UN Resolution On Syria

Unlikely To Include Threat Of

Force, Obama Administration

Officials Say


Iranian Revolution on the march as Barack Obama replaces Jimmy Carter as its greatest enabler.


After John Kerry promised rebel leaders that US military force would stay in place as a condition for Assad surrendering his WMDs to UN control reports say that Obama has caved, that it has been removed in a deal struck with Russia leaving anti-Assad forces in the lurch. Putin has masterfully played Obama riding him like a weak, dumb, stupid horse to the victorious goal of defeating the rebels and keeping Assad in power. As Assad's repression and mass murder of innocents using legal weapons continue with impunity  what we are witnessing is the complete collapse of the Pax Americana in the Middle East and its replacement by a Pax Russia/Iranica: the "Shiite Crescent" growing into a full blazing moon backed by neo-Stalinist Russia. From Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama America has enabled the birth, growth and regional triumph of the Iranian Revolution and nuclear mullahs-likely setting the stage for a devastating sectarian Sunni-Shia war and/or nuclear conflict with Israel. Dark days are ahead as America retreats from the world stage under the rudderless and cowardly leadership of its worst president.



  1. Putin and Obama can agree on a strategy in dealing with the Syria crisis, but until and unless Assad agrees it’s only words. I hope it works, but as always the devil’s in the details. Apollo’s right: The downside is that Assad remains in power and will continue to kill civilians with impunity using other weapons.

  2. This is how a real Leader and a competent Secretary of State resolve a potentially volatile situation. Great Job, President Obama and Mr. Kerry. Diplomacy and working together with other nations avoids war and unnecessary suffering for more civilians.

  3. Apollo, the Huffington Post headline is misleading. Kerry says that the use of force by the US is still an option. But without the backing of Congress and the American people it’s not credible. So realistically the use of force is off the table and Kerry is bluffing.

  4. Really Apollo, your narrative here is basically: Putin and his client Assad caved because … Obama was weak. Your cognitive dissonance is breathtaking.

    1. Assad has agreed to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention. Diplomacy backed by military force is working. You should be cheering the president, Apollo, not deriding him.

  5. Did you see how Clinton and Jimmy Carter got rid of North Korea’s nuclear program through diplomacy? It was soooo amazing Jimmy Carter won a peace prize.

    Everyone won. Accept for the truth and reality which liberals run away from.

    This is EXACTLY like the North Korean deal, accept stupider.

  6. Obama just gave Russia leadership it hasn’t had since the 1970’s.
    His weakness was preyed upon by Putin, and we are made to look foolish, and indecisive, and Russia the big brave leader.

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