Laughable, flip-flopping Chucky the Clown, who was for Obamacare before he was against it and now is for it all over again, warns that its forthcoming repeal by the Trump led GOP will be a "chaotic disaster" (like the Democrat Party) and "Make America Sick Again. "Make America Sick Again"? What in blazes does this    catchphrase mean?  That the status quo (pre-Obamacare) health insurance ante, which most Americans were happy with and wanted to keep, was a national sickness and disease? Why? Because a minority lacked insurance? Is that how he defines the term "sick" in this context? That when the crazy, crack pot, community organizer (a bigger clown than Chucky) came into office with his growth crushing, regressive, social justice agenda (to create a More Perfect Dependency Union) the healthcare system was an unhealthy, broken, rotten mess because it was unfair some lacked insurance?   Is that what Clown Chucky means? And that Obamacare was the cure for fixing what had always been "sick" by finally giving millions of moochers free insurance (at everyone else's expense)? 
Chucky the Clown says that pre-Obamacare America was a "sick" place, because 15% of Americans lacked health insurance. But in 2014 he said that giving those 15% insurance was a mistake. How can anyone take him seriously?
And those opposed to Obama's plan of universal coverage (60% said CNN in March 2010*) what of them? Were they sick in their brains for wanting to keep healthcare unchanged because it was working for them and their families? And what precisely was their sickness if it wasn't bodily? They were mean, cruel, cold-hearted SOBs who didn't bleed enough for the poor despite trillions spent on welfare handouts over many years? With the government       going bankrupt from debt, and the middle class itself trillions in debt, when is enough enough for these clowns? If returning to a better past for the vast and badly hurting middle class (a nation without Obamacare) is what Head Clown Chucky means by "Making America Sick Again" then so be it. It's a "sickness" most Americans were happy with and which they'll soon be having again thanks to the election and a Republican majority government that keenly     feels their pain.
*When Obamacare became law.
'Repealing of Obamacare will cost the economy 10 million jobs, sink us into a depression, cause mass starvation, worsen global warming and bring on Armageddon.' The slogan "Making America Sick Again" is the beginning of a Democrat fear and smear campaign to alarm America on the perils of repealing ACA.
But let's take a walk down memory lane when Chucky became momentarily sane (see). It was November 25, 2014, three weeks after the landslide GOP midterm debacle gave Obama and the Dems a second shellacking with the loss of the Senate and more House seats. Chucky said something radically different then which outraged Obama and fellow Dems. After a rude awakening to the reality of the Obamacare train wreck (and its huge cost to Democrats) Schumer shockingly withdrawing his support threw it under the bus saying "it was a huge mistake." At the National Press Club in Washington he said:
"The plight of uninsured Americans and the hardships caused by unfair insurance company practices certainly needed to be addressed, but it was not the change we were hired to make. Americans were crying out for the end to the recession, for better wages and more jobs, not changes in health care. This makes sense, considering 85 percent of all Americans got their health care from either the government, Medicare, Medicaid, or their employer. And if health care costs were going up, it really did not affect them. The Affordable Care Act was aimed at the 36 million Americans [15% or 5% of voters] who were not covered. It has been reported that only a third of the uninsured are even registered to vote."
In 2013 Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D–MT) warned that Obamacare would be a train wreck (see).
Chuckie here is sick to death over what Obamacare did to his party since 2010. Obama looking to his legacy and wanting to benefit at any cost the uninsured 15% (so he could look compassionate to history) took his eye off the economy that was weakly sputtering along and led his party into political bankruptcy, and a deep black hole. As Chucky said it was a politically and strategically stupid mistake to reform a system that was working well for most folks (85%); and to radically change it (uncertain of the effect) when the economy was still in distress with millions of middle class families struggling to make ends meet. Indeed, delusional Obama and the Dems had convinced themselves that Obamacare was an economic program that would succeed where the $800 billion stimulus had failed: it would magically trigger a robust recovery creating high growth and "4 million good paying jobs" as Pelosi clownishly said (see) .
 "Obamacare is Stimulus ll, " said Pelosi. But like Stimulus I all it did was stimulate more federal debt worsening generational theft (see).
But predictably Obamacare had the opposite effect: it hurt growth, damaged business and killed jobs making the vanishing middle class far worse off. For Obamacare is progressive, impoverishing socialist class warfare by health insurance means (see); it is the latest  chapter in LBJ's disastrous "War on Poverty" that cost taxpayers trillions. Instead of creating new wealth it redistributed billions in health insurance from haves to have-nots regardless of the pain and economic costs; and the painful costs to middle class folks in higher premiums, deductibles and full time work has been staggering. So much so that it cost the Dems the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014 and now the Presidency. Indeed, the Dems are now on life support; Obamacare made them SICK AGAIN.

Would Bill Clinton stand next to a sign that read “Make America Sick Again”?

Elaborating on the essential unfairness and financial burden of Obamacare to the vast, struggling, declining middle class Chuckie's friend Bill Clinton soberly said:
"So you've got this CRAZY system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week [the working middle class], wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. It's the CRAZIEST thing in the world."
And Chelsea Clinton anticipating her dad pretty much said the same thing:


And because there’s no essential difference Obamacare is going into the dust bin of history like Romneycare. 
If Obamacare is the "craziest thing in the world (see)" then what does that make Obama and the Dems? That they were out of their skulls when they forced it down our throats and made it law. Indeed, by 2010 Romneycare (Obamacare's prototype and model) was failing in Massachusetts to keep costs down; and it got so critically bad that it was repealed and replaced two years later by price controls (the last resort when all else failed, see). And so is it with Obamacare which has failed to bend the cost curve as promised-it's rising every year (see). And that has got to end.
And so is my broken brain.
Now flip flopping Chucky suffering a relapse into mental derangement and unreality is in favor of crazy Obamacare again; he is hoping that replacing it with free market solutions proves so hurtful and sickeningly bad that the public will come back to his party wanting single payer socialist-care instead-which, by the way, as Chucky knows, crashed and burned in Bernie the Bozo's state of  Vermont. Ain't that a kick in the head.  
That's right. You heard me. Contrary to the polls up to 76 million Americans are unhappy with Obamacare and want it repealed and replaced. Where did I get this figure from? It's the number of Americans that voted for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump combined*....both of whom called for repealing Obamacare and replacing it with different solutions. Indeed, opposition to Obamacare is massive. And now we're at the end of a brief era where sick Obamacare (class healthcare warfare) will be gone forever and replaced with something healthier, better and fairer.
*Bernie got 13 million primary votes; Trump got 63 million on Election Day.
Didn't we avoid "Making America Sick Again" by keeping sick, low energy, crooked iLLary out of the White House?


  1. Trump is a MASTER at branding that sticks — crooked Hillary, Little Marco, Lying Ted, etc. Clown Schumer will stick as well, bank on it.

    1. Some might claim Pepe Trump lacks decorum. I say not at all.

      Pepe Trump promised to drain the swamp.

      Draining swamps is a dirty job.

      Mercilessly pounding the press and Democrats is not a clean process.

      I am SO LOVIN’ THIS!

      Go Trump – MAGA

  2. Donald doesn’t play by the old rules. We are in a new place.

    Trump just isolated and froze Chuck Schumer. Even low infos will know who Clown Schumer is.

  3. Three days ago Schumer called Trump “really dumb” and implied that the CIA might assassinate Trump because of his criticism of them.

    How’s that for attacking an incoming president? I don’t recall the last time that happened either.

    1. I agree that the CIA comment from Schumer is the primary context here.

      We don’t need decorum when the other side is using the power of the federal government to destroy our constitutional republic. Schumer’s veiled threat (and that is what I took it to be) goes way beyond calling someone a clown.

      1. We have tried “decorum” since Reagan while the far-left went into the gutter and look what has happened to America. I am so tired of Republicans fighting with one hand behind their back. The founders were masters of ridicule and yes, they did resort to name calling. Trump knows what he is doing, it is called winning

        1. Fuck decorum. The gloves are off. Who is not tired of seeing a Republican president acting all ‘Presidental-like’ as he abandons conservatism?
          Time for a curb stomping Republican POTUS

  4. The dumbocrats are digging their own grave. Let them call it Trumpcare and say things like ‘Make America Sick Again” over and over.

    Pelosi and Schumer as the face (and brains) of the democrat party will usher a Republican dominance of politics with no historic parallels.

  5. How refreshing it is to hear a Republican correctly name dim-bulb-crats.

    Yes, Schumer is a clown.

    An ugly, stupid, and loathsome one.

  6. ‘Head Clown Chuck Schumer’

    While it’s hard to argue with such a succinct statement which so perfectly captures the vile Schumer’s ‘essence’, I think that I prefer Al Damato’s put-down of Schumer as “a putzhead” for getting right to the nitty-gritty of the matter.

    The Democrats have ‘a putzhead’ as their Senate Minority Leader.

    The only Democrat who might plausibly have a stronger claim to the ‘putzhead’ moniker would be Anthony Weiner. Fortunately for us, through the mysterious workings of ‘karma’, Weiner now finds himself in a place from which he can do little harm to the nation. Sadly, Schumer can still inflict a lot of damage.

  7. Schmucky Chucky responded to Trump idiotically! Talked about Medicare & Mecicaid but not Obamacare! And he is the DNC leader in the Senate? We expect this kind of talking puke from Pelosi, not him! No more! What a moron! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  8. God, I love Trump! He is going around the circle probing and exposing all the jacka$$e$ for who they really are!! Schmucker totally lost control! I love it!!!! Who’s NEXT!!??? LOLOLOL

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