Fox Report: Rising Threats - Shrinking Military


With good reason three secretaries of defense quit the Obama administration in disgust, and only 15% of our active service men and women (an all time record low, see) think that he's fit to be Commander-in-Chief. Robert Gates, Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel simply gave up trying to reason with Obama and steer him in the right direction in keeping America strong and the world stable and at peace. After suffering through Obama's ignorance, arrogance and gross incompetence on military, strategic and defense matters, and seeing he was beyond reform (you can't fix stupid)) Gates, Panetta and Hagel refused to continue as agents of "hope and change" and "fundamental transformation;" for change and transformation meant the end of the Pax Americana and a world spinning out of control. In good conscience these three men couldn't be party to Obama's decimation and demoralization of our military: drastically downsizing it as the world gets more chaotic and dangerous (due mostly to Obama's appeasement of foes, and retreat of US power and leadership from the world); and his turning the military into a laboratory for politically correct social experiments-giving this priority over the necessary improvement of its fighting capabilities in a new era of warfare with Islamic jihadists.
Barack Obama Addresses the Troops
As Obama (the great world citizen) has no real love for this country, whenever he addresses our troops he exudes weakness and demoralizes them failing to communicate the confidence, strength, patriotism and passion of a real Commander-in-Chief.
Gates, Panetta and Hagel are patriots who love this country and watched with great concern and anxiety as a radically left, anti-American president (who thinks we're too powerful for our own good) led us deliberately into economic, military and geostrategic decline out doing the disaster of Jimmy Carter-who gave us radical, supremacist, Islamo-Nazi Iran, and Soviet Russia reached the height of its influence and world power. And now Iran is more powerful and dangerous than ever, Putin's neo-imperialist Russia is on the rise and Islamic extremism is murderously spreading across the world like never before. And ironic as it is as Obama is outdoing Jimmy Carter in the Carterization of US foreign and defense policies, he chose to finish up his disastrous presidency by making a man with the surname "Carter" his last Secretary of Defense.  Unbelievable, isn't it?
 Ash Carter


    1. The community organizer is a national disorganizer. We, the citizens of this country are more divided socially and politically than during the Vietnam War

    1. Obama was born to, raised by, and mentored by anti-Americans. He wants us weaker and weaker, until we are a second or third rate power.

  1. He is disliked by more than just the Military. This TYRANT is decimating the Leadership Ranks and will reap what he sows.

  2. BS, Mil Times. Only 55% disapprove while 15% approve (Combat Service Support no doubt)? You think we’ll believe that 30% of troops have no opinion? How ’bout 90% disapprove and then you have the CSS’ 10% Much more accurate. O-b-wanna-be-Pres sucks, and is destroying all of the military that he can.

  3. I don’t know that we have had a president that despises the military more than the Post Turtle, nor one that openly issues orders that displays his hatred for what the military stands for, and what the heck was with making a marine hold the umbrella during a speech when there are a thousand useless aids running around the white house…

    The man has no skills to be commander in chief.

  4. I saw Rising Threat – Shrinking Military twice over the weekend. This was a devastating show on the ineptness of Obama’s foreign policy and treatment of the military. They even interviewed Leiberman who outlined the administration’s ridiculous PC mindset.

    1. They played Hillary’s reaction to Gaddafy’s death: We came, we saw, he died” with a giggle.

      Hillary is a psychopath.

      1. Hillary, Susan Rice and Samantha Power are the “Three Evil Witches from the East”. They convinced Obama to bomb and destroy President Gaddafi who was an American friend, and against the advise of all his generals.Gaddafi would have never allowed four wounded, trapped Americans to be murdered by muslims beasts in Benghazi.Only Obama and shrieking, lying Hillary would have allowed THAT.Hillary, Susan Rice and Samantha Power have opened THE GATES OF HELL.

        1. Samantha Power is nothing but a left leaning academic. She has the Harvard University world view that all evil is caused by the US. She is totally unqualified to give advice unless you want to know the best vegan restaurant in Georgetown.

    2. And Trump is the dummy on foreign policy? LOL! The clowns at the WH are so frickin’ clueless that it’s scary.

      Its like a faculty lounge on drugs.

  5. Gates should have resigned and gone pubic in 2011 to call attention to the incompetence of the Obama team, an the recklessness of Obama. This would then have been an issue in the 2012 election. Instead Gates saved his stories to write a book. What good does all this do now? Nothing, except ease the conscience of Gates and others who served under Obama and lacked the courage to resign and inform the country about Obama’s feckless national security approach.

  6. I still believe Obama is stupid and lazy. His college and law degree had to have been purchased with oil or Bill Ayers money. There is a 1952 Law still on the books which disallows immigrants who are subversives–ex. communists or muslims who do not want governance by the U.S. constitution but Sharia or Marxist doctrine. Why is Obama thumbing his nose at the law and why is congress allowing him to do this? Amazing how this drugger and doper was taken in by the political Kingmakers and given free reign in the destruction of our great country.

  7. For Obama is more important to discuss how to ‘fold’ transgendered, homosexuals and women into combat than to discuss how to defend America.

    We have become a laughing stock, the butt of jokes and the Keystone Kops of the World.

    1. Look at Obama’s Rules of Engagement joke. Sure, just no collateral damage and you can’t return fire unless you can prove that at least 5 shots have been aimed directly at you. The best way to prove it is to gather the casings or to show that you have at least five wounds from the enemy, who, by the way, Obama can’t name.

    2. Obama destroyed the fine American Army with perverts, degenerate and pederasts. In 2012, there were 11,000 rapes of men in the US military.
      If you do not believe me, look it up on Yahoo.

  8. Apollo,
    I think this post was great!!! You have caught Obama perfectly!
    And so far, I agree with the comments here for sure.

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