"Broadcast And Cable News Fail To Inform Viewers About Major Obamacare Success Story. That in the first quarter of 2016 that uninsured rate among adults 18 years and older is at a historic low of 11%."
 Wow! Why all the media silence when history is being made? Compared to where we were six years ago this is one truly amazing statistic. Just look at the numbers and give Barack Obama the credit he deserves. When on March 23, 2010 Obama-defying the stupid, misinformed will of the American people (CNN had six out of ten voters opposing the Affordable Care Act, see)-signed Obamacare into law approximately 37 million low-income adult Americans (16%) lacked health insurance; but last week, as Media Matters euphorically reported, that has since dwindled down to 11% or 24 million. That's an impressive gain of 13 million Americans that were previously uninsured.
So where's the predicted disaster and train wreck? With statistics like these how can right-wing critics of Obamacare (Trump, Cruz, Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News and the Republican Party) say that's it's a failure, and continue calling for its repeal? Indeed, these 13 million represent an astounding 35% increase in the number of low-income Americans now receiving insurance. How is that a disaster?
For God's sake, instead of wanting to kill Obamacare all Americans should be celebrating it as a great success and moral victory for human rights in this country. For our social justice driven progressive president has won for millions the "basic, fundamental human right to health insurance" as more Americans than ever in US history now have access to affordable quality healthcare.
In other words, Obamacare is on its way to achieving its ultimate goal of national, universal, coast to coast health insurance for all. Indeed, leaving no citizen behind (down to the smelliest bum) Obamacare is on its way to insuring everyone. Just think of it: in just six short years with 13 million Americans joining the ranks of the insured it will take another nine years (growing at a rate of 2.6 million per year) to cover the remaining 24 million. In other words, if Obamacare stays the course and isn't repealed (like Republicans want to do) then by 2025 America will have achieved Barack Obama's progressive dream of a "More Perfect Healthcare Union" with all 320 million Americans living in healthcare security and heaven.
But unfortunately the vast majority of Americans are moaning not rejoicing at Obama's achievement. Six years later and 13 million more insured and the public opposes Obamacare by a huge, whopping 12.6% landslide (see). And this opposition can only grow exponentially in the years ahead. Why? Because nothing is free. Because the rest of America (middle and upper income folks) are footing the bill for these millions to get insured. Indeed, a majority of them are in revolt because, as Chelsea Clinton recently said, it's proving to be an economic and financially "crushing" burden for them (see). Millions of hard working middle class folks are paying through the nose in rising premiums, deductibles, hidden taxes and fees where huge savings and affordability were promised; and the crushing burden on them is going to grow as Obamacare, in its quest for universal coverage, strives to insure the remaining 24 million. That means a worsening of the crisis of the disappearing middle class as insurance costs drive more working families at the edge or into poverty.
As I wrote here and here, Obamacare is progressive, impoverishing, unjustified class warfare by health insurance means; it's a transfer of wealth from haves to have-nots led by a radical left-wing community organizer who's central domestic purpose as president (as it was in Chicago) is to benefit the poor at everyone else's expense no matter the cost (especially to the struggling middle class).
After six disastrous years the slow motion train wreck of Obamacare rolls on hurting the many to help the few (doing way more harm to America than good)-making it more politically unsustainable with each passing day as the burden to the middle class crushingly grows-with more falling into poverty and distress. Where's the social justice in this? You can't find it with a microscope.


  1. My wife’s insurance canceled, again.

    Was $288.50 a month with $6,000 deductible.

    Best new policy available: $490 monthly with $6,850 deductible.

    Thanks a lot Obama

      1. Yes. In order to have affordable premiums, you get pretty much catastrophic coverage. It pays nothing for normal healthcare expenses. FU Obama!

    1. You would just have to use that $2,500 annual savings you were going to get, to offset the monthly increase. That my friend is dimmocrat logic.

    2. Yep. Premiums are up considerably while deductibles go from $1000 or $1500 up to $6000 or $6500. Guess that’s the “affordable” part…

      1. My healthcare premiums are ridiculous, and now they’re telling me I didn’t pay enough for LAST year!! FU Obama!

    3. The problem for many is they can afford the premiums, or actual health care … but not both. Since they are forced to buy premiums, they cannot afford the health care that they need.

      And then there is the problem that the ‘networks’ are so narrow (and narrowing even more) that even if you can afford to go to a doctor, you may not be able to find one that will see you or see you in a timely manner. If you have a serious health issue, your best bet is to head to the ER.

  2. His whole plan for this country, and it’s citizens, has been it’s destruction. One nail at a time until the whole coffin is build. He is several times over a millionaire, while destroying everyone else.
    But I figure God has a special place reserved for people like him.

      1. Thank God we have a Federal Reserve that can print up all the unbacked fiat dollars we need, manipulate interest rates, and create unlimited government debt.

        Otherwise, how would we pay for all this stuff and keep the progressives in power?????

  3. Fixing the healthcare system that Obamacare made worse:

    Get government out of the health care insurance business as much as possible. Limit them to limited regulations and financial support to those who need it.

    Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare and VA hospitals should be abolished.

    People under these programs and those who are financially below the poverty level should be given a yearly amount that they could use to purchase health insurance.

    Keep the federal regulation stating that insurance companies have to cover pre-existing conditions as long as the person had previous insurance.

    Allow people to purchase insurance from any state.

    Deregulate state health insurance markets.

    Unhinge medical insurance from employers in the tax code.

    Getting government out and increasing competition in this way will lower health care costs. It cuts the bureaucracy costs, cuts the fraud costs and improves competition and quality of care.

  4. Chelsea Clinton need not worry her pretty little head about Obamacare’s “crushing costs”…..Governor moonbeam has solved the problem by raising the minimum wage. He said the rest of the country will follow his lead.

    There is no problem with expensive Obamacare…… California solved it

  5. Obamacare penalty for 2015 tax year (this year’s filing), greater of $325 or 2% of taxable income.

    Better deal than Obamacare.

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