Our biracial black and white prez.
It is outrageous that MSNBC let itself be bullied by racist RNC Chairman Reince Priebus into firing the un-named, un-identified staffer for courageously telling the truth about rightwing bigotry and hatred of biracial families on the above deleted tweet. How do we know the staffer nailed it about rightwingers hating such families-though Mitch McConnell (married to a black woman) and Justice Thomas (married to a white woman) have one? It follows from their cleverly disguised white supremacy and racial hatred of Barack Obama-made to look like philosophical or ideological differences about the size, scope and purpose of government. Since rightwingers hate Obama because of his race, and his race is that of a black and white mulatto half-breed, it follows that they hate mixed interracial families which they see as mulatto like our biracial president.
For courageously telling the truth MSNBC should reinstate the un-identified staffer with a pay raise; and racial justice hero Al Sharpton should suspend his show until that happens-which would give the cable news network a badly needed ratings boost as more GOP bigots would watch it if he were off the air.


  1. At first, I was going to say that the best thing he could do was pull the plug on the whole damn network. But, I am not for censorship. I now think that they must stay around. They are the clearest window we have to the liberal soul.

  2. I read this headline: MSNBC president apologizes to Priebus
    ..and then I read this tweet: “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family,”

    …and I am left wondering how the two — Priebus and the right-wing — are assumed to have ANY connection to one another?

  3. Apollo’s come up with a brilliant solution for getting MSN to dump race card hustling Rev. Al: it would dramatically increase the viewship of us wing bigots.

  4. MSNBC President Phil Griffin issued this apology:

    “The tweet last night was outrageous and unacceptable. We immediately acknowledged that it was offensive and wrong, apologized, and deleted it. We have DISMISSED the person responsible for the tweet…”

    “DISMISSED” doesn’t necessarily mean “FIRED.” The culprit could have been dismissed from his/her position at the network and given another job.

    1. My thoughts exactly. This person could have been “dismissed” from tweeting duties and still retain employment with the network.

    1. If that were true Fox wouldn’t be ranked sixth in prime time cable viewership, while MSN was 29th headed toward Air Americaland-extinction

  5. As a grandmother , great grandmother, and great great grandmother of mixed black and white grandchildren, I can say that I never used the color of their skin to use as a stick to whip anyone. The children asked me about their color, and I explained that they were Jim, or Chris , or Brian color. That no two people were exactly the same color , and that they shouldn’t worry about the color of their skin. Everyone has their own.
    I hate to see people use it as does Obama, Al Sharpton, and MSNBC as a weapon to try and destroy others , when calming and explaining to them from childhood makes a big difference. I am sick to death of the race baiters. God made us each and everyone, and tells us there is one flesh of man. Shame on all of them!!

    1. Well said Nanna. I’m not a Republican anymore but I’m still a conservative with a daughter in-law who is full Hispanic. My two grandchildren are half Hispanic. Unlike the race-baiting commie lib DemocRAT “Progs”, I don’t look at them that way. They are my daughter-in-law and my two grandkids. I guess you have to be a racist to think about race ALL OF THE TIME the way the ‘RATS do!

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