who died on the Jewish sabbath (the holiest day of the Jewish week), and was laid to rest on the anniversary of the publication of Emile Zola's "I Accuse," is with the angels in Heaven, where all good gentiles (like Zola) and righteous Jews abide.
 Sharon who was Israel's 11th prime minister and governed for 57 months* before succumbing to a stroke, died on the 11th day of the year and was laid to rest on the 13th day in the 57th month of Israel's 13th prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu**. Is this coincidence? Providence? Is there a message here about the Palestinian people becoming the 57th Moslem-majority state? Will they overcome their primitive, savage, medieval mentality-their racism, cultural imperialism, and religious intolerence-and accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state...which Netanyahu (following Sharon) demands of them as a condition for peace? Until they evolve, come of age and become a civilized people the Palestinians will remain the 57th Moslem state in name alone.
*4 years, 9 months and 29 days.
**Upon Sharon's death Netanyahu had been in office 4 years, 9 months and 11 days.
In this article Robert Spencer is Ariel Sharon's Emile Zola defending a wrongfully vilified Jewish soldier and statesmen from accusations leveled at him by vicious anti-Semites and self-loathing Jews (like Jeff Greenwald) of being a savage, mass-murdering, Zionist war criminal and monster of destruction and hate. But come to think of it the real Alfred Dreyffus of our age (the greatest scapegoat of all) is the Jewish State of Israel.


  1. Lets hope they bulldozed Sharon into his hole, just like he ordered the bulldozing of Palestinian homes, farms and olive groves!

  2. Sharon will go down with Gaza and a militant Islamic state as his legacy, one that delivered two rockets yesterday while he was being buried. How predictable. It is Gaza and the disengagement that overwhelm the public’s memory of this man, and it was these events that have permanently tarnished an otherwise stellar career. may he rest in eternal peace.

    1. Our PM in Canada, Stephen Harper, praised Sharon as “an architect of Israel,” the greatest, freest, healthiest, most productive and civilized nation in the Middle East. What a legacy. Good for him.

      1. Sharon handled them Gaza on a silver platter, even the greenhouses and equipment and start-up funds to succeed. What did they do with all of it. They proceeded to trash all that was given to them. They ruined the neighborhood for themselves. They have been given billions, but they prefer to spout hate of Christians and Jews for a living.

        1. The Palestinian culture is founded, unified and dedicated to hate. It’s their religion, their belief system, their nationality and their identity. If Israel was destroyed, they’d turn on each other, then howl at the moon.

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