-24 months to just three months. This is to speed up the time to settle as many refugees as possible before Obama leaves office. Why the rush? To impress the UN and show them what a fine job he's done; for he apparently has hopes of becoming its Secretary General when he leaves office. In other words, Obama's Syrian refugee policy is entirely self-serving putting his post-presidential ambitions above the safety and security of the American people. Tell me this isn't recklessly irresponsible and insane? Tell me Obama doesn't deserve to die at the hands of Islamic terrorists for putting Americans at such risk.

 BTW, if Obama could win the Nobel Peace Prize nine months into his presidency with no record as a peacemaker then it's very likely he'll be the next UN chief after making a terrible mess of the world; afterall, his heart was in the right place.


Trump Claims Obama Supports Terrorists, Echoing Breitbart’s Debunked Talking Point · Media Matters  




of Islamo-nazi Khomenist Iran and lied to the American people that it's leaders were "moderate" and "peaceful" while aiding and abetting the Assad regime in the mass slaughter of Syrians How shameful!

BTW, Obama blatantly lied that he shut down every one of Iran's pathways to building the bomb. What he doesn't want you to know is that Iran has an OFFSHORE pathway for going nuclear with one of its terrorist allies. Read the following and see for yourself




Well, it’s about time someone pointed out the elephant in the room. No real religion calls for the kind of violence, terrorism, hatred, and inhumanity that Islam represents and therefore should lose its official designation as a religion in the civilized world. Not surprisingly, designated terrorist group CAIR wants to “re-educate” this lawmaker.


So why should any other nations with hostile Moslem populations? 



Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion restrictions | TheHill  


and gushing with joy said that this court ruling was a victory for women's rights. REALLY? Was it a victory for unborn female children and their God-given right to life?

It’s Not Just Trump Fans; His Media Supporters Also Call Clinton A “Bitch-"MediaMatters


I'd call Hillary a b*tch all day long.\sarc


Wow that was both incoherent and lame



I know. Hillary is such an ineffective weakling only a lame brain would fear a whack from her powerless broom.





Forget about Donald Trump and his one year old white supremacist, anti-Moslem, "Mexicans are murders and rapists" presidential campaign. America's extreme racism and Islamophobia are much older than Trump's run. They go back deep into our past and are, as   Barack Obama said "Part of our national DNA." Proof that we're supremely racist, Islamophobic and worse is that we've made a black man with Moslem family roots and a Middle Eastern name the most powerful black man in human history./sarc








 Since late May crony, crooked, incompetent Hillary (left) and Princess Lizzie Ticklefeather (right) have been blasting Donald Trump as a heartless cut throat businessman for saying in 2006 that if the housing market should crash he'd make a fortune. Though Trump won't disclose how much a profited he nevertheless owes every cent of it to Bill Clinton whose reckless affordable housing program for the poor underlied the crash.  A great controversy stirring campaign tactic would be for Trump to publicly thank Bill for the crash that added to his wealth.
The credit/housing crash of 2008 that wiped out trillions in wealth for millions of Americans and nearly collapsed our financial system and caused a depression had many moving parts. But the prime mover of the crisis (the fountainhead and ultimate source) who set it in motion was Bill Clinton and his Government/Wall Street Housing Partnership to revitalize the flat housing market he inherited from George H. W. Bush.
Behold the great bubble maker who made Trump richer from the housing crash.
Called the National Homeownership Strategy (see) Clinton sort to quickly and dramatically boost the national home ownership rate from 63% to an astonishing historic 70% in just a few short years. Hoping to reach his ambitious goal by the end of his second term (and go down in history as the Great Home Ownership President) Clinton targeted millions of low-income families who dreamed of being home owners  but couldn't qualify or afford mortgages for lack of good credit or income and savings. So compassionate, big-hearted Bill feeling their pain of wanting the American dream of home ownership but couldn't afford it decided to launch a new economic and financial social justice revolution: to instantaneously lift millions of low-income families out of poverty and into the middle class. It was Clinton's version of the War on Poverty by other means; instead of government handouts and growing the welfare state (which he reformed) costing tax payers billions banks and mortgage firms would issue millions of risky loans to poor folks giving them a short cut to the middle class and American dream; and for many years it worked like a dream, until it predictably became a national    nightmare.
Indeed, Clinton with help from government sponsored mortgage firms (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made mortgages affordable to the poor on a massive scale by democratizing credit and treating them as if they were creditworthy 700 FICA score borrowers: with little or nothing down and a small fee to the lender and wallah, a subprime mortgage for $100,000 plus homes would be theirs (see and see). It was only fair thought progressive compassionate Bill that they should be treated like richer folks; for  
 like most liberals believe all human beings (rich, poor, in between)   have an equal right to home ownership. Now with Fannie and Freddie (headed by compassionate, caring, bleeding heart libs like Bill) massively buying and backing these loans from banks and mortgage firms (removing the risk and hazard of issuing them) Bill Clinton nearly reached his goal making him the greatest HOUSING BUBBLE KING of all. Indeed, when his presidency ended in 2001 the gigantic doomed to burst housing bubble (the homeownership rate) was at 68%-up 5 points when he took office in 93. No wonder the economy was surging during the Clinton years; and despite Monicagate and all the lies Bill left office flying high with a 66% approval rating-just beating Ronald Reagan.
From 1993 to 2006 the home ownership bubble grew from 63% to 69%-5% under Clinton 1% under Bush. This means that Clinton owned 5/6ths of the bubble-the majority of it. 
Indeed, as Bill Clinton brags and boasts today (and Hillary is always reminding us) the country greatly prospered during the 90s, and especially the nation's poor as 7.7 million of them were lifted out of poverty-a historic achievement by any measure. But Clinton avoids like death mentioning his secret on how he achieved such astounding  success: his Affordable Housing Program where recklessly discarding decades of safe, traditional, time-tested lending practices he subprime loaned his way to a housing boom that continued under a desperate, struggling George Bush (he saw a possible crash ahead and tried to prevent it, see) reaching 69% in 2006. Then the tide in home sales declined and two years later disaster struck as the Clinton/Bush bubble went bust with millions losing trillions in wealth and sinking into poverty reversing all the gains of the Clinton/Bush years. Indeed, millions of  people defaulted on their loans and many of the 7.7 million lost their homes along with their middle class rank.
That part of the story the Clintons don't want you to know because Bill's blind, reckless, stupid liberal ambition (his feel your pain compassion to end poverty, share wealth and leave office with a booming economy using risky subprime loans) nearly wrecked the economy for all.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Bill Clinton was one of its most foolish travelers. Let the truth be known.
Hillary who tried and failed to reset US foreign policy (making it worse with her weak and feckless leadership and bad decisions) now promises to reset America after the disaster of the Obama years by continuing his failed policies.
And now with an anemic economy almost flat on its back of under 2% growth, and a disappearing middle class (which accelerated under Obama) Bill Clinton and the Mrs. want to return to the White House using him as her economic czar in charge of revitalizing the economy. God help us all if she beats out Trump this fall. For who knows what crazy reckless screwball schemes Clinton will dream up again.


It looks like my theory about gay Moslem mass murderer Omar Mateen (which I wrote about  HERE) might very well be factually true. An alleged gay lover of Mateen's who calls himelf Miguel has anonymously come forward telling the FBI and Univision that the derranged jihadist was out for revenge against gays when he murdered 49 people and injured 53 at a gay bar in Orlando. I had surmised, and rightly it seems, that Omar's experience with gay sex had turned very ugly deeply wounding him emotionally; and this I believed is what triggered his murderous rampage fueled and reinforced by his Islamic faith.
Omar Mateem killed gays for revenge and his personal salvation.
And sure enough the mysterious Miguel told Univision that after Omar foolishly and recklessly had unprotected sex with two Hispanic men one of them freaked him out and made him unhinged  by telling him he was HIV positive. And everything went down hill from there. After many years of  trying and failing to find true love and happiness in gay relationships it had all come to naught. Believing after so many disappointments that he might be infected with deadly AIDS by an irresponsible and dangerous gay who treated him like worthless dirt (a mere sexual receptical for his sinful lusts) a dehumanized Omar "felt rejected and used by them,"  Miguel told Univision. That was it. That one last bad experience (perhaps the worst as there were surely others) was the last straw for Omar; he had had it with homosexuals and gay bars. Not only did this depravity prove a dead-end for finding happiness in life, it was now like deadly poison to him and something to be expunged. Indeed, when Miguel asked his depressed, disillusioned and angry friend what he was going to do Omar ominously replied, "I'm going to make them pay for what they did to me." Omar was out for blood and wanted revenge; and thus was born the anti-gay jihadist driven by rage and the need for redemption to kill and hurt as many gays possible.
al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152 – [Muhammad said] “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot [sodomites], kill the doer who does it and the receiver to whom it is done.”
 As being gay turned into a punishing experience and living hell for him Omar's upbringing in the Moslem faith came into play. Recalling what he'd heard and learned from his radical Moslem gay-hating dad, and from anti-gay imams in his schools and mosques, he must have become deeply guilty and aggrieved that he ignored what he'd heard as they were warnings of what he'd suffer. For he heard from the Prophet Mohammed (God's ultimate messenger of truth) that homosexuality was a cardinal sin and major offense against Allah (a heterosexual god who in Arab lore had fathered three daughters with a goddess); he also heard that gays were barred from heaven being exclusively a place for heterosexual men and women; and that Allah's reward for virtuous Moslem men was an eternity of bliss with dozens of radiant voluptuous never aging virgins giving them pleasure. Recalling these things Omar the miserable depraved sick sinning gay (this is what Islam told him he was) understood that heaven was closed to him upon death.
Islamic heaven is heterosexual.
Indeed, it meant that the hell he was suffering from his sexually deviant life was prelude to infinitely worse in the after life. Omar had defiled himself with ungodly sex; and if he failed to make amends and do what's right his immortal soul would be lost in hell forever in unendurable torment.
and "martyrs.... Enter heaven.." - Surah 3:140-43
Indeed, wanting to save himself from a terrible fate Omar desired to become what Islam demanded that he be: a good, straight Moslem man and atone for his sins earning Allah's love, forgiveness and grace; and redeeming oneself in the faith could be done one of two ways: Omar could stop being gay and simply go straight and live a righteous life devoting himself to his wife and child leaving his sins in the past. But overcoming such sins requires great will power, courage and moral strength which Omar unfortunately seems to have lacked. As he couldn't control his sexual urges no matter how hard he tried (going to mosque three or four times a week, praying to Allah for guidance and strength) Omar came to believe that the conventional Islam of ritual worship wasn't the answer or path; and the only alternative left to him-the only way out to make peace with God and conquer his sins-was violent murderous HOLY JIHAD. Going the way of  ISIS, al Qaida, the Taliban and others (who were killing infidel sinners the world over) Omar would became a warrior for Allah killing gays for his salvation.
As homosexuality in Islam is a grievous, soul-damning sin punishable by death (in all 57 Moslem states gays are oppressed) Omar would redeem and fix his damaged soul by becoming Allah's sword in slaying homosexuals. By killing gays en masse and martyring himself he'd kill forever the gay sinner inside him. Indeed, freeing his soul from sin and  purging it clean of the past Omar would rise from the ashes of his death reborn a pure, good, holy heterosexual Moslem man. And Allah proud of what he'd done in his name and for his fame Omar would enter paradise rewarded with the gift of endless carnal bliss as promised in the Koran.
My prediction that the Baltimore Six would be aquitted like George Zimmerman





An angry John McCain running for reelection in Arizona accused President Obama's premature, reckless, unnecessary withdrawal of US troops from Iraq of midwifing (giving birth to) the radical terrorist Islamic State that gay Moslem killer Omar Mateen swore allegiance to before he martyred himself to death. McCain's exact words were:
"Barack Obama is directly responsible for it [Orlando shooting], because when he pulled everybody out of Iraq, al-Qaida went to Syria, became ISIS, and ISIS is what it is today thanks to Barack Obama's failures, utter failures, by pulling everybody out of Iraq... 

So the responsibility for it lies with President Obama and his failed policies."

Though McCain was to later clarify his statement saying that "Obama's security policies and not him personality was responsible for Orlando (see)" nevertheless McCain on both occasions was disingenuously and self-servingly speaking a half truth. Indeed, the full inconvenient truth which he doesn't want you to know and could hurt is reelection to a fifth term in the Senate is summed up in the following precise demonstrable equation:


Indeed (as I explain HERE and HERE), remove from the equation the disastrous Obama/Clinton decision to intervene militarily in Libya (with a NO FLY ZONE and bombings to assist Libyan rebels in defeating Kaddafy) and the Syrian rebels certain that Obama and NATO would intervene on their behalf wouldn't have risen up against Assad with such destructive and murderous ferocity. In other words, if Obama's Libyan (and Egyptian*) policies hadn't turned relatively peaceful protests for democratic reform into an armed insurrection to topple Assad Syria would be very much at peace today with no massive displacement of Syrians creating a refugee crisis-and very real and deadly threats of refugee terrorism in America and the West.

*Obama's desertion of long time friend and US ally Hosni Mubarak for the radical Moslem Brotherhood then desertion of US ally Kaddafy for Libyan rebels emboldened anti-Baathist forces in Syria to arm and rise up against the anti-US Assad regime


But what hypocritical John McCain doesn't want you to know, or hopes you've forgotten, is that he (and`Lindsey Graham) was gung-ho for regime change in Libya and deposing Kaddafy. As Rand Paul said in his blistering critique McCain (and Graham) supported the Obama/Clinton Libyan War to the hilt; and then representing the anti-Assad rebels, which included al-Qaida (later to become ISIS), he and Graham urged Obama to replicate in Syria what he did in Libya: set up a NO FLY ZONE and bomb Assad to weaken his regime in his war against the rebels. But Obama disappointing the rebels who were certain of US intervention because of Assad's atrocities (which they provoked and committed themselves) would do no such thing*. They were deceived. With Obama wanting a nuke deal with Assad's allies in Iran there was no way he was going to chance jeopardizing that by bringing down Assad; or worse still risk getting into a military conflict with pro-Assad Putin in Russia.

*It was shortly after Obama ominously announced on March 19, 2011 (the eighth anniversary of the Iraq War) that the US and NATO would intervene in Libya  and set up a No Fly Zone that anti-Assad violence broke out in Syria with the burning down of Baath Party headquarters in the city of Daraa  (see and see). 

The sad truth is this: when Obama and Clinton took office there was no ISIS caliphate; and it would have stayed that way had they not gone to war against Kaddafy in Libya; and Obama had used the tremendous leverage he had of $BILLIONS in Iraq Reconstruction Funds to keep US troops in Iraq on US terms (as Leon Panetta said he could have done if he had the will, see). The terrible truth is this: Obama and Clinton were the unwitting parents (father and mother) of evil, murdering, terrorist ISIS; and John McCain to a lesser degree was complicit in its horrible birth (on the Syrian side). And in this way,  by the law of unintended consequences, Obama, Hillary and McCain were indirectly (not directly or personally) responsible for the 49 dead victims of the ISIS inspired Orlando gay nightclub massacre-the worst Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11-almost certainly anticipating worse horrors to come. I think most of you would agree with me when I say that with Obama retiring in January it's time for John McCain to call it quits and join him.










  In a video posted on Facebook early this morning, Seddique Mateen (pictured) said his 29-year-old son, Omar Mateen, shouldn¿t have gone on the killing spree because ¿God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality¿

The lying pro-Taliban father of gay mass murderer Omar Mateen tried to hide his son's radicalization and homosexuality.

Shortly after mass murdering gay jihadist Omar Mateen martyred himself while killing 49 mostly gay Americans at Pulse nightclub in Orlando his father Seddique (a radical pro-Taliban Islamist) told NBC News that his son wasn't a radical Moslem; and that contrary to reports that he was gay he actually hated gays to the point of being enraged by them; and that his murderous anti-gay rampage was triggered by the sight of two gay men kissing (see). 
But subsequently we learned that this wasn't true. For not only did Omar swear allegiance to ISIS, but he was no stranger to seeing gay men hug and kiss as he'd been a patron at the Pulse for many years where that's normally done. In other words, the father blatantly lied obviously to cover up the truth about his son's homosexuality. Why? The most likely reason is that being a devote Moslem who lived by the Koran Seddique was ashamed that Omar was gay-a grievous sin in Islam punishable by death.
al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152 – [Muhammad said] “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot [sodomites], kill the doer who does it and the receiver to whom it is done.”
Indeed, Seddique didn't want the truth be known that like weak permissive infidel parents he failed in his duty as a Moslem dad and tolerated Omar's damning, Allah-hating      soul destroying sins; for Islamic law gave him the right and obligation to severely punish him: to beat the homosexuality out of him if reason failed, or even kill him if necessary (allowed by Islamic law) as he was   dishonoring and disgracing his family and Islam. In short, by making his son seem violently anti-gay Seddique was trying to save face with his pro-Taliban family, friends, peers and contacts abroad; and with the vast majority of Moslems worldwide who are strongly anti-gay*. That is the most likely explanation for the lie. But there could be something deeper and more sinister that Seddique was trying to hide: that he or a relative or family friend had a hand in corrupting his son and making him gay.
*Gays are oppressed and discriminated against in all 57 Moslem states (see).
Afghan boy with child abusing pederast.
This theory is not far-fetched. For the Mateens came here in the 1980s as refugees from Afghanistan to escape the brutal war there. But they didn't come alone. They arrived with a group of relatives, friends and acquaintances bringing with them their Afghan values, customs and ideas. But one of those customs (perhaps the worst) was the cultural practice of "bacha bazi" Persian for "boy play," or what we call pederasty: the sexual abuse of young boys (see). Given that this ancient perverse practice is widespread in Afghanistan it is probable that Omar was its victim as a child here in the States; that abused by his father or an uncle or a family friend he was used as a boy toy (sexual play thing) and suffered deep psychological scars. Indeed, Omar's conflicting homosexuality and horrific jihad strike against gays could have ultimately been rooted in bacha bazi, his sexual abuse as a kid.
According to Islamic law (the words of the Prophet Mohammed) for the purification of the soul from the damning sin of homosexuality Mateen in mass slaughtering gays as a blood sacrifice to Allah did exactly the right thing.
What is perfectly clear however is that Omar failed to find happiness in his gay relations (as he failed to find it in his marriage) and quite possibly was deeply and emotionally wounded by the experience. Perhaps his last gay relationship was so painful and horribly bad that it sent him over the edge into an anti-gay rage that drove him to his evil deed.
 The Islamic Center of Fort Pierce in Fort Pierce Florida
 Omar Mateen's mosque in Ft. Pierce where he prayed up to four times a week.
What is also clear is that before he turned violent Omar was trying to peacefully find redemption on the ritual side of Islam. Becoming more religious than he'd ever been Omar's imam said that he was attending mosque three to four times a week praying ardently trying to be a good Moslem and get right with God (see). But apparently it didn't work. Hard as he prayed and humbled himself before Allah, begging him for a sign of forgiveness and grace, nothing happened, nothing came-Allah seemed unresponsive ignoring his pleas and Omar grew frustrated, desperate and enraged.
Indeed, the happiness he missed in gay sex he couldn't find in normative, conventional, mainstream Islam either. Try as he may he couldn't remove the sense of guilt and shame he incurred from defiling himself with sexual acts that brought him grief and were forbidden by his faith. Omar must have come to believe that Allah was profoundly unhappy with him; and finding the way to change that and earn his saving love and grace became a spiritual obsession driving him to dangerous extremes. And thus was born the deadliest American Moslem jihadist in history.
Indeed, unable to find redemption in his mosque Omar turned to unconventional means: to savage bloody murderous jihad (as taught by ISIS, al Awlaki, al-Qaida and    the Taliban) as a last resort and hope to save his hell bound soul. With prefect fanatical faith he believed that jihad was the answer and only path for him; that martyring himself for the faith while killing dozens of sexual sinners like himself (as a blood sacrifice to Allah) would kill the sin inside him, atone for his past and purify his soul making it acceptable to God-and earning him the gift and blessing of paradise. And the more gays he killed the greater the reward, as each life taken would please God the more.  And when his bloody deed was done 49 innocents lie dead making it the deadliest jihadist attack since 9/11. And Omar's soul where is it now? In torment for his horrific crime more lost, wretched and damned than ever.


al-Tirmidhi, Sunan 1:152 – [Muhammad said] “Whoever is found conducting himself in the manner of the people of Lot [sodomites], kill the doer who does it and the receiver to whom it is done.”



In most of the world's 57 Moslem states homosexuality is officially regarded as a crime against God and nature and is legally punishable by imprisonment, torture, mutilation or death. The one big exception though is Turkey where same sex sexual activity has been legally protected and tolerated for more than a 150 years (see postscript below). Turkish gays, lesbians and bisexuals, however, can be legally discriminated against and denied housing, employment and any goods and services based on their sexual orientation. Moreover, harassment and violence against LGBT folks is growing in Turkey as the country becomes increasingly re-Islamized under Islamist President Erdogen (see). In other words, in Turkey if you're gay and want to survive it's best to be very discreet and hide your shame.



  Indeed, repression, violence and economic discrimination against homosexuals in Moslem countries is not radical extremist fundamentalist Islam (a distortion, perversion or hijacking of the faith) like Obama, Clinton and liberals want us to believe; far from it, the "Religion of Peace" and its war against gays is normative, moderate, traditional, common, mainstream everyday Islam based on the words and deeds of the Prophet Mohammed as cited in the above Hadith where he condemns them to death. And practically every Moslem immigrant in this country (like Omar Mateen's homosexual hating dad) comes here with an anti-homosexual mindset: a deep pitiless ingrained cultural hatred and loathing of homosexuals that, inspired by the Prophet's words, could become horribly violent and deadly. Indeed, everyone of Omar Mateen's 49 mostly gay victims (killed for the glory of Allah and Islam) would have suffered death or imprisonment (where few return alive) in war-torn Afghanistan where his pro-Taliban parents came from (see).


 Gay teen stoned to death in Somalia.

 Indeed, moderate Islam = the repression and punishment of homosexuals by either imprisonment (long jail terms), death (by the state or unprosecuted vigilantes) or social and economic discrimination (housing, employment, military service etc). How then is opening the floodgates of Moslem immigration like Obama, Clinton and Dems want to do (especially from Syria one of the world's worst anti-gay states, see) good for the safety, security and well-being of the LGBT Donald Trump says? 



If libs and LGBT people think it's bad enough that there are tens and millions of anti-homosexual Americans (Christians, Jews and social conservatives like myself) who want to roll back gay marriage and other LGTB gains why would they want to increase their numbers with more homo hating Moslems from abroad? How does that serve their interests and advance their cause? What happened in Orlando should be a rousing wake up call to the LGBT community.  What would serve them (and every unbeliever in this country) is Donald Trump in the White House preëmptively keeping out Moslems like the Mateens.




(especially from Syria)(





Ripped off from BareNakedIslam





Since posting this piece it has come to my attention that consensual same sex love is legally protected in two other Moslem countries: Indonesia and the Palestinian territories (not really a country). However, unlike Turkey where unnatural sexual acts are protected for all Turks everywhere this is not the case in Indonesia and the Pali territories; in the later legal protection only applies to gays living in the West Bank, not in Hamas controlled Islamist Gaza. In Indonesia gay and lesbian sex is criminalized in the provinces of Aceh and South Sumatra but nowhere else. But as in Turkey economic and housing discrimination against gays is perfectly legal throughout Indonesia and the Pali territories.






Gay Muslim: Islam is no religion of peace-JIhad Watch



Parvez Sharma

As Islam is at war with gays like no religion on earth today why does this gay man stay in the faith knowing how evil it is for his kind with no hope of a reformation for some time to come?




Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet (peace be upon him) cursed effeminate men (those men who are in the similitude (assume the manners of women) and those women who assume the manners of men, and he said, “Turn them out of your houses.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) turned out such-and-such man, and ‘Umar turned out such-and-such woman.
Sahih Al-Bukhari – Book 72 Hadith 774

Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If you find anyone doing as Lot’s people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done.
Sunan of Abu-Dawood – Book 38 Hadith 4447

Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: If a man who is not married is seized committing sodomy, he will be stoned to death.
Sunan of Abu-Dawood – Book 38 Hadith 4448

Narrated AbuSa’id al-Khudri: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: A man should not look at the private parts of another man, and a woman should not look at the private parts of another woman. A man should not lie with another man without wearing lower garment under one cover; and a woman should not be lie with another woman without wearing lower garment under one cover.
Sunan of Abu-Dawood – Book 31 Hadith 4007

Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin: Ibn AbuMulaykah told that when someone remarked to Aisha that a woman was wearing sandals, she replied: The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) cursed mannish women.
Sunan of Abu-Dawood – Book 32 Hadith 4088

Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah: Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said, “The thing I fear most for my people is what Lot’s people did.”
Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah transmitted it.
Al-Tirmidhi – Hadith 35







Orlando Gunman’s Father Says Son Got Angry After Seeing Men Kissing | Mediaite 


Like Moslem Gay-hating father like Moslem Gay-hating son. The father fantasized about punishing and killing Gays. The son turned those fantasies into reality.

Homosexuals hanging out at a Gay nightclub in downtown Tehran./sarc.



Religion of Peace Moslems in Raqqa, Syria wanting to see if this  
sharia court condemned homosexual was a fairy who'd sprout wings and fly (this is why they  throw them from roof tops). Of course he remained wingless as he fell screaming to his horrible undeserved  death.


Do they not understand that unlike Judaism and Christianity Islam hasn't undergone an evolutionary liberal reformation? And that increasing the number of Moslems in this country puts Gays and LGBT people at greater risk of being killed or injured in other homophobic/anti-LGBT mass murder terrorist attacks?



This murderous Gay hating Religion of Peace Sufi Moslem cleric (revered throughout the Sunni Middle East) is a popular TV personality with a show on Al-Jazeera watched by millions. Qaradawi who dreams of martyring himself while shooting Jews to death in Jerusalem was chosen by the Obama administration to mediate peace talks between the US and Gay killing Taliban (see and see). 



 Genocidal anti-Gay jihad (the purging and eradication of homosexuality from society) is practiced in most of the world's 57 Moslem states. 



Gee, it is the Christian Right that has blocked civil rights and protections for LGBT folks. Are you unaware of American Christian Churches promoting LGBT Death in other countries? For example, Rick Warren and Uganda, Scott Lively and Uganda, etc. Jerry Falwell blamed 9/11 on gays amongst others. Pat Robertson blames pretty much anything he doesn't like on LGBTs. And lets not forget the wonderful bathroom laws being passed by Christian family values politicians. Let's not forget all the hate crimes committed right here in the U.S. by Christians against LGBTs, a simple search will show you an extensive list. So I would theorize that American Christianity is Profoundly Anti-homosexual.






Gay pride parade in Jewish Liberal Democratic Israel. One of many reasons why Palestinian Religion of Peace Moslems want to destroy Israel and kill or oppress every single Jew, Gay and Straight.


ApolloSpeaks   samsid


Name for me the predominately Moslem countries where LGBT people can live openly in safety and in peace without fear of violence and persecution. Now name for me the predominately Christian and Jewish countries where they can live that way. Then explain to me why the latter numbers in the dozens while the former numbers in the







That's 57 ZEROS

(including the Palestinian territories).


Why? Why are the vast majority of the world's 1.6 billion Moslems, living in these 57 Moslem states, violently and mercilessly anti-LGBT? Why do they support and tolerate the legal killing, mutilation and incarceration of LGBT people for their sexual behavior and mental obsessions? Then explain to me why it's good for the safety and security of the American LGBT community for the Federal Government to increase the size of the American Moslem community with a steady influx of immigrants originating from these 57 anti-LGBT states? Should the vetting process include screening out Moslems who say in the name of Allah, the Prophet and Islam they are anti-LGBT, and that LGBT people should be legally repressed like they are in Moslem lands? I'm for that! Are you?





Weak lying low energy crooked Hillary (do you notice how fatigued she looks and sounds lately?) faced with possible defeat in November from unpredictable, indefatigable, gravity defying GOP nominee Donald Trump warned  yesterday that Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" are, and get this, "code words for taking America backwards." This is truly amusing. For at this time last year when Trump launched his campaign and pledged to renew America's greatness this country (with no little help from Hillary at state) was regressing: moving backwards economically, militarily and geopolitically-retreating from the world and throwing it into turmoil.
Interestingly however during the 2008 campaign Hillary while in New Hampshire with tears in her eyes rightly predicted that decline would be America's fate with Barack Obama as head of state. Indeed, an emotional Hillary admitting that she was fatigued from the stress and strain of vying with Obama (she's eight years older and tires more easily now) choked up and said:
"We have so many opportunities in this country and I don't want to see us fall backwards....I see what's happening and we have to reverse it."
Then alluding to Obama as being unqualified to reverse our decline and make it worse Hillary said:
"Some of us are right and some of us are wrong; some of us are ready and some are not; some of us know  what we'll do on day one, and some of us haven't thought that through enough."
In other words, Barack Obama wasn't right for the job, ready for the job, prepared to do the job. He didn't have the knowledge and experience to reverse our decline and renew America's wealth, strength and greatness. And she was right about him but wrong about herself as being the one to turn us around or prevent us from getting worse. For Clinton, as Obama's weak, feckless, incompetent secretary of state didn't know what to do from day one and was partners with him in our continued decline showing herself unfit for command-not only lacking the judgement for the presidency (Russia, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, China, North Korea, ISIS and the refugee crisis) but also lacking as Trump says "the strength, stamina and energy for the job"-not being up to its trying demands.
Just watch Hillary in the coming weeks and months ahead as the pressures of campaigning and need to exert herself take its toll on her health and strength-while her tireless opponent out runs her looking more fit to be president; and more credible as a patriotic force for restoring this country and making it great again.

After five months of strenuous campaigning against Trump and wearing herself out Hillary could find herself in one of these by Election Day.



Fox Host Doubts "The Historical Value" Of Clinton Becoming First Female Presidential Nominee


Greg Gutfeld: "It Comes Off To Me As Really Drab ... It's Like You Won A Trip On Wheel Of Fortune And It's To Venezuela" 


to be the presidential nominee of a major US political party is historic like Obama eight years earlier becoming the first black to achieve that. Hillary has made the history books and no one can take that away from her.

But as the Obama presidency has had zero or negative value in making America a better, stronger and more prosperous country, and the world a more stable, peaceful and less dangerous place-as both are worse off today than when Obama took office-then Hillary vowing to continue Obama's policies and legacy of failure can only mean she'll have zero or negative value in reversing the decline of the Obama years.

The place where historical value really counts is not in being the first black, woman, Hispanic or Jew to be president but how you use the power of the office. Obama has used his power to make things worse for America and the world and Hillary (as she says at every turn) wants to stay the course. Her historic election as the first woman US  president will mean that the DEVALUATION of America will continue.


To say our country is no better, stronger or more prosperous and that the world is no more stable or peaceful after President Obama is simply wrong. To make that statement is to express either utter ignorance or shameless lies. Say what you will about Obama, but don't make stuff up just because you're still pissed he won twice.

Exactly no one with any common sense or objectivity believes the nonsense of your post.

Was Jimmy Carter lying when he said (differing with Obama and agreeing with Trump) that America is in "decline? That we are steadily losing our economic and geopolitical greatness and growing less powerful and influential on the world stage?

Or was Bill Clinton lying when he recently said (disagreeing with Obama) that "unlike when I was president many things are coming apart in the world.. and the economy could be dragged back [into a recession] ...."

Or is Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton lying when (disagreeing with Obama) that the "crisis of the disappearing middle class" has gotten worse these last eight years? That under Obama the rich are getting richer and the middle class and poor are getting poorer? And that more Americans are living in poverty today than in 2009 when Obama became president?

If Obama's presidency has been a success then how do you account for the rise of Donald Trump on the Right and Bernie Sanders on the Left and the tens and millions of angry and frightened Americans who support them? Are all these millions lying when they say that they're financially worse off today than when Obama took office? Are they lying when they say in poll after poll in huge numbers that the country is on the wrong track? And that they fear that things will go from bad to worse unless there's a radical change of direction? In short, if Obama has done so well as president how do you explain the massive angst, fear, discontent and pessimism? Was there anything like this at the end of the successful Reagan and Clinton presidencies? No. Why? because we're a nation in decline.



In Interview With Fox’s Bret Baier, Clinton Delivers Rambling Non-Answer on Economy | Mediaite








Billions spent by Hoover and FDR on public works projects added to the national debt but couldn't trigger a robust recovery and end the Great Depression.

Trillions spent by Japan over 20 years on infrastructure projects adding hugely to its national debt (230% of GDP) and it's economy remains flat moving in and out of recessions.

Our economy needs long-term high paying jobs. Not short-term infrastructure projects that have never worked in any country to end an economic crisis or revive a weak economy. In short, we must repair our roads and bridges, but for fixing a bad economy its useless.

What other brilliant ideas does Hillary have to save us from the worst recovery since the Great Depression? As president she vowed to put husband Bill in charge of achieving what Obama has failed to do: creating robust growth like we had in the 1990s. Now that would be great. But there are two small problems. Driving the Clinton economic boom was the hi-tech revolution which started under George H.W. Bush, and the Gov't/Wall Street Affordable Housing Partnership that started the subprime housing/credit bubble that burst in 2008-nearly causing another depression.

In other words, Hillary is completely clueless and bankrupt of ideas on fixing the economy.




"You missed one thing, Apollo: She's going to create renewable energy jobs - just like Obama. Solyndra Redux?"

ApolloSpeaks   Lori Hollywood 

Yeah. She's going to solarize America with one billion newly installed solar panels. But every renewable energy job replaces a job in the fossil fuel industry adding nothing to the economy.

You are correct. However, my point is that this was an Obama idea that failed, not something different.


Yes! Absolutely! Let's continue what doesn't work hoping to get a better result. Einstein's definition of INSANITY.



Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump a ‘Fraud,' Accuses Him of ‘Scam’ in Trump University - ABC News

Imagine being accused of fraud and scamming people (before there's a trial) by crooked, lying, hypocritical Hillary who's under a multi-phased criminal investigation by 147 FBI agents for the alleged criminal use of her email server while Secretary of State, and possible criminal corruption at the Clinton Foundation? The two class action suits against Trump University accusing it of fraud-of deceiving "students" who paid big bucks to learn Donald Trump's "secrets of business and real estate success" and failed to succeed losing money instead was hardly a scam.
God damn!  This is not why I went to college!
It was no more a scam, in fact, than college and university students who pay thousands in tuition fees, graduate with degrees but end up flipping burgers at McDonalds or waiting tables at Red Lobster or finding no work at all. As with all such schools Trump U had graduates who succeeded in varying degrees and are thankful for what they learned; and others who failed because of their shortcomings or bad luck and angrily believe that they were cheated-that they wasted their time and money learning things, passing tests and getting degrees that proved useless to them.
Is it possible that nothing in all this Trump U material is useful for making a fortune?
"Fraud" will be tough to prove given the Trump U students who did succeed; who having rigorously applied the principles and things that they learned made a good life for themselves and their families. Fact is there is a class of students who succeeded because of Trump U and are gratful for the experience; and perhaps there is another class that failed and think they got burned and angrily blame Trump when their shortcomings were to blame. Truth is, going to the best and most prestigious schools on earth (Hartford, Oxford, Yale, Princeton) can't make you rich. Without great ambition and a winning attitude that never quits learning is useless.
is by sealing our borders, enforcing the law and deporting illegals. This could create up to one million jobs for black Americans.
On March 14, 2001 white supremacist, anti-Moslem bigot Donald Trump presented Muhammad Ali with the Humanitarian Award of United Cerebral Palsy at its annual dinner in New York City.  Was Trump color blind that day?. 
in his past was a thousand times more of a hate filled racist in his life than Donald Trump. Fortunately Ali in time redeemed himself of his bigotries. But Trump is said to be a white supremacist racist because David Duke, the Klu Klux Klan and neo-Nazis support his candidacy. However, by the same token Trump then is a black supremacist racist because Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (Ali's old group) supports his candidacy and temporary ban on Moslems (see).
(as he did of Nelson Mandela) that he was "a powerful force for reconciliation and peace in the world." But unfortunately for Obama (a Nobel Peace Prize winner) when he dies no one will  praise him thus as he has been a powerful force for division and turmoil in the world reconciling no one and bringing peace nowhere.




On January 15, 2009 several hours before George W. Bush delivered his farewell speech to the nation (with its focus on national security and the War on Terror) the nation was in awe as an unmistakable, God sent miracle occured in New York City where 3000 Americans died seven years before: US Airways Flight 1549 with 155 people aboard fell from the sky due to mechanical problems and crash or splashed landed in the freezing cold Hudson River.
Amazingly and miraculously there were no fatalities and only minor injuries as every passenger and crew member aboard was safely rescued. One of the passengers, John Howell of North Carolina, was the brother of a 9/11 first responder-one of 343 fireman who died at Ground Zero. Incredibly, after the plane was evacuated (as if directed by God's hand) it drifted down river and came to rest just above Battery Park within earshot of Ground Zero where Howell's brother died. Occuring just hours before George Bush's last speech I saw in this incredible event-of 1549's Captain Sullenberger (a Texan) landing the distressed plane safely-a Providential Tribute to the leadership and policies of Texan George Bush, who in the dangerous post-9/11 era (with al Qaida planning new attacks) steered our country to safety with his counter-terrorism leadership and policies   (see).
But what was certainly a divine tribute to the presidency of George Bush was an ominous warning to his successor Barack Obama-a warning to stay Bush's course and continue his policies at home and abroad in fighting al Qaida and radical Islam.
Then as if to reinforce this warning and make it crystal clear Providence just 28 days later seemed to speak again-but this time through an awful heartrending tragedy. For on February 12th a commercial jetliner, Continental Air Flight 3407, crash landed in upstate New York killing everyone aboard. And incredibly just as Flight 1549 had the brother of a 9/11 victim aboard, among Flight 3407's 45 dead passengers was 9/11 widow and activist Beverly Eckert-who just six days before (on the 98th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth*) met with Obama at a White House (see). 
*Reagan was born February 6, 1911.
Barack Obama meets 9/11 widow and activist Beverly Eckert six days before her death on February 6, 2009, the 98th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth . 
There can be little doubt about it: this disaster which killed a famous 9/11 widow who had recently met with Obama on Ronald Reagan's birthday was a warning to him in the strongest possible terms to adopt Reagan's Peace Through Strength foreign policy and his predecessor's successful counter-terrorism model for keeping this country safe from mass murdering jihadists. But this Obama hasn't done, and the consequences globally so far have been horrendous. For ISIS (nonexistent when Obama took office), a reenergized al-Qaida (despite Osama bin Ladin's death) and other jihdist groups are on the march like never before in a world that's growing more chaotic, dangerous and deadly.
And as if coming full circle in reverse to the miracle of Flight 1549 it appears Obama has been warned again for one last time about the possible devastating consequences to our homeland from his perilous weak-on-terror policies and poor feckless incompetent leadership. For on May 27th, just hours after dishonoring our World War II troops (living and dead) by tacitly apologizing at Hiroshima for the war shortening nuking of two Japanese cities, a vintage World War II warplane (a PT-47 Thunderbolt which flew in the Pacific war) crash landed in the Hudson River close to where Flight 1549 went down* (see).  
*Flight 1549 went down roughly abeam West 50th St. PT-47 went down a little over a mile up river abeam West 79th St.
But this time there were no miracles, no survivors, no sign of divine tribute to the president. For its pilot went down with the plane to his death drowning when it hit the river and sank. The pilot, Bill Gordon of Key West, Florida (the state Bush was visting on 9/11) was a world class acrobatic flyer who miraculously survived a similar terrifying crash in 2009 in up state New York. But he would not survive this crash as if Providence portentously timed it for Obama's trip to Japan as a warning sign of coming tragedy if he doesn't reverse his badly flawed approach to foreign policy and national security. There's no sense in speculating about what
 havoc our enemies could be planning; but with the deadly crash of P-47 coinciding with Obama's trip to Hiroshima where a nuclear bomb was dropped it might (God forbid) be massive and horrific perhaps involving WMDs.  
That the tragedy of PT-47 is providentially linked to Obama and his policies is also suggested by the number 44 (Obama's presidency number) which twice appears on the plane. For if you take a magnifying glass and read the plane's Air Force Serial Number just below the cockpit you will see that it says 44-90447. Are you listening, Mr. President? Just as flights 1549 and 3407 appear to be warnings about massive terrorist strikes during your presidency so it seems is PT-47.


When he crashes into icebergs they shatter to bits as he sails ahead at breakneck speed smashing every obstacle in his way to the 45th presidency.
When Obama in Japan said that Trump is "rattling world leaders" he included himself among the rattled. For we amusingly saw the other day a rattled Obama in Indiana, when bashing Trump for Hillary, losing his cool when the teleprompter failed, stammering and stuttering like a bumbling fool. Oddly, Indiana was the state where Trump virtually won the GOP race.
 "If we turn against each other...based on divisions of race....or religion...if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if if ....if if if if if if if if we fall for...ya know..a bunch a.....okie doke....just because it uh eh uh ya know eh it uh.....ya know it it it it uh sounds funny er....the tweets are....provocative......then we're not going to build on the progress that we started."
Trump is deeply inside Obama's worried head as the obsessive nightmare daily grows that Hillary is too weak, flawed and old to stop him. Indeed, from now till election day Obama will be desperately campaigning against Trump as if he were running for reelection and keep intact his tragic legacy of ashes, dust and tears.
The question then is this: if Obama fails and Inaugural Day is a "Make America Great Again" patriotic extravaganza will he and his family boycott the event saying that they reject the decision of the [white racist] electorate, and in good conscience can't attend? I wouldn't put it past him.
And, by the way, isn't  
a great nickname for him?


Forgive us your majesty for bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Obama's historic but misguided visit to Hiroshima last week was in reality a continuation and completion of what he tacitly started on November 13, 2009:  his "I'm sorry we nuked Japan" apology tour which began with his very low near 90 degree bow to Emperor Akihito (as embarrassingly seen above) which grossly violated presidential protocol and so puzzled the world while nauseating many Americans. There is no other logical explanation for why the most powerful man on earth (who heads the nation that defeated Japan in World War II) bowed with such humility and deference to a powerless figurehead monarch whose role in Japan is merely ceremonial.
An unbowing Obama with Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama before he met with Akihito.
Indeed, why did Obama intentionally look so subservient to the powerless Akihito as if he were his subject and not so much as lowered his head in respect to Japan's then Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama (or later to PM Abe) when they met?  If Obama's reason for bowing so humbly to Akihito was to simply show respect (as the White House said) then where was his respect for Hatoyama whose position in Japan as head of state and commander-in-chief overshadows the powerless monarch? Indeed, as Japan's most powerful man Hatoyama deserved at least the same respectful bow if not something more profound-like dropping to his hands and knees and kissing his feet. But at their first meeting Obama simply smiled at Hatoyama and shook his hand (as seen above) while standing perfectly erect-which he did when he first met with Prime Minister Abe.
An unbowing Obama shaking hands with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at their fist meeting.
Ronald Reagan greeting Emperor Hirohito with a handshake.
The reason for Obama's odd, uncalled for behavior toward Akihito (which certainly surprised him) is no mystery: he was the son of Hirohito the Japanese emperor that Truman brought to his knees forcing him to unconditionally surrender Japan and end the war by nuking two Japanese cities. Indeed, because of their horrific and frightful capacity for destruction Obama and the Left want to abolish nuclear weapons from the earth believing that their creation was a tragic mistake and shouldn't have happened. In other words, Franklin Roosevelt should never have developed the bomb; and Harry Truman should not have dropped it. As the existence of nuclear weapons for leftists like Obama is a great evil (now superseded by human CO2 emissions) that potentially threatens the existence of mankind, in bowing to Akihito he was expiating his feelings of guilt, shame and remorse for Hiroshima and Nagasaki-which he likely believes (as many leftists do) were unforgivable crimes against humanity.
And when Obama last week became the first US president to visit Hiroshima-meeting with and hugging survivors of relatives who died there (many of whom want an apology from the US)-he was bringing to completion what he pathetically started with Akihito seven years before.
But, contrary to what Obama and the Left stupidly believe, the birth of nuclear warfare at Hiroshima was anything but a dark and evil day for humanity. Nuclear weapons in fact (as you'll see below) have on balance been a providential blessing to mankind benefiting the cause of world peace like nothing else in modern history.
 Obama apologizing for Hiroshima with a hug to the relative of an A-bomb victim.
"Seventy-one years ago, on a bright cloudless morning," said Obama at Hiroshima, "death fell from the sky and the world was changed."
 Indeed, the world was changed that day but not for the worse as Obama mindlessly believes. For what fell from the sky was the beginning of peace as Hiroshima with its 100,000 dead was the beginning of the end of the worst, deadliest and costliest war in human history. Indeed, what began with Hiroshima was concluded by the nuking of Nagasaki after which a devastated Hirohito fearing millions would die from repeat attacks (threatened by a bluffing Truman) surrendered unconditionally to the US putting the fate of his country completely in our hands. And rising from the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was born a new and far better Japan transformed by America's command and helping hand into a peace-loving, highly industrious, prosperous liberal democracy-a great friend to America and asset to the world.
Totally oblivious to Obama and the Left is that these 71 years of the  Nuclear Age compared to the 71 years before have been immensely more peaceful. Not only did nuclear weapons end World War II but they prevented a third world war between the US led democratic capitalist west and the Soviet led totalitarian socialist east (the conflict was ended without firing a single shot).  In fact, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki there have been no Great Power Wars (not a single one!) as if they've become a thing of the past. Just look at the facts:
The 71 years prior to the nuking of Japan saw the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878), the Serbio-Bulgarian War (1885), the Greco-Turkish War (1897), the Russo-Japanese War (1901), the two Balkan Wars (1912-1913); and, of course, World Wars I and II the most horrific wars in human history where up to 100 million people (mostly civilians) died.
But since the "terrible" dawn of the Nuclear Age only small wars not great ones have been fought: the wars in Korea and Vietnam, several Arab-Israeli wars, the Iran-Iraq War, two Gulf Wars and Afghanistan, etc.  
At Hiroshima Obama ignorantly said, 
"We may not realize this goal [abolishing nuclear weapons] in my lifetime, but persistent effort can roll back the possibility of catastrophe."
 Abolishing nuclear weapons and rolling back history to the status quo ante of the pre-Nuclear Age would return mankind to the catastrophic period of Great Power Wars where great nations unbridled and unchecked by the mutually assured destruction of nuclear war would likely start terrifying world wars all over again.  Who wants that?
In short, the Nuclear Age has meant more peace and less war; the pre-Nuclear Age less peace and far greater and worse war. Those like Obama who want to abolish nuclear weapons, fault this country for their creation and use, and want to return mankind to the terrible era before Hiroshima and Nagasaki are well meaning but muddle-headed, morally confused unAmerican fools. THE BOMB was invented by the United States to end the worst war in history, and to make sure that such wars never happen again. And so far it has worked.

President Eisenhower: regret or apology:

"During his recitation of the relevant facts, I had
been conscious of a feeling of depression and so I voiced to him my
grave misgivings, first on the basis of my belief that Japan was
already defeated and that dropping the bomb was completely
unnecessary, and secondly because I thought that our country should
avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment
was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American
lives. . . ."


Our war policy toward Japan set by Franklin Roosevelt, supported by both Houses of Congress (with few dissenting voices) and continued by President Truman was "UNCONDITIONAL VICTORY." This meant UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of the Japanese: surrender without conditions upon our terms alone (a non-negotiated peace) where the Japanese completely put themselves and their entire empire (which was still largely intact in China) in our power and under our control.

It wasn't until after Nagasaki, and the fear of more Nagasakis, that our policy of "unconditional surrender" was accepted by Hirohito and the political and military leadership of Japan. It was then and only then that the Empire of Imperial Japan ceased to exist and we achieved "Unconditional Victory."