When brash, battling, bulldozing Donald Trump unloaded on George W. Bush over 9/11 and the Iraq War during the debate last week I said to myself 'There he goes again.' I don't agree with Trump on this. He's got it all wrong. From 1996 when al Qaida terror master Khalid Sheikh Muhammad dreamed up the deadly plan of flying hijacked planes into the Twin Towers and Pentagon to its horrific execution in 2001 was approximately 60 months: 53 under Clinton and 7 under Bush. On the day Bush's inaugural the plan was set and there was no stopping it. If Clinton had a third term or Gore were president 3000 Americans would have died all the same.
And to say the least we would have certainly invaded Afghanistan and possibly Iraq. For Bill Clinton, who signed into law the Iraq Liberation Act making regime change in Iraq (the toppling of Saddam) official US policy (by any and every means short of war), and who with Hillary backed the Iraq War Resolution authorizing George Bush to invade Iraq and destroy Saddam, might have done no different had he still been president. Gore is more problematic. He was for invading Iraq and ousting Saddam but only as a multinational UN action like George H W Bush organized to liberate Kuwait from Saddam in 1991. A persuasive case has been made from the left that with neo-con Senator Joe Lieberman as his VP Gore would have likely invaded Iraq UN or no UN (see).
As for me I am persuaded that had Bush not ordered Operation Iraqi Freedom that Saddam who never gave up his nuclear ambitions would likely have built the bomb-with help from "Axis of Evil" ally nuclear North Korea  (see). But don't waste your time trying to persuade Donald Trump of this. He has made up his mind that the Bush presidency was an unmitigated disaster that set the stage for the catastrophe of Barack Obama. Indeed, Trump holds Bush responsible for 9/11, and  faults him for not  keeping us safe that day-despite the absence of another al-Qaida mass murder attack till the end of his presidency. And Trump doesn't just simply fault Bush for Iraq-against the evidence he accuses him of using nonexistent WMDs to "lie" us into that war; but the truth is, like Clinton before him, Bush had bad intelligence stealthily provided by Saddam who wanted the world to believe he still had WMDs for strategic reasons-as he told FBI investigators (see).
Indeed, Trump sounding like a leftist with a bad case of Bush Derangement Syndrome was at his anti-Bush worst at the debate. And the audience reflecting the feelings of most Republicans who are pro-Bush booed him, and cheered Jeb who defended his good brother.
Bushwhacked GOP presidential candidates McCain and Romney.
But crazy as he sounded and seemed perhaps Donald Trump is being crazy like a fox and doing what is politically necessary to seize the presidency if he's the GOP nominee. By casting himself as radically and unmistakably anti-Bush the Democratic nominee (Hillary or Bernie) can't use Bush against him and discredit his candidacy. They can't do to Trump what Barack Obama and the Dems did first to John McCain and then to Mitt Romney: turn him into another George Bush. 
Indeed, with Bush's job approval rating in the low 30s (where Harry Truman's was in 1952), and the economy a mess, team Obama and the Dems cast John McCain as "John McBush" warning that a vote for him was a vote for a third term of the president who gave us Iraq and the housing/financial crash (which would have happened if either Gore or Kerry were president). 
And then in 2012 (with Bush still very unpopular) Obama gave Romney the same treatment saying, "This election presents a choice of two fundamentally different visions of America of how to stimulate growth, pay down the debt and create jobs....If you want to give the policies of the last decade another try, you should vote for Mitt Romney." Of course after seven failed years of Obama's disastrous presidency the economy is flat to failing and verging on another recession, the debt has dangerously doubled and the lousy, poor, low wage jobs being created hasn't reversed the decline of the middle class-as Clinton and Sanders both say. 
But because of crazy-like-a fox Donald Trump's hostility to George Bush Democrats can't get away with calling him Donald J. Bush. If the economy crashes again or there's a mass terror attack it is the Dems who will fear Trump calling their nominee either Barack Hussein Clinton, or Bernie Hussein Obama. George W. Bush has kept the Republicans from the White House for eight years. Now maybe that will change.


  1. Who does Trump think he is? I mean it’s not like anyone gave Bush a memo that Bin Laden was determined to attack in the US.

  2. Watch out Dems… Trump is going to turn you to his side… or enough of you… Wait til he does to Hillary what he’s doing to Bush right now

  3. When Jeb finishes 4th Saturday night, will this Lame-stream Media call on him to drop out? Like they did Ron Paul in ’12 ??

    um, NO…because they are elites !

    1. Trump will take 20% of the Dem base if he keeps this up. Between Reagen Dems and blacks…. Wait til he rips the Dems apart on what they have done for Blacks in the last 50 years. He’s already hinting at it… And it’s a winning argument… Hands down.

      GO TRUMP!

  4. I am no fan of Bush, but he barely had his cabinet in place when the attacks occurred because the Dems were still crying about their own stupid Florida voters/ballot makers.

  5. Outstanding stuff Apollo!

    GW spent like a free-wheeling democrat, and not just on defense. Constitutional conservatives stayed home for McCain & Romney. The Trump/Cruz contingent is done with the RINO establishment. Can they overtake the narcissists who want socialism? Hope so.

  6. That’s right AS. Bush has kept Republicans out of the White House for eight years.
    Remember, Republicans haven’t even wanted W at their last two conventions. There’s a reason (actually several reasons) for that.

  7. I’d be OK with a president Trump, because he’s not swayed by the current crop of DC cronies peddling money and power. He doesn’t need them, which is a good thing. Cruz doesn’t either, which is why the RINOs hate him.

  8. To be honest, I am now torn between Trump and Cruz. I feel Trump went too far in South Carolina. I was all for him before.
    Bill Clinton was offered Bin Laden , and refused. He is to blame for 9/11 , not GW Bush.
    I am certainly not for Jeb. He is a weak man as far as I can tell. But I am having second thoughts about Trump, because he wasn’t at all fair in his remarks.

  9. Apollo, I knew there was a method to Trump’s apparent madness. But I couldn’t figure it out. Not until I read your insightful blog.

  10. Trump is outsmarting everyone. He is already moving towards the middle for the general election and ticking off losing Republican positions: George W and his disastrous war, Planned Parenthood, N.Korea, Middle East and the EU collapse will show Trump to be prescient on the horde of Muslims invading Europe.

  11. I like Mr. T. He will win S.C.. America needs dynamism.

    Btw– the WTC was a prime target for terrorists; All should have known and anticipated this. It was attacked before and near the heart of our financial center.

  12. President Clinton Warned Bush of bin Laden Threat
    Reuters Thursday 16 October 2003

    NEW YORK – Former President Bill Clinton warned President George W. Bush before he left office in 2001 that Osama bin Laden was the biggest security threat the United States faced, Clinton said on Wednesday.

    Speaking at a luncheon sponsored by the History Channel, Clinton said he discussed security issues with Bush in his “exit interview,” a formal and often candid meeting between a sitting president and the president-elect.

    “In his campaign, Bush had said he thought the biggest security issue was Iraq and a national missile defense,” Clinton said. “I told him that in my opinion, the biggest security problem was Osama bin Laden.”

    Clinton said his inability to convince Bush of the danger from al Qaeda was “one of the two or three of the biggest disappointments that I had.”

    1. Because the Clinton administration believed that Saddam was the greatest security threat to the US that Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act. But assuming that this story is true and Clinton had convinced Bush that OBL was a bigger threat than Saddam what could he have done to stop 9/11 without actionable intel? Nothing.

      “One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.”
      President Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998.

      “If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.”
      President Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998.

      “Iraq is a long way from [here], but what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face.”
      Madeline Albright, Feb 18, 1998.

  13. Trump asks where was GWB all these years? Why was he in hiding? He stood silent while Obolo discarded the sacrifice of US soldiers lives in Iraq, disemboweled the Constitution, and when Obolo bestowed billions on the Iranian enemy. He can just shut his pie hole about Trump for now. Vote Trump

    1. W. will not help Yeb!

      Yeb! is beyond help

      We don’t want to be North Mexico no matter what the Bush family thinks


    2. George sure has a big mouth for a guy that acted like a deaf mute for a good part of his eight years in office.

      The Left could say almost anything against him they liked, and he’d refused to mix it up.

      No wonder he doesn’t get Trump.

      Trump has a pair.

  14. George Bush Jr should take ownership of 9/11. His family have been friends with the Saudis for decades. He refused to release 28 pages of info on who financed the attack. One day the truth will come out as to who is really responsible, no one knows but there are many unanswered questions.

  15. A very thought provoking article by Apollospeaks. It never occurred to me that Trump is going to great lengths (even to the point of lying and looking like a Truther) to cast himself as the anti-George Bush. As part of Trump’s campaign strategy to win the presidency I have to say that it is brilliant.

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