Picture of a Stamp Act riot in Virginia.
You will recall from your study of 18th century American history the infamous, tyrannical Stamp Act which set the colonies ablaze with defiance and violent protests and was the precursor to the American Revolution. You'll recall that the Stamp Act was an internal tax (the first of its kind) imposed by the British government on practically every piece of printed paper that Americans used in daily life. Indeed, legal documents, magazines, newspapers, pamphlets etc. would be produced on paper purchased from England at a higher than market price to defray the cost of stationing British troops on American soil. The British government had spent a fortune fighting the Seven Years War and the colonists were being forced to pay for it and any future campaigns with Stamp Act taxes. The colonists argued that the British troops were unnecessary and that they were perfectly capable of defending themselves. But what especially incensed them was that the Stamp Act was passed by Parliament and signed into law by King George without their consent. It was TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION; and Americans from Maine to Georgia were united like never before in inter-colonial opposition calling for the Stamp Act's repeal. And repealed it was.
But what does the Stamp Act have to do with ObamaCare? A great deal it seems as a possible sign of its coming, eventual demise. For March 22, 2010, right smack in between March 21st when the Democrat led House unilaterally passed ObamaCare, and March 23rd when Obama signed it into law, was the 245th anniversary of the Stamp Act (see).
 And low and behold, just 37 months after ObamaCare became law a lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Washington DC challenging the legality of the IRS rule on the basis of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION-the worst in world history. Indeed, Halbig v. Sebilius charges (and rightly I believe) that the IRS in a devious misinterpretation of the law (backed by the lying White House) has given itself the authority to collect $800 billion in tax subsidies from states that refused to set up insurance exchanges to pay for Medicaid recipients (see). The law only allows for the collection of these taxes from states that set up exchanges. As ObamaCare is class warfare by health insurance means (see)-to subsidize health insurance for the poor at everyone else's expense-the winning of this suit would leave the federal government without the funds to insure millions on Medicaid; and with that happening Obama's House of Health Care Lies would collapse sending the Congress back to the drawing board on health care reform.
There are other lawsuits dealing with ObamaCare taxation in the works
(see); but Halbig v. Sebilius is the most interesting and promising and will do the most damage if it succeeds. If these suits fail don't despair people. The colonists victory over the Stamp Act and its repeal by the British Parliament is an unmistakable sign of Obamacare's fate.
Below is an article titled: Obamacare, the Stamp Act and the American Revolution, that I posted on Townhall on March 23, 2010 hours before Obama signed his bill into law.
Yesterday, March 22, 2010 was the 245 anniversary of the British Parliament's passage the Stamp Act on the American people requiring that all printed material be on paper provided by Britain embossed with a special stamp to pay for the expense of British troops on colonial soil. Just as ObamaCare (or health care tax) is being signed into law without the consent of the American people so was the Stamp Act imposed dictatorially on colonial America without its consent.
With the Stamp Act's anniversary falling between the House passing ObamaCare and Obama signing it into law (which he's about to do) this is another dire sign and warning of things to come for Barack Obama and the Dems over ObamaCare: the imperious, arrogant imposition of a huge crushing unwanted tax and health care burden on the American people. The Stamp Act triggered an anti-tax revolt throughout the colonies with petitions, protests, riots and violence occurring everywhere. Public resistance to the Stamp Act forced its repeal and was precursor to the American Revolution.
 If Obama dares go through with the signing of this bill he will likely regret it to the end of his days as it is a ruinous piece of socialist legislation that will prove politically devastating for him and his party, and leave him with a legacy of ashes in his post-presidency years.


    1. Justice Roberts should be sentenced to burn in hell for eternity plus one year for his traitorous, unconstitutional vote to save Obamacare.

    1. You’re absolutely right. Obamacare has nothing to do with care, health or medical treatment. Obamacare has everything to do with a mandatory insurance that everyone must buy at the point of the Federal gun. That is a form of gov’t slavery.

  1. I agree totally with you Apollo.
    Obamacare is a way to have total control of the populace. They completely hold your life in their hands.

  2. Lefties called tax cutting George Bush “King George” likening him to the tyrannical British monarch who oppressed America. Meanwhile the same lefties defend Obamacare which puts the Stamp Act to shame. Go figure.

  3. We’re now taxed twice….Medicare and what I call “Medicare Junior” aka Obamacare-the greatest tax hike in US history.

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