It was on June 4, 1961 (two months before Obama was born in the year that saw the start of our military involvement in Vietnam) that John Kennedy, just four months in office, met with Nikita Khrushchev in Vienna. It was a disaster for the US and the inexperienced Kennedy ("Khrushchev savaged me," he said); just like the UN Summit (hours shy of the 77th anniversary of Munich) was a disaster for the US and Obama
(aka "the new JFK"). 
ground for Obama and Putin
In the aftermath of the Vienna Summit (and 9 days from Obama's birth) the emboldened Soviets built the Berlin Wall which worsened East-West tensions. Then (70 days from Obama's birth on December 11th) Kennedy sent 32 copter gunships and 400 soldiers to South Vietnam to "draw a line in the sand" against communist aggression, and show Khrushchev he had balls. Then the following year Cold War tensions reached their height with the harrowing Cuban Missile Crisis, the closest we've come to full scale nuclear war.
What will the punked, deceived and mortified Obama do in the next 14 months to regain his credibility and esteem and cut Putin down to size (who obviously deceived him on Syria)? Kennedy blockaded Cuba and chanced a nuclear war and won forcing Khrushev to back down and remove his missiles from Cuba. Is there a John Kennedy in Obama willing to challenge Putin in a nuclear showdown if neccessary?
 Or is he too weak and cowardly to act? And caring nothing about his loss of stature and ours will he do nothing to stop our geostrategic bleeding and decline, and the dangerous, destabilizing advance of our enemies across the world?
 It is fascinating to note that Obama has John F. Kerry for his  Secretary of State at a time when Putin is treating Obama with the same contempt that Khrushchev treated John F. Kennedy. For Kerry resembles JFK (his teenage idol) in many respects: both men share the same initials "JFK," both had mother’s with the first name Rose and were raised in the Roman Catholic faith,  both won U.S. Senate seats in Massachusetts and  the Democrat nomination for the presidency, and both were decorated lieutenants in the U.S. Navy commanding PT Boats during a war with an Asian enemy. Moreover, in the 1960s Kerry dated Jackie Kennedy's half sister ; and in the 1970s Ted Kennedy took Kerry under his wing and mentored him (see).  
Is Kerry a sign that Putin like Khrushchev is going to test our country to the dangerous limits of a nuclear confrontation? And was such a conflict foreshadowed HERE?
Vice President Joe Biden was born on the 17th birthday of Robert F. Kennedy* who guided his brother through the Cuban Missile Crisis. But Biden (who plagarized RFK, see) is no RFK. For in October, 2008 it was Biden who warned America's enemies that Obama had "steel in his spine" and would prove equal to any test, threat or challenge they poised. And in July. 2009 this same Joe Biden also predicted that "a weakened Russia will bend to America's [Obama's] will....(see)."  However,  as an economically weakened Russia is defying the US everywhere, and belittling Obama at every turn, it has shown both Obama and Biden to be unfit for the powerful offices they hold; and that their reelection to a second term was a huge mistake.
*RFK was born 11-20-25, Biden 11-20-42.
 Putin: "Okay Mr. President, you got yourself a deal. Give Iran this nuclear deal and $150 billion and we will remove Bashar Assad from power. You have my word on it."
 When Obama's prediction that Bashar al -Assad would share Moammer Kaddafy's fate and fall from power didn't materialize why, nevertheless, was he so optimistic that eventually he would partner with Putin and Iran in removing him? The likely  answer is that Putin and Khamenei made Assad's removal contingent on a nuke deal beneficial to Iran. Once that was finalized Putin and Khamenei did a bait and switch as they had no intention of removing Assad-a trusted and loyal ally. After yesterday's bombing of US allies is there anyone  who still doubts that the Iran nuke deal is worthless, like Putin's and Khamenei's promises to oust Assad? 


  1. Kennedy-Khrushchev, Obama-Putin. Good analogy. Except that Obama is no JFK and would have fainted from fear during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  2. Aside from womanizing and calling for a man to land on the moon what did Kennedy do, really??? OK. Maybe stood up at the Cuban missile crisis but I think a powerful republican like Nixon would have put Russia in her place.

    1. exactly why do people think JFK was anything other than your typical “KENNEDY”…. cheated his way through “havad”, cheated on his wife, and left the bay of pigs patriots to die…. ths is a “great” man…??? not in my book…. plus let’s see the secret deal made with russia to remove turkey bases and never invade cuba…

      1. Yep. Most don’t know about Kennedy’s back door deal to remove the Jupiter MRBMs from Turkey.

        Kennedy is hailed as a godsend because he was assassinated and through some perverse notion that liberal media needed a royal lineage – Camelot.

        In truth, he was a philandering womanizing, drug-addicted scumbag who passed women between him and his brother like popcorn.

        1. lIn truth, he was a philandering womanizing, drug-addicted scumbag who passed women between him and his brother like popcorn.

          True enough. But …

          Compared to Lyndon Johnson he looks like another Ronald Reagan. LBJ did more harm to this country than even Obama.

          Kennedy cut taxes. That was a big deal – probably the reason he was shot. Did LBJ place an order for his promotion to the Presidency. Hmmm … We will probably never know.

          1. I won’t argue about LBJ. He was a Texas politician and a scoundrel for sure. Yet, even while he did damage, it is not as long-lasting and so pervasive as the Kennedy myth, for certain. All the way from Jack, to Bobby, to Jackie, to all the other clan members. Not a damned one of them worth spit.

            They as a collective are responsible for some of the most heinous impositions on this country, in spirit and in practice, frankly. They even inspire copycats like John effing Kerry-as Apollo points out. The lasting legacy is the myth of Camelot and the elitist fascination liberal media has with their ilk, and their impact will go on for a long time. Fie on that whole brood.

  3. JFK 1961: “ask not what your country can do for you…”

    Obama 2015: “Ask and ask and keep on asking what your country can do for you until you get it.”

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