I am sick to death of hearing race obsessed, "Hope is Dead," New Deal/Great Society losers like Van Jones and John Harwood analyzing the gravity defying triumph of Donald Trump on Election Day as a regressive racial backlash by angry white voters against Barack Obama, America's first black president. I'm sick of hearing that white voters after making Obama the most powerful black man in world history (electing and reelecting him by large margins) suddenly sloughed off their "white guilt," regrew racist horns and went charging after him in the person of Hillary Clinton (Obama in white face and drag). I'm sick of hearing that white Americans fearing the rise of minorities and blacks and the loss of political and economic power did a 180 in November and elected Donald Trump-a "white racist supremacist billionaire" to "take back America" for them.  
But we've heard variations on this racism meme before. Indeed, in 2008 before the market crash decided the election for Obama and John McCain was topping him in the polls the Van Jones and Harwoods despaired that white America was still too racist (had made too little progress since Jim Crow) to elect a perfectly good and qualified black man president. But they were wrong. Obama won and won big collecting the most popular votes (69 million) of any presidential candidate in our history. 
But come 2012 the Harwoods and Van Jones worried anew that the white electorate (who massively voted for Obama and change in 2008 wanting anyone but George Bush II) would backslide and turn against him because of race. For arising since the last election was the angry white tea party movement and birtherism "stirring racial passions" to reverse 2008 and end Obama's ruinous reign; this despite his "stella achievements" in the economy, ending a war, getting bin Laden and financial and healthcare reform. They said that though Obama saved our economy from a second Great Depression (which was bull), and it was better than what he inherited from Bush (which was true), they warned that the weak recovery was being exploited by a vast right-wing racist conspiracy to make Obama a one term president. But they were wrong again as Obama won a second though less impressive election that year.  
But now he lost, and in the most humiliating way. Campaigning hard for Hillary Obama pleaded with his base that "it would be a personal insult to my legacy [meaning him personally] if voters didn't back Hillary and elect her president." And the Harwoods and Van Jones are back with their anti-American analyses of an evil racial backlash to explain this undeserved insult to poor wounded defeated    Obama. There reasoning goes something like this: 
With the economy booming, unemployment under 5%, millions of new jobs created, low inflation and gas prices, and a record Dow at 19,000 reflecting great business success, only an upsurge of white bigotry, hatred and fear can explain the unlikely rise and victory of "white nationalist bigot" Donald Trump.
Indeed, across the internet I hear it said by grieving heartbroken Leftists that they were stupid, blind and too dismissive of Trump; that they made the mistake of treating him as a laughable joke who they couldn't respect and take seriously-even when he won the GOP nomination. Indeed, his nomination, they believed, meant an easy win for Hillary despite all her baggage, unlikability and sins. In short, Trump was an unelectable God send for them to elect Hillary.
Moreover, they blame themselves for being too complacent of all the underlying subtle racism still in the country. They were deceived or misled, they say, by Obama's eight years into forgetting our dark racist past, and how black and progressive success has always produced white male backlash and rage. They blame themselves for thinking that two terms of Obama meant that bigotry was practically dead; that citizens wearing suits, capable of holding a job and walking upright could also still be racists, religiously intolerant, misogynistic and homophobic. In short, they underestimated Trump and over estimated the progress that was made in ridding the country of racism. Indeed, they bemoan not giving enough heed to Black Lives Matter and its warning that racism was very much alive in this country institutionally and personally; and for ignoring the signs that were springing up everywhere (Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, etc.) they paid a heavy price on Election Day. Tears, tears.

There's been a massive transfer of wealth from the 99% to the top 1%. We've got to bring that money back to working families.

But missing from this analysis is any explanation of Bernie Sanders whose millions of backers were mostly middle class whites (see). Was Bernie, the radical economic and social justice progressive, a racist for leading a mostly white populist movement of angry white voters wanting change? Wanting what eight long years of Obama and $trillions borrowed, spent and printed didn't do for them? They voted for Obama twice and in 2008 gave him margins of 10-20 points in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania (the states that made Trump President); but his didn't work for them as promised. They felt forgotten, left out, betrayed; many of them had been Occupy Wall Streeters raging against the millionaires and billionaires that were prospering under Obama while their fortunes either stagnated or dwindled. And they rallied to Bernie because he too like Trump offered hope and change from Obama's massive failures.  
Indeed, underlying the rise of Sanders on the Left and Trump on the Right was essentially the same message of economic nationalism and anti-globalism, not racism. Put Americans first and the rest of the world last. Globalism was hurting all Americans; but these white Americans felt it more keenly due to the epic loss of factory and manufacturing jobs; and they had had enough. They were mad as hell and Sanders and Trump pledged to put a stop to it and make them economically secure and strong again. In other words, if the mostly white middle class Trump movement was racist then so was  Bernie Sanders' counterpart. No. Obama's happy talk and phony statistics (denied by both Trump and Sanders) about his low growth, bad jobs, pro-Wall Street economy couldn't fool the millions of white Americans suffering from decline, uncertainty and loss of faith in the future. And the real economic stats bear this out.
Indeed, under Obama the "Crisis of the Disappearing Middle Class" which has been progressing for decades has accelerated and worsened:
Share of adults living in middle-income households is falling
GDP during the Obama years has been the worst of the last 11 Presidents (see): 
Revised Obama GDP per quarter growth rate 2009 to  
End of 2016:

30 years of decline in productivity and Obama’s non-recovery: 


  1. White people voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. Obama wasn’t running in 2016, so white people didn’t vote for him. They voted for a white male who was running against a white female. Ergo, concludes this numbnuts, whites are racist.

  2. “White America” Divide and conquer. Stop this racist crap. Go away liberal pundits; you have nothing new to say and get a new playbook, morons.

  3. Van Jones and Harwood never learned why they lost….. which is why, I believe, that they will NEVER figure it out. They’ll go to the grave crying TRUMP IS A RACIST Morons.!

  4. Good post Apollo. The election wasn’t against Obama; it was against his failed policies and disastrous fundamental changing of America.

  5. Get the biggest fool you can of a token minority to represent your party, and then when your party gets repudiated, whine about bigotry.

    That’s the ticket!

    1. Not only that, Rev. Wright backed Hamas and their overarching aim: the annihilation of Israel. Apparently it was Wright who poisoned Obama’s mind with Palestinian lies and turned him against the Jewish State.

  6. Global warming is caused by racism.

    Or is racism caused by global warming?

    Donald Trump is *definitely* caused by racism.

    But Barack Obama is *not* caused by racism.

    Criticism of his big-government policies is *definitely* caused by racism.

    There’s more certainty in the world than I thought.

    Happy New Year

    1. But Obama says that if it were him instead of Hillary running he would have beat Trump and won a third term. If we’re a “racist nation” how would that be possible?

  7. Obama is the fish at the poker table. He thinks he can win the pot by playing the race card. Well, we have a Full House. And a Senate. And a White House. And most of the Governors. And most of the state legislatures.

  8. Trump wins the election because of Obama’s failed economic policies, and its racism to say that he’s failed because unemployment is at a phony 4.7%. But didn’t Bernie Sanders say the same thing?

    1. Chronologically, an individual in year 2016 moaning about US slavery is the same as an Englishman in year 1926 moaning about the loss of the North American colonies.

    2. That’s what happens when you put a red diaper doper baby community activist in charge who spent 20 years in the congregation of a black separatist former muslim’s “church” being indoctrinated in hate.

      He said in his book that he didn’t want to be seen as a sellout so he hung out with the Marxist professors.

      I’ll be glad when the little sh*thead is out of office. He can go cry about AmeriKKKa to his rev. Sharpton and Wright and go on “Communist Central” to indoctrinate the audiences in Marxist humour.

    3. I’m a black man, and when I look at my pay statement every 2 weeks I can affirm that slavery is alive and well in the US. It’s measured by a unit called “Federal Tax Withheld”

    4. We have not overcome those legacies until the Democrat party is completely destroyed and viewed with Universal contempt.

    5. Barack Hussein Obama: Be quiet and go away. Blacks have been given ten times the breaks of my kind in America. That they’ve wasted it is their own doing. And you wasted your great opportunity to help them and improve relations.

    6. A black president goes on The Daily Show, hosted by a black South African import (whose comedic gifts or skills are extremely debatable BTW), to, once again, complain about racism in America. Twenty days till this mendacious, narcissistic, thin-skinned, arrogant POS is gone from the White House. And his wookie wife too

    7. HIs mother’s ancestors owned slaves.

      His father’s ancestor’s sold slaves.

      I’d say this clown is engaged in a ton of projection and self-loathing.

    8. If you haven`t overcome the `legacy of slavery`, why do you expect the rest of us to? How did this bitter, self centered clown ever get the idea that he was some moral leader rather than just a cranky, whiney loser from the left, who invented this empty suit and got him elected.

    9. Whitey needs to pay more despite Democrat Jim Crowe laws being repealed, despite a Civil War that killed hundreds of thousands of people, despite affirmative action that takes jobs away from whites and makes it harder for whites to get promoted, despite the fact that hate crime laws are used usually only against whites, despite the fact that black on white violent crime is much, much more common than the reverse, despite ruining of traditionally white neighborhoods due to black crime.

    10. AFTER Obama gets elected TWICE by white America, he turns on whitey and makes race relations in our country FAR WORSE.

      We will silence Jim Crow for good. Obama himself was a perpetrator of Jim Crow.

      Obama can eff off. It will be several generations before we have another “minority” president, thanks to Obama.And thats a shame.

      Obama could have represented all Americans, instead he defined a false down trodden series of communities across the nation, and then stuck it to every institution we have in unAmerican ways, including state and local police.

      Then Obama had the unmitigated treason to then use health care and the IRS, and Muslim immigration as means of liberal fascist social engineering? Eff him, the dust bin / crapper of history awaits Obama, wherein he can go, to compost for eternity, taking his now caterwauling supporters with him.

      Oh do the Obama crowd ever feel the pain of rejection by America! They are still in denial.

      Good riddance to all of them, for good!

      Make America GREAT again!

  9. We have yet to overcome the legacy of the black greivance culture, black crime, leftist race pimps, and the worst president in U.S. History, but we`re working on it starting January 20th.

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