\  The crowd gathers.

An ancient Chinese proverb says that "a picture is worth a thousand words." But the picture on the left of worthless masked environmental thugs protesting menacingly outside an oil exec's home the arrest of three trespassing anti-pipeline loons (see and see)-threatening violence if they're not released-are worth no more words than KLU KLUX KLIMATE KLAN. This says everything you need to know about them.

Indeed, are not these psycho, extremist, doomsday nuts a Klan of Klueless Keystone Klimate Katastrophe Klux (Klucks)? Wouldn't true, caring, compassionate environmentalists, sensitive to air quality and setting an example, brought torch lights to this protest instead of burning, smoking, carbon spewing torches? Do these imbeciles know how hypocritical and crazy they look? They're such an embarrassment to the Left that HuffPo and much of MSM ignored them.

What's next on the agenda for these fools? Joining with jihadists in sabotaging pipelines? Before he died bin Ladin cited global warming as a threat to the earth (seeperhaps signaling that al Qaida is looking for allies like the KKKK to war on our energy infrastructure and cause economic havoc. The Global Warming movement is a political failure and Warmers are growing increasingly desperate and just might bond with jihadists-who may have attacked a Silicon Valley power station last year shutting down 17 transformers. I'm sure the KKKK was pleased with that and praised whoever did it as crime and terror now seem necessary to save the earth from polluters.





  1. Flash lights would have been ideal. And next to that candles would have generated far less in the way of greenhouse gases than torches.

    1. What desire would they have to run? They’re lazy and lethargic by nature. If you actually are going to argue that pot heads are energetic go-getters, Im done talkin to ya.
      Lemme guess, you smoke pot?

      1. I have smoked pot for about nearly 40 years, recreationally and never while at work. During those 40 years I worked in very responsible positions for a major US bank, successfully raised two children to adulthood, owned several properties, and been a contributing member of society. I never said pot smokers are “energetic go-getters”, at least not when they’re stoned, anyway. But doctors smoke pot, lawyers smoke pot, people from all walks of life smoke it. I gather you don’t, so I have to say, if you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it.

        1. 1. Who HASNT tried it?
          2. You can always spot a pot smoker, they’re very quick to come running to its defense. It’s easier than squirrel hunting.
          3. I dont know your situation, and there are always exceptions, but MOST people who smoke pot regularly will try to convince you how they have it all together and how cool they are (yet to meet one yet that didn’t say all that) but when you actually look at them they DONT have it all together, things are falling apart at the seams, they’re on the verge of going to jail for this and that, etc.

          Your children surviving to adulthood isnt really a bragging point. My brother and sister and I somehow made it but sister was off and on with drugs, brother has mental issues (he’s in total denial about how he was raised), and his kids have serious issues too (one is in a mental hospital). My sister is dead now. Her life was in shambles the whole way.

          And my point was that these people wouldn’t be very adept at running from dogs. Same with your doctors and lawyers. That point remains. Working at a bank or being a lawyer doesn’t mean you’re energetic.

          Take your pot and shuv it. There’s nothing like being straight.

        2. Only imbeciles with little or no respect for their bodies would fill it with poisonous, health-destroying smoke whether coming from cigarettes or the more dangerous gateway drug cannibis. And that goes for you as well as chain smoker John Boehner-boehnerstan. BTW I spent the worst part of my life as a teenager experimenting with pot, pills and LSD.

  2. These KKKK fcks are primitive savages on a witch hunt. The left has demonized everything from success, the work ethic, self-reliance to keeping warm in our homes and these brain dead zombies stumble together to push the meme for o-hole. . . all this crazed bullshit. The Keystone Pipeline presents no ecological threat whatsoever. It will provide jobs and fuel. We need this. The pos-n-WH is determined to block it.
    His EPA thugs are already trying to eliminate wood heat..I’m so upset I can’t write anymore.

  3. 20 bucks says that these Klimate Klansmen are getting Kollege Kredit for these antics, and that their professor might even be amongst them.

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