This country has had two back to back two term presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, born in the year 1946-the year GOP front running presidential candidate Donald Trump was born (6-14-46). On the day Bush was born (7-6-46)  Donald Trump was 22 days old (see)*; on the day Clinton was born (8-19-46) Bush was 44 days old (see) and Trump 66 days old (see). Is this amazing, uncanny arithmetical progression a prophetic sign that Trump like Bush in 2000 and Clinton in 1992 will win the primaries and the nomination of his party and advance victoriously to the presidency**? I believe so.  
*It is fascinating to note that just as Trump was 22 days old when George W. Bush was born, George H. W. Bush (b. 6-12-1924) was 22 years and two days old on the day Trump was born (see) .
**8 years separate 1992 from 2000; and when we double 8 to 16 we get the number of years separating 2000 from 2016; and when we triple 8 to 24 we get the number of years separating 1992 from 2016. 
Moreover, we have had two losing presidential candidates, Mitt "Mr. 47%" Romney* and Hillary Clinton born in the same year 1947. Romney (b. 3-12-47) is a two-time loser having lost the 2008 GOP primaries to John McCain, and then losing the presidential race to Barack Obama in 2012. Hillary Clinton (b.10-26-47) lost to Obama in 2008 and is currently leading and favored to beat Bernie Sanders for the Democrat nomination. Now should Hillary defeat Sanders (which is practically certain) and becomes the Democrat nominee she will be like unlucky, ill-starred 1947-born Mitt Romney a presidential candidate who lost her party's presidential primary four years before she finally won it. In other words, just as Bill Clinton's and George Bush's pattern of success in winning the White House could (and I believe does) prefigure Donald Trump's success so does Romney's pattern of failures very likely prefigure Hillary losing in November. But now there appears to be another ominous sign suggesting coming defeat for Hillary:
Like Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign Donald Trump is running on the positive, upbeat, optimistic message of "Making America Great Again;" and this is resonating with millions of voters who want a president with Reagan-like patriotism, commitment, will power and strength to reverse Amerca's decline and renew our national prosperity and greatness. But against the reality of our decline (which even Jimmy Carter admits see), and 65% of Americans who see us on the wrong track and want change, Hillary Clinton (like Obama) claims that America is doing just fine and, in fact, is on the rise; she claims that (though U.S. foreign policy is in shambles with our enemies advancing on all sides) we are greater, stronger and more respected on the world stage than ever before; and that she, Hillary Clinton (Obama's former secretary of state) is in part the architect of this "success."
This of course gives Trump (should he be the nominee which is very likely) a huge advantage over Hillary as he can undermine her credibility by simply pointing to the worsening state of the world, and America's weakening geo-political position since she and Obama took office.
And now, amazingly, in the midst of this presidential campaign Nancy Reagan (God bless her soul) passed away  to join her husband Ronald in heaven. What is utterly incredibly fascinating here is the timing of both their deaths: for like wife Nancy, Ronald Reagan (a two term Republican President) died during a presidential election. This was in 2004 when Republican President George Bush (son of Reagan's two term VP*) defeated then Senator (and future secretary of state) John Kerry, and was reelected in a close race.  
*Just as George H. W. Bush was this nation's two term 43rd VP, his son was our two term 43rd President-an amazing coincidence
And now it seems that 12 years later Nancy Reagan providentially died when Republican Donald Trump (born like Bush in 1946 and in Queens, New York like Mrs. Reagan*), and Hillary Clinton (John Kerry's predecessor at State) are running for the presidency and likely to be rivals. This is not a propitious sign for Hillary who will be vying with the Reagan-like Trump while John Kerry (loser of the 2004 race) is her successor at State continuing her failed foreign policy. In short, it looks like Hillary is John Kerry redux.
*Nancy Reagan was born in Flushing, Queens, and Trump in adjacent Jamaica, Queens.
Another fascinating coincidence is that Nancy Reagan (born July-6-1921) celebrated her 25th birthday when George W. Bush was born (7-6-1946)-22 days after Trump's birth. Also Reagan, the 40th president, died on the 40th month of the Bush administration; and when he died the administration was in its 176th week (see). This is mind bogglingly odd in that on Reagan's death (6-5-04) Donald Trump was exactly 21,176 days old  (see). Even odder is that encoded in this five digit number is Nancy Reagan's date of birth: 7-6-21. This looks like another sign that the 2004 reelection of George Bush (who defeated John Kerry) foreshadows the defeat of Hillary Clinton, Kerry's predecessor at State. Indeed, Ronald and Nancy Reagan dying when they did make Donald Trump's prospects for becoming the next Ronald Reagan look truly outstanding. But there's more.
On March 3rd, three days before Nancy Reagan's death, loser Mitt Romney (leader of the doomed to fail Never Trumpers) gave an excoriating anti-Trump speech blasting the billionaire as being unfit for the presidency. This is the same Mitt Romney whose father George tried and failed to stop Barry Goldwater from getting the Republican nomination in 1964 (see). As Ronald Reagan backed Goldwater (he was his greatest champion and friend) his wife's death three days after Romney's anti-Trump speech looks like he'll be no more successful in stopping the billionaire than was his father in stopping Goldwater. But this is not 1964. And Hillary is not an invincible LBJ running on the promise to continue the agenda and legacy of the murdered and very popular JFK. Aside from all her baggage (she's under three investigations) Hillary is an old tired woman lacking the energy, stamina and strength to keep pace with the indefatigable almost Herculean Donald Trump; and she could possibly burn out before election day if she's not careful when exerting herself on the campaign trail. But regardless of her health, Hillary, I believe, is the 2016 Mitt Romney and John Kerry rolled into one; and, God willing, she will share the fate of both these men when November 8th comes around.
This is extraordinary. In 2004 when Ronald Reagan died John Kerry was defeated by George Bush, who was born in 1946. In 2016 when Nancy Reagan died Hillary Clinton was defeated for the presidency by Donald Trump, who also was born in 1946. Incredibly, the births of Kerry and Clinton were separated by exactly 46 months (see).
And while the number 47 has proved to be inauspicious for the 1947 born Hillary exactly 47 weeks separates the launch of her campaign (April 12, 2015) from Nancy Reagan's death on March 6th of last year (see). Moreover, Nancy Reagan died at age 94, a multiple of 47 2x. And she died exactly 11 years and 9 months from her husband's death (see). This equate to 141 months, a multiple of 47 3x.  Eerie, isn't it?


  1. Definitely a classy lady. RIP, Mrs. Reagan

    With Palin and Trump, I remember those Reagan years as the best America that I have ever experienced.

    1. “…I remember those Reagan years as the best America that I have ever experienced…”

      You’re not alone there, sister Sue

  2. I was really taken aback yesterday when the story became about the Reagan’s love for one another.

    It has been so long since real, committed love has been a value that’s held up for honor in the real world.

    I really did do a double take.

    And then I was proud of Ronald Reagan all over again.

      1. When Reagan’s casket was sitting in state in DC, I remember Nancy being escorted in before the doors were opened to the public.

        The look on her face as she straightened and then gently caressed the flag covering the casket said more about her love for him than thousands of words could express.

        I will carry that image with me forever.

  3. I think you’re right, Apollo. Nancy Reagan’s death was a sign of A Republican victory in the fall.

    May the angels sing her home

  4. I was born in 1990 and to me the idea of a time when people were proud to be Americans seems almost like a fairy tale.

    The Reagan years evoke to me Richard Burton singing about Camelot.

    It’s true! It’s true! The crown has made it clear.
    The climate must be perfect all the year.

    A law was made a distant moon ago here:
    July and August cannot be too hot.
    And there’s a legal limit to the snow here
    In Camelot.
    The winter is forbidden till December
    And exits March the second on the dot.
    By order, summer lingers through September
    In Camelot.
    Camelot! Camelot!
    I know it sounds a bit bizarre,
    But in Camelot, Camelot
    That’s how conditions are.
    The rain may never fall till after sundown.
    By eight, the morning fog must disappear.
    In short, there’s simply not
    A more congenial spot
    For happily-ever-aftering than here
    In Camelot.

    Camelot! Camelot!
    I know it gives a person pause,
    But in Camelot, Camelot
    Those are the legal laws.
    The snow may never slush upon the hillside.
    By nine p.m. the moonlight must appear.
    In short, there’s simply not
    A more congenial spot
    For happily-ever-aftering than here
    In Camelot.

    1. Those of us that were kids back then could not have hoped for a better America.

      Back then the only real problem kids faced was fought by simply asking us to “just say no” to drugs and other bad things, as Nancy Reagan urged us to do.

      Today kids are being asked to say yes to every screwed up thing under the sun, and the first lady is depriving kids of lunch!

  5. I still remember sitting in Math class in High School when the Principal announced over the intercom that the space shuttle had exploded. Then I remember them playing Reagan’s speech as well. I’ve never heard a school so quiet. I was so sad and shocked and yet his voice was so soothing and calming.

    I was born in ‘71 and I can’t say that about any other President.

  6. Reagan was my first Presidential election. I was 19 that year, 1980.

    I remember the disaster of Jimmy Carter, and being disgusted with him. Even at that young age.

    The 80’s WERE a great decade, because we had a President who loved America, loved BEING American, and loved everything American. And no we have Donald Trump the Ronald Reagan of our time.

    And it showed.

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