Ronald Reagan and Mexico's President Portillo. 
This is absolutely mind-blowing. Over at the Weekly Standard Philip Terzian wrote a short piece praising Donald Trump's "game-changing" trip to Mexico where for the first time he stood side by side with a world leader and astonished both supporters and critics with his very presidential and statesman-like performance. It was a masterstroke. I am certain that what we saw was Donald Trump's presidency in embryo (the amateur rapidly learning and maturing) with Mr. Terzian rightly saying he was Reaganesque. In fact, as Terzian points out, just 15 days prior to his inaugural president-elect Ronald Reagan ( the "amiable dunce" who critics warned would make a dangerous, bumbling, embarrassing president) went south of the border to meet with then Mexican President Lopez Portillo (which no president-elect had done before) and handled himself masterfully and diplomatically (see).
 Donald Trump and Mexico's President Nieto.
Curious about Reagan's meeting with Portillo I then did my research on him and the visit and to my amazement discovered what looks like an auspicious providential sign for Trump and his gravity defying campaign. What I found was this: On June 16, 2015 when Trump launched his laughable, "sure to fail" chaotic presidential campaign - making illegal immigration and border security his key issues - it fell on the 96th (remember this number) anniversary of President Portillo's birth (see). In retrospect it was as if this coincidence meaningfully foreshadowed what no one could have anticipated just 14 months later: Donald Trump the GOP presidential nominee's triumphant, counter intuitive meeting with President Nieto where he looked like a  larger than life, fit for command Ronald Reagan.
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 The question is this: was Trump's unintended launch of his campaign on the 96th anniversary of President Portillo's birth (making illegal immigration and border security with Mexico key issues) a prophetic sign that he's destined again to defy the odds (as he did in the primaries) and prevail in November as Reagan did in his come from behind victory over Carter in 1980? Oddly, just as Reagan met with Portillo (1-5-81) nine weeks from his election on November 4th Trump met with Nieto nine weeks prior to Election Day November 8th (see and see). Also odd and seemingly very meaningful and auspicious is that when Trump met with Nieto on August 31 it was the 45th month of his presidency*-the number of the next US President (see).  As Nieto extended an invitation to both Trump and Clinton could this possibly be a sign that the party who refused the invite on Nieto's 45th month in power isn't the candidate destined to be our 45th President? I don't know about you but these discoveries send thrills of optimism up my spine that Trump, like Reagan, is a Providential Man. 
*Nieto was sworn in as Mexico's 57th president on 12-1 -2012.
But here is where it gets even more profound. Portillo was born on June 16, 1920. 1920 was a presidential election year where Republican Senator Warren Harding from Ohio defeated Democrat Governor James Cox also from Ohio (and his running mate FDR). Indeed, this election year of 2016 is, what I call, a "SAME STATE CANDIDATE RACE," - the 4th such race in our history; this is where the nominees of the two major parties reside in the same state (Trump and Clinton are both New Yorkers) - which I wrote about HERE. And of the three previous same state candidate races (Lincoln/Douglas - Illinois,  Harding/Cox - Ohio and FDR/Dewey - New York) the 1920 race is the only one where the Republican nominee won and succeeded a two term Democrat president (Wilson held office from 1913 to 1921).
Amazingly and astonishingly Warren Harding early in his presidency signed into law the "Immigration Restriction Act." This was a temporary measure (that became a long-term deal lasting to 1964) setting quotas and preferences in limiting immigration into this country. Even more amazing when President Coolidge revised Harding's law was  three years later it completely banned immigration from all ARAB/Middle Eastern countries, as well as other parts of the world. You can't make this stuff up.
President Coolidge signing the Immigration Act of 1924.
On a lesser note, but no less fascinating, the presidential election years of 1920 and 2016 are tied together by the significant number 96 (mentioned above): for 1920 and 2016 are multiples of 96 20 and 21 times respectively. Just as taxation, the economy (which was depressed) and immigration were major issues in the 1920 race so are they today (see postscript below).
So the big question now is this: will Donald Trump, the most charismatic Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan (called the Republican FDR), surmount the odds as he did during the primaries and triumph on Election Day becoming the first President from New York State since FDR? The polls at the moment don't favor Trump; but the signs (if signs they be) seem greatly auspicious and prophetic of victory. Much perhaps depends on the upcoming debates and the tragic course of events and surprises leading up to Election Day.  


The standard of living and the standard of citizenship of a nation are its most precious possessions, and the preservation and the elevation of those standards is the first duty of our government. The immigration policy of the U. S. should be such as to insure that the number of foreigners in the country at any one time shall not exceed that which can be assimilated with reasonable rapidity, and to favor immigrants whose standards are similar to ours. The selective tests that are at present applied should be improved by requiring a higher physical standard, a more complete exclusion of mental defectives and of criminals, and a more effective inspection applied as near the source of immigration as possible, as well as at the port of entry. Justice to the foreigner and to ourselves demands provision for the guidance, protection and better economic distribution of our alien population. To facilitate government supervision, all aliens should be required to register annually until they become naturalized........


There is urgent need of improvement in our naturalization law. NO ALIEN SHOULD BECOME A CITIZEN UNTIL HE HAS BECOME GENUINELY AMERICAN [caps mine], and adequate tests for determining the alien's fitness for American citizenship should be provided for by law........


The burden of taxation imposed upon the American people is staggering; but in presenting a true statement of the situation we must face the fact that, while the character of the taxes can and should be changed, an early reduction of the amount of revenue to be raised is not to be expected. The next Republican Administration will inherit from its Democratic predecessor a floating indebtedness of over three billion dollars—the prompt liquidation of which is demanded by sound financial consideration. Moreover, the whole fiscal policy of the Government must be deeply influenced by the necessity of meeting obligations in excess of five billion dollars which mature in 1923. But sound policy equally demands the early accomplishment of that real reduction of the tax burden which may be achieved by substituting simple for complex tax laws and procedure, prompt and certain determination of the tax liability for delay and uncertainty, tax laws which do not, for tax laws which do, excessively mulct the consumer or needlessly repress enterprise and thrift........   


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What was Hillary's first foreign policy test?


  1. I almost had a coronary the other day when I heard the Washington Post praising Trump’s trip to Mexico (albeit grudgingly)

    1. And to watch the morning news shows try to make this huge success a failure was quite entertaining. The corrupt media looks foolish.

  2. You know what is the best confirmation of the success of Trump’s Mexico/AZ trips? The NYT, Morning Jerk, and other MSM outlets are bashing the meeting vigorously. Donald really has them on the run now.

  3. The establishment whores know the winds are changing in Trump’s favor, we can expect to see a lot of groveling at Trump’s feet in next few weeks.

    The smart whores are starting to jump ship and join the trump train

  4. I bet Hillary didn’t go to Mexico because she wasn’t up to it physically.

    Some POTUS she’d make. Rip van Winkle in the WH.

  5. Actually, Hillary HUGELY hurt her campaign when she refused to visit the victims of the Louisiana flooding, the worse since the epic floods of 1927.

  6. Trump triumphed before he ever left for Mexico.

    The SECOND the Mexican president agreed to meet with Trump he had won.

    Everything else didn’t matter.

  7. Excellent work Apollo! Hilary is opening pickles (sort of), dumping Weiner, and looking like a zombie on her occasional public appearances.

    Meanwhile Trump is actually being the President not just in Louisiana and Mexico, but all over the place.

    Oh..and he’s beginning to start his inner city events. The libs were saying confidently recently, “That’ll never work!”. Today, they are saying the same thing…but deep inside, they are saying, “oh shit…i hope that doesn’t work….”.

    Trump is the best candidate ever!

    1. In this game called the Presidential election, Donald John Trump is playing Grandmaster level chess. Hillary Rodham Clinton is essentially playing tiddlywinks. And the Clinton campaign are WAY too easily trolled with disastrous results

    2. “Hilary is opening pickles dumping Weiner”
      Ya mind if use that CD? It sounds like a great line for a Country & Western Song!

  8. In going to Mexico Trump showed his amazing talent to take risks and win. Hillary is incapable of knowing how to take risks with the best probability.

  9. According to Clinton Trump has failed at everything, including business though he’s worth billions. So that she says he failed in Mexico when it was a resounding success is no surprise.

    Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump ‘Failed First Foreign Test’ in Trip to Mexico

    Hillary Clinton: In Mexico ‘Trump just failed his first foreign test’ –

    1. The mind reels at the thought of Hillary Clinton lecturing anyone about diplomacy after the utter destruction she and Obama have brought to the Middle East, and the horrifying reduction of America’s prestige and stature in the world that has occurred in the past eight years.

      Go have another seizure, you useless arrogant corrupt witch!

    2. Did she really say this? This from a woman who claimed she was under sniper fire after landing in Bosnia, which turned out to be an out and out lie.

      I hope the Trump campaign makes a nice ad based on this comment and her previous “foreign” visits.

    3. Just preposterous. The meeting and statements went great. The thing about bringing up paying for the wall or not is silly. Obviously, they diplomatically decided not to discuss it. Trip could not have gone any better.

    4. Hillary is an expert on diplomacy.

      The woman can’t name ONE foreign policy accomplishment as Secretary Of State under Obama.

      All she can do now is carp and whine about Trump.

    5. I’m not sure anyone could fall for this as a “failure” but if analysis is needed…

      Let’s contrast H/T. Trump got Mexico to acknowledge that we can and should secure the border.

      If Hillary goes, she doesn’t want a secure border so she will throw all that away. She is a disaster.

    6. ” arguing the Republican nominee is woefully lacking in diplomatic skills and “just failed his first foreign test.””

      So she says as she drops a load in her Depends.

  10. Trump accomplished more for the American people in one hour in Mexico than Bill Clinton, G. W. Bush, and Obama have accomplished in the last 24 YEARS.

  11. Interesting approach to the issue ApolloSpeaks. Have never seen anything like it. Will be reading more of your unusual stuff.

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