Hillary Clinton stands with George McGovern before speaking at the Johnson County Democrats' annual barbecue, Oct. 6, 2007, in Iowa City. | AP Photo
Democrat George McGovern senator of South Dakota ran for the presidency in 1972 against incumbent President Richard M. Nixon and was crushed in a landslide election winning only 1 state out of 50 and Washington DC. Bill Clinton and then girlfriend Hillary Rodham worked for the McGovern campaign in Texas where Bill was in charge of organizing the state for the senator. During the 2008 primaries McGovern endorsed his good friend Hillary against Barack Obama, then urged her to back out when her candidacy seemed hopeless (see).
 Bill Clinton and McGovern in 1972.
On October 21, 2012, during the waning days of the presidential campaign that would reelect Obama to a predictably disastrous second term, George McGovern died at age 90. Five days later on October 26th McGovern was laid to rest in Sioux Falls, So. Dakota* (see). That very day Hillary Clinton (who did not attend the funeral) celebrated her 65th birthday (see). 
*It was at Sioux Falls in 1971 that McGovern announced his run for the presidency (see).
George McGovern's funeral.
Now here is where it gets profound. Hillary who celebrated her 65th birthday on the 26th day of October 2012 (when failed 1972 presidential candidate George McGovern was interred) was formally and historically nominated at the DNC on the 26th day of July 2016 as her party's presidential candidate. Needing 2380 delegates to win, the state that put Hillary over the top (during the roll call) was none other than South Dakota, the home state of George McGovern (see and see). In fact, before Ann Tornberg*, head of the SD Democrat Party announced the 15 delegates Hillary would receive to secure her nomination she mentioned that her state was "the home of 1972 presidential candidate George McGovern (see)."
*It is interesting to note that Ann Tornberg is running as a pro-life, pro-family Democrat for the SD state senate (see).
Ann Tornberg
Oddly from George McGovern's funeral on Hillary's 65th birthday to her nomination on July 26th was exactly 45 months-giving us the number of the next sitting president (see). Linking the significant election year number 45 to 1972 George McGovern, loser of the 72 race, looks ominous for Hillary. 
New York State Republican Party Chairman Edward Cox with the Trump family at the RNC.
Even more fascinating and perhaps meaningful in an oracular sense is that on July 19th, seven  days before Hillary won the Democratic nomination with George McGovern's state putting her over the top, Donald Trump won his party's nomination in Cleveland. Astonishingly, and you can't make this stuff up, July 19th coincided with the 95th anniversary of George McGovern's birth (see).
But there's more. By design it was The Donald's home state of New York with its 89 delegates that put him over the top on the delegate count. Now as this day was George McGovern's 95th birthday (the loser of the 1972 election to Nixon) incredibly the first to speak for the New York State delegation (before Donald Trump Jr. cast the delegate vote) was Edward F. Cox. Who is this man? The head of the New York State Republican Party, and son-in-law of none other than President Richard M. Nixon (see and see) .
But there's more. As I pointed out HERE the year of Donald Trump's birth, 1946, was politically auspicious for four US presidents: two of our 44 presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, were born in 1946; and two other presidents, John Kennedy and Richard Nixon, began their political careers in that year. Now by providence or chance it just so happens that Edward F. Cox (son-in-law of Richard Nixon (who defeated George McGovern) also was born in 1946 (see). Could this be a sign that the 1946 born Donald Trump will   overcome all of this blunders and setbacks and become the first New Yorker since Franklin Roosevelt to be president?  Roosevelt won the presidency on November 8, 1932; November 8, 2016 is the 84th anniversary of his victory. 
Does the presidential race of 1972 when George McGovern was badly defeated by Richard Nixon foreshadow Hillary Clinton losing to underdog Donald Trump in November?
When McGovern was laid to rest on Hillary's 65th birthday he was 90 years, 3 months  and 7 days old. This translates into 32,972 days, a five digit number that ends in "72" an abbreviation for the year 1972 (see).
Moreover, McGovern was defeated on November 7, 1972; from then to November 8, 2016 is exactly 44 years and 1 day. This translates into 16,072 days, giving us another five digit number ending in "72." (see)
Could these be providential signs that the American people will do to Hillary Clinton on election day what they did to George McGovern in 1972, and deny her the 45th presidency? Of course, no one but God knows this. But it is incredibly mindboggling odd that when McGovern was defeated on November 7, 1972 Hillary was 25 years and 13 days old. What is odd about this?  25 years and 13 days translates into 9145 days of calendar time, a four digit number ending in 45 (see).
By the way, you will notice above that when George McGovern was laid to rest on Hillary's 65th birthday he was 90 years old. 90 is a multiple of 45 twice.  Will election day be the burial of tired, old, crooked Hillary's dream of being the 45th President of the United State?  Hopefully it will.
 The 2016 presidential race is the 58th in our nation's history. Oddly the number 58 is a factor of the number 1972 34x, giving us the year McGovern lost to Nixon.
On November 8th Trump decimated Hillary in North Dakota winning    61% of the vote to Hillary's 31%.


    1. Trump hit the nail right on the head when he said Hillary condescends to blacks. FINALLY someone with the guts to tell the truth

    2. Good article by Byron York, but I will have to disagree with this statement:

      “Trump began by declaring, “We’re at a decisive moment in this election,” which few would deny, given Trump’s perilous position in the polls.”

      Reagan was further behind Carter even up to and including October.

      Also, I did not hear him say anything that he has not been saying since he entered the race. He merely aimed his speech mostly at blacks, but he has voiced the same sentiments many times previously.

      As for the teleprompter, I watched a documentary a bit about Reagan last night. Reagan routinely spoke from notes he held in his hand. I would prefer from now on that Trump would follow suit. During the give and take of a news conference, that would not be necessary.

      1. “Trump began by declaring, “We’re at a decisive moment in this election,” which few would deny, given Trump’s perilous position in the polls.”

        A kiss on the cheek and a knife in the back. No matter how positive the circumstances may be, the Trump haters are always ready with the shiv.

    3. One hell of a speech delivered with great power.

      Trump to Inner City Citizens, especially Blacks.

      Your living conditions are horrible. You have voted for Democratic leadership for about 100 years. Those Progressive Democrat leadership and bigots and do not care about you, only your vote.
      Vote Trump for a bright future.
      Vote Hillary, and get more of the same, including riots.

      Y’know, I care about my fellow man, but if he votes to continue policies proven to result in crappy outcomes, then I no longer fell responsible for that crappy outcome

      1. Good speech by Trump last night. He said what many of us have been saying all along: Blacks have supported the Democrat Party for years, and have received nothing in return. It’s been a one way street. Once they’ve cast their votes for the Democrats, their loyalty is never rewarded. Donald Trump needs to keep repeating this, just as he did last night in plain, straightforward language. At some point, people in the minority community will begin to listen and realize that he’s right.

    4. It was a brilliant speech partly written by Rudy Giuliani and extremely well delivered. He will win in a landslide as he grows into the position.

      1. The speech was incredibly focused. Trump isn’t saying anything different he just said it with more words and I believe it was much more effective. There is time for fast food red meat and their is time for a bit higher quality red meat. Trump delivered a gourmet political speech last night and he should continue doing so.

    5. Great speech…those blacks that heard his message and want a different future will privately leave the demokkkrat plantation on November 8th…

    6. In communities that have broken down a surge in enforcement (like in Iraq) is used also to win hearts and minds aside from flushing the criminal element out. One of the biggest problems in the lower income black community is lack of respect and to authority and self-discipline. You see it in their behavior in failing schools where teachers/administrators are not able to properly discipline unruly students and the parent(s) don’t care anyways what the teachers/administrators have to say.

  1. And note both Trump’s foreign policy speech and the law and order speech have now been watched by some half million viewers on various Youtube links.

    Bypassing the MSM big time.

    1. Thanks AR

      Trump has succeeded in marginalizing the MSM. He can get things done by going directly to the people (like Reagan did) – bypassing the media.

      1. Trump has succeeded in marginalizing the MSM. He can get things done by going directly to the people (like Reagan did) – bypassing the media.

        RIGHT! And don’t they hate that.

    2. His last two policy speeches have been spot on. More of this will win him the election. Hillary will be under pressure soon to begin giving her own policy speeches, which will clash with her past actions giving more ammunition for Trump.

  2. Maybe what Apollo wrote is a sign of Hillary dying on her 70th birthday from total exhaustion after losing three debates to Donald Trump?

  3. Apollo, seriously. With Trump so far behind in the polls do you think he has a realistic chance of beating Hillary?

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