In two recent articles (here and here) I advanced the novel idea that the proximity of Barack Obama's unpopular, legacy-driven, Munich-like appeasement deal with nuclear Iran in mid-July to two news making events involving Jimmy Carter: 1. His declaring in late June that US power, influence and prestige in world were "irreversibly declining." And 2. the report in mid-August that his cancer was lethally spreading throughout his body. These were two unmistakably ominous signs that the Carterization of Barack Obama is now tragically complete; and that 2015 is his 1979 disaster. 

 But that wasn't the end of it. Last week (as if symbolically anticipating the terrible consequences of Obama's nuke deal and feckless foreign policy) even worse news came from the unfortunate Mr. Carter. For on Thursday, August 20th we learned from the 90 year old ex-president that his metastasizing cancer had invaded his brain. "Discovered were four small spots of melanoma about two millimeters in size" said Carter, who received the first of four chemo treatments that very day with a new drug that would temper its enervating side effects. 
 My prayers are with Carter who I sincerely and very much want to recover and live. Hopefully the chemo will work and the cancer going into remission Carter will live to see how wrong he is about our "irreversible decline" just as the Left was wrong about it in the late 70s before Reagan reversed it. If Carter survives I'm certain he will see that his pessimism was unwarranted and a projection of his mind. That it was his wish and preference for this country (as it is for Obama and the Left) based on the radical belief that America has been a bad actor on the world stage (almost the very worst of nations) doing humanity more harm than good. And that a greatly diminished and weaker America is better for us and everyone else (see). 
 But that things are quickly going to hell and will get dramatically worse before they get better (under a new president) was I believe prophetically signified by the timing of Carter's tragic news. For precisely on August 20th when Carter made his brain cancer known the fully Carterized and feckless Barack Obama entered the 79th month of his dismal presidency. That's "79" as in 1979 (see).
Indeed, it appears that Carter's brain cancer is emblematic of Obama's intransigent leftwing presidency: that it's a destructive cancer on the brain of the body politic that is worsening by the day as he stays his disastrous course to the end of his last term. Oddly, Obama's Carter-like fate in foreign affairs, especially with regard to implacably, anti-US Iran, started early in his administration precisely, in fact, on April 8, 2009. For on that ill-starred day (which I wrote about here) Obama made his first fatal mistake with Iran by reversing the sensible policy of his predecessor of refusing to talk to the mullahs unless they stopped enriching uranium.  It doesn't seem that mere chance was at work that day. For as a sign to Obama that he was making a costly Carter-like blunder with Iran April 8, 2009 was the 79th day of his presidency-again, that's "79" as in the inauspicious year (see). As Jimmy Carter in 1979 midwifed the Iranian Revolution when he made the fatal mistake of deserting the Shah for Khomeini now Obama has outdone Carter in becoming this evil regime's greatest useful idiot and enabler.
Map of Missouri highlighting Carter County
 Carter County in red. One of Missouri's 114 counties.
 Nor, for that matter, do I think it was happenstance that two days earlier on April 6th, when Obama was in Ankara, Turkey assuring Moslems in a speech that the US wasn't at war with them, that a Turkish Canadian stole a small single engine training plane from a Canadian flight school in Ontario and flew it across the US border. What is incredible and seems providential (as I wrote here) is that when two F-16s forced the stolen plane to land it did so unplanned in Carter County, Missouri. That's "Carter" as in Jimmy*.  And look what's happened since to US foreign policy and to the hapless Jimmy Carter who is now fighting for his life as the disease of Obama's malignant leadership spreads and makes the world a more chaotic, violent and dangerous place.

*BTW, the Turkish born pilot was born in the late 1970s when Carter was president.



    1. Of course Jimmiah would never stoop to Obamacare, like the rest of the elites, he has enough money to go private pay full boat.

  1. A man who spent his entire political life, and in retirement, often wrong, but seldom in doubt. Dear Lord, please take him soon, with as little pain as possible, but take him.

  2. I have watched radiation for brain cancer cause several friends to lose all cognitive ability and die within a few months.

  3. Jimmy Carter defined the twisted combination of evil caused by good intentions and evil caused by knee-jerk antisemitism. He was a worthless president, like the one we have now

  4. A great man, a great president (only pres to get a treaty in mideast) , superior Naval Officer, wonderful husband and father, a real Christian who lived his faith and a man who in retirement helped to bring peace to difficult parts of the world.Unfortunately men of Carters caliber will always be mocked by the morally ignorant and profane.

    1. A great man? Great president? Who are you kidding? The Russians walked all over us during his presidency. The iranians took hostages for 400+ days and the economy sucked. Who gives a crap about some stupid peace treaty between Egypt and Isreal. Reagan scared the crap out of the Russians and eventually broke them. He did what Carter was afraid to do.

    2. @BL4L Great man? Great president? He was terrible. I was actually alive when he was president unlike you liberal kiddies who only know what you were told by your liberal teachers.

          1. The vast majority of servicemen and veterans disagree with you. Most of them can’t tolerate Obama, while holding Bush in high regard.

            1. Bull shit. Bush lied us into a war where 4000 good soldiers died for nothing and many more were injured . Obama ended the war and stopped the dying.

    1. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Jimmy Carter’s mother attended at least one Ku Klux Klan meeting we know of while Jimmy was your President . Google Lillian Carter Ku Klux Klan.


      Barbara Walters was the reporter for ABC News on the story. Lillian Carter testified under oath in court she was at a Ku Klux Klan meeting.

  5. Found this posted on Brietbart

    Carter’s treason & treachery goes a lot further & deeper than Anti-Semitism.
    He along with Brzezinski was solely responsible for the starting of modern day terrorism – the grandfather of terrorism if you will.
    He was directly responsible for the removal of the late Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi who was a strong ally of the West AND Israel. In fact he was the 1st Moslem leader to recognise Israel in 1948 & Iran the 1st Moslem country.
    Iran was a member of OPEC that set the prices of oil. Carter wanted the Shah to sell oil well below what Saudi Arabia did, which no one in their right mind would do. The Shah refused. Why should he sell Iran’s oil a lot cheaper than Saudi Arabia? From early 1978 Carter began plotting the demise & destabilisation of Iran & using the CIA made covert contact with Killer Ayatollah Ruollah Khomeini – whom Cater described as “a Gandhi-like figure”.
    The Soviet Union warned Killer Carter that they would invade Afghanistan if Iran was destabilised & the Shah removed. The rest is history. That of course is where Bin Laden got started & learned to hate America, not just because of Islam but also American duplicity.
    When the Shah was deposed & the Islamic Republic of Iran was installed, there ended a continuous 2,500 year reign of Shahs from Cyrus the Great to Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi & ushered in modern day Islamic terrorism.
    Anybody remember the American Embassy hostages? Held captive for 444 days because Carter being so piss weak couldn’t negotiate & the ill-fated Colonel Oliver North expedition tried to rescue them?
    It was only because President Reagan was elected that Iran finally negotiated the release of the American hostages – they knew Reagan would take military action.
    It also helped that Carter secretly transferred through the CIA $Billions to Iran the day before President Reagan’s inauguration.
    The rule of the Mullah’s began. Hundreds of thousands of the Shah’s supporters were rounded up, tortured, imprisoned &/or executed.
    From there, they sent out death squads to kill expatriate Iranians – especially in France. Set up Hezbollah & funded many other terrorist organisations which continues to this day.
    Why is Carter still walking the streets as a free man?

    1. Great post Sue! Didn’t know the Shah was the only Moslem leader that supported Israel’s independance in 1948. Curse Carter for turning against him.

  6. It is like 1979. And America is looking for a strong leader to replace the Jimmy Carter like weak jackass in the White House. That leader is Donald Trump, the 1979 Ronald Reagan.

    1. Trump is no Reagan. He’s no conservative. Reagan’s first commandment was “Thou shalt not attack a fellow Republican.” Trump violates that every time he opens his mouth. Attack, attack, attack. I’m sick of it.

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