On Saturday, January 31st from Munich, Germany (of all places) John Kerry threatens Bibi Netanyahu with a European boycott if he doesn't make peace with Arab Holocaust deniers who dream in their sick minds of roasting alive every Israeli Jew down to the smallest child (see). Defiantly Netanyahu says BRING IT ON!  BTW, January 31st was the 69th anniversary of the Shuttoff Death March where Nazis soldiers marched 5000 Jewish death camp prisoners into the Baltic Sea and gunned them down in cold blood (see).
Desperate men do desperate things resorting to extreme measures when all else has fails. And Barack Obama faced with a foreign policy legacy of ashes and dust with no significant achievements outside the killing of Osama Bin Laden (which hasn't stopped al Qaida from growing in numbers and territorial strength) is getting more desperate, impatient and extreme with Israel with each passing day as time runs out on his disastrous, failed, worse-than-Carter presidency.
The man with Moslem family roots and the Arabic middle name who was to reconcile the US and Islam repairing the damage done by his predecessor has caldronized the Middle East by retreating from the region greatly worsening the terrible mess he inherited. Indeed, with his domestic agenda in ruins and his foreign policy in rudderless chaos Obama imagines that his salvation from the dog house of history lies with Israel making an impossible peace with Mahmoud Abbas and his toxic, hate driven, murderous gang of Arab-Nazi thugs who define peace in Koranic terms as Israel's utter destruction.  Unable to induce the Jew-hating Abbas to accept Israel's right to exist as a first step towards peace Obama and Kerry are turning the screws on Benjamin Netanyahu threatening Israel with an economic boycott of European states if he doesn't agree to a suicidal peace of retreating to the pre-1967 borders and beyond. But like the rock of ages Netanyahu isn't budging for the following reasons which I've put in the form of a letter to our hopeless, hapless Secretary of State:
What worth are your threats of boycotting a peace-loving, liberal, democratic nation peopled with Holocaust survivors and their offspring vowing "Never Again!" to go like sheep to mass slaughter? That in its bloody 65 year history fought and survived a dozen brutal wars at great cost in lives and treasure, and suffered a thousand public relations disasters along the way? What worth are your threats against a state armed to the hilt with nuclear weapons with the long range missiles and submarines to deliver them, that faced with destruction could devastate the world economy in minutes reducing Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the other Gulf oil states to radioactive dust? Did you ever hear of the Samson Option, Mr. Secretary? If you did do you think it's a bluff (see)? As you're unable to get Bashar al-Assad to surrender his stockpile of chemical weapons despite an agreement and the threat of military force, or Iran to dismantle its nuclear infrastructure for making the bomb, or Putin to give up Edward Snowden, do you think you'll get Israel to give up territory vital to its existence to a people bent on its destruction by promising security and threatening sanctions and economic harm? Are you that ignorant of Israeli history and detached from reality, Mr. Secretary? Are you that much of a schmuck?
hari kari

John Kerry wants Israel to committ Harry Kerry (aka harikari) a form of Japanese ritual suicide.  (Thanks Ralph Miller)



  1. Obama/Kerry to Israel: If you like your West Bank settlements you can’t keep them. If you like East Jerusalem you can’t keep that either.

  2. Wonderful article and assessment Apollo. Kudos to you for sure.
    I hope the people of this country will soon realize that this administration is against anything to do with Israel, and or Jews, and Christians.
    In every way, they are trying to change years of policy and Democratic Republic.
    Again Kudos!!

  3. It is clear that Kerry made these statements with the full support and knowledge of President Zero and his team.

    If he had made them for any other President starting with Truman, he would have been fired.

  4. Oh please Apollo! Pres. GW Bush and Condoleezza Rice promised a “contiguous” Palestinian state of Gaza and the West Bank.

    Look up the definition of ‘contiguous’ and look at a map of Israel and then tell me who proposed more damage to Israel.


    How dare you call that mother f-cking, sc-m sucking, cockroach a “schmuck.”

  6. Is there a comprehensive list of Israeli products, perhaps a list put together by these ant-Semite boy-cotters, so I can start buying their stuff?

    1. He can boycott them all he wants…me, I’m enjoying my Israel-Desert Eagle 9mm and if he initiates a boycott, I’ll buy another one!

  7. Kerry has already threatened Israel with an another intifada if it fails to abide by what the US desires in a peace agreement. He is clearly Obama’s attack dog in the middle east, and frankly, that species is about all Kerry will ever amount to. He slandered American troops in VietNam, fabricating entire lies before Congress about US massacres of innocent civilians; he faked a report to earn a medal for service in that war, ad then, later, in an infamous act of “patriotism” threw his medal away. He is a despicable liar willing to say and do anything no matter how unsavory to achieve his ends.

  8. Whether they know it or not any westerners who want a Palestinian State are for an anti-American, anti-Western terror state. And topping the list are Barack Obama and John Kerry-both certifiably insane.

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