An angry John McCain running for reelection in Arizona accused President Obama's premature, reckless, unnecessary withdrawal of US troops from Iraq of midwifing (giving birth to) the radical terrorist Islamic State that gay Moslem killer Omar Mateen swore allegiance to before he martyred himself to death. McCain's exact words were:
"Barack Obama is directly responsible for it [Orlando shooting], because when he pulled everybody out of Iraq, al-Qaida went to Syria, became ISIS, and ISIS is what it is today thanks to Barack Obama's failures, utter failures, by pulling everybody out of Iraq... 

So the responsibility for it lies with President Obama and his failed policies."

Though McCain was to later clarify his statement saying that "Obama's security policies and not him personality was responsible for Orlando (see)" nevertheless McCain on both occasions was disingenuously and self-servingly speaking a half truth. Indeed, the full inconvenient truth which he doesn't want you to know and could hurt is reelection to a fifth term in the Senate is summed up in the following precise demonstrable equation:


Indeed (as I explain HERE and HERE), remove from the equation the disastrous Obama/Clinton decision to intervene militarily in Libya (with a NO FLY ZONE and bombings to assist Libyan rebels in defeating Kaddafy) and the Syrian rebels certain that Obama and NATO would intervene on their behalf wouldn't have risen up against Assad with such destructive and murderous ferocity. In other words, if Obama's Libyan (and Egyptian*) policies hadn't turned relatively peaceful protests for democratic reform into an armed insurrection to topple Assad Syria would be very much at peace today with no massive displacement of Syrians creating a refugee crisis-and very real and deadly threats of refugee terrorism in America and the West.

*Obama's desertion of long time friend and US ally Hosni Mubarak for the radical Moslem Brotherhood then desertion of US ally Kaddafy for Libyan rebels emboldened anti-Baathist forces in Syria to arm and rise up against the anti-US Assad regime


But what hypocritical John McCain doesn't want you to know, or hopes you've forgotten, is that he (and`Lindsey Graham) was gung-ho for regime change in Libya and deposing Kaddafy. As Rand Paul said in his blistering critique McCain (and Graham) supported the Obama/Clinton Libyan War to the hilt; and then representing the anti-Assad rebels, which included al-Qaida (later to become ISIS), he and Graham urged Obama to replicate in Syria what he did in Libya: set up a NO FLY ZONE and bomb Assad to weaken his regime in his war against the rebels. But Obama disappointing the rebels who were certain of US intervention because of Assad's atrocities (which they provoked and committed themselves) would do no such thing*. They were deceived. With Obama wanting a nuke deal with Assad's allies in Iran there was no way he was going to chance jeopardizing that by bringing down Assad; or worse still risk getting into a military conflict with pro-Assad Putin in Russia.

*It was shortly after Obama ominously announced on March 19, 2011 (the eighth anniversary of the Iraq War) that the US and NATO would intervene in Libya  and set up a No Fly Zone that anti-Assad violence broke out in Syria with the burning down of Baath Party headquarters in the city of Daraa  (see and see). 

The sad truth is this: when Obama and Clinton took office there was no ISIS caliphate; and it would have stayed that way had they not gone to war against Kaddafy in Libya; and Obama had used the tremendous leverage he had of $BILLIONS in Iraq Reconstruction Funds to keep US troops in Iraq on US terms (as Leon Panetta said he could have done if he had the will, see). The terrible truth is this: Obama and Clinton were the unwitting parents (father and mother) of evil, murdering, terrorist ISIS; and John McCain to a lesser degree was complicit in its horrible birth (on the Syrian side). And in this way,  by the law of unintended consequences, Obama, Hillary and McCain were indirectly (not directly or personally) responsible for the 49 dead victims of the ISIS inspired Orlando gay nightclub massacre-the worst Islamic terrorist attack since 9/11-almost certainly anticipating worse horrors to come. I think most of you would agree with me when I say that with Obama retiring in January it's time for John McCain to call it quits and join him.










  1. “I have to tell you, he [Obama] is a decent person, and a person that you do not have to be scared as President of the United States.”

    ~ John Insane McCain, Oct 11 2008

  2. McCain backtracking said: “I was referring to President Obama’s national security decisions, not the President himself.”

    One and the same. He was correct the first time, and the Republicans wonder why they are intensely despised by the party’s base? They have so immersed themselves into political correctness, that they have absolutely become worthless adversaries to the forces that want to destroy this country. Instead they meekly do their bidding as they cower in fear of the opposition.

    1. So he separates Obama from Obama’s administrations policies?

      Forget about Obama’s and Hillary’s aid in creating ISIS. In this instance, the more salient question is how Obama’s hug a Muzzie policies affected the FBI’s ability to prevent this.

      With what we already know, there is no other explanation for the shooter to not have been at the very least on the terrorist watch list

    2. Ah yes, the ole GOP playbook of only criticize Obama’s policies, never the one himself.

      McCain forgot protocol for a minute there.

    3. This is a major difference between a McCain and a Trump. McCain makes a harsh, but valid point against the President, and then reels it back in when the media goes “oooohhhh no!”

      Reeling in what you’ve said makes you look weak and ineffective, like you have poor control over your thoughts and words. It leaves one wide open for a counter-punch, which will no doubt be coming.

      McCain should’ve doubled down, and accused Obama of doing all but pulling the trigger.

  3. An eyeopening blog Apollo. You’ve convinced me that Libya was a factor in the creation of ISIS. But Obama and Clinton get 99% of the blame. And McCain, Graham and whoever the remaining 1%.

    1. Gutless is right.

      He was only playing to the base in Arizona that is fed up with him. It was purely an act of self preservation. That will now backfire.

  4. McCain said “Obama is not personally responsible for Obama’s policies and its consequences”, is that the gist of it?

  5. If you notice McCain blamed Obama not Hillary. Is that because he prefers Hillary over Trump for president?

  6. It was stupid to say in the first place.

    The Shooter was responsible. Not Obama, not the Gun, not the NRA, not Christians.

  7. Apollo is right. John McCain is partially responsible for the rise of ISIS.

    His knee-jerk, trigger-happy foreign policy of promiscuously arming supposedly moderate militants has created vacuums which have allowed jihadist ideologies to flourish for years.

    We need to make sure Establishment John is called out for his disastrous foreign policy views

  8. I could not believe it when they went into Libya ! Kaddafy Had given up his weapons to us, he was fighting Al Qaida , and trusted us.
    As far as McCain goes, I have never cared for him. He has traveled on the fact he was a war “hero”. He has always been a big mouth know it all.
    Great article Apollo!!!!!!!!

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