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I live in the great, beautiful Sunshine State of Florida the most hurricane prone state in the Union. And back in 2005 in the wake of hurricane Wilma (a Category 5 that blew the roof off my vacated house in Ft. Lauderdale) screwball, doomsday, alarmists like Al Gore warned that it was a sign of much, much worse to come. They warned that if we failed to quickly and drastically cut the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions and aggressively move toward a green energy (low-carbon) future that by 2012 much of Florida would suffer terrible, unprecedented devastation; that hurricane after deadly hurricane (3s 4s and 5s) would slam us year after year until Florida became the Shambles State. Indeed, these alarmists urged Floridians like me to leave the state or risk the worst from catastrophic, man caused, climate change (AGW).
But together with other failed hysterical predictions like snowless northern winters, iceless Arctic summers and rising sea levels badly flooding coastal cities like New York, a hurricane ravaged Florida never materialized-leaving Gore and his ilk looking like a bunch of wolf crying fools. In fact, in the 165 years since scientists first started measuring and categorizing these storms (see chart below) 11 years without a deadly hurricane set a record both for Florida and the continental US; and as this record was completely out of line with climate computer models, and the theory of a catastrophically man-caused warming planet it was with great amusement that I read the following bit of pseudo-scientific left-wing propaganda about Matthew and the media in Media Matters:
"When record-breaking rainfall and flooding struck Louisiana in August, major newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post addressed how the devastation was in line with the predicted impacts of a warming planet, but the major TV networks’ nightly newscasts did not. As CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter notedat the time, it’s essential for media to explain that extreme weather events “are happening more often due to climate change and are more extreme due to climate change,” particularly in the “early stages” of covering a weather disaster.
Time will tell if the major television networks cover the relationship between climate change and Hurricane Matthew, but the scientific evidence is clear."
Scientific evidence that Matthew is caused by climate change is what? "Clear"? Really? For whom and on what planet? Truth is there's no scientific proof or certainty that Matthew's existence or intensity, or the existence or strength of any extreme weather event, is influenced by human CO2 emissions. It's mere speculation and impossible to prove. Indeed, if it were 1816 there's no reason to doubt that Matthew would be every bit the Category 3 hurricane it is today. "Clarity"  here doesn't mean scientific certainty; it means ideological certainty: the utterly stupid notion that every hurricane from Category 1-5 would be 0-4 if we lived in a low-carbon or zero carbon world.
Moreover, going back 106 years to 1910 (when scientists say that human behavior not nature became the dominant factor in warming the earth, see) despite the fact that global temperatures have steadily but minisculally increased from then to now, the number of strong Matthew-like storms making landfall (contrary to what alarmists say) has actually decreased. Indeed, from 1910 to the present I count (including Matthew) 61 deadly Category 3 to 5 hurricanes that made land fall wrecking havoc on us. But of these monster storms 37 or 60% hit us before 1963 when global temps were cooler; while the remaining 24 or 40% hit us since when global temps were warmer. As the last 58 years have been warmer than the preceding 58 how could there be a 20% reduction in high category hurricane events if warmer temps should multiply them? From the alarmist viewpoint it doesn't make sense; and because of that they ignore the fact of increased warmth and fewer hurricanes thinking that more carbon emissions will eventually change that and give them the destruction they foresee
Be that as it may, as you will see from the chronological hurricane chart below Media Matters has it all wrong. Their correlation between AGW and the frequency of bad hurricane events hitting the US mainland is completely and demonstrably false. A made up political lie or "HOAX" as Donald Trump would say.
But Gore and the alarmists are undeterred. After making fools of themselves over Wilma they're repeating their folly with Matthew saying that we've been lucky these last 11 years; and that Matthew is an unmistakable sign that Category 3s, 4s and 5s will be coming thick and fast to punish Florida and the U.S.   

Chronological List of All Hurricanes which Affected the Continental United States: 1851-2004.

YearMonthStates Affected and Category by StatesHighest Saffir-Simpson U.S. CategoryCentral Pressure (mb)Max. Winds (kt)Name
1851JunTX, C11977 mb80-----
1851AugFL, NW3; GA, 13960100“Great Middle Florida”
1852AugFL, SW1197780-----
1852AugAL, 3; MS, 3; LA, 2; FL, NW13961100“Great Mobile”
1852SepFL, SW1198570-----
1852OctFL, NW2; GA, 1296990“Middle Florida”
1853Oct *GA, 1196570-----
1854JunTX, S1198570-----
1854SepGA, 3; SC, 2; FL, NE13950100“Great Carolina”
1854SepTX, C2296990“Matagorda”
1855SepLA, 3; MS, 33950110“Middle Gulf Shore”
1856AugLA, 44934130“Last Island”
1856AugFL, NW2; AL, 1; GA, 1296990“Southeastern States”
1857Sep &NC, 1196180-----
1858SepNY, 1; CT, 1; RI, 1; MA, 1197680“New England”
1859SepAL, 1; FL, NW1198570-----
1860AugLA, 3; MS, 3; AL, 23950110-----
1860SepLA, 2; MS, 2; AL, 1296990-----
1860OctLA, 2296990-----
1861Aug *FL, SW1197070“Key West”
1861SepNC, 1198570“Equinoctial”
1861NovNC, 1198570“Expedition”
1865SepLA, 2; TX, N1296990“Sabine River-Lake Calcasieu”
1865OctFL, SW2; FL, SE1296990-----
1866JulTX, C2296990-----
1867JunSC, 1198570-----
1867OctLA, 2; TX, S1, N1; FL, NW1296990“Galveston”
1869AugTX, C2296990“Lower Texas Coast”
1869SepLA, 1198570-----
1869SepRI, 3; MA, 3; NY, 1; CT, 13963100“Eastern New England”
1869Oct &ME, 2; MA, 1296590“Saxby’s Gale”
1870JulAL, 1198570“Mobile”
1870Oct *FL, SW1, SE1197070“Twin Key West (I)”
1870OctFL, SW1197780“Twin Key West (II)”
1871AugFL, SE3, NE1, NW13955100-----
1871AugFL, SE2, NE1296590-----
1871SepFL, NW1198570-----
1873SepFL, NW1198570-----
1873OctFL, SW3, SE2, NE13959100-----
1874SepFL, NW1; SC, 1; NC, 1198570-----
1875SepTX, C3, S23960100-----
1876SepNC, 1; VA, 1198080-----
1876OctFL, SW2, SE1297390-----
1877SepLA, 1; FL, NW1198570-----
1877OctFL, NW3; GA, 13960100-----
1878SepFL, SW2, NE1; SC, 1; GA, 1297090-----
1878OctNC, 2; VA, 1; MD, 1; DE, 1; NJ, 1; PA, 1296390-----
1879AugNC, 3; VA, 23971100-----
1879AugTX, N2; LA, 2296490-----
1879SepLA, 33950110-----
1880Aug #TX, S33931110-----
1880AugFL, SE2, NE1, NW1297290-----
1880SepNC, 1198770-----
1880OctFL, NW1198570-----
1881AugGA, 2; SC, 1297090-----
1881SepNC, 2297590-----
1882SepFL, NW3; AL, 13949100-----
1882SepLA, 2; TX, N1296990-----
1882OctFL, NW1198570-----
1883SepNC, 2; SC, 1296590-----
1885AugSC, 3; NC, 2; GA, 1; FL, NE13953100-----
1886JunTX, N2; LA, 2297385-----
1886JunFL, NW2; GA, 1297385-----
1886JunFL, NW2297385-----
1886JulFL, NW1198570-----
1886AugTX, C44925135“Indianola”
1886Sep #TX, S1, C1197380-----
1886OctLA, 3; TX, N23955105-----
1887JulFL, NW1198175-----
1887Aug *NC, 1194665-----
1887SepTX, S2297385-----
1887OctLA, 1198175-----
1888JunTX, C1198570-----
1888AugFL, SE3, SW1; LA23945110-----
1888Sep &MA, TSTS98555-----
1888OctFL, NW2, NE1297095-----
1889SepLA, 1198570-----
1891JulTX, C1, N1197780-----
1891AugFL, SE1198570-----
1893AugNY, 1; VA, 1198675“Midnight Storm”
1893AugGA, 3; SC, 3; NC, 1; FL, NE13954100“Sea Islands”
1893SepLA, 2297385-----
1893OctLA, 4; MS, 2; AL, 24948115“Chenier Caminanda”
1893OctSC, 3; NC, 2; VA, 13955105-----
1894SepFL, SW2, NE1; SC, 1; VA, 1297590-----
1894OctFL, NW3; GA, 1; NY, 1; RI, 13955105-----
1895Aug #TX, S1197365-----
1896JulFL, NW2297385-----
1896SepRI, 1; MA, 1198570-----
1896SepFL, NW3, NE3; GA, 2; SC, 1; NC, 1; VA, 13960110-----
1897SepLA, 1; TX, N1198175-----
1898AugFL, NW1198570-----
1898AugGA, 1; SC, 1198075-----
1898OctGA, 4; FL, NE24938115-----
1899AugFL, NW2297985-----
1899AugNC, 33945105-----
1899OctNC, 2; SC, 2295595-----
1900SepTX, N44936125“Galveston”
1901JulNC, 1198370-----
1901AugLA, 1; MS, 1; AL, 1197380-----
1903SepFL, SE1, NW1197680-----
1903SepNJ, 1; DE, 1199070-----
1904SepSC, 1198570-----
1904OctFL, SE1198570-----
1906JunFL, SW1, SE1197975-----
1906SepSC, 1; NC, 1197780-----
1906SepMS, 2; AL, 2; FL, NW2; LA, 1295895-----
1906OctFL, SW3, SE33953105-----
1908May &NC, TSTS98955-----
1908JulNC, 1198570-----
1909JunTX, S2297285-----
1909JulTX, N33959100“Velasco”
1909Aug #TX, S1195565-----
1909SepLA, 3; MS, 23952105“Grand Isle”
1909OctFL, SW3, SE33957100-----
1910SepTX, S2296595-----
1910OctFL, SW2295595-----
1911AugFL, NW1; AL,1198570-----
1911AugSC, 2; GA, 1297285-----
1912SepAL, 1; FL, NW1198865-----
1912OctTX, S2297385-----
1913JunTX, S1198865-----
1913SepNC, 1197675-----
1913OctSC, 1198965-----
1915AugTX, N44945----“Galveston”
1915SepFL, NW11988---------
1915SepLA, 44931----“New Orleans”
1916JulMS, 3; AL, 33948---------
1916JulMA, 11--------------
1916JulSC, 11980---------
1916AugTX, S33948---------
1916OctAL, 2; FL, NW22972---------
1916NovFL, SW11--------------
1917SepFL, NW33958---------
1918AugLA, 33955---------
1919SepFL, SW4; TX, S44927---------
1920SepLA, 22975---------
1920SepNC, 11--------------
1921JunTX, C22979---------
1921OctFL, SW3, NE23952----“Tampa Bay”
1923OctLA, 11985---------
1924SepFL, NW11985---------
1924OctFL, SW11980---------
1925No-DeFL, SW11--------------
1926JulFL, NE22967---------
1926AugLA, 33955---------
1926SepFL, SE4, SW3, NW3; AL, 34935----“Great Miami”
1928AugFL, SE22--------------
1928SepFL, SE4, NE2; GA, 1; SC, 14929----“Lake Okeechobee”
1929JunTX, C11982---------
1929SepFL, SE3, NW23948---------
1932AugTX, N44941----“Freeport”
1932SepAL, 11979---------
1933AugTX, S2; FL, SE12975---------
1933AugNC, 2; VA, 22971---------
1933SepTX, S33949---------
1933SepFL, SE33948---------
1933SepNC, 33957---------
1934JunLA, 33962---------
1934JulTX, S22975---------
1935SepFL, SW5, NW25892----“Labor Day”
1935NovFL, SE22973---------
1936JunTX, S11987---------
1936JulFL, NW33964---------
1936SepNC, 22--------------
1938AugLA, 11985---------
1938SepNY, 3; CT, 3; RI, 3; MA, 33946----“New England”
1939AugFL, SE1, NW11985---------
1940AugTX, N2; LA, 22972---------
1940AugGA, 2; SC, 22970---------
1941SepTX, N33958---------
1941OctFL, SE2, SW2, NW22975---------
1942AugTX, N11992---------
1942AugTX, C33950---------
1943JulTX, N22969---------
1944AugNC, 11990---------
1944SepNC, 3; VA, 3; NY, 3; CT, 3; RI, 3; MA, 23947---------
1944OctFL, SW3, NE23962---------
1945JunFL, NW11985---------
1945AugTX, C22967---------
1945SepFL, SE33951---------
1946OctFL, SW11980---------
1947AugTX, N11992---------
1947SepFL, SE4, SW2; MS, 3; LA, 34940---------
1947OctGA, 2; SC, 2; FL, SE12974---------
1948SepLA, 11987---------
1948SepFL, SW3, SE23963---------
1948OctFL, SE22975---------
1949Aug *NC, 11980---------
1949AugFL, SE33954---------
1949OctTX, N22972---------
1950AugAL, 11980----Baker
1950SepFL, NW33958----Easy
1950OctFL, SE33955----King
1952AugSC, 11985----Able
1953AugNC, 11987----Barbara
1953SepME, 11---------Carol
1953SepFL, NW11985----Florence
1954AugNY, 3; CT, 3; RI, 3; NC, 23960----Carol
1954SepMA, 3; ME, 13954----Edna
1954OctSC, 4; NC, 4; MD, 24938----Hazel
1955AugNC, 3; VA, 13962----Connie
1955AugNC, 11987----Diane
1955SepNC, 33960----Ione
1956SepLA, 2; FL, NW12975----Flossy
1957JunTX, N4; LA, 44945----Audrey
1959JulSC, 11993----Cindy
1959JulTX, N11984----Debra
1959SepSC, 33950----Gracie
1960SepFL, SW4; NC, 3; NY, 3; FL, NE2, CT, 2;4930----Donna
1960SepMS, 11981----Ethel
1961SepTX, C44931----Carla
1963SepTX, N11996----Cindy
1964AugFL, SE22968----Cleo
1964SepFL, NE22966----Dora
1964OctLA, 33950----Hilda
1964OctFL, SW2, SE22974----Isbell
1965SepFL, SE3; LA, 33948----Betsy
1966JunFL, NW22982----Alma
1966OctFL, SW11983----Inez
1967SepTX, S33950----Beulah
1968OctFL, NW2, NE12977----Gladys
1969AugLA, 5; MS, 55909----Camille
1969SepME, 11980----Gerda
1970AugTX, S33945----Celia
1971SepLA, 22978----Edith
1971SepTX, C11979----Fern
1971SepNC, 11995----Ginger
1972JunFL, NW1; NY, 1; CT, 11980----Agnes
1974SepLA, 33952----Carmen
1975SepFL, NW33955----Eloise
1976AugNY, 11980----Belle
1977SepLA, 11995----Babe
1979JulLA, 11986----Bob
1979SepFL, SE2, NE2; GA, 2; SC, 22970----David
1979SepAL, 3; MS, 33946----Frederic
1980AugTX, S33945100Allen
1983AugTX, N33962100Alicia
1984Sep *NC, 33949100Diana
1985JulSC, 11100265Bob
1985AugLA, 1198780Danny
1985SepAL, 3; MS, 3; FL, NW33959100Elena
1985SepNC, 3; NY,3; CT,2; NH,2; ME,1394290Gloria
1985OctLA, 1197175Juan
1985NovFL, NW2296785Kate
1986JunTX, N1199075Bonnie
1986AugNC, 1199065Charley
1987OctFL, SW1199365Floyd
1988SepLA, 1198470Florence
1989AugTX, N1198670Chantal
1989SepSC, 44934120Hugo
1989OctTX, N1198375Jerry
1991AugRI, 2; MA, 2; NY, 2; CT, 2296290Bob
1992AugFL, SE5, SW4; LA, 35922145Andrew
1993Aug *NC, 33960100Emily
1995AugFL, NW2, SE1297385Erin
1995OctFL, NW33942100Opal
1996JulNC, 2297490Bertha
1996SepNC, 33954100Fran
1997JulLA, 1; AL, 1198470Danny
1998AugNC, 2296495Bonnie
1998SepFL, NW1198770Earl
1998SepFL, SW2; MS, 2296490Georges
1999AugTX, S33951100Bret
1999SepNC, 2295690Floyd
1999OctFL, SW1198770Irene
2002OctLA, 1196380Lili
2003JulTX, C1197980Claudette
2003SepNC, 2; VA, 1295790Isabel
2004Aug *NC, 1197270Alex
2004AugFL, SW4, SE1, NE1; SC,1; NC,14941130Charley
2004AugSC, 1198565Gaston
2004SepFL, SE2, SW1296090Frances
2004SepAL, 3; FL, NW33946105Ivan
2004SepFL, SE3, SW1, NW13950105Jeanne

2005 Wilma

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    1. Lots of “snowflakes” in the air around the lib centers of Colorado. A bunch of flying cupcakes too.

  1. Matthew is nothing different really from a dozen other major storms one could name over the past century that hit Florida. In fact the most similar landfall was probably the great Okeechobee disaster of 1928. If that happened today of course it would be global warming to blame.

  2. Good Lord! I’ve lived here in Florida since 1960 and have been in many hurricanes including Andrew. What a crock of crap! Media Matters can push that garbage on Millenials, but anyone who has been here for awhile knows better.

  3. Excellent Apollo!

    Global Warmists like Gore predicted that hurricanes like Matthew would be commonplace.

    Instead NOAA’s record show there’s been a drought of hurricanes hitting the US for over 10 years.

    Climate Scientists= epic fail

  4. How Hurricane Matthew could really hurt Hillary Clinton | New York Post

    Refusing to bow to a request made by the Clinton campaign, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said his state won’t extend its Oct. 11 voter-registration deadline, despite the potential for massive devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew.

    A lawyer working at a firm that’s represented the Clinton campaign signaled that a lawsuit may be coming soon.

    “Well @FLGovScott I know some folks who are gonna have the last say on this. And none of them is you. #seeyouincourt,” Perkins Coie lawyer Jean-Jacques Cabou said on Twitter.

    1. From what I’ve read, Gov Scott doesn’t have legal authority to extend the deadline. The FL legislature has to do it.

      So typical of sociopath Hillary. In the midst of a disaster, she thinks only of herself.

      Trump made a statement yesterday that was totally appropriate. He offered prayers, commented on the people of FL, his friends and investments there and told people in the path to listen to Gov Scott and get out.

    2. Hillary hopes for early voting because she’ll be losing support from here on. I think she and Bill a re beginning to get subtly schlonged by the media.

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