In "George Bush, the Hudson River Miracle and His 9/11 Presidency (see)" I republished a piece that I wrote in early 2009 showing by way of numerical patterns and providential signs that Bush was destined to be our 9/11 President and lead us into war against our Islamofascist and Arab foes. But later that year in my piece "Dick Cheney, Winston Churchill and FDR: Warnings From an Old Conservative Warrior" I did something similar for Dick Cheney showing that his vice presidency was not anymore of an historical accident or mistake than was George Bush's epoch making presidency-and that Cheney was destined from birth to be our 9/11 VP. The piece was written in response to criticism leveled at Cheney for being critical of Obama's counterterrorism and national security policies where I cast him (as others did) in the role of Winston Churchill warning Neville Chamberlain about the possible horrific consequences of his policies.


 I have posted several pieces on this blog interpreting what I believe to be distressing signs ominously pointing to the confused and cowardly Barack Obama as an incarnation of Neville Chamberlain's appeasement mentality setting in motion a train of events that will have calamitous consequences for US foreign policy and national security. The most significant of these signs are as follows:


Joe Biden’s trip to Germany on February 7th to attend the 45th Conference on Security Policy where for the first time an Obama administration official laid out before the world the president’s confused and muddled foreign policy vision of appeasement, apology and accommodation summed up in the term “smart (soft) power.” Absent from the speech was any reference to the War on Terror, just diplo-speak about outreach to Iran and reset with Russia and "extremists" who can't be reasoned with. Indeed, Biden's toughest words were reserved for climate change and global warming which he pledged the administration would aggressively combat. Critics like the Heritage Foundation noticed that Biden's speech "was one of the weakest projections of US leadership on foreign soil in recent memory" unworthy of the world's greatest power (see).

As if designed by Providence as a warning sign of coming foreign policy debacles the conference was held in the city of Munich (symbolic of catastrophic, war-causing appeasement) on the 38th day of the year corresponding to the calamitous meeting in 1938 between Hitler and Chamberlain in that city which set the stage to World War II.


But just as ominous of coming woe due to Obama’s Chamberlain-like ignorance, weakness, naïvety and confusion was his booting (one week after Munich) of Winston Churchill’s bust from the White House-a gift on loan from Tony Blair and Great Britain to America and George Bush for 9/11. As President Bush and Dick Cheney lived up to Churchill’s heroic example of strong, decisive wartime leadership in fighting our enemies Obama’s ejection of the bust was emblematic of just how feckless he is and dangerously wanting in Churchill’s great character, wisdom and courageous spirit (see).

It was therefore a blessing to the nation for Dick Cheney to return to the public arena to reawaken our pride and remind us what true, tough wartime leadership is and to defend the imperfect but impressive record of his administration in fighting Jihadists on multiple fronts and keeping us safe for seven years. Cheney’s return raised hell on the deranged, anti-war Left putting them on the defensive and causing pundits like Hugh Hewitt to compare him to the beleaguered Winston Churchill in his wilderness years prior to the outbreak of World War II when he prophetically warned a sleeping England of Hitler’s evil plans (see).

The tragic drama so it seems is being played out again at a different time with a different enemy in a different way with Obama resembling Chamberlain and Cheney Churchill and something more-that something being Franklin Roosevelt. As Obama is likened by the media and admirers to FDR and resembles him in his economic ignorance (his failed New Deal prolonged the Great Depression as Obama's new New Deal will likely prolong the Great Recession) that is where the likeness ends as there is nothing of FDR’s patriotic nationalism, optimism, manly spirit and courageous wartime leadership in him


Indeed, on Inauguration Day Cheney unfortunately took sick and was carted around the festivities in a wheel chair causing one anchorman to say (I forget who) that he looked like the invalid FDR. Michael Savage surmised Cheney’s wheelchairing was “all a ruse,” an “FDR sympathy play” for a man about to lose his power (which makes no sense). Toping Savage’s lunacy was one left-wing blogger who said that Cheney came to the inaugural “dressed up as FDR” to upstage Obama...the black FDR.
But as we learned two weeks later in a radio interview critical of Obama Cheney who was terribly hoarse was genuinely ill and not putting on a show. Cheney in that interview seemed so dreadfully ill that I feared that he might be nearing his end and that the interview was the final words of a dying man to a forgetful nation. Thank God my fears were wrong and that this old conservative warrior refuses to fade away. However, because of the references to FDR I investigated the analogy to see where it would go and came up with some remarkable mind boggling discoveries:
 Cheney was born in 1941 the year of Japan’s devastating sneak attack on our naval fleet at Pearl Harbor.
 On January 30, 1941, the day Dick Cheney was born, Franklin Roosevelt (born 1882) celebrated his 59th birthday.
On January 20, 2001 at age 59 Cheney was sworn in as the 46th Vice President of the United States.
September 11, 2001, the day of the deadly al Qaida attack, was the 59th week from George Bush announcing Cheney as his running mate*.
*July 25, 2000 (Bush's announcement) to September 11, 2001 = 413 days or exactly 59 weeks (see)
On 9/11 when al Qaida crashed three commercial jets into the Pentagon and Twin Towers it was exactly 590 days from Cheney’s 59th birthday-590 is a multiple of 59 10x*.

*January 30, 2000 (Cheney’s 59th birthday) to September 11, 2001= 1 year, 7 months and 12 days, or 590 days.

On December 7, 1941, the “Day of Infamy” when Pearl Harbor was bombed FDR was 311 days, or 44 weeks, into his 59th year. In other words, Pearl Harbor was attacked 44 weeks after Dick Cheney's birth corresponding to Barack Obama’s presidency number*.

*January 30, 1941 (Cheney’s birth) to December 7, 1941 (Pearl Harbor attack)=311 days or 44 weeks.

NOTE: Obama is the first US President born in Hawaii where World War II began for America militarily.

Winston Churchill died at age 90 on January 24, 1965 and was interred six days later on January 30th, the 83rd anniversary of FDR’s birth and Dick Cheney’s 24th birthday (see note 1).

On January 30 (ten days after our 44th President’s inaugural) Dick Cheney celebrated his 68th birthday on the 44th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s burial. Moreover, it was also the 127th anniversary of FDR’s birth. What is fascinating about this number is that it gives us the date 12-7 or December 7th the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Summarizing the above what we have is this: Dick Cheney who became our 9/11 Vice President in his 59th year was born in the year of Pearl Harbor on the 59th birthday of FDR-the President who took us into World War II; and 590 days from his 59th birthday (which was 59 weeks from Bush announcing him as his running mate) was the day we were again attacked in a homeland strike more devastating than Pearl Harbor with Bush and Cheney, like FDR, taking us into a (new kind of) world war. And lastly, Cheney who in Churchillian mode is warning President 44 that his world view, poor leadership and policies are compromising US security, emboldening our enemies making us more vulnerable to another massive terror attack, was born 44 weeks before the horror of Pearl Harbor. If I were Barack Obama I’d swallow my pride and pay heed to this man.


As Pearl Harbor was struck by imperial Japan 311 days into FDR’s 59th year (or 311 days into Dick Cheney’s first year) and the 9/11 attack occurred 590 days after Cheney’s 59th birthday this, in my view, binds together both attacks as two terrible acts of Providence. It also suggests that the War on Terror initiated by Bush and Cheney, while destined to suffer setbacks and defeats under Obama, will end in victory for America in the long run as did World War II (and the Cold War) and vindicate the Bush/Cheney Doctrine of preemptive war and spreading freedom.


As 44 is the presidency number of Barack Obama it is interesting to note that the number of months separating the Hitler-Chamberlain Munich Agreement signed September 30, 1938 from the 2009 Munich Conference was 844, hence:

September 30, 1938 to February 7, 2009 = 70 years, 4 months and 8 days, or 844 months-the 44th number of the 800 series.


1. Just as Ronald Reagan was interred on the 80th birthday of George H. W. Bush a providential tribute to the man who brought Reagan’s work to completion in ending the Cold War so was Winston Churchill laid to rest on the 83rd anniversary of FDR’s birth. That this was directed by a Higher Power is suggested by the astonishing fact that Churchill died in Hyde Park, London the name of FDR’s birthplace in New York. BTW, Churchill regarded FDR as the greatest man he ever knew.




      1. I second that. Cheney was twice the man GWB was. For openers, Cheney is smart!
        GWB, not so much. Reasonably decent, but dumb! I will never forgive GWB for “giving” the country FUBO.

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