Sunday October 16th was the beginning of the 16th month of Donald Trump's 2016 gravity defying, politically incorrect presidential campaign to do the seemingly impossible and win 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. As I've said before the campaign which started on June 16, 2015 (having illegal immigration and border security as key issues) began 16 days after the publication of Ann Coulter's book "Adios America," and 16 days before the shooting of Kate Steinlie in San Fransisco by an illegal, criminal, Mexican alien. Amazingly this non-politician, who first showed interest in the presidency in 2000 (16 years ago), went on against astounding odds to defeat 16 mostly professional politicians for the GOP nomination. As I wrote here, here and here throughout his campaign 16 has been an auspicious number for Trump. And Sunday, October 16th, the beginning of the Trump campaign's 16th month was no exception. For something quite remarkable happened to me that day which suggested that Trump is destined to win the presidency: I spotted a car owned by a Trump supporter displaying a "Trump For President" sign.
Why did something so trivial as a campaign sign so impress me? Because as incredible as it seems, and since the campaign began 16 months ago, I never once saw a car or motor vehicle in the city and surrounding area where I live bearing a Trump sticker or campaign sign. NOT ONCE! In fact, to date I've not seen one vehicle with a Hillary campaign sign either. Trump and Hillary signs on front lawns and along streets and highways I've seen. But bumper stickers or whatever on cars, SUVs and trucks I've seen naught. This was not the case in 2008 and 2012. Obama, McCain and Romney stickers were in evidence; if not abundantly it was nevertheless rare to go out driving and not see at least one car with a campaign sticker or sign. But not this election year. In Tampa where I live, and in Clearwater where I visit relatives, or in Largo where I dine and go to the movies I've not seen one Trump or Hillary car sign or sticker until Sunday the 16th. What happened to me that day was this:
I had just left the Regal 8 Cinema in Largo with my dad. We saw the rip-roaring action western "The Magnificent 7." As we were walking to his car discussing the film I spotted a colorful, eye grabbing laminated, red, white and blue "Trump For President" sign on the dashboard of a black 2016 Ford Fusion. Curious to see if it also had a bumper sticker I walked to the rear of the car. But no sticker was there. What was there however was astonishing: a Florida licence plate with the number BZWD 45. Was it just a mere coincidence that this Florida car with a very rare Trump sign had a tag bearing the number 45? The number of the next President? Or was it a providential sign of what's to come? That come election day embattled, demonized, underdog Donald Trump (who vowed to stop Ford from opening plants in Mexico see) will take both Florida and the White House and become our 45th President? This doesn't seem likely if you listen to the deranged Trump hating media that's practically declared Hillary the winner because of the sex tape scandal and multiple groping allegations. But my experience Sunday reinforced my faith (based on how far Trump has come, the weakness of Hillary's candidacy, and a multitude of positive oracular signs) that The Donald will win Florida and the White House in November.
But perhaps only after a fierce battle over voter fraud or a close race (as in 2000) needing recounts in Florida or some other key battle ground states. For I can't help thinking that they'll be some terrible, possibly violent uproar over the election results as suggested to me by The Magnificent 7-the film I saw just prior to spotting the Trump sign and the number 45.
Let me explain.
The film Sunday started 4:35 pm, the 16th hour of the day (Trump's auspicious campaign number); and it starred Denzel Washington who like Trump was born in New York State (see). But this is where it gets profound and seems to point to election fraud or perhaps much chaos due to a surprising and much feared Trump victory: the film was a remake of the 1960 classic starring Yul Brenner. Like this year of 2016 1960 was an election year where the charismatic womanizer John Kennedy ran against the less likable and attractive Richard Nixon (often compared with Hillary see). The date of that election (like this year's) was November 8th. It was the closest race of the 20th century where the Kennedys it is believed stole the election from Nixon using a combination of dirty tricks (see) and fixing the outcome with mobsters and politicians in two critical states: Illinois and in Texas. Though Nixon knew the election was rigged and had evidence of massive fraud, for the good of the country he chose to bite the bullet and refused to contest it lest he cause a constitutional crisis.
But that won't happen today. Not with Donald Trump as a candidate. If Trump loses the election in a tight race where there's the slightest hint of voter fraud and fixing in key states he'll raise hell and won't rest until he wins what was stolen from him. And if that means causing a constitutional crisis (avoided by Nixon) then so be it. No way Trump will lose gracefully if he feels cheated. It's not in his nature.
The Magnificent 7 fighting the evil of land theft and murderous tyrannical oppression.
The question now is this: is The Magnificent 7, the violent, shoot em up, guns blazing western prophetic of this election year? Will the country be torn apart by the result with Trump emerging as the winner after battling Democrat corruption and voter fraud like the Mag 7 the evil robber baron Bart Bogue and his gang of killers in the film? Or will a clean win for Trump just simply drive the political Left and GOP "Never Trumpers" insane, with some turning to violence and uncontrollable rage?  Will Trump, in effect, remain standing tall like hero Denzel Washington in the film after all the bloodletting, savagery and chaos ends? Is that what's in store for us?  
Well, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton fair and square; but the anti-Trump "HE'S NOT MY PRESIDENT" lunatics rejecting his victory are out in force protesting with rowdy demonstrations across the nation where there's been bouts of violence with police. Will the violence worsen? Will we see the resurrection of the Weather Underground and terror attacks hitting Trump hotels, buildings and properties before or after he takes office?  
Green Party candidate Jill Stein hoping to reverse the outcome of the election is raising money for a recount in the three battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan that narrowly won the election for Trump. The comprehensive New York Times led media recount of the 2000 Florida vote found that Bush won the state but with 44 fewer votes-giving him a winning total of 493 instead of 537 (see). What Stein hopes to achieve when the three states she's targeted for recount had Trump winning by 44,000, 22,000 and 10,000 respectively is beyond me.  
Trump supporter with similar amazing experience related to a license plate bearing the number 45.
"I have an amazing coincidence occurring on the Election day last Tuesday I would like to share with all of you. On the morning of November 8, 2016, I drove my 2006 Acura MDX to my local poll station which was set up inside the clubhouse of my community to vote. My MDX's license plate No. is 5WAS045 and the chrome license plate frame has a flying eagle spreading its wings over the top side of the frame. After I checked in and the poll people verified my identity and current address, they issued me a passcode for the voting machine and the passcode was 0545 [the numbers on her plate in a slightly different order]. I finished the voting, went to work, and didn't realize I voted for the 45th President of the U.S.A. until the news networks announced on TV later that night that Trump would be the 45th President!!! I had to Google President Obama to verify that he is the 44th President  (see)."


  1. Very interesting coincidence AS. But speaking of campaign signs on my way home from work I pass a property that has a Clinton-Kaine sign, one of the very few in my county. His neighbor has a “Clinton for Prison” sign as close to it as possible. It always brings a smile.

      1. Funny how not too long ago her supporters would physically attack Trump rallies. Then it was cowardly attacks on individuals. Now Trump’s supporters can go in their very midst and vocally demand her incarceration with impunity.

        1. Also note the Trump supporters are not attacking anyone, nor have they ever. Only Hillary’s goon squad has done so at Trump rallies.

          It may be because most Trump supporters believe in the rule of law, and respect for our law enforcement and military, unlike the “Vast Left Wing Conspiracy”, which is being revealed daily by Wikileaks.

    1. I finally saw a Killary sign today!

      I almost missed it because their neighbor had surrounded it with a slew of Trump signs.

      And this image immediately came to mind. :)

  2. We were in Virginia last weekend. The only thing prettier than the fall leaves were the YUGE Trump signs on the sides of barns and buildings.

  3. There are two outcomes:

    Felonia von Pansuit wins, and the investigation goes nowhere, OR

    Trump wins, and Obama pardons her and her staff. . .

    1. Can you pardon someone before they are convicted of something?
      Would a pre-pardon show that Hilterbeast is guilty as advertized?

      1. “Can you pardon someone before they are convicted of something?”

        I believe Ford pardoned Nixon for all past and future crimes. Nixon had not been indicted for anything.

        Would a pre-pardon show that Hilterbeast is guilty as advertized?

        Hitlery will agree to guilt by accepting the pardon.

        The Bitch cannot be prosecuted after Inauguration, after which she could pardon herself. I am not sure what would happen if she is indicted before Inauguration, which, is where she would need Obummer. After Inauguration, she would need to be impeached and removed from office.

  4. Imagine if Trump wins the election by winning Virginia.

    The headlines will read: Trump grabs Hillary by the Virginia!

    1. Everywhere I go I see Trump signs in south central PA
      Hardly any hildebeast, other than ones which are derogatory to her
      Rural/suburban Turnout will be important in PA to offset philly hellhole

      1. I recently read somewhere that Trump has 1 in 5 philly voters and that it was a good result for him. Yikes. That’s how slanted philly is.

        1. 1 in 5 and he wins PA
          I think typically there’s approx 1.3 million to something like 100,000 D to R coming out of philly. Not exact #s but in that neighborhood.
          Lots of PA “T” votes to counteract those #s. it hardly ever happens sadly

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