To understand what underlies Barack Obama's worthless, ill-fated, unverifiable, Munich-like nuclear "limitation" deal with implacable, Islamist, anti-US Iran we have to go back to the 1980s and his days as a hysterical anti-American, Reagan-hating peace activist in the failed and wrong-headed Nuclear Freeze Movement (NFM). Wrongly blaming US foreign policy (the Truman Containment Doctrine) for the Cold War and escalating nuclear arms race Obama and the left believed that a unilateral halt by the US on nuclear weapons development and defensive missile systems deployed in Europe would start a healing  process of appeasing legitimate Soviet "containment" grievances, win their trust and end the dangerous thirty year conflict-that Reagan was mistakenly seen as aggravating. Joining forces with the Soviets Obama and the leftist Freezers demonized Reagan as a dangerous confrontational, anti-Soviet extremist (a right-wing "nuclear cowboy") blindly leading the world into a thermonuclear holocaust where millions would perish, and "the living [slowly dying of radiation poisoning] would envy the dead," as Jonathan Schell said. In short, Reagan, for Obama and the left, was the real enemy and menace to mankind, not the militant Soviet Union and its utopian vision of a one world socialist state triumphing at the end of history.
*Click here for Ted Kennedy's collusion with Moscow to defeat Reagan in the 1984 election.
The left saw Reagan's anti-Soviet "peace through strength" and "roll back" policies as leading to a world ending nuclear war when in fact he was ending the Cold War
But try as they may Obama and the useful idiots of the NFM couldn't stop the intrepid Reagan who knew the Soviet enemy and their economic weaknesses and wouldn't desist exploiting them. Indeed, despite a massive, unprecedented million man Freeze rally in New York in 1982, State referendums on a Freeze (passed by overwhelming majorities), a UN vote favoring a Freeze, and huge protests throughout Europe opposing the deployment of Pershing and Cruise missiles Ronald Reagan stayed his anticommunist "peace through strength" course until he brought the Soviets to their knees, ended the Cold War and transformed the world.
Indeed, it was Mikhail Gorbachev who credited Reagan's walkout at the Reykjavík Summit in 1986 as the pivotal moment and turning point for ending the conflict (see). When Gorbachev came to power in 1985 as Russia's Secretary General he was a true believing atheistic Marxist-Leninist committed to the Soviet revolutionary agenda of defeating America and the capitalist West and achieving communist world domination as the final, comprehensive answer to all of humanity's social and economic problems. But Reagan's shocking walkout at Reykjavík over SDI (his idea for a land and space based missile defense system), and a booming US economy (while Russia's was stagnating) put Gorbachev through a profound moral and intellectual change-his Damascus moment. Seeing that Communism couldn't compete with Capitalism  Gorbachev said "I then realized that a new world was possible." By "new world" Gorbachev meant a new world order of peace without the East-West Conflict and Cold War.
Indeed, as the driving force of the Cold War was Marxism-Leninism (the governing socialist, anti-Capitalist philosophy or ideology of the Soviet Union) Reagan's Reykjavík walkout shattered what was left of Gorbachev's ideological illusions. He came to realize that after 70 years of failure at trying to create the ideal classless social and economic order Marxism-Leninism was a philosophical fraud, hoax and lie*-as bankrupt as the Soviet State with no answers to Russia's worsening domestic problems-and it lost its hold on him. Indeed, disappearing with the collapse of Marxism-Leninism in Gorbachev's mind was the reason to continue the ideological, military and geopolitical struggle with America and the West making "a new world [of peace] possible."
But that's not how Obama and most of the left see that period. Revising the history of the Reagan era they credit the NFM and anti-Cold War/peace movement with playing the crucial role not only in averting a global nuclear holocaust but with ending the Cold War (see). What is funny here is that  the NFM would not have existed without Ronald Reagan as it was principally an anti-Reagan movement aimed at destroying Reagan "the most dangerous man on earth."The freaked out Freezers believed It was Reagan's implacable anticommunism that was driving the world to Armageddon and he had to be stopped; and that the huge domestic and international peace movement against his policies (which included his daughter Patti Davis) softened Reagan and made him more amenable to appeasing Soviet grievances. Indeed, as proof that the anti-Cold War (blame America first) crowd prevailed over Reagan and moderated him leftists cite leading neo-cons like Norman Podhoretz and  Irving Krystal who turned against Reagan thinking he'd betrayed the anti-Soviet cause and grown soft.  
But ignored by Obama and the left is the fact that it was Margret Thatcher (Reagan's ideological soul mate) who "softened" Ronald Reagan. Believing from her conversations with Gorbachev that he was more flexible and reform minded than his predecessors  the Iron Lady assured Reagan that "we could do business with him." But while Reagan appeared to "soften" he remained tough as nails and would not rescue the collapsing Soviet Union  by unilaterally freezing US military spending, or scuttling plans for SDI. For Reagan it was "peace through strength" all the way until the Soviet Union, under George H. W. Bush (who continued Reagan's tough policies) completely collapsed.
 As a Nuclear Freeze activist in the 80s Obama likened Reagan's foreign policy  to Nazism (see).
So Barack Obama foolishly  believing the lie of  leftist revisionist history that US foreign policy was the primary cause of the Cold War and dangerous nuclear arms race, and that the anti-Cold War/Nuclear Freeze movement prevailed over and moderated the hardline Reagan and ended the Cold War, he comes into office hell-bent and confident on appeasing his way to resetting US relations with Islam, Russia and Iran all of whom, one way or another, had been wronged by America. Needless to say Obama has predictably failed at appeasing all three.
If Obama is a cryptic Moslem, as some believe, he is a very ignorant Moslem 
Indeed, six years after delivering his fawning, historic "New Beginning," Moslem out reach speech from Cairo-where he vowed to defend Islam against bigotry and fight Islamic extremism-the Middle East is in worsening, deteriorating sectarian and ethnic turmoil with Islamic extremism surging like never before. Indeed, as Obama's inaction in Syria and premature withdrawal from Iraq created a power vaccum filled by ISIS  the vast majority of Moslems (80% according to Al Jazeera seedisagreeing with Obama see the violent, cruel, mass murdering Islamic State as truly, traditionally and authentically Islamic-i.e. practicing the "religion of peace" like Islam's prophet or war did ages ago. Nothing better illustrates than this mind-blowing survey the great  mental and moral divide between Obama and most Moslems, and how ignorant he is of Islam despite his Moslem family roots and doing Ramadan dinners at the White House.
After ignoring Putin's invasion of Georgia, and his undisguised neo-imperialism to restore as much of the Soviet Empire as possible, Obama bent over backwards to appease Putin and predictably got no further than Chamberlain with Hitler. On September  17, 2010 (the 70th anniversary of Stalin's invasion of Poland), Obama, out of butt kissing deference to Putin's wishes, killed the deployment of the missile defense shield for Poland and Eastern Europe pissing off our allies (see). Then six months later in Prague Obama signed the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) with the cheating, untrustworthy Russians. This deal cuts lopsidedly our nuclear arsenal by a third while the Russians cut nothing and are allowed to modernize theirs. Moreover, while we're bound by this treaty to limit the number of our nukes adversaries like China and North Korea have no such limits. The treaty also has a poor verification regime and leaves Russia with a ten to advantage in tactical nuclear weapons (see).
obama twerking putin
And after all the bowing and scraping and capitulation to Putin what does Obama have to show for it? High tech traitor Edward Snowden given asylum in Russia; the invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea; and Putin plotting and scheming to undermine NATO's credibility (see).
After catastrophically failing to appease Putin and learning nothing from the experience Obama is hard at work trying to appease Putin's  implacable, evil, totalitarian ally, anti-US  Iran out of developing the ultimate weapons of terror and death and stop their jihad against us. How? By unfreezing billions in funds, lifting more sanctions, allowing the enrichment of uranium, letting them keep their plutonium reactor and self-inspect their own nuke sites for reported violations; and last but not least, tolerating their relationship with "Axis of Evil," science and technology partner, nuclear North Korea who is able to covertly enrich uranium for them, or sell them nukes from their stockpile. And what does Obama have to show for all he's done for Iran? They won't even let us open an embassy in Tehran after the Brits opened theirs several days ago.  And to top off this unprecedented diplomatic insanity Obama  after repeatedly being kicked in the groin by Putin publicly thanked him for making this dangerous, doomed to fail, God awful nuke deal possible. In other words,  for years Obama patiently endured Putin's abuse just to get this worthless deal with the mullahs and endless ridicule and abuse from them.
From the hysterical nuclear doomsday Freeze movement to the unfreezing of billions in Iranian terrorist funds Barack Obama has journeyed from insanity to insanity on his radically delusional leftist descent into historical infamy and total appeasement hell. And sad to say for our nation he hasn't reached bottom yet.


    1. Israel has handled everything thrown at them for 67 years and become the only 21st century success story in the Middle East.

      They will handle Iran when the time comes.

      Why can”t 300 million Arabs and 80 million Persians defeat 6.5 million Jews even with the help of an anti-Semitic U.S. President?

      Answer: GOD

  1. John Kerry, Obama and Hillary Clinton. The three biggest communists ever to grace Washington DC. Heck, Bernie Sanders is Alexander Haig compared to these three.

  2. “Obama has journeyed from insanity to insanity…” Indeed he has.

    Trump calls our leaders STUPID I agree but they are more aptly described as Insanely Stupid, McConnell says this insanity can not be stopped, we the people are insane if we let this stand.

    We have the constitutional authority to DEPOSE this insane tyrannical gov’t, yet we sit and watch, is this not also insanity, have we not doomed ourselves to damnation as a nation.

  3. Our criminal government is riddled with commies, thieves, criminals and syncophants. Our “leaders” are quislings. Pathetic state of affairs.

  4. Obozo is deluded. He has no reservation about lying to the American people about this deal and selling us and our security out to his Muslim friends. Even members of his own party, having actually taken the time to read the treaty, are backing away from it. People are starting to catch on to this duplicitous jerk and I think the only thing that buys what he’s selling is his teleprompter.

  5. Chamberlain : “Peace in our time.”

    Hitler: “Our enemies are worms. I saw them in Munich.”

    THIS IS OUR PRESIDENT — Is anyone out there awake?!

  6. Apollo

    Thanks loads for the lesson in Gorby’s evolution out of Marxism-Leninism-Atheism. I’ve not read that anywhere. But it makes perfectly good sense to me. Thanks again.

    1. It’s news to me too that Reagan’s walkout at Reykjavik might have saved Gorby from communist hell. He did say he saw things differently, so perhaps it’s true.

  7. Kicking the can down the road is what we do…yo…Why did we agree to them getting 150 billion dollars, & not getting our hostages back?

  8. Obama has said he would never support an agreement that doesn’t allow for anywhere/anytime snap inspections on Iran’s potential nuclear sites.

    The agreement does not include anywhere/anytime snap inspections on Iran’s potential nuclear sites.

    Obama lied


  9. The mullahs won’t allow us to open an embassy in Tehran? Is Obama insane enough to want to do that? After the 14 month hostage crisis that’s more a blessing than punishment.

  10. Everybody is a racist except him. Everybody does and says stupid things except him. So anybody who disagrees with him is obviously crazy. No question about it

  11. Brilliant take on Rule, Britainia. It had me in stitches. Then I realized it could happen and isn’t so funny.

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