The following is a blog that I posted in early December 2009 on Townhall divining (in retrospect) from certain  events and signs the political demise of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming movement (CAGW). Indeed, at around that time this movement of science fiction falsehoods and lies (seeking to end the use of fossil fuels worldwide) peaked and has since been in irreversible decline as ideologically driven computer models on rising global temperatures have proved wrong, and the earth seems to be entering a new period of global cooling, or continued mild warming caused mostly by the Sun. The big surprise at that time which signaled the end was two apocalyptic Hollywood films making the Sun (the real driving force behind cyclic warming and cooling trends) the culprit in cataclysmic global climate events - which though predicted haven't happened.
Published on Townhall
Do these two recent Hollywood apocalypse films foreshadow the demise of the global warming movement?
On December 18TH eleven weeks after his failure at Copenhagen to win the 2016 Olympics for Chicago Obama will be returning to that city to attend the last day of the Global Warming Summit in a last-ditch effort to save the planet from the menace of greedy, profit-driven, polluting capitalism and its systematic destruction of the environment and sentient life. Will Copenhagen do him in a second time? Will he suffer another defeat returning home with little or nothing to show for his trip-thus failing in his messianic mission and campaign promise to save planet earth? It sure looks that way. It looks like civilization will soon perish with humanity suffering a Nazi-like death being choked to death by toxic fumes; or living adrift on the high seas like the boat people in Kevin Costna's flopped film Waterworld.
Consider this numerical coincidence as a possible sign of what's ahead: December 18th is the 332nd day of Obama's presidency; multiply this number by 6 and lo and behold we get the number 1992 giving us the year of a momentous event in the history of progressive global salvation politics: the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)-history's first international conference on global warming alarmism. So what precisely is the bad omen auguring yet another defeat for Obama-who believes AGW is a greater threat to national and global security than global Islamic terrorism and a nuclear armed Iran?
The UNFCCC was hosted by Rio de Janeiro, the city that beat out Obama's hometown Chicago and his irresistible charms to host the 2016 Olympics. Does this prophetically signal that Copenhagen is Hopelesshagen for Obama and his Green Revolution of climate change fanatics and power grabbing pols? I strongly believe so.
Perhaps some of you missed Pat Buchanan and Elenore Clift on the McLaughlin Group two weeks ago facing off on the issue of climate change. After saying that Al Gore was a has been, that his "moment has come and gone," Buchanan rightly told Ms. Clift (who thinks Obama is an angel in the flesh): "there is no scientific evidence for man made global warming." To which a petulant Clift rashly replied: "There's no evidence for God's existence either." Those who deny that global warming alarmism is a blind and mindless faith-based movement in a future apocalypse driven by politics and emotion, not hard factual science, are roundly rebutted and rebuked by Clift's remark.
Clift must have regretted her outburst as it unmasked her disdain for real science in the global warming debate; it showed how she and thousands like her literally deified an unproven scientific hypothesis-a man-made global warming crisis-and turned it into an article of faith to satisfy the need for "a politics of meaning" and a universal redemptive purpose for the need-to save-humanity Left. Secular Progressivism is the Religion of Government and Collective Humanity; a religion of universal redemption using government to care for and save mankind from itself and its sins of social injustice and massive carbon emissions, but caring nothing for the facts of objective reality; it's the triumph of ideology, emotion and world saving PC lies over science, reality and truth. 'Science and truth be damned! What matters is our power grabbing politics and anything advancing it,' believes Obama and the Left. That's why in the end this religion will fail with the Left going over the Clift....or on to some new apocalyptic kick to save mankind from a phony existential crisis, and give a grand purpose and meaning to their lives.
Amazingly, Hollywood of all places seems to have prophetically anticipated the discrediting and collapse of their beloved global warming movement with the apocalyptic sci-fi thrillers "Knowing" and "2012." These are two End Time, doomsday disaster films starring the Sun as the master of global disaster and not America, capitalism, or an out of control polluting humanity needing to be shackled, chained and impoverished for its own good and survival.  Knowing was about a massive solar flare reaching Earth and destroying all life in a global conflagration; and 2012 was about unprecedented solar storms heating the Earth's inner core causing the Earth's crust to become destructively unstable killing billions in earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters. How these two heretical films got passed Tinsel town PC censors and climate change loons is beyond me. These blockbuster hits are emblematic of the growing skepticism about future man-made global warming disasters. Both films were released in 2009 the year of Phil Jones and the East Anglia Climategate email scandal (seewhich may very well mark the beginning of the end for Al Gore, the cap and trade racket, and climate change hysteria.
Hollywood is the sign CAGW is in its End Time.
Just as the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 proved to be an epic failure in cutting greenhouse gas emissions so will Copenhagen it seems. With the Russians, Chinese, Indians, Saudis, Turks and most if not all of the Moslem world opposed to the fiction of an anthropogenic (man caused) global warming crisis Copenhagen seems doomed to fail with the president's plans going up in smoke like his bid for the Chicago Olympics.


  1. Good post. I too found the films “2012” and “Knowing” fascinating in that they blamed nature and the sun for the earth’s destruction. It seemed so out of joint with Hollywood’s pc obsession with AGW.

    1. Really good post Apollo.
      I recall several years ago the Ozone had a huge hole in it. (man made of course) We were all doomed, the sun was going to destroy us.
      Then they got rid of aerosol cans. as the gas was destroying the Ozone. Enter pump spray for everything. Before these were completely, implemented the Ozone repaired its self.
      Next scam is global warming, when that was debunked by God, it became climate change, so they could cover all bases. No matter what the weather does, it is now global warming. This scam is another way of having control over the populace. Look at how many new laws are made to control our actions, in the name of global warming!

    1. Tie Obama and his wife naked to a stake in frigid Chicago, and keep them there til they renounce global warming as a hoax.

  2. “Global warming” is now a knee slapping, belly laugh joke. A failing political attempt to control free enterprise. Go to hell with your bull sh*t.

  3. The AGW movement has hit hard times. Al Gore was last seen with long hair, bearded, standing barefoot in the snow, waving a hockey stick and chanting Druid lamentations.

  4. AGW is an unscientific speculation about a slight increase in global temperatures over the last hundred years that is popular with command and control Social Engineers who hate economic freedom.

    1. Skepticism is important to science, but liberals now say you shouldn’t question global warming, and if you do you’re “anti-science”. “Morons” they are. They don’t know what science is. They treat it like a belief system, not a methodology. To them it’s group think (“consensus”), with skepticism having no place. It drives me crazy.

  5. The only good thing that could come from global warming is melting enough ice to put Washington DC under water.

  6. We have an imbecile in the White House who can’t fix the economy and healthcare system who thinks he can fix the climate, environment and ecosystems-assuming that human behavior is breaking them down. It’s hubris run amuck.

    1. We can’t even run our economy beyond the next quarter and we think we can somehow “manage” global warming that will take generations to affect things (even if it’s real)? Give me a break.

      1. The way we manage our benfits & entitlement programs alone should be proof enough that we can’t manage the entire globe. Indeed, the hubris and lack of humility of the scientists who think they can is mind-numbing.

  7. 1 Timothy 6:20
    Oh Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:
    Genesis 8:22
    While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter and day and night shall not cease.
    I am a believer, and I will take the word of God, not any scientist or president , or anyone setting themselves above all that is called God, these so called scientists!!

  8. If Barack Obama was rational about global warming he’d call a joint session of Congress and declare war on the Sun!

    1. War on the sun and volcanos both. One single volcanic eruption can release more CO2 into the atmosphere than all the fossil fuels ever burned since man discovered fire.

      1. Al doesn’t care …. as long as “Global Warming” continues to be a cash cow for him. It’s all about the money, not the temperatures.

    1. He couldn’t gave a damn.This is about bullshitting and frightening gullible people and gaining power from it. Nothing more.

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