Obama to Iran: if you like your nukes you can keep your nukes. And we'll sweeten the deal by lifting sanctions so you can keep (and continue to expand) your Islamic empire, if you like that too.

 the worst and most dangerous appeasing head of state since Neville Chamberlain announced to the nation and world his historically bad peace-in-our-time Munich deal with Islamonazi terrorist Iran: that he's given up trying to stop them from becoming a nuclear armed state; and that he's giving them their economy back with the eventual lifting of all economic sanctions worth billions to finance their growing theonazi empire of oppression, terror and death.

 What Obama didn't say-and knows to be true as it would make him look like the biggest fool since Hitler deceived Chamberlain-is that even if Iran becomes 100% transparent about its domestic nuclear program; even if the terrorist mullahs open up every inch of their vast $100 billion nuclear infrastructure to the most rigorous UN inspection and verification process, it won't stop them from getting the bomb. Why? Because just as the Saudis can easily acquire nukes from Pakistan (which they don't want to do but will if Iran goes nuclear, see) the mullahs can easily acquire them from their "Axis of Evil" partners in Stalinist North Korea-the worst nuclear proliferators on the planet. And if anyone is dumb enough to doubt this then they need to recall that just one year after the Norks detonated their first nuclear bomb they were hard at work (possibly with Iran) on building a nuclear weapons facility for Bashar Assad in Syria. This project was the "largest act of nuclear proliferation in history," said David Asher, George Bush's  coördinator for North Korea (see). The plant, however, was destroyed  by Israel* (see).

*Because of the plant's illegal nature Assad  never filed a complaint with the UN about Israel violating Syria's airspace and destroying it.


The US has no way to shut down Iran's pathway to develop nukes in N.Korea.

In fact, what Obama knows and wants kept hidden as it completely destroys his credibility of halting Iran's march to the bomb is that in 2012 Iran signed a scientific and technological cooperation agreement with North Korea (see and see). These two Axis of Evil states are evily working together on missile technology (for ICBMs which Iran has developed), and most likely nuclear weapons technology. Moreover, there is evidence that Assad (the worst mass murderer of the 21st century who used chemical weapons on his people) is still pursuing nuclear weapons with the Norks (see). Frighteningly, Iranian scientists are reported to have been present at both of  North Korea's nuclear detonations (see).

Map: The site of a possible new nuclear facility in Syria.

 Radical terrorist jihadist Iran's nuclear ambitions cannot be constrained or controlled by any agreement-no more than was Hitler and the Nazis controlled by the Munich Accord before the outbreak of World War II. The genocidal mullahs are staying the course to a  deadly, mass  death-dealing nuclear armed state, and nothing can stop it but regime change. What we heard in the Rose Garden yesterday was a pathetic political smoke and mirrors charade for 2016 and his legacy. The goal of the negotiations was never to prevent Iran from getting the bomb, but to make the great amateur look like what he is not and can never be: a statesman.  Barack Obama is indeed the worst, weakest and most dangerously mendacious president in US history. Hoax and Change will not end until Obama's gone from the White House. And between now and then God help us.


The country that humiliated Jimmy Carter and America for 444 days with a hostage crisis will continue to humiliate this country and the 44th president till the end of his term. BTW, Obama's election on November 4, 2008 was the 29th anniversary of the Iran Hostage Crisis (aka Hate America Day). And his resounding defeat on November 4th of last year  was its 35th anniversary. That defeat foreshadowed the events of this week and the tragic time ahead if Obama concludes a nuclear deal with Axis of Evil Iran. 


  1. Obama’s idea of “A Good Deal” is the destruction of Israel and the destruction of the US. The latter goal is halfway finished and probably past the point of no return. I don’t think Israel will roll over quite as easily as We The People did, though.

  2. What a fking idiot….The fool is already talking about giving himself Kudo’s on something the Iranians have refused to cooperate with us on for the last 7 years or more and now he is taking up bragging rights about the historic act of showing them thar Iranians how to ” Bend over ” the right way… What that fool calls the American Way? God dam…and of Course!~! this is Historic! its the first time that we as a country when dealing with a foreign power have given them rights to sue us if “THEY DON’T ADHERE TO THE AGREEMENT”??AND…IF THEY FAIL IN ANY PART OF THE AGREEMENT… WE CAN BLAME THE AMERICAN TAX PAYER FOR NOT GIVING THEM ENOUGH FUNDS TO PLAY OUR GAME…ie Its our fault they failed and if you think this is bullshit then you are either a BO lover or you are turning your back on the Constitution as American Mainstream would like most Americans to do! What he is doing is a downright and outright fking LIE!!!

  3. Obama’s nuke deal with Iran falls far short of his own goals and he’s touting it a success? Dumbfounding.

    1. Right. Obama is blowing his own horn over this agreement that does not even meet his main goal of stopping Iran.

      The agreement does not stop Iran’s Nuke development.

      It does not address the nuke trigger development.

      It does not stop Iran’s Missile development.

      So what does the deal really do?

      Obama can talk all he wants, but where is the deal for Iran to stop.

      Obama must be a highly educated idiot.

      Hay Obama I have some land for sale in Florida outside Orlando.


    1. Compared to the Iranian negotiators Obama-Kerry were jayvee. Desperate men do despereate things. The French are saying that the more the intransigent Iranians dug in the more John Kerry lowered the bar to get a deal for his epically failed boss. And what was the outcome? Iran gets the bomb and their economy back. We get nothing. And Obama tells the world what a great statesmen he is with only the shrinking number of Kool Aid drinkers believing him.

  4. I see that the Obama-haters are out in force on this hate site, blaming Obama for the outcome of the negotiations. Well, there were five other countries involved. The United States had no more say-so that did the others. For years now the GOP/TP and their followers, Obama-haters, have complained that Obama is an ineffective president and the laughing stock of other countries. But now they’re telling us that he was responsible for the outcome of the negotiations with Iran, thus implying that the other nations followed his lead. So which is it? Is he an ineffective president and the laughing stock of other countries or is he the strong leader that other countries look up to so that they follow his lead?

    1. Obama’s initial goal in negotiations with Iran was to get it to dismantle much of its nuclear infrastructure. And the outcome was Iran dismantling nothing and keeping 6000 operational high speed centrifuges enriching uranium. That is a failure with a capital “F”. Only 15% of the military look up to this president with respect, and practically no world leaders most if not all of whom despise him for the incompetent weakling he is. If you want to know why just look at this negotiation and how ineptly it was handled. Iran was in the driver’s seat from start to finish achieving the goal of getting the bomb and their economy back. Now the great blundering amateur has to endure the well-earned contempt and ridicule (or worse) of the triumphant Iranians for the rest of his ill-starred presidency.

  5. Mark this day down folks. MARK IT. Today is the unofficial start of WWIII. Believe me, this just set a series of events in motion that has NO good ending. Today changes the course of history for Israel as well as several other nations.

  6. I can only hope and pray, that if American survives this so called president, that we learned a lesson. Don’t vote for someone to be politically correct, to be hep, or to just put the first of anyone in office. Look at their background, look at what their friends are like, with Obama we had a background of communist mother, and communist grandparents that raised him. He was a member of a “choom gang” in college. He went to a hateful church for 20 years, his friends were Bill Ayers that was a terrorist years ago. He refused to show his birth certificate at first, he wouldn’t release his background in any way shape or form. He was and still is a mystery. But people just had to have the first black president, he was soooo handsome, and spoke so well. In reality he was a cobra ready to strike at Americans. Pray it never happens again. (if we survive)

  7. Oh, I failed to mention that he was raised as a child in Indonesia as a Muslim, and attended a Muslim school.
    He also said that if things turned to a bad way, he would take the side of the Muslims.
    I so agree Hoax and Change.

  8. The crafty, repressive mullahs have punked our Dear Leader and his Lurch-minion, dragging this mess out for months and months, while the centrifuges have spun. Emboldened by Owebie the Weak’s incompetence, the satanic mullahs have even openly declared “Yes, Death to America” within the past 10 days, and are mocking Owebie on Twitter right now, saying there’s no such deal as Owebie imagines!! Why are we tolerating this Libiocy?? IMPEACH

  9. Bingo, Apollo. Just as Saudi Arabia has nukes located in Pakistan, so does Iran probably have nukes in North Korea. And if not it would be easy for the Norks to develop nukes for them or together with Iranian scientists. Either way Obama lies what he says that his framework deal closes down Iran’s pathways to a bomb.

  10. Does anyone remember the “Agreed Framework” that Carter negotiated with North Korea? How did that work out?

  11. Under Obama we have ignored our commitments (pulling out of the Polish BMD defense sites for example), supported despots (Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt even when the populace was rising against them), leaked our allies secrets (Israeli nuclear secrets), and backed down repeatedly from supposedly firm red lines (chemical weapons in Syria, Iranian nuclear production). Now were letting Iran build the bomb while gradually lifting sanctions. This zero of a president will have a legacy worth zero + an unearned Nobel Peace Prize.

  12. that both iran and saudi arabia have access to nukes in north korea and pakistan is very frightening . iran must be stopped from going nuclear at whatever cost or else a nuclear arms race in the region will cause the price of oil to skyrocket. and that could mean a world wide economic depression.

  13. As long as we have a congress loaded with Marxists and rinos–we shall have Obama. Our so called representatives had an opportunity to vote for new leadership and rid the house and the senate of McConnell the rino and Boehner the weeping alcoholic. Louie Gohmert would have been great to take over as speaker and Ted Cruz as leader of the senate. Look for more of these war mongering acts from Iran. Why are they not just slamming on the brakes over this nuclear weaponization of Iran? Iran is determined to have a bomb and to use it on Israel, which will mean another world wide holocaust?. Nothing the two cowards and liars can do (Obama and Kerry) will deter the Iranians . Now international shipping traveling in international waters is unsafe. the ship is loaded and the Iranians will loot and steal everything on it. The Iranians are nothing but lying warmongering pirates.

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