Remember the violent, angry, vulgar Occupy Wall Street movement which was backed by Obama, his party and MSM? Remember how it was portrayed in messianic terms as a great social justice grassroots awakening of the oppressed and exploited American people (the 99% working class) against the dirty, filthy, greedy, evil, tyrannical class of plutocratic corporate capitalists (the top 1% millionaire-billionaire rich) who were growing wealthier on the backs of everyone else causing massive inequality and worsening poverty? Whatever happened to this movement? Why did it burn out so fast? The answer is simple: most 99%ers (those with a net worth less than $1 million) long to enter the ranks of the top 1%; they want to be dirty, filthy stinking rich with more than enough wealth to provide for themselves and their families. Occupy Wall Street failed to take off and resonate with the public because it demonized the very successful people most Americans emulate and want to be: the achievers of the American Dream of financial independence and self-sufficiency.

Indeed, most 99%ers rejected the OWS Progressive-Marxist-Socialist lie that the American free enterprise system is fundamentally unfair; that success is a zero sum game where the cards are stacked against them; and that the gates to upper income heaven are closed to them and can only be forced open by government action and redistribution of wealth. OWS was a power-grabbing movement based on the leftist fiction of Two Americas: the very rich and everyone else; and that the disparity and inequality of the two were permanent and fixed; that upward mobility was dead; and the American work ethic useless for getting far ahead. No matter how hard you worked your efforts were doomed to fail; you'd remain a lowly 99%er till you died with your children and grandchildren following you. And unless the state massively intervened to restore a level playing field where everyone could thrive they'd be no hope or change; no restoring the American Dream; no justice in the world.

In fact, today, as I write, approximately 1000 Americans will reduce to utter absurdity the Progressive-Marxist-Socialist claim that the 99% are oppressed and kept in chains by the 1% rich-that inequality of wealth and income is permanent and fixed. For every single day of the year about 1000 hard working Americans graduate from being 99%ers to the top 1% joining the ranks of millionaires. This was the finding several years ago of WealthInsight a non-partisan London-based wealth-research and data firm. This study shows that by the end of 2011 there were 5.1 million millionaires in America compared to roughly 4 million in January 2009 when Obama took office. This means that 1.1 million new millionaires were created in between-averaging out to 1000 new 1%ers per day. What other country in the world does that?

But despite the fact that the American Dream is alive and well and thriving for millions, our mendacious Marxist Liar-in-Chief is desperately trying to resurrect the failed OWS movement in a new guise by launching a war on inequality and poverty, and restore upward mobility to our "economically unfair society." No president's been more delusional.

When Obama entered office he brought his community organizer mentality with him treating all of America as if it were the streets of Chicago...and he just can't outgrow it or let it go. He's a stuck on stupid, emotionally arrested leftist president in search of a crisis to stir up the country to revolutionary change. After failing to rally the American people to health care reform (6 of 10 Americans opposed Obamacare when it was signed into law), catastrophic global warming (Cap 'n Trade was killed in Congress), gun control (died in the Senate) and Sequester hysteria (remember that manufactured nightmare) he's laughably hoping he's found a galvanizing crisis in income inequality-which the public cares nothing for (see the Fox News poll). In short, the imaginary crisis of income inequality is the last hurrah for Obamunism.




  1. He’s dangling from a rope over an abyss holding on for dear life. Hopelessly hoping that income inequality will save him.

  2. If Obama was confident that wealth inequality would work in reviving his presidency he wouldn’t be blaming Fox and Limbaugh for his troubles

  3. Really good observation Apollo,
    Obama is running scared, and using some of his old rhetoric except he has replaced Bush with Fox, and Rush Limbaugh. I can only hope he does continue his fall. It took a while for some to catch on, but you’re right, it is happening.

    I simply must add this. I wouldn’t use Vonage if it were the last phone plan around. It looks just like one of the OWS idiots. In fact, I think it is supposed to be one.

  4. What Obama and the Dems are really talking about is unfair giving and unfair taking. They are not talking about justice, only the accumulation of power to unfairly take from the haves and give to the have nots.

  5. If income inequality is a problem Obama has no one but himself and his foolish policies to blame for it. Citing a University of California Berkeley study Laura Ingraham said on the Factor that the 1 percent of income earners in the Obama years “received 95 percent of salary gains, with only a 0.4 percent increase in wages for the rest of the country.” So if there’s a “crisis” it’s all Obama’s doing from his failure to grow the economy for the 99 percent.

  6. Income inequality should be celebrated in a democratic society as the outcome of a free people freely exercising their talents and gifts in the pursuit of happiness and economic well being. That’s the American Way.

    1. It is the American Way and should be celebrated. People always have and always will have differences in skills, intelligence, motivation, and different family upbringings.

      Some people work more than others or are smarter than others or more talented than others or are simply luckier than others.

      If a Democratic society had “Income EQUALITY,” that tells us that the use of FORCE must have been applied to crush the differences in people’s intelligence and motivation.

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