Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the "Miracle on the Hudson" when US Airways Flight 1549 safely crashed landed in the Hudson River with no deaths and  minor injuries to its 155 passengers and crew. The crash occurred just hours before President Bush delivered his farewell address to the nation; and as you will see from my Townhall article below this miracle had the 9/11 event stamped all over it-giving the impression that it was a providential tribute to George Bush's presidency as well as a warning to Barack Obama about the War on Terror and national security.

 Yesterday the Senate released its damning bipartisan report on the deadly 9/11 al-Qaida attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi (see). Because of Bengahzi and the subsequent cover-up and lies, as well as Obama's disastrous foreign policy of retreat from the Middle East with al Qaida expanding in influence and territorial control, Obama will go down in history as failing to live up to Bush's exemplary post-9/11 record on national security. Just before he leaves office there will be no miracles like Flight 1549.


(Published on Townhall 1/17/09)

 I find it highly meaningful, significant, and providential that President Bush's moving, heartfelt, gracious Farewell Speech summing up his eight eventful years in office, with its focus on the war with Islamo-fascist terror and national security, was delivered just hours after the miraculous crash of Flight 1549-when an heroic commercial pilot who served in the military safely landed the damaged plane in the frigid cold of the Hudson River saving himself, his crew of four and a 150 passengers. I find it significant and providential to the President and his stewardship for the following reasons:

1. One of the fortunate passengers John S. Howell of Charlotte, North Carolina was brother to a firefighter who died on 9/11.

Flight 1549 at Battery Park near Ground Zero.

2. The plane once evacuated drifted down river from midtown Manhattan and came to rest by the USS Intrepid before it recommenced its journey south to Battery Park where amazingly it stopped by Ground Zero as if moved to that spot by the hand of God (see note 1).

3. As the Pentagon was one of three buildings attacked on 9/11 it is fascinating to note that January 15th (the day of the crash) was the 66th anniversary of the Pentagon's dedication ceremony, the construction of which began September 11, 1941 (see).

 4. 1549 crashed or splashed down in the Henry Hudson River named after the English explorer who discovered Manhattan Island on September 11, 1609 (see).

The heroic pilot of 1549, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (born in Bush's state of Texas), was clearly emblematic of George W. Bush who steered our nation to safety after 9/11 by going on the offensive and bringing the war to the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan (and greatly strengthening our domestic surveillance state). The President sent our troops to war to fight our Islamic foes abroad so we wouldn't have to fight them here at home; a wise decision in my view that surprisingly kept us terror free for seven years foiling al Qaida's deadly plans to do more evil.

If a less capable man had commanded 1549 there might have been a tragic outcome where hundreds could have died with the plane crashing into the Bronx or the Upper West Side or falling fatally into the brine killing everyone aboard. As the right man was flying the plane that day so was George Bush the right man to be Commander in Chief when al Qaida struck our shores and the Twin Towers were destroyed. As a sign to the nation that George Bush's presidency was not a mistake, that he was destined to be our 9/11 President, he was in Sarasota Florida the morning of the attack in the state that brought him victory in the closest presidential race in US history.

Indeed, the man who was born in July (the 7th month of the year), on a Saturday (the 7th day of the week), at 7:26 AM (the 7th hour of the day), was elected President on the 7th day of November in the Sunshine State of Florida (a 7 letter state shaped topographically like a 7) which was governed by a brother nearly 7 years his younger when, by the skin of his teeth, he was elected president 43 winning 25 electoral votes-25 and 43 are variants of the number 7: 2+5=7, 4+3=7 (see note 2).

Moreover, when the President was in Florida that terrible but fateful September morning ("Septem" is Latin for 7) he was 7 months and 22 days into his presidency. And the three great buildings that were struck that day, the 5 sided Pentagon and 2 Twin Towers, once again give us the number 7 (5+2=7). And lastly, 26 days after this deadly attack the President ordered the bombing of al Qaida and Taliban targets in Afghanistan beginning the Global War on Terror. This epoch making day, a day that changed world history, was the 7th of October.

 This uncanny pattern of numeric signs seem intelligently designed and are indicative, I believe, of Bush's providential destiny as one of the most consequential and transformative US presidents in history; signs of a man who reversed one thousand years of Mideast politics when he shocked and awed the region into change by ordering the downfall of the very mad and dangerous Saddam Hussein.

In a mysterious way the miraculous safe landing of 1549 was a gift to George Bush...a fitting tribute to his presidency on the day of his farewell; perhaps a tribute given by our Maker to a man who served us well, whose leadership out-performed a thousand Captain Sullys; who history will remember centuries from now as the man who brought freedom to fifty million lives, shook up a stagnant, backward, regressive region resistant to change and brought safety and security to a nation under seige-keeping us safe for 7 years (no mean feat).God bless you George Bush, President 43, and may your successor continue your conscientious work in keeping us strong, safe and free. 


 It was at first believed that flight 1549's two engines had fallen from the plane and were lost in the Hudson River. But as the plane was pulled from the water it was discovered that only the left engine was lost having sunk into the river and that the right engine, though badly damaged, was firmly attached to the plane. Could this be a sign of things to come for the Democrat Left and the badly damaged Republican Right in the years ahead? With Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Left weakening and damaging our country's security, economy and foreign policy and sinking in public esteem? And with the Right surviving the political crash of 2006 and 2008 and returning to power to rebuild America on sound conservative principles? The Left can't govern and the Right will come back and 1549 seems prophetic of that.


1. Steve Fink writing for WCBSTV.COM, New York said: "The plane eventually came to a rest in the water by the USS Intrepid, before drifting south on the Hudson and stopping at Battery Park, by Ground Zero, ironically."

2. It is interesting to note that Bush's first stab at public office began in July of 1977 the 7th month of the 7th year of the 7th decade of the 20th century when he announced his candidacy for Congress. Amazingly, the election date for that Congressional race was the 7th of November 1977. 1977 was also the year when Bush fell in love with and married Laura Welch who he first met when a student in 7th grade back in junior high.


April Knight posted the following interesting observation in the comment section:


I just noticed another numerical peculiarity with the Hudson Miracle. It happened on the 15th of January, the flight number was 1549 and there were 155 people aboard. The flight number 1549 is one number short of 1550. Just thought I’d mention it."


Thanks. Also 1549 with its 155 occupants crashed into the Hudson at roughly 3:31 PM…or 15:31.



  1. Apollo
    I just noticed another numerical peculiarity with the Hudson Miracle. It happened on the 15th of January, the flight number was 1549 and there were 155 people aboard. The flight number 1549 is one number short of 1550. Just thought I’d mention it.

  2. Apollo,
    Numbers are still amazing to me. They are used in the Bible in prophecy. You can put them together so well and make them make sense.
    I thought George Bush was a great president. Not that I agreed with him on everything, I didn’t , but he loved this country, he loved the constitution, and the rule of law. He may have made some mistakes, but it wasn’t on purpose. He still shows his love for this country, and our military. So much different than this pair of haters that seem to work in sinc to destroy this country. (Obama and Holder)

      1. Michael Jackson,Jimi Hendrix and many similar characters contributed to the love many around the world have for America and the American dream.You sound a bit racist.

  3. Too funny! Obama in a speech today called the Dominican Republic the “Dominican Republican” I wonder if this brilliant man thought it a part of the 57 states. ?? heh!
    Who do we have at the helm? And are we going to survive his majesty?

  4. My eyes water up just seeing that picture of the crashed plane with the occupants standing on the wings, knowing that NOBODY DIED, thanks to the skills and heroism of Scully and his copilot. But the new dimension Apollo brings to the story adds to the miraculousness of it pointing to supernatural intervention, and that George Bush was destined to be our 9/11 president.

  5. Bush should never have gone into Iraq. No way God had something to do with it. It was a disasterous mistake like Bush’s presidency.

    1. I disagree. IMO Providence used the Bush Administration as part of an age old plan (beginning with the Napoleanic Invasion of Egypt) to break the Middle East out of the Middle Ages and drag it through disaster, catastrophe and war into Modernity. What I posted here proves that President Bush was a Providential Man.

  6. Presidents like George Bush prove that there is no god and that blind chance rules the world which randomly and without design can be cruel or kind.

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