BREITBART: Palestinian Terrorist's Wife to Address Clinton Foundation


No Holds Barred: Hillary’s Clinton’s troubling relationship with Israel-hating adviser - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

Palestinian teacher Hanan Al Hroub at a ceremony where she received the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize in Dubai, March 13, 2016. (Varkey Foundation via JTA)  

 Anti-Zionist educator and mind poisoner of Palestinian children Hanan al Hroub was honored by the corrupt, pay to play Clinton Foundation last night. While denying Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state this evil, twisted but very cunning Moslem snake teaches a non-violent approach to destroying it.

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A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against Israel and its right to exist as a Jewish state. If you are pro-Clinton you're anti-Israel. PERIOD!  While the wife of weak-on-terror Bill Clinton (who forced Israel in the 1990s into disastrous, war-causing "peace" talks with Palestinian terror master Yassar Arafat) was condemning the New York/New Jersey WMD bombings the corrupt, deceptive Clinton Foundation announced it was honoring anti-Zionist Palestinian educator Hanan al-Hroub and letting her address the Clinton Global Initiative which she did yesterday several miles from the Chelsea bombing. 
Bill Clinton was certain he had brokered a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians that Arafat couldn't refuse.  But Arafat predictably stabbing Clinton in the back refused the deal and went to war against Israel instead because the deal couldn't be used to destroy Israel.
Al-Hroub is the wife of Palestinian bomb maker Omar al-Hroub, a terrorist chemist who provided chemicals used to make bombs to kill Israeli Jews, and in 1980 participted in a terrorist shooting attack in Hebron that killed six innocent religious Jews and injured 20 others who were walking home from synagogue on Sabbath. For his murderous hate crimes Omar spent ten years in an Israeli prison when he should have been executed. Omar's wife Hanan, a recent recipient of the $1 million Varkey Foundation's Global Teacher Prize, denies, like her Jew hating husband, Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, and, like him, wants it destroyed; but she differs with him on the method and means. While violent militant Palestinians like Omar want to blow Israel off the face of the earth and obliterate every last Israeli Jew the more pragmatic Hanan (learning from her husband's mistake) is striving to achieve the same evil end by non-violent means, as outlined HERE.
Hillary giving Yassir Arafat's wife a kiss shortly after she launched an anti-Semitic blood libel accusing Israeli soldiers of shooting Palestinian children for their body parts (see).
The Clintons in honoring this vile bigoted anti-Israel Pali "educator" is proof of their ill-will toward Israel; that they share Hanan's evil goal of destroying Israel peacefully, gradually, by degrees by first transforming Palestinians into a non-violent people as a tactic in winning  international support for the return of millions of Palestinian refugees to Israel. Indeed, Hanan believes, like all Islamic supreamcists, that Moslems have a divine right of ownership to all Israeli lands; that they have the deed to those lands signed by God himself called the holy Koran. Based on passages from that book they believe that all lands conquered by Moslems eternally belong to them even when their expelled*. And that Israel (or Palestine as they call it) is unlawfully and immorally occupied by Jews who must either be killed, expelled or politically dominated as an oppressed minority in a greater Arab state. This Koran based belief is at the root of the Arab-Israeli conflict that goes back over 80 years.
* In addition to Israel belonging to Islam Moslem radicals claim Spain, Southern Italy, Crete, Georgia and other lands once conquered by Moselms still belongs to them and will be their's again.
Mad Max Blumenthal and his I Hate Israel Handbook.
Other signs of the Clintons' hidden anti-Zionist agenda is their association with and high regard for Israel-hating author Max Blumenthal (see). Son of Clinton confidant and former aid Sid "vicious" Blumenthal, Max (loved and supported by his dad) has written extensively on the need to destroy Israel peacefully through economic boycotts, non-violent resistance and slanderous propaganda. Demonizing Israel as a "Nazi State" "no different from ISIS," because of its "oppression" of Palestinians (they're self-oppressed by their hatred of Israel), Mad Max ignoring the facts of history perversely believes that Israel is the villain in the conflict; that it's at the crux of all or most of the problems plaguing the Middle East; and that true peace in the region won't be achieved until Israel ceases to exist. Moreover, joining the Clintons in their esteem for Mad Max is none other than Jew hating neo-Nazi bigot David Duke and other Aryan supremacist scum who can't get enough of this guy (see). Alan Dershowitz urged the Clintons to distance themselves from the Blumenthals warning that they could be a liability for the 2016 election. His warnings to date have been ignored. Hopefully this will be exploited by Trump in the debates, along with the Hanan al Hroub event which his campaign has condemned as disqualifying Hillary for the presidency.
Hillary has the audacity to criticize Israel for its lack of compassion toward Palestinians and treat PLO leader Abbas (a warmed over Arafat) as another Anwar Sadat. 
Moreover, a second Clinton presidency means a third term of Barack Obama the most anti-Israel US president since the founding of the Jewish state*. That Obama shares the radical left's anti-Zionist belief that Israel's nonexistence would be a blessing for the peace and stability of the region is proved by his laughably false view that Israel-hating Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is a true man of peace and peace partner for Israel. Truth is Abbas is no Anwar Sadat, but a Yassar Arafat with a friendlier face. Unlike the assassinated Egyptian leader who was a real peacemaker and courageous peace partner of Prime Minister Menachum Begin's (their Camp David Accords have endured for decades). Abbas like Hanan al-Hroub and the Blumenthals (father and son) demand a right of return of all Palestinian refugees as a condition for peace. In falsely promoting Abbas as another Sadat and real deal for Israel (when they know better) Obama and Clinton reveal themselves as Israel hating snakes; just as hell-bent on nonviolently destroying it as is Abbas (and the others) by political and diplomatic means.
*Obama's spiritual mentor was Reverend Wright a Jew hating, Hamas supporting, anti-Zionist bigot.
In short, Hillary Clinton, like Obama and her successor John Kerry, is a false friend of Israel. And it can't be repeated often enough that she is a pro-Palestinian radical in disguise as extreme as Max Blumenthal; and a vote for her, as I said above, is a vote for the destruction of the Jewish state.
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