If Obamacare as Bill Clinton said (and Chuck Schumer and Chelsea Clinton inferred, see) is the "craziest thing in the world" because it unfairly "doubles premiums while cutting coverage in half" then what does that say about Barack Obama who proudly and adamantly insists that it's a "win win for all Americans;" and his "greatest achievement [and gift to this country] as president"?
Hillary defends failed Obamacare against Bernie Sander's failed single payer.
And what does that say about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats who still support this "train wreck" despite the terrible financial costs to millions of struggling middle class folks? Is this how status quo, Washington insider Hillary cares about working class families? By wanting to stay the course and continue what's hurting them and their kids? Where's the "I feel your pain" compassion in this?
After Democrats were decimated in the 2014 election Senator Chuck Schumer (anticipating Bill Clinton) craps on Obamacare as being a huge political and economic mistake.  
And if Obamacare is "crazy" then what about SINGLE-PAYER (Medicare-for-All) healthcare and it's sad fate in socialist Bernie Sander's blue state of Vermont? If Obamacare is "crazy" because it "doubles premiums" (when Obama promised $2500 in savings) then even crazier is single-payer government-run, socalized healthcare which was killed in Vermont because of its insane, economy ruining costs: A DOUBLING OF STATE TAXES.
The full range of Obama's flat-out lies about his greatest gift to the American people.
If it's crazy to support Obamacare because of its crushing costs to the disappearing middle class then it's just as crazy to nationalize Vermont's failure and want financially unsustainable single-payer for 300 million Americans. Imagine the devastating impact to our economy from doubling national taxes to pay for this monstrosity? But don't take my word for it; just read what the Democrat governor of Vermont says about his failure; and then tell me with a straight face that you're sane, or rationally humane for wanting socialized medicine for America.
Gov. Peter Shumlin is pictured. | AP Photo
 Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin announcing the death of single payer.
Let's not forget that foreshadowing the collapse of Obamacare was the virtual repeal and replacement of Romneycare (Obamacare's prototype) in Massachusetts.


  1. Superb Apollo! Of course 0bamacare is a mess and the craziest thing in the world. It was supported by the crazies!

  2. Further evidence that even Bill Clinton can’t stand Obama and all he stands for. Bill Clinton must be a racist.

      1. Democrats are dumping Obama…

        Oh wait, didn’t they say he was so successful we need a third Obama term?

        No, we don’t – not according to Bubba.

  3. OK – yeah right.

    After 3 years of watching my insurance get canceled twice, and my rates nearly double – suddenly I am to believe Hillary is on my side regarding Obamacare???

    What a F&*&^%G joke!!!!!

  4. Obama is the Clinton’s lawn jockey who rode the Trojan Horse, Hillarycare, to the finish line.

    Trashing Barry ALERT!


  5. Now its come to bite them in the ass when their Ponzi Scheme is imploding.

    BTW, they all voted for it and now they say it sucks.


    1. I predicted this. Barrycare will fail, by design. (That’s why Bela Pelosi and her ilk didn’t particularly care about what was in the bill, just as long as they got something passed – they were sure it would eventually cost a fortune and collapse).

      And who will be blamed?

      – Rich greedy doctors
      – Rich greedy insurance companies

      And what will be suggested to fix it?

      Government – single payer.

  6. Excellent Apollo! They will push for single payer, which is what the goal was all along. But they won’t be able to get around its failure in Vermont.

  7. It would seem they’re on the desperate side if they’re going against O’Shitcare now. All democrats, including his beastly wife, were all for it just yesterday. Total crock of shit all of them!

  8. Bingo Apollo! If Obamacare is “crazy” as Clinton says then that would make Obama a crazy man for signing it into law.

    1. My thought exactly. If Hillary were way ahead in the polls Bill wouldn’t NEED to do that. The Clintons must be looking at some terrible poll numbers.

    2. If Hillary were way ahead in the polls she and Buba wouldn’t need to do that. They must be looking at some terrible internal polling numbers.

    1. It would have worked in Vermont too. But only if Vermonters were willing to pay for it by a doubling their state taxes from $2 billion to $4 billion.

  9. Obama was against the health insurance mandates in 2008. And $hillary was for them. $hillary’s idea won. And yes, it is a crazy system.

    1. It’s not a crazy plan. It’s “working” as planned. Working toward Universal Healthcare. Hopefully Apollo’s right and the failure of VermontCare has buried it.

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