Governor Chris Christy and General Charles Lee.
Will the political scandal ignited by Bridget Kelly over the four day gridlock- causing closure of two traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge to punish Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich end up wrecking Chris Christie's chances of making it to the White House in 2016? it could very well be.
The two most compelling signs that this scandal may be collapsing Christie's bridge to the presidency are the town of Fort Lee, New Jersey, named after Charles Lee a Revolutionary War general; and the George Washington Bridge, named after our first President and Commander-in-Chief...who Charles Lee hated and despised to his dying day.
Charles Lee was a distinguished British soldier and officer who bravely fought in the Seven Years War and joined the rebel cause in 1775 bent on becoming Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army for which he believed he was preeminently qualified. But to Lee's mortification the Continental Congress gave the honor to George Washington, while Lee bitterly was made second in command. Unwilling to accept Washington as Commander-in-Chief Lee lobbied Congress behind his back writing letter after letter criticizing his chief's running of the war and urging that he be put in charge. This went on until Lee was court martialed and stripped of his command for disobeying Washington's orders in the Battle of Monmouth (see).
Could it be that Charles Lee is emblematic of Chris Christy's political fortunes? That Bridgegate will not be going away? That new revelations will implicate him in the scandal? And that like disgraced General Lee Christy will be discredited and will never become Commander-in-Chief? I'm not wishing this on the man. But we must be prepared for the worst.
Thanks Ruddy
 Chris Christie was born September 6, 1962 just 8 days after the lower level of the George Washington Bridge was first opened to traffic (August 29, 1962, see). Bridget Kelly's 8 word email signaling to David Wildstein in August* (the 8th month) that he cause traffic problems for Fort Lee (he closed 2 of the 8 lanes of the GWB's upper deck) was made public on January 8, the 8th day of the year. Election Day 2016 when Christy is hoping to become president falls on the 8th day of November. Call me superstitious, but it appears that 8 is not an auspicious number for the governor.
*August 13.


  1. Why would Christie’s office target a Democratic mayor for not endorsing him? I’m sorry, but other Democrat’s endorsed him isn’t much of an answer. Surely, countless Democratic mayors didn’t endorse him. If this was in fact payback there has to be something more to this.

  2. At this point the only way Christie can save his career is by becoming a full fledged Democrat. He’s more than half way there already.

    1. Gov. Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie could “grow” in office and morph into a Democrat! Democrats are never held accountable for anything. Felony convictions are resume enhancements.


    But it’s okay with me. Christie is your only chance at defeating Hillary and winning the presidency in 2016.

  4. “This is terribly disturbing and incomprehensive to me. How can a decision like this (LANE CLOSURES) be made without it being discussed and considered at the highest levels?”

    – Scott Rechler, vice chairman of the board of commissioners of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

    How can Christie wiggle his fat ass out of this one?

  5. An unusual and very interesting approach Apollo. You may have divined that General Charles Lee is a kind of sign of Christie not following in the footsteps of George Washington and becoming our 45th commander in chief.

  6. The traffic gridlock that the Republican administration of Chris Christie caused the people of Fort Lee is emblematic of the political gridlock in Washington caused by Republicans and the Tea Party.

    The construction of the GWB began in October 1927 and was opened in October 1931. October (from the Latin “octo” meaning “eight”) is the 8th month in the old Roman calander.

  8. This is a tempest in a teapot. Christie’s apology was a textbook of how a politician should apologize, and anyone that heard it will accept it and move on. I say all this despite the fact that I am NOT a Christie fan.

    CRUZ 2016!

  9. What about freakin’ Bloomberg who went on a traffic blocking rampage when the city council turned down his congestion pricing? Practically overnight every conceivable road job was approved as well as his bike lane fiasco that cut the width of streets by a 3rd not to mention closing entire streets permanently? I can’t even count the amount of times I saw ambulances and firetrucks sitting perfectly still stuck in traffic with their sirens blaring.

  10. I am glad the media is fully vetting this story. When they are done picking over a road closure, maybe they could start investigating the folks using the IRS for political targeting…

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