Nancy Pelosi: "We Did Not Treat President Bush This Way"


George Bush: "I Don't Miss Being President"

Apparently showing the slightest disrespect to America's first black president is morally more repugnant than wishing his white Republican predecessor dead.
Bush Derangement Syndrome reached its peak with the September 10, 2006 release (the date was no accident) of this British pseudo-documentary about the hoped for assassination of George W. Bush. Ironically, the shooting occurs in Barack Obama's hometown of Chicago on October 19, 2007, the year Obama kicked off his presidential campaign (see). Is it not odd that the death of the Bush era on January 20, 2009 gave birth to Obama's Chicagoland presidency? In a roundabout way this film was prophetic.

Andrea Mitchell: "Iran Was Basically an American Ally Until Bush Ruined Everything"

Alan and Andrea: Maestro & Moron.
If she's not a moron then it must be that George Bush, not Carter, was President in 1979. Or the Shah fell from power in the 2000s. Kidding aside to enlighten Moron's historical ignorance Maestro ought to force her to see Argo on DVD.


  1. Pelosi said Republicans are “ anti-government, anti-science and anti-Obama”

    Well, the Dems are anti-Christian, anti-capitalism, and anti-American. . .and that’s far worse than anti-government and anti-Obama.

  2. It’s an incredible luxury to be able to say anything, no matter how stupid, or incorrect, and have it treated as profound truth by the media.

  3. Do any of these people know how to say anything remotely truthful? So far, all I see is one lie after another, and I mean about everything!! Even when shown truth in video, audio tapes, and photographs, they continue with the lie as if it will change into the truth somehow. They ALL seem to be mentally deranged to me!

  4. Come to think of it the Bush assaasination film situated in Chicago does seem kind of prophet now. How strange.

  5. I would have thought the face lift tightened her face so much it caused brain damage…either that or the fake boobs have leaked and poisoned her brain….or both.

    1. “This woman needs to retire from the House and do what she was born to do: Stand-up Comedy.”

      You mean prepare bodies for viewing in a funeral home. She’s good at stretching and filling out faces.

  6. Pelosi is just a dumbass – who I hope the Catholic Church will finally ex-communicate very publicly as a warning to all the other polticians who wrap themselves in the cloak of good Catholics but do Satan’s work all the same.

      1. And the angels of the State-God are Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and all the progressive pols and bureaucrats in government.

  7. Another great post Apollo! There’s not enough space on the net for the screams of the left about Bush. They even complained about the turkey prop given to Bush to hold at the Thanksgiving dinner with the troops. Nancy, wait till this next election for the White House, you’ll cry.

    1. They also screamed, and still do, that Bush gave up the search for Bin Laden beacuse he said that finding him wasn’t of central importance in the war on terror. Now that Bin Laden is dead and al Qaida is expanding throughout the Moslem world we know Bush was right.

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