Go to the bottom of the Pew poll and what do you see? 62% of 191 million Pakistanis are unsure about ISIS; knowing what they know about these brutal, bloodthirsty, medieval savages-their horrific atrocities and crimes in bombing jetliners in mid-flight killing hundreds, gunning down innocent civilians by the dozens, beheading people left and right and burning them alive-115,000,000 Pakis can't make up their minds whether ISIS is good or evil; whether their glorification of violence and extreme inhumanity in God's name is morally right or wrong; whether this collectivist caliphate of crushing oppression, injustice, hatred and death reflects the true Islam of Mohammed, the Hadiths and the Koran-or is a perversion of the faith. In other words, nearly two-thirds of this Moslem nation are sitting on the fence watching the turn of events, waiting to see how things pan out and progress uncertain just yet which way to go. Should they join the 9% (19 million twisted souls) who love evil ISIS and see in its deadly deeds God's will doing the work of Islamic justice? Or should they join the 28% (50 million peaceful souls) who oppose ISIS and its murderous brand of Islam? 
Pakistan Nuclear Arsenal
It is unbelievable that after all our country has done for Pakistan over the decades-the billions in military and economic aid that went to this loyal ally in the Cold War fighting atheistic communism and Soviet expansionism-that 115 million of them hate us and are potential ISIS supporters open to radicalization. It's unbelievable this great mass of Pakis are vulnerable to believing that ISIS'
 violent, predatory, intolerant version of Islam-seeing all infidels as enemies of God-is the absolute God-given truth; and that Islamic State Caliph and warlord Abu al-Baghdadi is like a modern-day Mohammed resurrected from the grave heading a righteous cause in wanting to establish a universal Islamic state-even if that means hundreds and millions of deaths.
North Korea obtained nuclear
What this means, chilling as it is, is that if ISIS isn't defeated and totally destroyed, if it's perceived as winning and the strong horse in its jihad with America, Europe and its Moslem and infidel foes, that the 19 million pro-ISIS Pakis will grow; and if in time it swells into a majority the unthinkable could happen: Pakistan could unite with ISIS joining its caliphate of terror and death causing the greatest catastrophe of the 21st century as it would plunge the world into absolute mayhem.
Pakistan's Nuclear Facilities
 Pakistan's nuclear facilities.
For that would give ISIS the ultimate weapons of terror and death making it a nuclear armed state controlling over 200 thermonuclear bombs with the means of delivering them 1100 miles with medium range ballistic missiles-and farther by jet. That is a terrifying prospect.
The people of Pakistan are lost to America and the West. All of our attempts to win their hearts and minds have miserably failed. Even with the closest thing we've had to a Moslem president-who made a historic pro-Islamic speech in Cairo giving top priority to healing the US/Islamic rift (repeating ad nauseam that "Islam is a Religion of Peace" and that the US is not at war with it)-it's done little good at best as most Pakistanis hate us to death, and would love to see us annihilated in a nuclear holocaust. The destruction of the Islamic State is a world necessity so that its marriage to Pakistan can never become reality.
Can ISIS get access to nuclear
The unthinkable that must never become reality: a nuclear armed ISIS. 
Apart from that the poll is terribly disturbing in yet another respect: of the 11 countries Pew surveyed it found that 63 million Moslems warmly support ISIS; and that is only 10 of 57 Moslem states. What that means is that a potential 100 million Moslems (conservative estimate) are enamoured with them and agree with their unlimited ambitions and aims. That is very, very troubling and cause for alarm. For should we destroy the Islamic State ISIS, like al Qaida, will continue as a stateless global terror group raising millions in funds from a huge Moslem donor base. The bad news is that state or no state ISIS will be around for some time to come; but the weaker it is the better for us who are its main targets.
 Activists set fire to American flags at a protest rally of a religious party in Lahore (2012).
Anti-American protests in Lahore. 
This on line al Jazeera poll taken in May showed vastly different results from the Pew poll.


  1. Its easy to lie in a poll, no one knows the true numbers. But my guess is support for ISIS is greater than the poll suggests

    1. The way these polls are usually done is you poll 1000 people and then use the results to project across the population, and then calculate margin of error by plus or minus x percent.

    1. You are full of crap you knuckle dragging red neck white trash goat humping ISIL loving Progressive traitor, trailer park troll! get the facts and get a life.

  2. It will take one attack here in the US and the progressive kumbaya party is over. Weapon sales are through the roof. The 2nd amendment will be our salvation against the goat fornicators.

  3. People do not need a reason to hate others, just ignorance and anger, just a system where thinking and being intellectual is neither appreciated nor even welcome. Pakistanis have slid down the intellectual ladder into a base level of “hate-everything-including-myself” situation. They are not keen to make any efforts to climb up the ladder, the religious minded people making sure people do not think, but just hate. Hence 19 million Pakis support ISIL and a large part of 115 million undecided may be joining them,

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