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It was on September 26, 1938 that Adolf Hitler gave Czechoslovakia an ultimatum: " within the next 24 hours either cede to me the German-speaking Sudetenland or face the wrath of the mighty Nazi army." A defiant Czechoslovakia said "No!". With the deadline fast approaching British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain desperate to avoid war requested a meeting with Hitler at Munich. Seeing the chance to conquer the Sudetenland (like he did German-speaking Austria earlier that year) without a military invasion and loss of life Hitler postponed war for 24 hours and met with Chamberlain on September 29th. The naïve and gullible Chamberlain buying into the big lie that Hitler was a pan-German nationalist whose territorial ambitions were patriotic and limited to uniting all the German-speaking peoples of Europe into a Greater Germany agrees to Hitler's demands; and with the backing of French President Daladier Chamberlain signs the Munich Agreement ceding Sudetenland to Hitler while guaranteeing the independence of Czechoslovakia. We all know the rest of this tragic tale. With Sudetenland peacefully conquered Hitler shredded the Munich Agreement and five months later marched on a defenseless Prague adding all of non-Germanic Czechoslovakia to his growing Nazi empire. So much for his pan-German nationalism.
Putin = Hitler
Fast forward 77 years later to September 27, 2015. Vladimir Putin is being interviewed on 60 minutes by Charlie Rose. Rose (born four weeks after Pearl Harbor(see) pointedly asks Putin if his foreign policy goal was to reestablish a "sphere of influence" coextensive with the old Soviet empire whose collapse Putin said was "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century." Chuckling the cunning former KBG agent (who denied wanting to remake Russia into a superpower) answered in the negative. He said that the collapse of the empire  "left 25 million Russians outside of [cut off from] Russia;" and his ambition, aim and overarching purpose as Russia's leader was to reunite them to the motherland. In other words, sounding very much like Hitler, the phony pan-German nationalist at Munich, Putin just two days before the 77th anniversary of Munich claimed to be nothing more terrible or threatening than a pan-Russian nationalist. This while he's sending money, troops and arms to bolster the evil regime of Bashar al-Assad, the worst mass murdering tyrant of the 21st century.
Just as Neville Chamberlain's war-causing appeasement of Hitler at Munich made him the world's most powerful man and respected statesman so is  Obama playing the same role with regard to Putin.
Today on this date September 29, 2015-the 77th anniversary of Munich-Putin, still at the UN with Obama, is in the 177th week of his third term as Russia's President (see and see below).
And on this significant day Obama, who was elected 44th US president on the 29th anniversary of the 444 day Iran Hostage Crisis, and finalized the terrible nuclear appeasement deal with Iran in Vienna 2444 days later (at the hotel Hitler celebrated his conquest of Austria) is today, on this 77th anniversary of Munich, in the 2444th day of his presidency (see and see). You couldn't ask for a more telling sign of just how badly Obama is Carterized-is another weak and hapless Jimmy Carter.
And similar to Hitler who dreamed of forming a military alliance with Great Britain Putin is trying to do the same with the US. Indeed, today (as reported HERE) Putin proposed that the US join with Russia and Iran in ( I quote) an "ANTI-HITLER TYPE ALLIANCE...." to fight ISIS-and keep Assad in power. What an astonishing proposal to make on the anniversary of Munich.
Above I noted that today September 29th, the 77th anniversary of the Munich Agreement, was the 177th week of Putin's third term as president of Russia. But it is also the 19,779th day of Obama's existence in this world (see)-a five digit number encoded with the number 77. But this number is also encoded with the ominous number 1979 indicating the year when US foreign policy collapsed under Jimmy Carter with the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, the start of the 444 day hostage crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. As I noted HEREHERE and HERE Obama's disastrous nuclear deal with Iran completed the reCarterization of US foreign policy thus making 2015 Obama's 1979 (and 1938).  It is odd and looking very portentous that this number should appear today on the anniversary of Munich.


  1. Putin is disgusted by the communist queer in the WH, “exporting social experiments” to the Mideast and in general screwing up everything he touches.

  2. Stick them in a ring and let them fight.Oh wait we are dealing with the biggest girlie , pansy , boy in the history of this country and the world knows it.

    1. I wonder what would happen if Putin just decided to kick the crap out of Obama. Obama would be lying in a puddle before their security guys could do anything. Then what? Perhaps Obama files a lawsuit in international court?

  3. The core of Obama’s disdain for Putin is not because of Russian advances, but because of Putin’s abhorrence of homosexuals.

  4. I’m new to this excellent blog and have a question for apollo or anyone:

    There is an ‘international court’ and if I’m not mistaken, they try humanitian suits here, right?

    So my question is this:

    Because Obuma, shillary and holden ran guns thru Benghazi to Syria, and 4 Americans were killed could this court try the three of them on some kind of humanitian conditions?

  5. If Obama wanted Assad gone, Assad would be gone. Obama’s never been interested in toppling Assad, any more than he has been interested in a nuclear free Iran, that is why when the red line was crossed Obama just drew another. All Obama wants is the illusion he is acting without any of the personal risks of acting and without harming his pals the Iranians or Muslim Bros.

    1. Not so.A $500 million Pentagon program Of Obamas was supposed to train and equip more than 5,000 fighters Syrian soldiers to topple Assad…..you might as well say nobody showed up of the Syrians to fight against Assad…….65 showed up to fight…ending with just 5 in the end….and that’s from our military leaders stating this….

      So if the majority of Syrians were and are not willing to fight Assad why does Obama want him disposed???????… Why did he support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt…and why did he dispose Mubarak and Qaddafi??? It makes no sense. Yes! Obama is a putz.

  6. A dork is worth a thousand insults.

    Obama still has many more insults coming his way.

    “AWOL Administration” – all show, no guts

  7. Obamas totally pi*ssed….Putins even got China troops on the way to Syria …he’s moving without Obama….and behind the scenes all Europe is supporting Putins plan…..so Obama’s really really mad!….

  8. It seems like Putin and Khamenei were waiting for Obama to get locked into his Iran agreement before announcing and acting on one of their “side deals.” Very smart. They play chess. Obama plays with his yo yo.

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