And our first Sixties-born, decadent, counterculture prez is no more dangerous than a
bull in a china shop.


  1. Yes, Obama is decadent and dangerous. Yet it is no accident he was elected twice. American culture is clearly in decline.

      1. Quite true. Pot is more damaging to one’s health than cigarettes. But not to worry. If pot ruins your health Obamacare will take good care of you.

  2. He’s only part right. Marijuana is a whole lot LESS harmful than alcohol. No one has ever gone on a weed-filled crime rampage, or beat up their spouse or kids because of it, or lost their liver because of it.

    1. Maybe you could have said that years ago, but the things they cure it with now are poisons such as gasoline, and other fuels, other drugs, and between the original dangerous carcinogens, they become really lethal with prolonged use.

      1. Marijuana is a powerful immunosuppressent that weakens and over time wrecks the immune system making one more prone to degenerative diseases especially of the respiratory system: pulmonary infections, lung cancer, etc. And Obama saying it’s no worse then alchohol is giving the green light to creating a commercial pot industry. What kind of president is this?

        1. I remember during the 08 campaign how Obama was portrayed by his handlers and MSM as a Lincoln-like saint who as president would morally renew and unite America by bringing out the “better angels of our nature.” They couldn’t have been more wrong. He’s the very opposite: a divisive, subversive counterculture destroyer of the values and belief system that made us exceptional among nations-the greatest in human history. And we’ve got to endure three more years of him. It’s intolerable.

          1. Obama is a decadent moral subversive? The Obama I and most Americans know is a loving husband and father, and all around decent good man.

          1. OMG I wasn’t saying very true to Santa Monica Lucy. don’t know how it came out in the spot it did. I will have to point out to whom I am speaking from now on.

  3. Obama is a “bull in a china shop.” Recklessly breaking things in whatever direction he moves. And he’s got two more years left of his destructive presidency. God help us.

  4. SantaMonicaLucy says, “Obama is a decadent moral subversive? The Obama I and most Americans know is a loving husband and father, and all around decent good man.”

    Yeah. And one of the worst lying presidents in US history.

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