It looks like what happened decades ago to Donald Trump is possibly happening again: the "Comeback King" of the 1990s who reversed his business fortunes from near complete collapse started at last night's debate the reversing his political fortunes after the worst two weeks of his gravity defying campaign. And irony of ironies just as the great reversal of Trump's crashing business took place during the Clinton years the reversal of his campaign against the Clintons is occurring a week after the New York Times (who dubbed him the "Comeback King") illegally published his tax returns from his failing business in the Clinton 90s. You can't make this stuff up.
 donald-trump-95-2 Moreover, Trump's political rebound after two ugly weeks occurred at George Washington University in St. Louis. Incredibly, the very first presidential debate held there was in 1992 when Bill Clinton, called the "Come Back Kid," ran for and won the presidency-achieving this despite damaging allegations of infidelity and sexual impropriety. Indeed, it seems that in an odd crazy way Donald Trump (who defeated George H. W. Bush's son Jeb in the primaries), is following in Bill Clinton's footsteps-as he defeated the elder Bush for the presidency.

Clearly the acrimonius second Trump-Clinton debate was the greatest, most memorable comeback of any candidate since Ronald Reagan's second debate with Walter Mondale 32 years ago. Afterwards, Reagan went on to defeat Mondale and his running mate New York Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro-first female vice presidential candidate of a major party. 
And then there were the stage optics and aftermath which were terrible for Hillary; for it revealed (no surprise to many of us) just how unwell she is and physically unfit for the presidency. 
Donald Trump stood firm last night like a strong, tall, unshakable oak for the duration of the debate-a tower of strength amidst a crumbling world-overshadowing sick, weak, low energy Hillary who spoke and sat, spoke and sat, spoke and sat through out the night to rest and recuperate from the thrashing she took. Good thing for her that the room temperature was under 77 as she might have fainted from the extreme heat like she did on 9/11.
You will notice in the clip that a badly weakened Hillary got in on the other side of the car away from the cameras, so we couldn't see what? The SS agents loading her in?
But her failure to compete on stage with Trump in the stamina contest wasn't the worst of it. Afterwards, as she was leaving the building, a depleted, shaken, beaten Hillary reeling from Trump's assault was unable to walk unaided on her own. Fearing she might fall Hillary was supported by her sick, frail husband as they walked down the hall and stairs leading to thier vehicle. Lucky for Hillary that she could sit during the debate. For the medical event that I wrongly predicted would happen in the first debate would certainly have happened last night.



    1. DITTO! Not only bounced back and deflated the locker room talk, but gained some serious momentum heading into the final four weeks of the campaign.

  1. Excellent! . And here’s a message to “Republicans” jumping ship: Your time will come and it will not be a happy or pretty time.

  2. Team Crooked has many more “bomb shell” stories about Trump in the que. One thing the Podesta files prove is coordination with the White House, media, the Clinton Crime Foundation, unions and others to trash their opposition.

    1. The shock value is now gone and all they do is look slimy by keep dumping them. We all knew Trump was a bad boy before the tape now it is confirmed.

      The problem for the Clinton team is this now leaves open a no holds barred on their past. The more they let out the more Trump can bring up. They stupidly opened a can of worms they can not fight on a debate stage.

      1. “We all knew Trump was a bad boy before the tape now it is confirmed.”

        The parasite left has dug up anti-Trump dirt beyond just him being a bad boy. I have no idea what’s next, but attacking the opponent is all they have. Their policies are crap. Their nominee is Crooked. The democrat party is a train wreck.

  3. Hillary is the only way to keep the borders open and the laws unenforced.

    The Cheap Labor Express is all that matters to her.

  4. A penny for Bill’s thoughts as he escorts his “wife” down the stairs. He’s probably thinking…well, you know what he’s thinking and none of it’s good, but what about Mrs. Bill? Frankly, I don’t think she’s thinking much at all after being pummeled by Trump.

    This “couple” needs to be incarcerated, that is truly where they belong.

  5. She’s not so much “shaken” as she is going through DT’s.
    She had to stand out there for an hour and a half without any booze.

  6. Please dear Lord an event that leaves her unable to continue yet still have full quality of life would be good right now. We can’t live through another 4 years of insanity.

  7. But I thought Hilda was this masterful debater! The woman finally revealed the real evil person behind that ugly face. She deserved everything she got last night!

  8. That mortician guy did a great job on Hillary’s makeup last night. She “almost” looked alive. P.S. Work on the neck a bit more for the next debate. Whew.

  9. The Hag must be wondering what the heck is going on. Every single time they think they have something that will sink Trump he ends up coming out stronger. He is the perfect foe.

  10. Just love how Hillary keeps referring to a statement Michelle Obama made during Obama’s campaign against Hillary “When they go low, we go high” You dummy shewas referring to you. And the Clinton campaign still runs for the gutter. Besidesbeing such a hypocrite and liar she is a criminal. She got what she deserved.Trump is a fighter and he will not put up with the Clinton Campaign BS. Lock her up, Lock her up!

  11. Have you tea bagging cons completely lost your minds? How can you support a filthy sexist scumbag like Trump who brags about sexual assault?

    1. He does no such thing. Trump was talking about how certain types of women are receptive to sexual touching/groping when you`re wealthy and famous. Truth is many women (certainly not virtuous women) would let a man like Trump or a Robert DeNiro do anything to them. Of course, feminazis view any sexual contact between a man and woman to be assault.

      1. The Feminazis can’t admit that after five decades what he said is true. What matters to many women, especially attractive women, is the size of a guy’s wallet. In some cases they will even let very wealthy men treat them like whores.

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