Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon mocked John Kerry as an obsessed messianic fool as US foreign policy hits new lows of delusion and confusion.
on the brink of a cataclysmic Sunni-Shia war Obama and his Secretary of State are messianically fixed on saving Israelis and Palis from their unbridgeable conflict-believing it would magically heal the region and bring lasting peace. Obama and Kerry believe if only Israel would agree to a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its center miracles of biblical proportions would occur:
Sunni rebels in Iraq and Syria would beat their swords into plow shires and learn to love Assad and Maliki. The roaring al Qaida lion would lie down with infidel lambs and withdraw from Fullujah and Ramadi taking down their jihadi flags. In Egypt the Moslem Brethren would accept secular military rule and stop killing Christians, liberals and phony believers who quote the Koran but act like heathens. In Tehran the mullahs would stop damning America, building the bomb and sponsoring terror across the world. And in Afghanistan the Taliban would surrender to US troops, join the democratic process and forgo dreams of restoring Sharia rule. It's the birth pangs of a new age with Kerry as its midwife but with Bibi blocking the way.
This is why Moshe Yaalon mocked John Kerry as an obsessed messianic fool. And so he is as is his boss whose false prophet and butt-kissing stooge he is.
Obamasiah embracing his false prophet of Mideast peace.


  1. Well, it is pretty easy to make fun of Odo.

    How many countries have a 70 year old (male) Secretary of State who gets a face lift to look prettier?

    At least he proved that there is a male equivalent to the Stepford Wife…

  2. Silly Israelis.

    Everybody knows that its Obama (Dear Leader, the ONE, Lightbringer) who is the Messiah.

    Lurch is his prophet.

    Good for you for getting it right Apollo.

  3. False Messiah and his false prophet is a good name for these rogues.
    The thought of these two, along with Erik Holder and dems being in power for another three years is so frightening. This country is going down fast, I see things I never thought I would see in the United States.
    These people are totally clueless, and are just playing games. Obama as “king” appoints a man that is wealthy by marriage. That had surgery to look like Frankenstein , that speaks gobbledy gook through slits in his face, not realizing he is there because he is stupid, and rich. Hated by Obama and Holder, but gives them someone to blame when we go down under Iran, or other terrorists.
    And Obama and Holder are so ignorant that they think they will be treated well by Iran because they laid down for the Mullahs.
    I am just so angry with them this morning, I can find no good will at all!!!

  4. By the way, the Senate Intelligence just judged that Benghazi was PREVENTABLE!!. Another proud accomplishment of Obama and troupe!!

  5. Here’s a guy who has done a teriffic job bullshitting people all his life into thinking he was some aristocrat or something, had worse grades at Yale than Bush II and when it comes to perform he fails miserably. Like the clown in the circus who drops all the balls to the delight of the audience. That is Kerry.

    1. You Mohammed people make me sick. You treat others with sadistic measures every moment of every day, somewhere in the world. Yet some one that actually defends themselves against your terrorism, you whine and cry like a spoiled brat.
      Palestine has always been Jewish for thousands of years. Your Arab vagabonds moved in when no other Arab country would have them. The struck the Jews first back in the 60′s under Arafat, and it has been ongoing ever since.
      Either go away and leave people alone, or quit whining when your backside gets kicked.
      I stand with Israel!

  6. What a relief, it’s all entertainment with just a small chance of real damage.

    The Sec. of State (SoS) game is more entertaining with Kerry than Hillary. A mockery of a farce of a Con.

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