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Figure in a Pro-Castro Group is Charged

Yesterday morning as I was replying to a comment posted by thunderbolt (see) about the multiple assassination attempts that Fidel Castro survived it dawned on me-as I wrote that Castro died within days of the 53rd anniversary of JFK's death-that the two deaths (JFK's and Castro's) were now strangely linked by Providence. How? By way of Lee Harvey Oswald. For Oswald (JFK's killer) on 11-24-1963 was assassinated by a distraught Jack Ruby as he was being escorted from a Dallas jail, and was buried the following day (the 25th) exactly 53 years to the day of Castro's death. Then it hit me that the main reason for Oswald killing Kennedy was for Castro's sake: to save the dictator and the Cuban Revolution from JFK's machinations to destroy him and his regime. And then I recalled from my studies that Castro likely had foreknowledge of Oswald's plot.
This was the subject of an excellent  book (right) written by former CIA analyst Brian Lattell that I read years ago. The book, "Castro's Secrets: The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine" is based on declassified government documents and first-hand reports from Cuban spies who defected to America. Lattell sets out to prove that Castro's grievances in an interview with a US reporter that JFK was out to assassinate him is what triggered Oswald's plot to kill Kennedy. Lattell writes that in September 1963 while Oswald was in Mexico City trying to obtain a visa that would allow him and his wife to visit Cuba that he discussed his intention to kill Kennedy with several Cuban intel officers at the Cuban embassy; and that this is how Castro learned of the plot. Lattel doesn't allege that Castro's men assisted Oswald in any way; they simply knew what Oswald told them (of his intention to kill Kennedy) and wished him well. It was a lone wolf operation from start to finish with Castro, of course, hoping he'd succeed to eliminate JFK and his obsession with killing him. Castro must have been astounded that it worked.
Oswald in New Orléans handing out pro-Castro leaflets (below), before his trip to Mexico. it was in New Orléans that Oswald read the interview with Castro where he complained about the US assassination plots against him.
 And now it seems Latell was spot on. For late last week Providence has given us what I believe is an infallible sign that commie, Castro lover Lee Harvey Oswald and his plot to kill Kennedy was known to Castro; and that the sign was Castro's death strangely and meaningfully falling on the anniversary of Oswald's death and burial. It could be that in killing Kennedy Oswald saved Castro's life. Perhaps Providence spared Castro and allowed him to live to a ripe old age to show the world that godless, oppressive, totalitarian communism doesn't work. 


      1. Enjoy your new beach house, hopefully you did a better job then Bernie on negotiating and got an ocean front home instead of some ordinary lake house.

        Please go away, America does not need you or your ideas

    1. Castro had no elections so that is great with Jill but she worries that ours was rife with fraud? Another schizophrenic heard from.

    2. How amusing.

      Jill’s “hero” killed and imprisoned homosexuals for the crime of being homosexual.

      I wonder if her LGBTQWERTY supporters are aware of this.

    3. She can use some of the “recount” money she is stealing from idiot snowflakes to buy a bunch of new “Fidel Lives” T-Shirts.

  1. If one went to the actual Cuban public living in Cuba….I doubt if ten percent would be sad over his passing…the massive majority don’t have much to say over the loser. They all have relatives who either spent time in jail, were forced to go off to Angola, or sat there in poverty for sixty years.

  2. “[Fidel Castro] was a spiritual beacon for the Left,” opined yesterday’s WaPo.
    God Almighty!
    “Ignorance is Strength” — Orwell

  3. Not to trivialize Apollo’s interesting article … as I clearly remember when JFK was shot – I had just entered High school… it was traumatic. I loved JFK’s dedication to sending a man to the Moon. Many of my fellow students were in tears. So was I.

  4. This is the most stupid, revisionist, uninformed, discredited analysis. Castro had nothing to do with JFK’s assassination. If you want to find a Cuban connection, look to the CIA’s terrorists training camps of anti-Castro Cubans in So. Florida and Louisiana. You’ll have lots of fun with the overwhelming bits of evidence that point in that direction.

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