"97% of climate experts agree that humans are causing global warming." said John Kerry in Indonesia last week-which is becoming a gigantic global warming polluter in competition with China, India and the US. Only a fool would deny that the coal we burn, planes we fly and the gas guzzling cars and SUV's we drive aren't effecting global temperatures that have slightly increased over the last 100 years. Only a fool would deny that if we're entering a new ice age, as some scientists believe, that it won't be as cool as it should be because of what we're putting into the air. Human consumption of "dirty" energy affects the temperature, environment and air quality of this world causing lung cancer,  heart disease, and all kinds of respiratory ailments. That is the truth!  

 However, whether massive and growing human energy use and burning of fossil fuels is a "weapon of mass destruction (as John Kerry hysterically warns)" creating catastrophically bad weather events, and dangerously rising sea levels, is not settled science at all; it's mere guessing and speculation about what may or may not when Al Gore predicted that by 2012 the polar ice caps (north and south) would be ice free. That "unprecedented" global warming would be so intense and disastrously severe (causing the hottest summers and warmest winters) that every bit of polar ice would melt and run into the sea;  and that millions of acre's of coastal land would join the fishes with millions dead and trillions lost in property damage and riches.

 That's fantasy not science-apocalyptic Al's politically driven nightmare to frighten people into changing their behavior to conform to his radical agenda costing trillions and driving us deeper into debt-like Spain's Green Energy Revolution which went bust and was a factor in wrecking its economy (see)*. But Gore was rightly ignored and now looks like the towering fool that he is: a false doomsday prophet with shrinking credibility and a public more skeptical than ever about the effects of man-made global warming.  And that's as it should be.

*Obama pointed to Spain as a model for the US.

 Indeed, by December 2009 the global warming movement reached its peak and is now in irreversible decline (having reached its tipping point)-with fewer and fewer Americans seeing global warming as a serious threat to their lives. In 2007 The Talk of Paris (a French TV show) ran a survey where it learned that Americans regarded global warming as second in importance to global Islamic terror (see). But by the 2012 election, according to George Gallup, what was in second place five years before now ranked 11th in concern...for both Obama and Romney supporters (see). And continuing its slide a recent Pew poll found that global warming is now 19th on a list of 20 issues most vital to Americans (see).

These polls are devastating to global warming radicals who dreamed that under Barack Obama they'd revolutionize and greenify the earth and save it from climate change destruction. From 2nd place to 11th to 19th in just seven years. These polls are an unmistakable sign that the public has had it with global warming alarmists, and that their movement of half truths, fear mongering and power grabbing lies in its end time.  



    1. BINGO!

      Obama’s pivot to climate change is a weapon of mass distraction to take our eyes off his massively failed policies. And it’s not going to work.

    2. Leftists are crazy, Kerry is a man who betrayed his country to communist killers, while in uniform. He should never have been Secretary of State he is far worse than Jane Fonda.

  1. These people never give up, no matter how much proof is offered. They would rather continue sounding foolish than to admit that they were wrong, and just bowed down to Al Gore, while he and others lined their pockets.
    By this time, according to Gore, Florida was to be under water, because as the ice caps melted, the oceans would rise, and cover Florida.
    And Drakken is correct in saying this is a distraction from Obamacare. But they will lose in the end, Americans aren’t that stupid!!

  2. Apollo

    You are right. The AGW movement is in an irreversible death spiral. But I would very specifically date the start of its decline from July 27, 2010. That was when Harry Reid announced an energy bill minus any provisions for capping carbon dioxide and other green house gas emissions. That was the day that Cap and Trade died because Reid didn’t have the 60 votes for it.

    1. The first major blow to the movement was the Climategate email scandal which broke in late November 2009, followed by the disasterous Copenhagen conference in December attended by Obama.

      Obama weakly supported cap and trade fearing higher energy costs to consumers would hurt the recovery and his chances of reelection. Now he doesn’t give a damn-hence, the EPA’s “clean coal rule” which could increase power prices as much as 80%.

  3. The best minds in the world, the most educated on the subject, the best studies, papers, research all clearly state man has caused climate change but you rightwingers have heard the word from rush and there is no changing your minds. You might understand why we look at you and wonder how you get your clothes on in the morning. Does some one help you?

    1. Climate change is part of the earths history. The earth cycles through periods of warm and cold. Lets not make it part of a political agenda. Less pollution would be great, but the studies on climate change were found to be falsified. WHAT IS SAD IS THAT PEOPLE LIKE JOHN KERRY AND ALL GORE HAVE BECOME EXTREMELY WEALTHY SCARING PEOPLE WITH FALSE INFORMATION.

      1. Kerry never spoke truer words. We as humans, and especially those who truly understand the dangers, must get beyond the basic “global warming” nomenclature, because this term does not correctly emphasize the dangers of this phenomenon. Perhaps climatic catastrophe would be more descriptive.

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