Before Barack Obama became president we had border security chaos and much illegal alien crime. But since the start of his thinly disguised open borders presidency the crime problem of illegals has gotten progressively worse for the victimized American people who are now being aroused by Donald Trump's brash presidential candidacy. Just look at these statistics from the border state of Texas and shudder: 
"Since 2008," says former governor Rick Perry " 203,000 illegal immigrants have been put in Texas' jails, and those illegals have been responsible for 3000 murders and 8000 sexual assaults."  Perry also warns that since 2008 "a record number of illegals from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border (see)." If these stats don't alarm you nothing will.
Now I'm no fan of Donald Trump's. Since he announced his candidacy for 2016 the only thing I liked about him were his Miss America Pageants. But that has changed. Though he's currently tied with Jeb Bush  in the polls Trump won't be the GOP nominee for president because he's not a serious candidate. But it appears to me, as it should to you, that in the firestorm Trump's unleashed over the crisis of criminal illegal aliens killing, raping and assaulting our citizens that The Donald is doing the work of Providence. Why do I say this? Because of the extraordinary timing of June 16th when Trump announced his candidacy, and the meaningful coincident events just prior to and shortly after that date. This is what I mean, and it's fascinating:

 On June 16th Trump announced his 2016 candidacy for the 45th presidency and made border security and illegal alien criminals the focus of his campaign. 16 days before on June 1st (as if paving the way for Trump) Ann Coulter's brilliant and controversial  book (her best) on illegals "Adios, America" was published (see).  Then on July 1st, 16 days after Trump's announcement,  Francisco Sanchez, a 45 year old multiple deportee felon from Mexico, shot and killed  32* year old beautiful Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier as she was walking with her father and a friend (see). Oddly, Sanchez was 16 days into his 3rd month of his legal but wrongful release from a San Francisco jail because of the city's dangerous sanctuary laws (see). The date of his release April 15th, was the second anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing. This is just one of many ominius signs that Moslem terrorists like the bloodthirsty Tsarnaev boys, or ISIS agents, are crossing into our country from Mexico for the purpose of massively killing and wounding innocent Americans (see).  The first and most compelling sign of a mass casualty terror attack originating from Mexico was the killing of 9/11 child Christina Taylor Green in the Tucson Massacre which I wrote about here.

*32 is a multiple of 16 2x.
But here is where it gets really profound. When  on June 16th Trump launched his bid for the White House little did he or anyone know that 8* years earlier in 2007-to that very date of June 16-the House of Representatives passed an amendment to a Homeland Security spending bill for the withholding of federal emergency services funds from all the 200+ sanctuary cities (see).
*8 is a factor of 16 2x.
 The bipartisan amendment (voted for by 50 Democrats) was sponsored by anti-illegal alien hardliner Tom Tancredo;  but to date it hasn't been passed by the Senate. This needs to be done ASAP so (for the safety and security of our citizens) we can get the ball rolling in putting the nation's sanctuary cities out of the sanctuary business. If Trump doesn't know about Tancredo's amendment hopefully he will soon learn of it and call on the Republican led Senate to pass it. And hopefully, God willing, we get a Republican in the White House in 2016 who will sign legislation banning sanctuary cities forever. 
As the number 16 recurs in this piece could it be a numerical sign pointing to the 16th year of the 21st century? A sign that Trump's candidacy prefigures that border security and illegal alien crime and terrorism coming from Mexico will become the dominant issue of the 2016 election? We shall see.


  1. Trump has a valid point. We have become so concerned with political correctness and our quest to appear to be the most generous and the most powerful nation in History that we have bankrupted ourselves and our government. We simply can’t afford to take care of the entire planet anymore. Mexico needs to take care of their own.

  2. Legal immigrants don’t want illegals.
    Blacks don’t want illegals.
    Whites don’t want illegals.
    Working class people don’t want illegals.
    Americans don’t want illegals.

    It comes to mind… who does want them? Mexico doesn’t. Honduras doesn’t. El Salvador doesn’t want them. Just who is it that does want illegals?

    1. Good post! The average american has more sense than those with their minds clouded by politics – by what reason can we expect a person who has already demonstrated contempt for the law will become a good citizen once naturalized?

    2. Just who is it that does want illegals?

      America haters of all stripes. Communists, grievance groups, new world order “global citizens” and money grubbers. Obama is all these rolled into one, and chief among them.

      1. The invasion of the U.S. by illegal aliens is the marker: Any candidate who wants open borders is an agent of the international gangster one-world syndicate. The Pope and most Catholic bishops are part of this syndicate. All the Republicans who have attacked Trump are part of the syndicate.

  3. Sen Graham says Trump is a wrecking ball meaning none of the others want to be forced to talk about the real immigration problems. They just want to grant amnesty to all these nasty people and move on.

  4. Apollo

    Speaking about Trump and the number 16 look what I found on NewsMax.

    16 Reasons Donald Trump Is Not Wrong on Immigration

    But there are compelling reasons why the outspoken billionaire businessman is on the right track with his views on illegal immigration:

    1. The border is extremely porous: The United Nations reported that 97 percent of the illegal immigrants who enter the U.S. clandestinely do so across the nearly 2,000-mile Mexican border, but only 20 percent of those who cross illegally are caught.

    2. Illegal immigrants do bring crime: Of the 61,529 criminal cases initiated by federal prosecutors in 2013, more than 40 percent were filed in court districts neighboring the border. Nearly 22 percent were drug-related, 19.7 percent were violent crimes, and 10.2 percent involved white-collar offenses.

    3. Immigrants are killing Americans: According to the Center for Immigration Studies, 57 percent of the 76 fugitive murderers wanted by the FBI in 2009 were foreign-born. The Center also disclosed that in Maricopa County in Arizona, 22 percent of felons are illegal immigrants.

    4. Illegal immigrants pose a danger on the roads: About 4.5 million illegal aliens in the U.S. drive on a regular basis, many without licenses or insurance or even the ability to read road signs written in English, The New York Times reported. In Arizona, 63 percent of cited drivers have no license, no insurance, and no registration for the vehicle, and 97 percent of them are illegal aliens. Of the 188,380 deportations of illegal aliens in one recent year, 23 percent had committed criminal traffic offenses, primarily driving under the influence. Rep. Steve King of Iowa has estimated that illegal alien drunk drivers kill 13 Americans every day.

    5. Statistics back up Trump’s charge that illegals bring drugs: In Pinal County, Ariz., about 70 miles from the Mexican border, Sheriff Paul Babeu said marijuana seizures went from about 19,000 pounds in 2008 to more than 45,500 pounds in 2010. Babeu observed: “The Mexican drug cartels have almost toppled the Mexican government and they are crossing into Arizona at will. Pinal County has seen mass murders, execution-style slayings, sexual assaults, kidnappings, shootings, armed robberies, burglaries, and more — all tied to illegal immigration.”

    6. Many immigrants entering the country illegally have a criminal record in the U.S.: In 2010, the Border Patrol reported that 212,000 illegals were caught in the Tucson, Ariz., sector alone, and as many as 30 percent of them already had a criminal record in the U.S.

    7. Many illegal alien convicts have been arrested multiple times: A Government Accountability Office study of 55,000 illegal aliens found that they were arrested at least 459,614 times, averaging about eight arrests per alien. About one-quarter of them had 11 or more arrests.

    8. Deportation of illegal immigrants doesn’t keep them out of the country:Due to the wide-open Mexican border, the number of people prosecuted for coming into the country illegally after being deported has increased by 175 percent since 2005, according to a report cited by the Constitution Party website. The illegal alien recently accused of randomly murdering a woman in San Francisco had previously been deported five times.

    9. The Mexican border is being used by illegals from other countries: Arrests by the Border Patrol of illegals from countries other than Mexico, particularly from Central America, increased from 59,000 in 2010 to 99,000 in 2012.

    10. Immigrants are filling U.S. jails: One quarter of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals, as are 40 percent of inmates in Arizona and 48 percent in New Mexico. And 75 percent of those on the most wanted criminals list in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

    11. Illegals do include “rapists,” as Trump charged: Among many examples, an undocumented alien was arrested in Baltimore for raping a 9-year-old girl. In Austin, Texas, police arrested two Mexican nationals who allegedly participated in the gang rape of a 13-year girl in June. As many as 13 men took part, and some filmed the crime on their cell phones. Earlier this year an illegal alien from Mexico admitted in court that he raped a 12-year-old girl.

    12. Prominent figures agree with Trump on the dangers of illegal immigration: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told MSNBC that while most people who cross the border come for economic reasons, “hidden with them, because they’re coming across unchecked, are people who rape, murder people, kill people and are terrorists.”

    Retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson said he agrees with Trump that sanctuary cities, who prohibit the use of municipal funds to enforce federal immigration laws, should be outlawed. “No sanctuary cites,” he said. “I think that’s ridiculous.”

    Michael Cutler, who spent 30 years with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, said Trump is “really igniting a firestorm that’s a long time coming.”

    And GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, who represents a border state, said: “I salute Donald Trump for focusing on the need to address illegal immigration. The Washington cartel doesn’t want to address that. The Washington cartel doesn’t believe we need to secure the borders.”

    13. Ordinary Americans agree with Trump as well: According to Rasmussen Reports, 63 percent of Americans want the U.S. to gain control of the border. A recent CNN national survey found that of the announced Republican candidates, Trump placed second only to Jeb Bush. And Bill Kristol, founder and editor of The Weekly Standard, said Trump “is an outsider who was saying some things that the establishment doesn’t want to hear, that is resonating with voters.”

    14. Relatives of victims know that Trump is right: The mother of a teenager who was murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, praised Trump for “trying to do something about a failed immigration system.”

    15. Even wealthy Mexicans agree with Trump: Reuben Navarette Jr. writes in The Daily Beast that Mexico’s elite, despite displaying “outrage” at Trump’s comments, often speak in the same manner at high-end golf courses and banquets.

    16. The Pew Research Center estimated that there are nearly 12 million illegal aliens in the nation — and the key word is “estimated.” Trump made that point when he said that illegal immigration is “coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over Latin America, and it’s coming probably from the Middle East. But we don’t know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop.”

    © 2015 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

  5. I know exactly who Trump is… like Apollo I have never liked the man… arrogant, childish, egotistical… but we need someone who gives a damn about this country, shares the values of the working class, and will put us back on the right track… and that sure as hell ain’t no career politician be they left or right… this is the first time I have had hope since Reagan left office…

  6. Latinos are so in the tank for The Democrat party—none would vote Republican if you ran an illegal for president. In a bizarre way more legal Mexicans might vote Trump—they respect a strong leader who speaks the truth.

  7. Trump says we are getting Mexico’s refuse. And he is right. These illegals add no real value to this country; no benefit that does not cost immensely more than its worth.

  8. The only thing that horrifies the decadent, anti-American, groupthink Left like this is truth. Trump is obviously speaking it.

  9. There is no more dangerous problem that these illegals – none. Unchecked, it will end us as a country like Ann Coulter and Trump both warn.

  10. Trump is doing the job of the media by informing the public on immigration. And I respect him for it.

  11. Voters are furious about everything going on with the leadership of this country. That’s the big reason Trump’s campaign has so much steam…he gives voice to their anger.

  12. Apollo, it’s indeed strange and perhaps providential that the number 16 keeps on popping up. Either Trump has made illegal immigration a key issue in the 2016 campaign, or 16 is a sign that more illegal alien violence and murder and possibly terrorism is coming and will make it the key issue.

  13. I watched Trump’s entire speech in Phoenix Saturday and found it inspiring . He spoke for an hour and a half with no teleprompter. Never heard a political speech like that one. I can see a Cruz/Trump or a Trump/Cruz Ticket in 2016.

    1. If you are seeing a Cruz/Trump ticket, you need to have cataract surgery.
      Once your sight is clear again, you’ll see that Trump is no second place guy.

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