Walter Cronkite and Robert McNamara, signs of Obama's two Vietnams. 
 (and no surprise to many of us) is that Barack Obama is undoubtedly the most politically driven and ideologically left president in American history-making self-serving and ideological political decisions on matters of war and peace with little or no regard for the lives of our troops, or for the peace and stability of the Middle East..a region vital to our geo-political interests that's on the verge of full-blown sectarian war. Not even LBJ in the worst political decisions he made while micromanaging the Vietnam War was as dangerously self-serving, ideological and irresponsible as is Obama-who surged our troops in Afghanistan (a war he hated and wanted out of) for no other reason than to appear tough on foreign and military policy. Sadly, since the start of the Afghan surge 1500 troops have died so that Obama could look like a competent war leader, head off criticism that he lied about Afghanistan being the good and necessary war, and win reelection.
Indeed, Obama is Herbert Hoover + LBJ x Jimmy Carter squared. And both Iraq and Afghanistan will go down in history as his two Vietnams.


Barack Obama (our first 1960s born president) was born on August 4, 1961 exactly 69 days before the fatal day of December 11, 1961 which marked the beginning of US military involvement in Vietnam. For on that day President Kennedy sent a shipment of military helicopters to Saigon along with the crews to fly them into combat for the South Vietnamese in their war with the North (see).


Oddly and perhaps significantly on that very day John F. Kerry (a disgraceful, traitorous anti-war Vietnam vet) celebrated his 18th birthday (Kerry was born 12-11-1942). Is it accidental or providential that Kerry is Secretary of State when Iraq and Afghanistan are turning into two Vietnams*? Better still is it accidental or providential that this is happening when for the first time in our history both the Secretaries of State and Defense (Chuck Hagal) are Vietnam vets?

NOTE: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan started when Colin Powell was Secretary of State-the first Vietnam vet to hold that office. Powell is now a strong supporter of Obama. Strangely Powell was born April 5, 1937 23 days before Saddam Hussein's birth (born 28 April 1937). It was Powell who famously warned George Bush about military intervention in Iraq: "If you break it you own it."


In July 2009 Walter Cronkite and Robert McNamara (both born in 1916) ominously died 11 days apart (see below). As JFK's and LBJ's Secretary of Defense McNamara is known to history as "the architect of America's failed Vietnam policies;" and it was Cronkite who single-handedly turned the Tet Offensive (a crushing defeat for the Vietcong and North Vietnamese) into a huge, resounding psychological and propaganda victory for Hanoi-pouring fuel on the fire of the anti-war movement. Tet was the turning point of the Vietnam War turning victory to defeat for the US as our country lost the peace after our retreat in 1973.

The deaths of Cronkite and McNamara just six months into Obama's presidency were perhaps the first of many signs of coming disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan; and that both wars would become Obama's two Vietnams. Below is an article I published on Townhall shortly after the deaths of these two men.



Published 7-18-09  On

 Walter Cronkite and Robert McNamara were major factors in our humiliating defeat in Vietnam, the only war America lost*. As JFK’s and Lyndon Johnson’s very powerful but blundering Secretary of Defense McNamara was the key architect for losing the Vietnam War to our Communist foes. And as the country’s leading network anchorman (the most trusted man in American liberal politics) Walter Cronkite’s opposition to the war and pessimistic reports from Vietnam were key to fanning the flames of the anti-war movement and turning millions of Americans against LBJ's incompetent wartime leadership. Indeed, to this day Cronkite is honored in Vietnam with pictures hanging in the Vietnam War Museum; honored as the man who renewed the hope and spirit of the Communist enemy at a desperate hour when the NVA** and Vietcong were down on their knees and faced with defeat due to the failed, disastrous Tet Offensive***.

*We never lost a battle in Vietnam and Nixon bombed the North Vietnamese to the negotiating table where they signed an agreement with us for ending the war-this was contrary to Ho Chi Minh's prediction that we would give up the fight and leave Vietnam in disgrace. What we lost was the peace when in 1975 the Democratic Congress pulled the plug on our allies in the South.

**North Vietnam Army

***The North failed to achieve any of its military objectives in the offensive but scored a huge propaganda and psychological victory due largely to Cronkite and the demoralizing reporting and the “make love not war” anti-American peace movement.
Indeed, the so-called “Cronkite Moment” on the Tet Offensive when defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory-when Cronkite, overcome by the carnage of the brutal offensive, declared that Tet was proof “that the war was unwinnable”-is regarded as the turning point of the war-the moment when Johnson lost Middle America, when American resolve to win was shattered, and a broken LBJ decided to withdraw from the 1968 presidential race.
Cronkite and McNamara both born in 1916* and dying 11 days apart at age 93 (with Cronkite celebrating his 93rd birthday on November 4th, the day of Obama’s election victory**) is, I believe, a terrible sign warning that a new Vietnam is on the horizon for America if we abandon Iraq like we did Vietnam; it is a sign that the Middle East is likely to explode with sectarian violence and terrible destruction, suffering the fate of South East Asia*** when American forces pulled out of Vietnam and left chaos and death behind. It’s likely to be ominous of things to come for our war in Afghanistan, and once US troops withdraw from Iraq leaving a power void in the region for our enemies to fill-setting the stage for a holocaust likely to exceed in its carnage the Iran-Iraq War and Cambodian killing fields****. Who knows (as unlikely as it seems) Obama might involve us in a new ground war in the Middle East. With a sixties-born leftist radical in the White House at war with American values, greatness, power and prestige (and projecting an image of cluelessness, weakness and drift) all catastrophes and upheavals are possible in the region.
*McNamara was born June 16, 1916; Cronkite was born November 4, 1916.
**Keep in mind that Obama was elected on the 29th anniversary of the Iranian Hostage Crisis when pro-Khomeini student radicals seized the US embassy in Tehran and held our diplomats for 444 humiliating days. His election on that day is a sign of coming failure and humiliation for America in the Middle East-keep in mind that Iran arms and funds the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hamas, Hezbollah, Assad of Syria and the Sadrists in Iraq.
***As McNamara served LBJ the Texan President who started the ground war in Vietnam, he ironically died on July 6th the 62nd birthday of George Bush the Texan President who ordered the ground invasion of Iraq (and Afghanistan). This gives us one of many Iraq/Vietnam pairings-the Kerry presidential campaign being the first-signaling that Iraq is likely to develop into another Vietnam.
****In August of 2007 Ahmadenijad warned that “when US forces leave Iraq and the Middle East Iran and its regional friends (Hezbollah, Syria, etc.,) will fill the vacuum.


  1. McNamara knew the war in Viet Nam could not be won yet he continued to send young men to their deaths without speaking up. I put Gates in the same category. He should have resigned in protest in 2010 and maybe we wouldn’t have got the SOB for another four years.

  2. iraq and afghanistan are principally bush’s wars, not obama’s. If both were unwinnable from the start how can obama be blamed for not winning them? the two vietnams are on bush’s head not obama’s.

    1. Bush surged our troops in Iraq to win the war and stabalize the country, and won the respect of the world. Obama surged our troops in Afghanistan to win reelection caring nothing for the stability of the country. Obama is a piece of worthless crap that Karzai and most world leaders have no respect for.

  3. Here’s a quickie summary of Obama:

    1. He’s unbelievably stupid.
    2. He’s unbelievably dishonest.
    3. He’s unbelievably corrupt.
    4. He’s unbelievably uneducated.
    5. He’s unbelievably lazy.
    6. Obama has contributed less to the country than ANY military man or woman…none of whom respects the miserable piece of leftist excrement.

    There, quick, easy, and the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

    1. Hi John,
      I certainly agree with your words of wisdom, and it not hard to figure out why his ‘handlers’ keep him on the teleprompter all the time. I was over in RVN: 68-70, Army helicopter door gunner, with the 240th AHC at BearCat, Vietnam, and I thought that we could have/ should have won that war, except that the rotten hot dog whimps back home pulled the rug out from under us !! Heck! We had ‘em on the ropes at the end with the Phoenix project and heavy bombing of the North ! I write a humble, Christian based Blog that tells about the BS adn abuse we Veterans got at the VA hospitals, and the VA itself. I am Disabled from Vietnam combat, but also managed to put 30.5 years in at AMC/ Chrysler. Email: –Jesus is Lord. –Tommy Schuckman

      1. Tommy,
        I was in Viet Nam in 1968 as a DOD entertainer. We were flown all over in the choppers from Bearcat. Never can tell , maybe you were one of them. There was always a gunner at the door of the chopper watching.
        You guys took good care of us. I lost most of my photos taken there , but do still have my ID.
        I will visit your blog. Thank you so much for your service!!

      2. Tom:

        We lost a winnable war because unlike you heroes LBJ lacked the will to win. Thank you for your service. God bless.


  4. Here’s what I got from the Gate’s article.

    BHO = all politics, all the time and much more involved than he lets on. He’s definitely impeachable based on these revelations.

    Gates = CYA memoir, incompetent, should have quit in protest much sooner, but needed the job.

    Biden = As advertised.

  5. Too little, too late, Bobby boy…
    You sat back and watched the circus and didn’t do a damn thing as Obama turned Iraq and Afghanistan into twin Vietnams.
    You can take your book and shove it.

    1. I’m with you Howie. Gates praises both obama and clinton. Thousands of people have died or have been injured as a result of them playing politics and he praises them. His book ain’t worth toilet paper.

      1. I disagree with you guys. Gates was the only adult in that room. How he stayed as long as he did..can only be explained by a strong sense of duty and love of country. I admire the man. His is a book I want.

  6. Really good article Apollo, as always.
    I only wish Mister Gates had come out with this book last year.
    Give me time to really pay attention to the dates you wrote, to see if I can understand what they mean.
    Love it when you put numbers together to make a point. Makes me use my brain.

  7. A fascinating read Apollo. We have two lefties at State and Defense who are Vietnam Vets while Iraq burns and Afghanistan is going to hell…with an anti-American commander-in-chief born in the 60s with a 60s counterculture mentality. is it coincidence? A sign? We shall know in time.

  8. Apollo,
    It is by no means clear that December 11, 1961 marked the start of the Vietnam War. However, it is one of five dates given by military historians. The five dates are as follows:

    1. November 1, 1955 — The U.S. redesignates MAAG, Indochina, as MAAG, Vietnam to specify its new direct combat advisory role with the South Vietnamese Army. The U.S. essentially took over the advisory role from the French, who were leaving Vietnam after their defeat at Diem Bien Phu in 1954. The Department of Defense views this date as the earliest qualifying date for inclusion on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

    2. March 1959 — Ho Chi Minh declares a People’s War to unite all of Vietnam under his leadership. His Politburo orders a changeover to an all-out military struggle. From the communist perspective, the “Vietnam War” against the U.S. has now officially started.

    3. December 11, 1961 — U.S. aircraft carrier “Core” arrives in Saigon with 33 helicopters and 400 air and ground crewmen assigned to operate them for the South Vietnamese Army. Also, U.S. pilots start to train & fly support missions with the South Vietnamese Air Force. This really marks the first larger scale participation of U.S. military “advisers”.

    4. August 7, 1964 — In response to the incidents involving U.S> naval vessels U.S.S. Maddox and the U.S.S. Turner Joy, the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly passes the “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution,” allowing the President “to take all necessary steps, including the use of armed force” to prevent further attacks against U.S. forces. Many people view this as the “official” start of the war, although there was never a declaration of war.

    5. March 8, 1965 — The first U.S. combat troops arrive in Vietnam, as 3500 Marines land at China Beach to defend the American air base at Da Nang. They join 23,000 American military advisers already in Vietnam. The arrival of combat troops is considered by some the start of the war, although American military advisers have been in Vietnam for over 10 years.

    1. It was in 1961 that Kennedy reacting to mounting North Vietnamese aggression against the South drew a line in the sand vowing that its Communist takeover would not happen. Acting on his commitment Kennedy dramatically broke with Eisenhower’s limited policy of training, advice and support by sending military helicopters for combat missions and 400 air and ground crewmen to operate and maintain them. The start date is controversial. But December 11, 1961 is a strong contender.

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