"The United States of Decline: America is unraveling at a stunning speed and to a staggering degree. This decline is breathtaking - Atlas Shrugs


economically, militarily and geostrategically like never before in its magnificent, unparalleled tumultuous history-but not inevitably and irreversibly as some extreme, America-hating, ideological declinists wrongly predict... thinking our demise is best for progress, world peace and the human race*  In fact, whenever this nation stumbles and falls (from wars, social unrest and economic turmoil) it's always fallen upwards reemerging a stronger, greater, more prosperous country than ever before respected, feared and trusted again by friends and foes. If it takes crisis and catastrophe to get us there, to renew the American spirit and restore our global preeminence, then so be it. Our "Rendezvous with Destiny" as the Superpower of Liberty and light giving "City on a Hill"  has setbacks along the way that are needed as course corrections when we go astray. And this, I believe, is what's happening today.

*Pam Geller and Deroy Murdock are not among them. 

Drawing inspiration from our rich heroic past we mustn't lose faith that God will bring good from the evil, challenges and crises ahead;  and great evil is coming due to Barack Obama (our worst president ever), the Democrat Party (controlled by the radical, anything goes, state worshipping left) and weak Republican leadership (waiting for the next Ronald Reagan to give it direction, courage and strength).

Indeed, before this greatest of nations will reverse its decline and rise again from its ashes reborn phoenix-like it will of necessity pass through a period of great tribulation affecting every aspect of our national life. But God will see us through the economic suffering, political discord and social strife that's gathering dread.

The 20th Century was the American Century where we triumphed over our Nazi, Japanese and Communist enemies saving Western Civilization and liberating millions from tyranny. And once again we'll defeat our foes crushing Islamic supremacism and jihadi terror, and Secular Progressivism with its radical egalitarian and sick, fascist, political and moral agenda. In the end we shall prevail and the future will belong to freedom, peace and justice again. God save you all from the coming storm and bless the USA.




  1. Good post Apollo! Like you I’m a short term pessimist and long term optimist about this country. Would like to see more writing like this.

  2. We’re going under. Way under. Hope you’re right that we will come back again. Actually, we need to as there’s no one to replace us.

  3. $17 trillion in debt, $70 trillion in unfunded entitlement liabilities, a shit economy made worse by Obamacare, EPA regulations and massive tax hikes. We’re screwed.

    1. Free market capitalism. Fiscal sanity. Constitutional protections of citizens’ rights.

      All the stuff that used to make us unique that has been steadily melting away.

  4. APOLLO,
    Thank you for the uplifting article!! We all need a reminder that God is in control at all times.
    I only pray that there are enough God fearing people left in this country that God will once again come to our aid.
    !! Pray that He will , in His mercy, come to our defense , and If God be for us, who can be against us.
    Thanks again!

  5. Like your patriotic optimism Apollo. But this country is going to get a hellava lot worse before it gets better.

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