The Great Democratic Crack-Up of 2016 - The New York Times

Not since Herbert Hoover has a US President done more political damage to his party than Barack Obama.  And on November 8, 2016, the 84th  anniversary of Hoover's defeat by FDR, Donald Trump, the 7th President from New York after FDR, won election.
This blog is written for those stuck on stupid, kool-aid drinking Liberals who think that Barack Obama's presidency has been an amazing, smashing economic blessing and success for this country and its working class families. Who believe against the facts that it was Obama who ended the Great Recession in June 2009 (it was still George Bush's economy and V-shaped December recovery see); that his policies stabilized the U.S. financial system (Bush's TARP did that); saved GM and Chrysler from collapse (Bush's TARP did that); prevented a second Great Depression (Bush's TARP did that); caused a record-breaking Dow (Fed manipulation is doing that see); and created millions of good paying quality jobs (America is massively underemployed (see) with part-time and low paying service industry jobs that have ignited a middle class revolt).
If there were any truth to what Libs believe about their anointed, glorified "Hope and Change" progressive, world saving messiah (sea levels are still rising) the Democrat Party wouldn't be cracking up like shattered glass looking like Herbert Hoover's GOP in 1933-when it collapsed into political bankruptcy and depression, and stayed there for a solid generation.
In 25 states Republicans control the governorship, state senates and houses. Democrats have this trifecta in only six states. Moreover, Republicans control an astonishing 69 of 99 state legislatures up from 39 in 2009.
If Obama the genius, the brilliant, the great, the mastermind in economics who rivals Lord Keynes, has such a robust, strong, kick ass economy then why has he been such a Hoover-like, Category 7 political disaster for his party? Why under his all-wise and knowing command did his party lose the House and Senate? Why did it lose 12 governorships and 30 state legislatures and a total in 50 states of 913 legislature seats-losing more of these seats than any two term president since the end of World War II?  
And why did Obama lose the presidency, and the next Supreme Court nominee, to a man he utterly deplores and opposed passionately campaigning against him from coast to coast-warning his base that his legacy was on the line, and that all he accomplished could be destroyed? How could such a magnificent political success story lose so catastrophically in 2010, 2014 and in 2016? Indeed, how could he avoid going down in history as the great wrecking ball of the Democrat Party? The Herbert Hoover* of the 21st century?
*By coincidence Obama and Hoover were born in the month of August. Their birthdays are six days apart.
Furthermore, If the economy is doing so fantastically great how do you Libs account for the massive, angry, mad as hell rise of economic nationalism and anti-global populism on both the Left (Bernie Sanders) and Right (Donald Trump)? When have we ever seen in a presidential election (when the economy was healthy) two populist movements driven by millions simultaneously rising up in revolt wanting reform and radical change? It's unheard of.
Indeed, how do you Libs account for the 76 million mostly middle class voters (Sanders and Trump supporters combined) rejecting Washington, Wall Street and the economic status quo of corruption, power and greed? In other words, given your belief that the economy is doing fine how do you explain why 56% of 135 million voters (including Johnson and Stein) are up in arms against Obamanomics, Obamacare, the Trans Pacific Partnership and Wall Street's Fed driven, rigged market boom that's making the rich richer? Why if this country is in such good shape did 70% on Election Day say we were on the wrong track and wanted a course change? Because we're a rudderless nation dangerously adrift on a sea of growing troubles directed by a crackpot captain steering us into disaster.
Tell me Libs where is the political and electoral evidence backing your claim of a strong economy lifting all boats and benefiting the nation? There is none. It's all in your brains made up like Obama's lying claim that he's "ENDED TWO WARS (see)" or "Obamacare works doing for the people what he promised. Truth is if Obama had half the economic success that Ronald Reagan had  then his prediction that he was the Democrat Reagan and that Hillary would be George H.W. Bush (succeeding him in office) would have been realized-and we wouldn't be hearing about Russian hacking. But in reality what he is, is a two term Herbert Hoover to be succeeded in office by the Republican FDR (see below).
 Now, don't you Libs feel foolish defending policies that have hugely benefited Washington, Wall Street and the rich (the political, economic and financial elites)? But not Main Street and the disappearing, collapsing, forgotten middle class (see)? Policies of a radical, left-wing, divisive, hyper-partisan, lying Democrat President who never learned how to govern, lead, negotiate, interact with people or tell the truth? Who is leaving office with his party in ruins as if it's the GOP in 1933? The economy may not be depressed, but Obama's broken, bankrupt, "Hope is Dead" party is out of gas.
In the final analysis, Barack Obama is leaving behind a legacy of ashes, disaster and dust, and, most of all, Donald Trump-voted by the people to repeal and reverse his policies and clean up his mess. The Democrat Party has been Hooverized as the GOP has found its center-right FDR (a tax cutting, under budget, charismatic, deficit hawk) to stop  America's economic descent (and amassing of crushing debt) and make us great, strong, solvent, safe, respected and prosperous again.  
Donald Trump will succeed because the economy is destiny and Trumpnomics will TRIUMPH!
Trump's "Rendezvous With Destiny " is to be the Republican FDR.


  1. I think historians in twenty years will be left with a great mystery over what Obama achieved in terms of “lasting impact”, with most of actions either not lasting or gutted for the most part. It will be the same way for Hillary.

  2. It is a tell-tale sign that the Dems are imploding when the main stream media starts running stories stating that the GOP is finished.

    The stories about how the GOP being busted or not doing well, and then they go on to state that there wasn’t going to be anything left after the election. They then went on to say that it is being torn to shreds, that we don’t have anything to stand for and that they are out of touch.

    Me thinks that when they are pointing the finger at us they are pointing three back at themselves.

    1. Does Trump have a pen and a phone? :)

      I have a STRONG feeling this next four years wont be like the last time we had the presidency and congress.

      They fooled me once. I have full faith in Trump over bush but if congress gives him any trouble i’m on the horn calling away this time.

    2. Democrats embraced expediency.

      Hey, that’s what you get without holding to principle.

      And the feckless GOP isn’t going to help them rediscover their new-founded attachment to the “rule of law.”

      Trump gets to do what he wants, thanks to the precedent Obama set.

      As in elections have consequences and I won.

    3. I’m really looking forward to the day Trump starts quoting Obama’s pithy little condescending statements back to the libtards and press when they start bitching and complaining about his over reach of power…

    4. During Obama’s presidency I reminded Democrats I knew that whatever they allowed Obama to do, the next one could use also. The main feeling I got from all of them was that they did not care, since a Republican would never get elected again anyway.

      Karma stinks.

      What the government giveth, the government can taketh away.

      1. @intheknow

        What they let Obama do was total abuse of power. It is not good and dems were warned that there party would not always be the one in power what then?
        I do not know how you put it back in the box but it needs to end.

    5. Don’t need to repeal Obamacare.

      President Trump can just proclaim universal amnesty from it for all current and future US citizens.

      Then watch DIM heads explode.

    6. Here’s a “Presidential power” I would like to see exercised:

      Order Federal troops into “Sanctuary Cities” to arrest and jail the mayors and other politicians who refuse to obey the law by sheltering criminal illegals.

      We either have the Rule of Law or we don’t. We either “insure domestic tranquility” or we don’t.

      1. Eisenhower sent Federal troops into the Southern States to enforce de-segregation. Trump can do the same to enforce immigration laws.

        What was good enough to do to the South is good enough to do to these lawless Yankees.

  3. “Donald Trump will succeed because the economy is destiny and Trumpnomics will TRIUMPH!”

    Well said, my friend.

  4. Apollo, you jerk, you got this wrong. Bush was the 21st century Herbert Hoover and Obama the new FDR. Equating Trump with FDR is nuts.

  5. Last Christmas we began praying for America and the election. To my surprise I perceived that Trump alone would be able to lead Congress and the Senate to get the right results. I fully anticipate him to demonstrate a leadership such as we have not seen in a long time.

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