Not one to let a crisis go to waste our useless, ineffectual, failing president will now waste his time and ours yapping his head off about his favorite subject next to climate change: gun control. There are millions of Americans controlling 300 million legally owned guns (and twice the number of bibles) who'll never use them in a crime; but the president would have us believe otherwise, that we're in peril and should fear for our lives. He'd have us think that the psycho who killed 12 navy yard workers is emblematic that things are spinning out of control; that your nice downstairs neighbor could turn into a killer shooting you through the floor if you make too much noise. He thinks there's too many loose guns on our streets and America is becoming a dangerous place regressing back to its Wild West days. Forget the fact the left has turned our streets into mental wards for the insane. Now more than ever we need gun control legislation to save us from getting a bullet in the brain.

But our passive, weak, soft spoken prez will alarm no one or get us moving to weaken or shoot down the Second Amendment. If he could do it with a gun he'd fire away murdering our living Constitution in a blaze of bullets as it's in the way blocking his agenda for transforming America into a more perfect nanny state-where guns are banned and climate won't change. Now what will he do? Go back to Congress asking them to revive the bill the Dems killed in the Senate? Will he repeat that defeat all over again? Or will he continue to blame the shooting on his sequester cuts with the threat of more killing to come if that's not undone?

Do what he may Obama can't change the fact most Americans care little about gun control. Why? 'Cause gun murders in this country are infinitesimally small relative to the size of us all. Last year alone only three ten thousandths of one percent of us were murdered by guns. Considering the awesome number of arms Americans own (which deterred Japan from invading our shores) our society is incredibly safe and secure; for most gun owners are good, moral, law abiding people-kept that way by their millions of bibles. In fact, most Americans will live out their lives without suffering so much as a robber pulling a gun on them in a nonviolent crime, let alone be injured or killed by gun fire. Gun control alarmists like Obama are rightly met by the public with yawns as the issue (like global warming, abortion and immigration reform) has little or no meaning for them.

BTW, for you crazy scared leftist loons bent on comparing today's US to the lawless Wild West, if that analogy were true you'd need a gun to survive. So buy one or get your butts out of Dodge.


    1. We have a Democrat President who is handing out guns to foreign terrorists in Syria like he’s Willy Wonka handing out candy, and the Democrats are yammering about gun control in the US? It’s insane.

  1. They never raise the issue when a Chicago weekend results in 10 dead. They don’t plan to take guns away from violent criminals. Just from non-violent, law-abiding citizens.

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