What you are about to read is an entirely novel approach to discrediting the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) orthodoxy of scientists, activists and media tools using radical extremist. climate change nihilist Guy (de-industrialize or die) McPherson. Who is this Guy? A former professor emeritus (now banished from academia) of conservation biology from the University of Arizona who published the "Extinction Dialogues" and "Going Dark"-controversial books of leftist, nihilistic, doomsday despair over CAGW that are nevertheless right on one very important point: that the apocalyptic, CAGW movement (to save mankind from climate collapse and extinction) has lost the "climate wars," and that we pro-industrial-capitalist "denialists" have triumphantly won. 
Now just a short time ago Prof. McPherson was a relatively unknown, unremarkable mainstream climate change scientist battling (like his heroes Al Gore and ex-NASA scientist turned activist Jim Hanson) "catastrophic" man-made global warming chiefly caused (so they believe) by mankind's massive use of fossil fuels. But in the course of his researches McPherson had a revelation from hell that caused him to suffer a mental breakdown: he realized that industrial (fossil fuel burning) civilization was unstoppable; that the "unprecedented 40%" man-caused increase in heat trapping, atmospheric CO2 since the start of the "deadly Industrial Age" was the "tipping point of no return" to Armageddon; that man had crossed the terrible threshold of climate chaos and collapse and was absolutely, irreversibly headed toward extinction. Indeed, McPherson likens industrial society to a red-hot huffing puffing steam engine consuming greater and greater amounts of fossil fuel (giving off more steam, energy, heat) until it gets so explosively hot  KA-BOOM! it shatters into smithereens. 
CO2 increase over 280 ppm
Consequently, according to McPherson, the warmunist crusade of saving the world by transitioning to a green-clean energy future was pointless and lost. That the gains made in using renewables (solar, wind, hydro power, etc) were too little too late. To his horror McPherson realized with painful clarity that after 250 years the Industrial-Capitalist Revolution (the greatest wealth creating engine in history that's lifted billions out of poverty) was roaring relentlessly ahead stronger than ever-with millions of poor people in developing nations greedily, stupidly and recklessly craving its benefits and blessings without realizing the devastating consequences. And, adds McPherson, warmunists are powerless to stop it because they have nothing more productive to replace it, i.e. the Industrial-Capitalist ("killing") Machine.
Moreover, McPherson claimed that Al Gore, Jim Hanson and the heads of IPCC, NASA and NOAA secretly agreed with his depressing analysis; that all of them know the terrible truth that humanity is irrevocably doomed (with only 15-30 years left of existence) but lack the guts to say it. Needless to say, in the climate wars between "warmunists" and "deniers" McPherson became a defeatist. Realizing the superiority and invincibility of the enemy, "INDUSTRIAL CAPITALISM," and its astounding but "ruinous" achievements McPherson became a radical pessimist engulfed in nihilistic gloom with the message that all was virtually lost; that humanity's hope for survival was the immediate shutdown of industrial society and ending the use of fossil fuels. "De-industrialize or Die" was McPherson's fearlessly insane message. 
Warmunists were appalled. Instead of heeding McPherson's insight that the enemy was invincibly strong his peers and students branded him a dangerous crackpot kook who completely got the science wrong. As word got out on the internet about this "kook" professor and his message of imminent doom he was roundly denounced and demonized as the enemy within-worse than the worse denialists-depressing and demoralizing the troops (undermining the cause) while they bravely battle for human survival and saving the world. But instead of shutting him up the attacks emboldened McPherson to speak out with greater force; he was a man with a mission hell-bent on spreading the truth; like Nietzsche he became an "active nihilist" making himself even more feared and hated than before. Banished from academia McPherson writes books and articles, travels abroad giving lectures and posts blogs on his website "Nature Bats Last."  Needless to say McPherson is a deranged lunatic-a bat sh*t crazy Al Gore. But his lunacy is useful  for demoralizing warmunists and discrediting their cause. This is what I mean.
  Moderate warmunists and nihilists like McPherson agree that             coal burning, gas guzzling, CO2 polluting humanity is destroying itself; but where they disagree with him on is the 40% rise in CO2 (or 400 ppms) that it's the "tipping point of no return" making our demise inevitable. But if not 40% or 400 ppms then what? How much CO2 will raise global temperatures to mass extinction levels wiping out all life on earth?  50%? 80%? 100%? More?

 I relentlessly questioned warmunist bloggers on this tipping point  issue and couldn't get an answer. I asked them to tell me what the great, all-knowing "consensus" of climate scientists had to say on the subject; but they didn't know. I pressed on and on hammering away telling them that "If CAGW is "settled science," as Obama, Kerry, Al Gore, Hansen and others claim, then surely there must be a settled consensus on the "tipping point." Surely the experts must know how much heat trapping CO2 the atmosphere can sustain before triggering world ending, runaway climate change" But they had nothing to say. Apparently there is no consensus on this vitally important issue. As I was to learn the "tipping point" to climate Armageddon is unknown to climatologists.  No one, it seems, has figured it out. It's a mystery to be solved. 
What this means is this: from the warmunist perspective Guy McPherson may be 1000% correct. That it's way too late to save the Earth and there's no scientific basis for hope. That the planet is unfixably broken and all is lost. That we've passed the midnight hour and crossed the climate threshold into certain inevitable doom. And those warmunists who are battling on trying to keep hope alive that all isn't lost and man can be saved and survive are struggling against the grim reality fearlessly faced by the nihilist and his followers: that right-wing denialists, big oil, Fox News and Anthony Watts have won. Industrial Man is irredeemable; he's the "Destroyer of Nature and Worlds" hardened in his evil ways and can't be reformed and changed.
The CAGW orthodoxy can  characterize and ridicule Guy McPherson as a pessimistic extremist nut all they want. Truth is they are closer to him in heart and mind than they are willing to admit. McPherson's hopeless, defeatist "doom is upon us" nihilism, and the little more hopeful "doom has not yet come" angst of the "consensus" is a distinction without any real difference. 
As the "tipping point" is unknown and McPherson may be right the only honest and logical position for warmunists to take is to suspend their judgment and say: "We hope and pray that McPherson's has it wrong, and that the war on AGW isn't lost. More research needs to be done to determine just how much anthropogenic CO2 would cause the dreaded "tipping point" and confirm or refute his depressing view."
Nevertheless, McPherson's basic insight that reduced him to total despair is absolutely correct:  the progressive "dirty" industrialization of the planet and third world peoples unstoppably roars on-ignoring warmunists' END TIME fears and imaginary schemes to save mankind who isn't in peril and doing  fine, and absolutely doesn't need them.
Chris1955 writes:

Apollo says, ” industrial civilization roars on” ignoring all the bull about climate change. And indeed it is.

Fossil fuels dominate China’s energy landscape as it plans to build one new coal power plant every 10 days for the next 10 years.

China’s Growing Coal Use Is World’s Growing Problem | Climate Central

India is poised to contend with China as the globe’s top consumer of coal, with 455 power plants preparing to come online



    1. Tucson and the University of Arizona are very liberal. This guy’s a nutcase who has spent twenty years enclosed in a cage for nut cases. No wonder he thinks the way he does. He’s removed from the reality of the world in a liberal ivory tower.

    2. How did this idiot become a Professor?

      Living in a fantasy world seems to be a requirement now. In this case it is necessary for him to forget all about the environmental destruction under Socialism. Little things like rivers in Red China that can’t even support carp.

      We have had our problems, but prosperity creates a demand by the public for a cleaner environment. If you go to the rich area of town you won’t see trash blowing down the streets, the people who live there won’t tolerate it. However if you go to the poor section trash is everywhere.

  1. This just confirms my belief about the climate change crowd. It’s not about the environment, CO2 levels, or the planet. It’s about destroying capitalism so they can institute socialism/communism as the economic system.

    1. Drakken,
      I agree with you. That makes more sense than all of the idiots that insist on global warming aka climate change. Since global warming didn’t work, they changed it to climate change so anything that happens they can point out how right they are.
      And like Lemmings, there are always those that will follow their lead no matter how foolish.

  2. Here in Kalifornia they are paying folks to eliminate their grass, grass eats co2 and produces o2 whats up with that?

    1. And they want to legalize grass to increase CO2 emissions and lung cancer. But there’s a happy side to this: As they’re dumbing themselves down and killing themselves at least they’ll be “polluting” the air with more food for trees, crops and plants.

  3. According to this genius, humans are going to go extinct by 2030..?
    But before it does please buy his book(s) or visit his blog. Ha ha ha.

  4. I read the entire interview with this McPherson guy on The Peoples Voice website. The site is very left liberal since they are into environmentalism, voting for Bernie Sanders and social justice issues.

    But at the end of the interview, McPherson is asked how we should prepare for the extinction of all life on the planet. His reply was, “By living with death in mind.” This leaves no doubt that he needs professional help to get in touch with reality.

    1. Since he’s making a religion of death he ought to convert to death cult Islam and join the lovers of death for the glory of Allah. Doesn’t that make sense?

  5. Apollo says, ” industrial civilization roars on” ignoring all the bull about climate change. And indeed it is.

    Fossil fuels dominate China’s energy landscape as it plans to build one new coal power plant every 10 days for the next 10 years.

    China’s Growing Coal Use Is World’s Growing Problem | Climate Central

    India is poised to contend with China as the globe’s top consumer of coal, with 455 power plants preparing to come online

  6. ► We kill 90 elephants each and every day.
    ► We kill 2-3 rhinos each and every day.
    ► 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985
    ► 50% of all Vertebrate Species may disappear before 2040.
    ► Big Ocean Fish populations down 90% since 1950.
    ► Fresh Water Fish populations down 50% since 1987,
    ► Land Animal populations down 28% since 1970.
    ► Marine Bird populations down 30% since 1995.
    ► All Marine Animal populations down 28% since 1970.
    ► Plankton populations down up to 40% since 1950.
    ► Species extinction is 1000 times faster than normal.
    ► Human sperm counts down 50% since 1950.
    ► Human population up to 9 billion by 2050.
    ► Ocean acidification to double by 2050, triple by 2100

    This is why ecological cascading extinction collapse will become unstoppable and irreversible in 30-40 years.
    Even the official predictions intensify.

    United Nations Environment Programme (2009)
    +3.5°C by 2100
    Global Carbon Project, Copenhagen Diagnosis (2009)
    +6°C by 2100
    Hadley Centre for Meteorological Research (2009)
    +4°C by 2060
    United Nations Environment Programme (2010) up to
    +5°C by 2050

    1. Be thankful you’re human and not a non-human animal. Do you think house pets will eventually become extinct? That would be bad.

  7. Are his books printed on paper from massive amounts of trees that were cut down for its production, or are they ebooks that I can read on a tablet made from petroleum products?

  8. Wanting to terminate industrial technology means he’s for genocide. Millions would starve to death or freeze to death.

  9. That’s the goal. Sort of like how DDT was outlawed, even though there was no evidence of any harm to any species. The Eco-nazis wiped out malaria in their own back yard, then decided that all the important people were safe. Millions have suffered and died since. What is their oh so humane solution? Mosquito nets. Seriously?

  10. McPherson, aka Chicken Little. Hey McPherson answer me how come past CO2 levels increased to 10 times todays levels and then went down and we had ice 1,000 ft. thick in the Northeast and it melted without man. One thing leftists like you can’t comprehend NATURAL OCCURRING CLIMATE EVENTS.

  11. This over educated twit is clearly a supporter of Voluntary Human Extinction to whom I must reply … “You first Professor. I’ll even loan you my 9mm and 1 round.”

    Better still, “Why don’t you try to convince the oil producer ISIS it needs to deindustrialize, see how that works out and then come back to report their reaction.”

  12. It appears that like most of the man made global warming promoters, he is a population scientist who views mankind as the source of all of our problems. There is little science in population science but a lot of loony ideas claiming to be science. He is another Malthusian, a tabloid scientist. It is time to stop calling them scientists. Science fiction is not hard science. A script writer for a Sci-fi movie or Al Gore are not scientists and neither is McPhoolson.

  13. Ever hear of photosynthesis? You know, where plants and trees take in CO2 and produce that all important oxygen that we breath? The more CO2, the more they thrive. Carbon footprint is good! Let it be bigger.

    1. You’ve heard of it but obviously think your one year of 8th grade science trumps Phd. climate scientists who, for some reason, either have never heard of it, or never thought to incorporate it into their study…

  14. Apollo

    It will interest you to know that back in the 1990s the IPCC warned that CO2 at 350 ppm (parts per million) would be “the point of no return.”Readings now show that CO2 has surpassed 400 ppm yet for the last 17 years there has been almost no increase in temperature.

    1. My dear friend, can you provide a link to the 350ppm ceiling or upward limit? I have just read an article in Scientific American placing it at 450ppm. However, you are correct: we have surpassed 400ppm-with no slowdown in emissions or end in site.

  15. OK Guy, you first. Sell your home, sell your car, sell all your belongings and go live in a cave in the majove desert. Then I might give you some cred.

  16. Global Warming? You mean that hoax thing? The one that 97% of scientists said they were 99% sure of? Yeah, and it stopped 18 years ago. If this moron wants to help the Earth he needs to volunteer himself as a 150lb bag of fertilizer.

  17. I read that this Arizona climate professor and grief counselor lives in “a straw house in the middle of the woods surrounded by animals.”

    At least he is not a hypocrite like Al Gore and most of the other global warming hoaxers.

    1. Yes, mankind created industry just because we are evil selfish polluters, not because we as a species have greatly improved the quality of life for all. But hey, if we all lived in straw houses in the woods, we would need to clear some forests and probably drive away the animals from their natural habitat. Eventually everyone would want the biggest straw house they could get. People from other countries would like to live in straw houses in the woods too. Then there’s the food…

      1. So, you understand the point is its a matter of scale, and the “infinite growth” mindset that eventually destroys everything. And I thought you were a simple minded conservative…..

    1. Correct. I have a tiny bit of respect for this nut because at least he believes his own nonsense and lives like a hermit. Gore is as you say a crook and hypocrite and so I have absolutely no respect for him.

    1. Lol, Humans have been saying we are all going to die time and time again and that same song and dance has been debunked or on the “Day” our supposed extinction nothing happens. So what? 2012 all over again? How about you limp dick cunts like McPherson stop fixating on our demise and spend time with his kids kids and Family instead of profiting off of scare tactics. Remember when people commited suicide before december 21st 2 years ago? or when people were spending all of there money on provisions and Water? A complete and utter waste. Nothing is going to happen in 2030. And if it does, Well at least i will be spending time living my life and smiling with my brother and sister.

  18. Climate change is a non-issue. It is always changing, and humans have no measurable effect on it. Global temperatures have been on a slight downward trend since 1998 or so (depending upon which data you look at). Its a cycle. This Dr. of Global Warming Doom is full of it~ on every level. Warming=cooling now, lol. There is no discernible trend in major weather events. Its getting colder because the sun’s activity is at its lowest in a long time. The sun drives the climate, and that should be obvious.

    1. Nothing more than unalarming minuscule increases in CO2 since the start of the Industrial Revolution-as the good Dr. Giaever says:

    2. @BL4L

      I like warm weather. No more long cold winters and snow storms like we have now. I can’t wait. Bring it on. And I’ll have a shorter drive to the beach since the Ocean will be moving closer to me. Can’t get any better than that!
      Climate Change – we love you!

      1. Asshat. Do you realize the consequences of world wide coastal flooding from melting glaciers and ice caps?

        “When sea levels rise rapidly, as they have been doing, even a small increase can have devastating effects on coastal habitats. As seawater reaches farther inland, it can cause destructive erosion, flooding of wetlands, contamination of aquifers and agricultural soils, and lost habitat for fish, birds, and plants.

        When large storms hit land, higher sea levels mean bigger, more powerful storm surges that can strip away everything in their path.

        In addition, hundreds of millions of people live in areas that will become increasingly vulnerable to flooding. Higher sea levels would force them to abandon their homes and relocate. Low-lying islands could be submerged completely.” – National Geographic

        Would you like global warming then?

  19. He says CO2 rise started in 1750 at start of indust rev. (280 or so ppm). Now up to 400+, which is the most we’ve seen. But note that about 280 is the peak we’ve seen many times… there are ice ages in between where CO2 drops to 1/2 or so. Question- how does ice age start if CO2 is so high before? Maybe we need more CO2 to stop next ice age. Plants like CO2- more is better for them. He also says methane 100x more of greenhouse gas- it gets released from permafrost as it thaws. How did it get there in the first place? What about cattle dung? Lots of unanswered questions.

  20. This is an exceptional piece of writing. It definately follows from McPherson’s premises and the amount of concentrated CO2 in the atmosphere is dooming us to extinction. Of course it’s not true. But if you’re a climate change warmist and believe that CO2 is at 400ppm with no end of adding more in sight then for you the world is irrevocably doomed.

    1. Of course its not true? What do you base that on??!! I’m missing the obvious counter argument. It seemed to me the articles only defense was since climate warming wasn’t right there in front of them chewing their face off it must not exist.

  21. I’ve met Guy McPherson and I’ve met a lot of people like you. If he is a “nut case” there is no eloquent stream of horrible labels that could accurately describe what that makes all of you. If there will be one silver lining to having to experience the death of the world, it will be the knowledge that you too will all be suffering and dieing along with me, but with the added misery of realizing too late what arrogant, simple minded, fools you had always been. That YOU and those like you hold significant responsibility in bringing this upon everyone and ending any chance for there being any future generations, thanks to your smug, baseless, dismissiveness and plethora of other faults….

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