Don't be fooled by the color and gender of the above Republican faces; all of them are old, angry white guys in disguise.
Don't be deceived by the GOP that it's a big tent party of American diversity. In truth, they're a party at war with all minorities. Behind appearances the GOP is a monstrous reactionary monolith of angry old white men wanting to return America to the past when women couldn't vote, Jim Crow laws were in force, English was the national language, the poor died in the streets of starvation and untreated disease, and gays were locked up in psycho wards getting electric shock treatment for breaking sodomy laws. Diversity within the GOP is a grand deception hiding misogynists, chauvinists, racists, nationalists, militarists, xenophobes, homophobes, Islamophobes and cruel, greedy, corporate, capitalist Scrooges lacking compassion for the poor and hardship losers-all of whom are angry old white men fearing progress, change and loss of supremacy in an America that's no longer theirs.
In fact, what is true of Black Republicans, that they're "Uncle Toms" or phony blacks (old angry whites in black face) is similarly true of the other phony minority GOP groups. To be sure, Republican women are phony females-angry old white men in drag. Latino Republicans like Ted Cruz and Rubio are also fakes-angry old Spanish speaking whites eating burritos and doing the mambo. Poor folks voting Republican are the same angry whites whose racism and bigotry is more important to them than government subsidizing their poverty. And to appear as a party of 21st century diversity Republicans have their phony gays: the "Log Cabin" types who are straight, angry whites in disguise regarding free enterprise as more important to their lives than sexuality and gay rights. If you're Republican and gay what else can you be but a laughable fake?
In sum, Republican women are false for being pro-family and pro-life. Republican Blacks are false for opposing affirmative action in jobs and education. Republican Latinos are false for opposing open borders and blanket amnesty for illegals. Low income Republicans are false for opposing a cradle to grave nanny state and free stuff for all. And limited government Republican gays are false because they owe the progressive, liberal,  big government left what freedoms they have.
Never in the history of the world has there been a falser political party with falser minorities than the white angry dominated supremacist GOP-Lincoln is turning in his grave. God help us is if they win the Senate and presidency. 


      1. They are beyond help, they do not have the capacity to be educated out of communism disguised as “liberalism and progressiveness.” They have to be defeated and crushed.

  1. I knew it, I just knew it!! I always suspected that Allan West and Herman Cain were actually angry old white men.
    Great Satire Apollo. Love it!

  2. Mock the characterization of average GOPers as “angry old white men” all you want. The GOP has been resorting to racism and misogyny for the last 40 years. Angry, hate filled, bigoted, hicks have overrun the party. The divide between America and the GOP is growing. The party of Lincoln has no future.

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