Hitler in Vienna (1938, the year of Munich) addressing a cheering pro-Nazi crowd from the balcony of the Imperial Hotel where US and Iran informally concluded a worse than Munich like deal on its nuclear weapons program (see). 
July 16, 1945, US detonates history's first nuclear bomb.
Just two days before the 70th anniversary of America exploding history’s first nuclear bomb*, in a city formerly occupied by Nazi Germany, at a hotel where a victorious Adolf Hitler resided, the US and Iran ominously finalized informally** a “historic” but worthless agreement on Iran’s illegal nuclear weapons program. Obama claims that the deal shuts down EVERY pathway to Iran developing nuclear weapons. But what Obama doesn’t say, or want you to know, is that Iran can continue to enrich uranium and develop nukes secretly and with impunity thousands of miles away in a distant country friendly to its evil imperial interests. What Obama doesn’t say or want you to know is that in 2012 Iran signed a Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement with its "Axis of Evil" partner nuclear North Korea. What Obama doesn’t want you or anyone to know is that this agreement covers military as well as civilian science and technology projects. What he doesn’t want you to know is that Iran has nuclear scientists and missile technicians in North Korea developing ICBMs for the Norks to carry their nuclear bombs across the pacific to the US.
*July 14th was the 226th anniversary of the FAILED Leftist French Revolution.

**As the NY Times reported the venue for negotiations included the Imperial Hotel where Kerry, Zarif and the other negotiators were guests. Informal talks were held at the Imperial and formal talks at the Coburg. On July 11th, as reported by the Times, Zarif was seen on the balcony outside his room at the Imperial going over the draft agreement-after which he gave a press conference where his smiles  indicated that the deal was done. Apparently it was at the Imperial that Zariff approved the draft that was formally signed two days later at the Coburg.  
Mass murdering Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad receiving a delegation from North Korea. The Norks had an illegal covert nuclear program with Syria and most likely have one with Syria's partner Iran in North Korea.

Indeed, what Obama doesn’t want you to know is that when he says his agreement with Iran closes down all their pathways to a nuclear bomb he means only their domestic pathways,  not the pathways open to them in North Korea. And if anyone doubts that the hard up, cash strapped Norks wouldn’t share their nuclear facilities with Iran (or sell them nukes off the shelf) then they need to be enlightened. They need to know that in 2007 the Norks (and most likely Iran) were hard at work in building a secret, illegal nuclear weapons facility in Syria for mass murdering dictator Bashar al-Assad which (thank God) was destroyed by Israel. Indeed,  that very project in Syria, which was making the Norks  millions, made them the world’s worst and most dangerous nuclear proliferators.

Just as Saudi Arabia is a de facto nuclear power via Pakistan so is Iran via North Korea.
Alarmingly, North Korea’s nukes are for sale on the international market. To ISIS, al-Qaida, drug cartels, crime syndicates, anyone with the cash that’s in the market for nukes will find a willing seller in North Korea. And for the last three years Iran and the world’s most dangerous nuclear proliferators have been secretly working on science and technology projects in North Korea. As North Korea was developing a nuclear weapons plant for Iran’s ally Syria only a fool would doubt that they’re not enriching uranium and building bombs for Iran, or doing this jointly with their scientists and technicians. In short, Obama’s deal with Iran like Hitler's with Chamberlain at Munich is a charade and sham that like Nazi Germany has made Iran a more powerful, confident and emboldened state. The only way to ultimately prevent the Islamonazi  jihadist mullahs from becoming a nuclea power is to destroy North Korea's nuclear facilities along with Iran's. Or topple the mullahs like we toppled Saddam.



  1. You’ve nailed it Apollo. Iran has a default offshore nuke program in N. Korea. Obama has nothing put promises.

  2. I don’t know about the rest of you but I certainly feel reassured. And, isn’t it the feeling that really, really counts? LOL! In a sad kinda way though. So, what exactly DID we get out of this “deal” anyway?

  3. “I know that Iran will not develop a nuclear weapon because they pinky sweared it. If Iran sets off a nuke I will give them a very stern talking to!” Barry H. Obama

  4. Look, BO knows what he’s doing, just trust him. It worked before with North Korea, I’m sure we’ll enjoy the same results with Iran…

  5. … and Chamberlain waved a piece of paper signed by Hitler and declared the Peace for Our Time.

    One year later the World War II started.


  6. It’s a deal worse than even we imagined possible. It’s a deal that gives the Iranian regime $140b in return for … effectively nothing: no dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear program, no anytime/anywhere inspections, no curbs on Iran’s ballistic missile program, no maintenance of the arms embargo, no halt to Iran’s sponsorship of terror.

    1. It’s not all that bad. The good news is that the Islamic Republic of Iran is fighting the non-Islamic Islamic State beacuse they’re Sunni not Shia Muslims-or is that Sunni non-Muslims, or non-Islamic Sunnis, or non-Shia Muslims, or non shia non Muslims. Ever since “workplace violence” my head has turned to mush.

  7. Somehow I bet you are untroubled by the fact Israel has hundreds of nukes and periodically bombs hospitals and schools.

    But this deal – which allows Iran to do what it already had a right to do – is a “bad one”?


    Too much Fox News for you, Apollo.

    1. Israel’s neighbors are so untroubled by its nuclear arsenal that it never crossed their minds to build their own arsenals for deterence. Not so with Iran.

    2. You’re confusing good guys with bad guys. What nation in the ME is more admirable than Israel? What nation in the region is more evil than Iran?

  8. Iran should and could be a natural ally of the US. If we stopped threatening them, and gently opened more and more trade, in a generation the young people of that country would begin rolling back the theocracy which came to power because the US overthrew a democracy and installed a repressive police state.

    1. Wrong. What the US overthrew was an unelected autocracy more oppressive than the modernizing Shah’s imperial regime. Mosaddegh was never democratically elected but seized power in a coup that overthrew the Shah

        1. A parliamentary election isn’t a democratic election. The Shah constitutionally dismissed Mosaddegh, he refused to step down and led a coup that drove the Shah from power. He then amassed more power than the shah abused it made himslf hated and was taken down in a popular coup that was backed by the Ayatollah Khomeini and Iran’s clerical establishment.

  9. Ron Paul has nailed it. He’s one of the few sensible Republicans left. You’d do well to listen to him.

    Ron Paul Praises Iran Nuke Deal, Says Critics ‘Misinterpreted’ It

    The Iranian nuclear deal is a big step toward world peace, and Republicans would be praising it if one of their own had negotiated it, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul told Newsmax TV’s “The Hard Line.”

    Paul told host Ed Berliner that the deal echoed Ronald Reagan’s deal with the Soviets in the 1980s. Paul’s biggest problem with the deal was that the United States had to work under the confines of the United Nations and NATO.

    “There’s something to be said about moving in the direction of at least talking to people instead of saying, ‘All right, you’re scoundrels, we’ll keep our $100 billion we’ve taken from you and all options are on the table, like if you don’t do what we tell you, we’re allowed to use our nuclear weapons against you,'” Paul said. “The tone has been changed. It’s to our benefit; it’s to the benefit of world peace.”

    Story continues below video.

    Paul, dubbed an isolationist during his presidential runs in both the Republican and Libertarian parties, argued that Iran doesn’t have troops stationed in other countries and hasn’t invaded anyone like the United States has.

    Republicans – and quite a few Democrats – would take issue with him, since Iran has been cited by President Barack Obama’s administration as the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism. It also is funding proxy wars across the Middle East.

    “Our foreign policy is basically driven by the military industrial complex, and if they can sell something, they will keep stirring the pot, ” Paul said.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal a “stunning historic mistake,” citing Iran as an existential threat to his country, since Iran’s leaders have vowed to erase Israel from the map.

    Paul said that was “misinterpretation.”

    “As a matter of fact, the Iranians have never been found in violation of a nonproliferation treaty and they have never been followed in sanction by the United Nations,” he said.

    “There’s a lot of misinformation out there.”

    1. Ron Paul is an ass . If this was 1938 he would have praised Chamberlain and Munich, and demonized Churchill as a warmonger.

  10. Pretty bad when the Saudis unite with Israel against your stupid, idiotic “deal” Prezzy Pinhead.

    If the “deal” was such a great one, why does odumbo have to come and tell us how great HE thinks it is. The deal would be able to sell itself.History will show this as a great deal for no one but Iran.

    High school debaters would make better negotiators than the bunch of idiots we have in the WH and State Dept.

  11. Obola’s motive is to cement his legacy with the radical Islamists around the world as “the one” that gave them their “great victory” over the west. It has nothing to do with his legacy here except as a reminder of how he was able to defeat the west from within.

  12. Apollo is absolutely correct. It strains credulity to accept that Iran does not already have nuclear weapons and is probabaly storing them in North Korea beyond the reach of UN inspectors.

  13. What did we gain? What did Iran gain? Iran gets immediate economic relief, sanctions lifted over night. What did we get? We might be able to inspect the sights if they say it’s ok. Quite possibly the worst agreement ever signed by an American diplomat. And it’s not even close. Congratulations Mr Obama, we now will have another nut job country with a nuclear weapon. And the economic means to proliferate terrorism through out the mid-east. The question remains, why make the deal at all? What are we gaining? Let’s hear it democrats! You defend him at every turn, do you finally see what a fool this man is?

  14. This guy is out of touch with all reality. In my 62 years, I have never seen any president as delusional as this incompetent ass clown blundering fool.

    1. I didn’t think there would be a President worse than Carter in my lifetime, but there he is smiling and lying and leading this country and the world into chaos.

  15. I pray each day for the hiv/aids to take this sick M..F..er to paradise so he can infect the 72 virgin males Allah has gifted to him. He and Lurch have sold the U.S.A down the river. I have a hunch that the drunken, weeper and the chinless, one will sell the U.S.A. down the river and vote for a death penalty for every man, woman, child and animal in the continental U.S.A. They will also vote to release the 140.00 billion in frozen sanctions so that the Theocracy running the nuclear show can scorch the entire Earth to hasten the coming of the 12th Maudi or some such drivel from the insane mohammed’s quran. That is what our future depends on– a crazy from 600A.D. and a crazy in our Whitehouse.

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